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  Idahosa: Oshiomhole Refused To Believe Obaseki Has Finished Him Politically
User Avatar Forum: General Discussion
Posted by: Edoman - 3 minutes ago - No Replies

Quote:Chief Charles Idahosa, is a former Commissioner for Information in Edo state. In this interview, the chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who is one of the major backers of Governor Godwin Obaseki, speaks on the outcome of last Saturday’s governorship election in Edo state. TEMIDAYO AKINSUYI brings the excerpts:

As a major stakeholder in Edo, what is your assessment of last Saturday’s governorship election which was won by Governor Godwin Obaseki of the PDP?

The governor’s victory in the election is my biggest birthday gift ever. I said so because this is a project I am a major stakeholder in. I have never fought any political battle and lost and I’m glad that we have been able to prove that nobody can take the people of Edo state as slaves. We have proven to Adams Oshiomhole and his likes that Edo is not Lagos. I have always said that Edo may go the way of the opposition given the impunity with which Oshiomhole was running the affairs of APC as national chairman. He feels his words were law and nobody can question him. I have said it severally that only Obaseki can win the governorship election for APC and any attempt to replace him will spell doom for the party. I also said if by omission or commission Obaseki was forced out of the party, APC is dead. I also said we will go anywhere he goes. When Oshiomhole masterminded the qualification of the governor from participating in the APC primary, I knew that was the end of my stay in the party. When Obaseki moved to the PDP, I also moved with my supporters with him to PDP. We knew we were going to win by a landslide because we control the structures in the state. We are closer to the grassroots unlike Oshiomhole who went and bring someone from Lagos with bullion vans, thinking that they can buy the people of Edo with money. So, I am very happy with the victory of Governor Obaseki and the PDP, especially on my 67th birthday. We have successfully liberated Edo from the shackles of godfatherism. Our next port of call is Lagos.

Some people are of the view that the election was the best conducted in the history of Edo since 1999, do you share that view?

The election was free and fair. The people of Edo have spoken and their voices were reflected in the outcome of the election. Before the election, they boasted of federal might but they were disappointed. I want to specially thank President Muhammadu Buhari for rising above party politics and providing an avenue for free and fair election. I have always known him as a forthright man; a man of integrity and he has again proven that in the Edo election. I had to go to my village with fear because they withdrew all the police. All the policemen attached to VIPs were removed. Even Government House was devoid of policemen except three or four that were attached to the governor. They did all this to show that the security agents will be neutral and the election will be free and fair. In all, I feel so sorry for Oshiomhole that he had to end his career this way. God raised him from nowhere but he wanted to assume the power of the almighty. A man without primary six certificate; a common tailor who was privileged to become president of NLC and later governor. I contested against him in 2007 during the AC primary. They rigged the primary for him saying because he was already popular. They said I should be his running mate but I rejected it saying deputy governor is not what I wanted. I said I knew what I wanted and I will do it at my own time, in my own way. I later accepted to be his Political Adviser for eight years and he knew what I did for him. All the battles against godfatherism in Edo, we fought it together. We fought the biggest godfathers that ever existed in this state.

The APC have rejected the outcome of the election and have said they will announce their next line of action soon. How will you react to that?

It is expected. You don’t give a child such a serious beating and expect him not to cry. Let them go to the Tribunal. They did that in 2016 up to the Supreme Court and they lost; the same will also happen now. You want to go to court for an election that is so transparent, free and fair and was commended by local and foreign observers. You want to go to court for an election that was not even a close contest between the two parties? Let them go. We are waiting for them. Now, they are saying they want to go to court, let them go because the lawyers too are waiting to make their money. I feel so sorry for Oshiomhole because he allowed himself to be deceived. Most of the commissioners that worked with Oshiomhole when he was governor, I gave them to him. He didn’t know many of them. Most of them are lightweight people who only begged to get appointments. But after getting these appointments, they assumed big title such as ‘Chief of Staff ’; ‘Special Adviser’; ‘Minority Whip’; and feel they are in charge of the political situation. Immediately they got appointment, they forgot how they begged and rolled on the ground to get to where they were; they abandoned their people and thought they can buy them over with money after four years. Here we are today.

With the victory of PDP, what becomes the fate of Adams Oshiomhole on his dominance of Edo politics?

Oshiomhole tried everything in the books but he couldn’t succeed. This election was the last card for him and everybody could see that everything he did was like the last kick of a dying horse. Oshiomhole refused to believe that he is finished politically. He is politically finished and there is nothing he can do about that. He was removed as national chairman after two years and two days. He instigated 14 lawmakers to come and be living with him in Abuja so that he can put a rope around the governor’s neck. This is something he never tolerated when he was governor of Edo state but he wanted to do it to his successor. He instigated 42 appointees against Governor Godwin Obaseki and they left the government because they fell for Oshiomhole’s lies. I just looked at them with pity because they failed to realise that money is not everything. They didn’t know what politics is all about. They are coming up with sensational headlines that a Commissioner resigned from Obaseki’s government.

Who is the Commissioner without a party leader? The leader put him there. Now that they have left, other party members are waiting to take that position. Despite all their boasting in my local government that Samson Osagie, former Minority Whip will win, he lost his unit and ward. Since 1999, it was PDP all the way. In 2007, we moved to form Action Congress (AC) and we fielded Oshiomhole as governorship candidate. From 2007 till date, APC has been winning my local government until I turned it around for PDP now with my supporters.

We are now back to PDP. All these commissioners, Special Advisers who resigned and are making noise in the media are creation of party leaders who are silent operators. The leaders are in the ones in the village who controls what happened at the grassroots. But when the leaders now nominate these people and they get to the centre, they feel they are popular and they can do and undo. All of the 14 lawmakers who were making noise alongside the multi-billionaire who was saying he will spend his last kobo to ensure Obaseki is removed, none of them won their wards. I read a news analysis where they said Obaseki will lose because the 14 lawmakers will get sympathy votes from their constituency. No one sympathised with them and they lost because they were not on ground.

[Image: 12379708_dsc0685_jpegffe6c5cf8c1c5a9da2ec59dd83eb4b10]
[Image: 12379710_obasekiandoshiomhole_fw_jpegb5f...daaa83078b]

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  Girl, 16, is gang-raped by four men and dumped to slowly die on building site
User Avatar Forum: Other Stories
Posted by: Edoman - 16 minutes ago - No Replies

Girl, 16, is gang-raped by four men and dumped to slowly die on building site

[Image: 5f690506325b5.PNG]

A schoolgirl was allegedly gang-raped and killed by four migrants who dumped her on a building site and left her to die.
Desiree Mariottini, 16, from Cisterna di Latina, Italy, was found dead after being drugged and raped in the construction site in the district of San Lorenzo in October 2018.
A witness claims that the 16-year-old girl went to the abandoned site used by homeless people to buy drugs from the four men.
[Image: 5f6905c98331f.PNG]
Narcisa Leon, an Ecuadorian woman who squatted in the abandoned site, told the court that she found the victim lying motionless on a dirty mattress.
She had seen the schoolgirl with the four defendants earlier in the day.
[Image: 5f69056b75202.PNG]
She also said that one of the suspects, Mamadou Gara, confirmed in a conversation with her that they had given the victim a strong tranquiliser and that he had then had "sex with her".
The case is ongoing.
The four men, Yusif Salia, Mamadou Gara, Brian Minteh, and Chima Alinno, are on trial for the rape and death of the 16-year-old.
[Image: 5f690599534e6.PNG]
They are accused of giving the victim a cocktail of drugs before raping her in turn and leaving her to die.
According to Leon, one of the defendants said "better she is dead than us be in prison".
Other people who were apparently squatting at the site knew that the girl was badly hurt, but did nothing after hearing what the suspected drug dealers had said.
Leon claimed that the suspects wanted the teenage girl to die to escape possible jail time.
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  Members of a cabal were enriching themselves with susbidy payments - NNPC GMD, Mele K
User Avatar Forum: Oil/Gas
Posted by: Edoman - 17 minutes ago - No Replies

Members of a cabal were enriching themselves with susbidy payments - NNPC GMD, Mele Kyari

[Image: 5f690a3998b50.jpg]

Mele Kyari, Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has alleged that members of a cabal were enriching themselves with susbidy payments before it was removed by the federal government. 
Kyari who said this in an Hausa programme on Liberty FM, Kaduna, insisted that fuel subsidy was not beneficial to the masses and was removed because it was characterised by fraudulent activities.
The NNPC GMD also disclosed that the money from subsidy payment will now be channeled into projects that will have a direct impact on the masses.
Kyari said; 

Quote:“The crude oil is a global commodity and its price is not hidden, everyone can calculate and know how much is the cost of every final product from the crude at the international market. But, since the inception of oil importation, the government has been paying subsidy on petrol to make it cheaper for Nigerians to buy below the cost price. 

“This subsidy is designed to assist Nigerians, that is the intention. But in reality, the masses are not the beneficiaries. First, the masses are not the owners of the exotic cars, buying fuel, owning the filling stations, and doing the oil business.

“This subsidy that the government has been paying over the years is the root of all the atrocities and fraud committed in this country.

“For example, if you look at it from 2006 till 2020, we have spent over N10 trillion on fuel subsidy. Apart from that, there is also subsidy on foreign currencies, everybody knows how much is dollar in the market, but the government is also subsidising it. So, this and the fuel subsidy, within this period, have gulped between N14 trillion and N15 trillion.

“It was not the masses of Nigeria that were enjoying this subsidy, except some members of a cabal, who are rich and powerful. They were enriching themselves with the subsidy money at the detriment of the masses who were the primary target.

“From this money, Nigeria has been able to pay workers’ salaries without retrenching despite the effects of the COVID-19 on the global economy. 

“In the whole of West Africa, it is only Nigeria that didn’t retrench workers as a result of the pandemic. Apart from that, part of the money will be used to support farmers and other business owners.”
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  17-year-old boy allegedly drugs, rapes 14-year-old girl in Lagos
User Avatar Forum: Other Stories
Posted by: Edoman - 23 minutes ago - No Replies

17-year-old boy allegedly drugs, rapes 14-year-old girl in Lagos

[Image: 5f69001ed39c7.jpg]

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a secondary school drop out for allegedly drugging and defiling a 14- year-old girl in Ejigbo area of the state.
It was gathered that the suspect, Pelumi Oloyede-Bello,17, who is said to be an agent of an electricity company, met the victim when he went to install prepaid meters for some residents of Akinwunmi street, Ile-Epo area of Ejigbo.
The girl was trying to recharge her parent’s prepaid meter so Oloyede offered to assist. He took her to the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, Okota branch where the recharge was done. 
On their way back to Ejigbo, he reportedly took the girl to a hotel at Jakande gate, where he allegedly drugged her drink and raped her. During interrogation, he confessed to have drugged her with 200 milligrams of tramadol.
"I offered to go and recharge their meter myself but her grandmother asked her to follow me. On our way back, I bought her a bottle of soft drink. But before giving it to her, I went to the hotel where I dropped 200 milligrams of tramadol inside. I took her to the hotel where I paid N2,500 and had sex with her," he said.
"She slept for too long because of the drug and by the time she woke up, it was late. When she got home, they asked what kept her long and in the process, beat her in order to extract the truth from her. That was how she opened up.
"I have never committed such a crime in my life. This is the first time. I used tramadol to sleep because of the noise of the power generating sets in my compound every night. My intention was never to end up in this type of trouble.
"I dropped out of school two years ago because my mother, a widow, didn’t have money to pay for my SSCE exam. I started installing prepaid meters and was paid N1,000 commission. I have been saving the money to enrol for the SSCE examination. My mother is working as a maid to keep the family going”, he said.
Spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, SP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, confirmed the arrest.
"The boy is in our custody, under investigation." He said.

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  Kim Kardashian "is planning to divorce" Kanye West, new reports say
User Avatar Forum: Other Stories
Posted by: Edoman - 26 minutes ago - No Replies

Kim Kardashian "is planning to divorce" Kanye West, new reports say

[Image: 5f68ee21c8e29.webp]

New reports have it that Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian is planning to divorce her husband, Kanye West.
According to Page Six, a source close to the couple says Kanye's anti-abortion comments about their daughter North have taken a toll on their marriage.
The rapper months ago during a rally spoke about how Kim nearly aborted North when she was pregnant with her, then in September, Kanye again addressed the topic of abortion on Nick Cannon's podcast
He said his greatest achievement was “still being sensitive enough to cry at the idea of aborting my daughter.” 
Just last week Kanye included his daughter's name in a tweet alleging he could be murdered.
[Image: 5f68ee47aa421.webp]
Kanye then surprised everyone when he recently filmed himself urinating on his Grammy award.
Now, according to Page Six, an insider said;
"Kim has the whole divorce planned out but she's waiting for him to get through his latest episode." The report says.

“She is deeply disappointed and sad because Kanye is struggling.

"It’s a vicious cycle that Kim has had success at interrupting successfully for months at a time.”

"She isn’t surprised that her husband has not been abiding to terms of his care plan and blamed part of his downward spiral to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Kanye being isolated and alone essentially in his head isn’t healthy."

"Kim doesn’t care about the tweets, that is Kanye being Kanye but the mood swings and the manic episodes [that] are extremely difficult for Kim to help Kanye cope with.”
In another report by People Magazine, a source told the magazine that Kim is "at the end of her rope – again" following Kanye's tweets.
The insider claimed: "He's off his meds.
"He promised he'd stay on them. The last time, part of his negotiation with Kim was that he'd get back on his medication and he would work very hard to control his impulses.

"He made a lot of promises. And now those promises are broken, less than a month later."

The insider told the outlet: "It's the same thing over and over and over again.
"He's on very thin ice with her right now, and she's truly trying to decide what to do to protect the kids, but also her own sanity. The whole thing is discouraging and difficult for her."
The source added: "Kim had zero clue that he was going to tweet anything.

"None whatsoever. And she saw the tweets and was like, 'Seriously? Again?' She wants to be a supportive partner, she's doing everything she can do to support him. But he has to support himself.

"He has to take care of his own health. She can't force-feed him medication. She can't make him do anything he doesn't want to do."

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  Indian man desperate for a son 'slits open his pregnant wife’s belly' (photo)
User Avatar Forum: Other Stories
Posted by: Edoman - 30 minutes ago - No Replies

Indian man desperate for a son 'slits open his pregnant wife’s belly' to check their baby’s gender (graphic photos)

[Image: 5f68f657ca919.png]

An Indian man who has five daughters was so desperate for a son that he allegedly split open his pregnant wife's belly to determine the gender of their baby. 
The man, identified as Pannalal,43, attacked his wife Anita Devi, 35, with a sharp-edged weapon on Saturday night , September 19, at their home in Budaun in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, The Times of India reported. 
She was rushed to a Bareilly hospital in a serious condition. Her baby in the womb was unhurt, but Anita’s condition deteriorated due to severe damage and excessive bleeding from the attack. 
Confirming the attack,  Civil Lines Police Station SHO, Sudhakar Pandey said the man got into an argument with his wife who is six to seven months pregnant over fear that their next child would also be a girl. 
"A priest had predicted that their sixth child would also be a girl. Pannalal then attacked Anita with a sickle on her abdomen to kill the fetus after she refused to have an abortion."
[Image: 5f68f5ab2eb3d.jpg]
Their neighbors arrived at the scene and rushed Anita to the district hospital, the police said.
The SHO told the publication that the woman's husband has been detained over the attack. 
"We have detained the accused and he is being questioned," Sudhakar said while adding that they are waiting for a written complaint from the woman's family to register a case.
Anita's younger brother, Ravi Kumar said, "My brother-in-law used to beat up my sister often for giving birth to five daughters. Even my parents tried to resolve the problem, but no one had ever imagined that he would take such a cruel step."

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  Daily Devotional for Tuesday 22nd September
User Avatar Forum: Daily Devotions
Posted by: Edoman - 49 minutes ago - Replies (1)




Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).

On a certain day, as Jesus taught in one of the synagogues, He noticed a woman who was bent double; she couldn’t straighten herself. She had been in that condition for eighteen years. 

Then, Jesus said to her, “...Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity. And he laid his hands on her: and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God” (Luke 13:12-13).

Although the religious leaders present were indignant that Jesus healed the woman on a Sabbath day, the Master’s response revealed something striking. He said, “…ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?” (Luke 13:16).

The Master stated clearly that it was Satan who kept the woman in that condition through “a spirit of infirmity.” And as soon as He dealt with the spirit, the woman straightened up; she was made whole by the power of God.

Jesus understood the spirit world. He knew life was spiritual, and demon spirits are real and responsible for a lot of the infirmities that people suffer from. And through the Scriptures and insight He grants us by the Holy Spirit, we understand how to identify Satan and his works.

If you don’t know the Scriptures, you could be a victim of Satan’s devices. Study and meditate on the Word often; speak in tongues every day; be filled with the Spirit, and your spiritual alertness and sensitivity will always be at its peak. There’re spiritual dimensions to life. You need to know what God initiates, and what the devil instigates. The Bible says “...we are not ignorant of his (Satan’s) devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11).


By the authority given me in Christ, I keep Satan and his cohorts under my feet! I live in God’s glory, walking in divine health, peace, safety, abundance and joy. I walk in the fullness of the blessings of the Gospel today. Hallelujah!


James 4:7; 1 Peter 5:8-9; 1 John 4:4

Galatians 6:1-18 & Isaiah 9-10

1 Timothy 5:19-25 & Jeremiah 40



Dear Lord Jesus, I acknowledge You as the Lord of my life; You’re the Lord over my choices, desires, plans, and purposes. Always and at all times.

I thank You for granting me the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Now, I am filled with the knowledge of Your will, in all wisdom, and spiritual understanding, to deal excellently in life.

 I function daily from a place of inward sufficiency and operate from a vantage position of rest and satisfaction, irrespective of circumstances. Hallelujah! 

With my faith, I consistently frame my life in the path of glory and excellence, living the life of victory, success, joy, health, and prosperity which God has ordained for me.

 I refuse to be disadvantaged or helpless in this life; my faith in the Word is effective and prevailing.

Thank You, for I am the first and the best of Your creations; I am indestructible and impregnable to the corrupting influences of this world because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. 

I’m a new creature; I am supernatural! My life is a manifestation of the glory and beauty of divinity. I am alive to God, spirit, soul, and body, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

God bless you[Image: 20200903_0439042.png]

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  Nsukka Residents Laud INEC On Credible Election In Edo
User Avatar Forum: News
Posted by: Edoman - 1 hour ago - No Replies

Quote:Some residents of Nsukka town in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State have commended INEC for conducting a credible, free and fair governorship election in Edo, on Saturday.

The residents spoke in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Nsukka on Monday.

They attributed what they described as violence-free election to the fact that INEC operated as a neutral umpire and gave all the political parties that fielded candidates level-playing playing field during the exercise.

Dr Ifeanyichukwu Abada, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, said that INEC deserved commendation for presiding over a credible, free, fair and violence-free governorship election in Edo.

Abada, the immediate past head of the department, said that what INEC did in Edo had restored the confidence of many Nigerians in the commission, urging it to do same in the October 10 governorship election in Ondo State.

“I commend INEC for conducting a credible, free and fair governorship election in Edo. I urge the commission to do same in Ondo State during the October 10 governorship election.

“The result of Saturday’s election in Edo has shown that power indeed belongs to the people and that the era of godfatherism in that state is over.

“I urge the APC governorship candidate to show maturity and spirit of sportsmanship by accepting the outcome of the election, as the people of the state have spoken,” he said.

Mr Fabian Onah, the chairman of People Democratic Party (PDP) in Nsukka Local Government Area, commended the people of Edo for trooping out in their numbers to vote for the candidates of their choice.

“The victory of Gov. Godwin Obaseki in the governorship election on Saturday reflected the voice of Edo people.

“I commend INEC and security agencies for providing a conducive environment that ensures the success of the election. I want to urge them to keep it up.

“I also urge Obaseki to be magnanimous in victory and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, the APC candidate, to show a spirit of sportsmanship by accepting the outcome of the election,’’ he said.

“The Edo election should be a lesson to politicians in the country, especially those who see themselves as political godfathers, that only God crowns a king,” he said.

Mr Anthony Ozioko, an APC chieftain in Nsukka, hailed the exercise, saying that the electorate came out to vote without any molestation or intimidation.

Ozioko attributed the loss of the governorship election by APC to what he called the misunderstanding between Obaseki and a former APC National Chairman, Mr Adams Oshiomhole, which resulted in the former leaving APC to join PDP.

“With the victory of PDP Edo, the number of states being controlled by APC has reduced and if care is not taken, this may affect the party’s performance in the 2023 general elections,’’ he said.

[Image: 12377484_obaseki3_jpegb200b7831df6f89045643176594a3f1c]

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  Ekiti APC Members Accuse Fayemi Of Supporting Obaseki In Edo
User Avatar Forum: General Discussion
Posted by: Edoman - 1 hour ago - No Replies

Quote:Some members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State have alleged that Governor Kayode Fayemi is planning to expel them from the party.

The stakeholders also alleged that the governor supported Godwin Obaseki, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the just concluded Edo State elections.

Mr Obaseki, who joined the PDP after he was denied the APC ticket, defeated Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the APC to win Saturday’s governorship election.

The crisis rocking the APC in Ekiti State has been on for several months.

Last week, PREMIUM TIMES reported that the special adviser on political matters to President Muhammadu Buhari, Babafemi Ojudu, and 11 others were summoned to appear before a panel for allegedly disobeying the party’s directive and failure to withdraw cases instituted against the party in court.

In an official reaction to their summon, the affected politicians in a statement signed by Bamgboye Adegoroye, sent to PREMIUM TIMES on Monday, said Mr Fayemi was responsible for their summons.

“A curious process is taking place in the Ekiti State branch of our progressive party. Our governor and the chairman of Nigeria’s Governors Forum, Dr Kayode Fayemi, after installing the governor of Edo State in a clear case of anti party, is bent on expelling leaders of the party.

“Towards achieving this purpose he (Fayemi) has set up a committee of his adulators to put us on trial in a predetermined process. The committee is chairmanned by one Mr Ajigbolamu who recently left the PDP to join our party. We also know that the affairs of the committee is managed by the office of the Attorney General Mr Wale Fapounda, his anointed for the position of governor when his term is over in 2022.”

The stakeholders also said despite assisting the governor politically, Mr Fayemi has decided to punish them by appointing new executives of the party in a private home in Iyin-Ekiti, which they said violates the constitution of the party.

“We demanded of him the dissolution of this product of illegality and institution of a legitimate executive in compliance with our party’s constitution. We intimated our party leaders of these concerns; the same problem which was present in his first term that led to our losing the state to PDP with ignominy in the year 2014.”

They also accused the governor of hounding them and suspending members, leading them to resort to instituting court cases to protect their rights.

The stakeholders, however, said that they are threatened by the strategy the governor “is trying to employ by setting up a committee to expel us. We, however, insist we shall under no circumstance leave the party to join another. We were members of the party from foundation and also members of ACN, a legacy party that joined with others to form APC. We were in the other progressive parties, AD, AC that existed before and transformed to the present party.”

“We also make bold to say that some of us being threatened with expulsion were responsible for inviting Governor Fayemi in 2005 to come home and run for the governor of our state. We also worked tirelessly for the period of three and a half years it took to get him installed as governor through the court process.”

“Ekiti is a progressive state and this has been right from independence. We shall not sit down and allow one man’s incompetence to turn our state to a PDP state or a state where batons are exchanged between PDP and APC every four years thus depriving it of the necessary stability to ensure its growth. We are therefore calling our national leadership to stop Dr Kayode Fayemi from killing our party in Ekiti. Things are bad enough now for the party in the state.”

“Allowing him to carry out our expulsion will only spell doom for our beloved APC.”

Mr Fayemi’s spokesperson, Yinka Oyebode did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES calls and text messages seeking comments from the governor as regards the expulsion allegations and support for Mr Obaseki levied against him.

[Image: 12379686_kayodefayemi__e1581427851951_we...e79c974767]
[Image: 12379687_kayodefayemi__e1581427851951_we...e79c974767]

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  Crowd At Burial Of Emir Zazzau, Shehu Idris (Photos, Video)
User Avatar Forum: News
Posted by: Edoman - 1 hour ago - No Replies

Quote:After 45 years on the throne, light dimmed yesterday for Emir Zazzau Alhaji Shehu Idris, who passed on at 84.

Thousands of people converged on the palace at Zaria to pay their last respects as the remains of perhaps, the longest serving emir, were interred beside the tomb of some of the past emirs.

Prayers for the repose of the soul of the 18th Emir of Zazzau, were attended by Chief of Staff to the President, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, who led the presidential delegation. Other members are: Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika and Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai led the Kaduna State delegation which included Secretary to State Government, Balarabe Lawal-Abbas, Speaker Yusuf Zailani and heads of military and paramilitary formations and institutions in the State.

The demise of the Emir threw the entire people of the emirate into tears and mourning, as the remains of the late paramount ruler arrived the Palace from Kaduna at about 2.45pm.
The palace that was filled to capacity by friends, relatives and well-wishers who patiently waited till evening.

Also at the palace was the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, and heads of military and paramilitary formations in the state.

The Waziri of Zazzau, Malam Ibrahim Muhammad, had earlier confirmed the demise of the 18th Emir of Zazzau, who until his death, was the Chairman, Kaduna State Council of Chiefs in Zaria..

The Emir died at the 44 Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna in the early hours of yesterday.
Aminu Shehu Idris, son of the Emir, said his father passed on after a protracted illness.
According to Aminu, his late father had been battling with an undisclosed ailment for a decade “until this morning when death snatched him away.”

The late monarch left behind four wives, many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
The governor said: “We have lost a rare gem, a source of wisdom and guidance and a true father of all. May Allah Grant his soul abode in Aljanna Firdaus. Amin.”

[Image: 12377529_emirpic1_jpeg3d3c15ddb5b6677d5a3e8ac9de15d40f]
[Image: 12377530_emirpic2_jpegc0f609d5dee27287a1b3b49a136960cc]
[Image: 12377531_emirpic3_jpeg48f5251972e91f8736a20fcdc719b27e]
[Image: 12377532_emirpic4_jpeg089318e3ddfd635ac82be535573301c2]

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  Teenager accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend claims he was 'playing around'
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Teenager accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend claims he was 'playing around' when the gun went off

[Image: 5f691f3db5a2b.PNG]

A teenager accused of killing his pregnant 19-year-old girlfriend has claimed he was just "playing around" with a gun when it went off and shot her.
Gage Gillentine, 18, has been charged with murder after allegedly killing Klowie Moore, 19,  on Friday, September 11, in Graham, Texas.
According to a press release from the Graham Police Department, Gillentine was staying at the Executive Inn, located at 1919 Hwy. 16. A representative with the Executive Inn said the two checked into the hotel on Aug. 16.
At 7:09 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 11, police received a call of a shooting in room 106. Moore was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital, where she died.
Upon an initial investigation, it was discovered that Moore was staying in the room with her reported fiancé Gillentine. Officers and investigators discovered Gillentine was in the motel room when the incident occurred. No arrest was made at the time but authorities said they considered the incident "suspicious."
On Thursday, September 17, Gillentine was arrested and charged with murder. His bond is set at $500,000 dollars.
Gillentine allegedly pointed the gun at Moore and pulled the trigger, but didn’t know there was a round loaded in the chamber, according to an affidavit.
He could not keep his story straight with the police, telling them he was not in the room when the shooting happened, then saying he was in the bathroom, according to court documents.
In the same interview, police said he was trying to take the slide off the handgun and it "just went off." 
Moore was sixteen weeks pregnant when Gillentine allegedly shot and killed her.
Her funeral took place on Friday, KJTL reported.

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  Bauchi Polytechnic student who parades himself as an Army Lieutenant (photo)
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Bauchi Polytechnic student who parades himself as an Army Lieutenant so he can defraud people, has been arrested (photos)

[Image: 5f6905099af48.PNG]

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Gombe Zonal Office is interrogating one Eze Mavus Ugochukwu, a student of Computer Science, Bauchi State Polytechnic, who defrauds unsuspecting members of the public by posing as a Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army.
[Image: 5f690573d03d6.jpg]
Ugochukwu, an indigene of Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State was arrested by the officers of 33 Artillery Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Shadawanka Barracks, Bauchi State and handed over to the Gombe Zonal Office of the EFCC for further investigation and possible prosecution following a complaint, lodged by one Mrs Dorcas Oni that the suspect presented himself to her as a Lieutenant in Nigerian Army and told her that he would assist her in securing admission for her son into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) for which he made her transfer the sum of N400, 000.00 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira) to his account.
[Image: 5f6905d144dab.jpg]
EFCC in a statement released, said it was discovered that the suspect has defrauded some other victims to the tune of N1, 455,000.00 (One Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Five Thousand Naira), using the same military bait. All the proceeds of crime were paid into his two bank accounts domiciled in FCMB and STANBIC IBTC, between December 2019 and July 2020.

Quote:''Investigations further revealed that the suspect succeeded in making his victims believe he was a military officer by photo-shopping military officers’ uniforms and superimposing the image of his face on them, complementing the fraud by attaching his name tag on the uniforms'' the statement released
He was also discovered to have forged military documents which he passed off to his victims as genuine in a bid to convince them that he would secure NDA admission for them.
EFCC said the suspect will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  26 kidnapped FRSC officials have regained freedom - Govenor Sule
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26 kidnapped FRSC officials have regained freedom - Govenor Sule

[Image: 5f690e9ebc953.jpg]

Governor Abdullahi Sule on Monday September 21, revealed that the 26 officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) who were kidnapped along Mararaban-Udege in Nasarawa State have regained their freedom.
Speaking after the last 7 officials were released, Governor Sule thanked everyone who worked hard to ensure that the FRSC officials regained their freedom. 
He said; 

Quote:“All the twenty-something officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps that were kidnapped, all of them were released yesterday.

“I want to thank all the security (agencies) and those that have worked very hard to ensure that we achieve that feat.

“I want to thank them for all the efforts they are making to ensure that Nasarawa remains safe."

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  APC concedes defeat; congratulates Obaseki for winning Edo governorship election
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APC concedes defeat; congratulates Obaseki for winning Edo governorship election

[Image: 5f69891165ba9.jpg]

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has conceded defeat and congratulated Governor Godwin Obaseki for winning last Saturday, September 19 governorship election in Edo state.
On Sunday September 20, the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC declared Obaseki of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) winner of the election after polling 307, 955 votes to defeat his main contender Pastor Ize-Iyamu of the All Progressives Congress APC, who polled 223, 619 votes. 
Reacting to the outcome of the election, the chairman of the APC national caretaker committee, Mai Mala Buni, said in a statement that the peaceful conduct of the election and its outcome represents a victory for Nigeria’s democracy.
He said the party and the president remain committed to free and fair elections to strengthen the foundation of the country’s political and moral authority.
He commended INEC, security agencies, and all political parties that contested the election for the successful conduct of the election.
Read the full text of the statement below

Quote:''The September 19, 2020 Edo State Governorship election is over, the winner has been declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the person of the Mr. Godwin Obaseki, candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP). We hereby congratulate the winner of the election, the people of Edo State and all Nigerians.

The peaceful conduct of the election and its outcome represent victory for Nigeria’s democracy
As a party, we join our leader, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, to affirm our ‘commitment to free and fair elections’ in order to strengthen ‘the foundation for our political and moral authority’. We commend INEC, our security agencies and all political parties that contested the election for the successful conduct of the election. As a governing party, we will take every step necessary to support the Federal Government to consolidate all the gains achieved.

We, in particular want to salute our candidate in the election, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamuh for his tenacity and leadership. We similarly commend our Edo State leaders, especially our immediate past National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and all our members in Edo State for demonstrating unwavering support for our party and our candidate in the election.

In the face of all the challenges, we collectively remained faithful and worked tirelessly during the campaigns. We appeal to all our members to be strengthened by the outcome of the election and unite in order to correct all the problems that worked against our party and our candidate in the just concluded election.

Finally, we specially hereby celebrate our Edo State 2020 Governorship Campaign Council led by His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, Governor of Kano State.

We acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of all members of the Campaign Council. As progressives and democrats, we are confident that all leaders and members of the party will celebrate the outcome of the election as free and fair as acknowledge by our leader, President Muhammadu Buhari.

Let us unite to move our democracy for forward. We must put an end to the era when electoral contest become warfare. We urge our candidate and all our members to join us in congratulating Mr. Godwin Obaseki and the PDP, being the declared winner of the election. Our attention must now shift to Ondo State and ensure that we win the October 10, 2020 election. September 19, 2020 Edo election should present a new watershed. We will work hard to win the Ondo election. Having reaffirmed our commitment to free and fair elections, it is our expectation that all opposition parties in the country will also commit themselves to free and fair contests.

We will therefore accordingly expect congratulatory message from all parties just as we similarly guarantee that once we are defeated in a fair contest, we will congratulate the winner.

May God continue to bless our democracy, our nation and our people!
His Excellency, Mai Mala Buni
Chairman, APC Caretaker Extraordinary/Convention Planning Committee''

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  Two friends arrested for allegedly gangraping 17-year-old girl in Jigawa
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Two friends arrested for allegedly gangraping 17-year-old girl in Jigawa

[Image: 5f698c15b0bfd.jpg]

Operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Jigawa State Command, have arrested two men, Abubakar Usman (18yrs) and Ya'u Sa'idu (20yrs) both of Gidan Ruwa Quarters, Kazaure LGA for allegedly gangraping a Seventeen (17) year old girl of the same address.
A statement released by the spokesperson of the command, Adamu Shehu, says the two friends connived and gained unlawful entry into the family house of the victim on Wednesday, 9th September 2020 around 4am.

Quote:''They met her asleep in her room with her two sisters. They tied her hands up, covered her mouth and forcefully had canal knowledge of her. It was during the struggle that her sister woke up and raised alarm which made them to take to their heels. Unknown to them, one of the suspects was recognized by the victim's sister which led to their arrest.'' Shehu said
The spokesperson added that medical examinations conducted at the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Dutse General Hospital indicate forceful penetration and infections around the vaginal area.
He said the duo had confessed to the crime and were charged to court on suspected cases of Rape, Trespass and Criminal Conspiracy.

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  Jennifer Lopez, 51 romantic beach day with fiancé A-Rod in Turks and Caicos (photos)
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Jennifer Lopez, 51, puts her curves on display in pink bikini, for romantic beach day with fiancé A-Rod in Turks and Caicos (photos)

[Image: 5f691b94affa4.PNG]

Jennifer Lopez put her killer curves on display in an electric pink bikini as she spent a fun day on the beach with her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, in Turks and Caicos.
The 51-year-old actress appeared to be enjoying her time off as she soaked up the sun while Alex kept himself busy with his phone.
See more photos below.
[Image: 5f691bb2cc909.PNG]
[Image: 5f691bcb0c4a1.PNG]
[Image: 5f691bef486a5.PNG]
[Image: 5f691c1f8291e.PNG]
[Image: 5f691c4d4bba3.PNG]
[Image: 5f691c7d40aa5.PNG]

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  Colonel D.C. Bako Dies After Boko Haram Ambush. Army Confirms Death
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Quote:The Nigerian Army has confirmed the death of a colonel after an ambush by Boko Haram terrorists.

The army described D.C. Bako as “one of our gallant and finest war heroes.”

PREMIUM TIMES reported the ambush, near Damboa, which led to the death of Mr Bako, a colonel who also commands an army brigade in Damboa.

Ado Isa, the spokesman of the Nigeria Army’s Operation Lafiya Dole, in a press statement, confirmed the death.

He said Mr Bako was until his death the commander of 25 Task Force Brigade in Damboa.

Mr Isa said the colonel died in a military hospital where he was receiving treatment after the ambush.

The statement was silent on the fate of the soldiers who were with Mr Bako during the ambush with an army source telling PREMIUM TIMES that six other soldiers died in the ambush. That information was, however, not corroborated by other sources.

Read the full statement by Mr Isa, an army colonel, below.

“Operation LAFIYA DOLE wishes to intimate the general public of the demise of one of our gallant and finest war heroes Col DC Bako. It could be recalled that the professional, gallant senior officer who always led from the front and a patriotic Nigerian, led a patrol to clear Boko Haram Terrorits from Sabon Gari-Wajiroko axis near Damboa when his patrol team entered an ambush at about 10 a.m Sunday 20 September 2020. Under his able leadership, the troops cleared the ambush resulting to the killing of scores of terrorists and recovery of weapons and equipment.

“Sadly however, he was wounded in action and immediately evacuated by the Air Task Force Operation LAFIYA DOLE to the 7 Division Hospital at Maimalari Cantonment. The late senior officer was recuperating well after successful operation at the hospital, in good spirit and also said his prayers in the early hours of this morning before his sad passing at the hospital. May Almighty Allah grant his soul eternal rest. Ameen.

“The Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen TY Buratai on behalf of himself, gallant troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE and indeed well meaning Nigerians hereby express his heartfelt condolences to his esteemed family. We are most grateful for his contributions and sacrifices to the motherland. May God grant eternal rest to the gentle soul of Col DC Bako and the souls of all Nigerian Army officers and soldiers who paid the supreme prize in the defence of our father land.”

[Image: 12377996_img20200921193859_jpeg5026fa90b...b1542d2db4]
[Image: 12377997_img20200921193906_jpeg8e193760c...ad9a4d5e41]
[Image: 12377998_img20200921193918_jpeg7ccfb315c...3db2bb8c72]

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  COVID-19 Update For September 21 2020 In Nigeria
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195 New COVID-19 Cases, 105 Discharged And 2 Deaths On September 21

Quote:195 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria;


On the 21st of September 2020, 195 new confirmed cases and 2 deaths were recorded in Nigeria
Till date, 57437 cases have been confirmed, 48674 cases have been discharged and 1100 deaths have been recorded in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory
The 195 new cases are reported from 11 states- Enugu (51), Gombe (40), Lagos (39), Plateau (23), FCT (15), Rivers (12), Kaduna ([Image: cool.png], Ondo (3), Bauchi (2), Edo (1), Ogun (1)
A multi-sectoral national emergency operations centre (EOC), activated at Level 3, continues to coordinate the national response activities

September 20

[Image: 12378825_img20200921231706_jpeg37dec8795...5f076659e8]
[Image: 12378957_img20200921234037_jpegb73ec1129...43ef97901a]
[Image: 12378969_screenmaster20200921234628_jpeg...19956fef33]

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  den günstigsten und arbeiten
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Se stai cercando abiti da sposa alternativi o Prom Dresses Atlanta abiti da sposa unici, niente dice alternativo o unico più di un abito da sposa che non è bianco (o qualche sfumatura di bianco). E controlla questo; Alla settimana della moda nuziale del 2019 a New York, nessuno degli abiti da sposa mostrati dalla famosa designer Vera Wang era bianco. Alcuni erano, prendi questo, neri, e ce n'erano molti altri in diversi colori.

La verità è che alcune donne non sembrano così belle come potrebbero in bianco e, se sei tu, un abito da sposa di un colore diverso potrebbe essere solo il biglietto. E, di nuovo, se stai scegliendo un abito da sposa unico perché sei una persona unica a cui piace quando le persone si siedono e prendono nota, qualsiasi cosa tranne il bianco farà proprio questo.

Prova ad abbinare i separati insieme

Sì, i matrimoni sono pieni di tradizioni e l'abito da sposa bianco è uno di questi. (è iniziato nel 1840 in Inghilterra con la regina Vittoria.) Detto questo, non esiste una legge che stabilisca che un abito lungo e fluido in un unico pezzo sia una necessità. Se un abito da sposa più economico è quello che cerchi, perché non provare ad abbinare una gonna da sposa, ad esempio, a un body o a un top corto da sposa?

La Balkl?nningar Malm? cosa fantastica di questa opzione è che puoi acquistare capi separati firmati per una frazione del costo di un abito da sposa firmato. Inoltre, se stai cercando un abito da sposa unico, abbinare una parte superiore e inferiore che si adatta al tuo stile è quanto di più unico possibile.

Acquista il tuo abito da sposa e personalizzalo
Il negozio in cui acquisti il ??tuo vestito potrebbe non offrire servizi di modifica. In questo scenario, chiedi suggerimenti al salone o fai le tue ricerche per trovare una sarta affidabile e ben recensita.
Se ti ritrovi a provare a ridisegnare completamente il tuo vestito durante le modifiche, fai un passo indietro e chiediti se è davvero l'abito giusto. Modifiche estese e complesse possono essere molto costose e potrebbe essere nel tuo interesse scegliere un abito da sposa diverso.
Lavora con la sarta Balkl?nningar 2020 per aggiungere tocchi personali, come un trambusto o perline.
Ricorda che i vestiti in genere non possono essere restituiti (come accennato prima, sono realizzati su ordinazione). Se ti trovi in ??una posizione in cui devi continuare a fare acquisti, è una buona idea considerare di vendere l'abito per recuperare alcuni fondi.
Non stressarti se devi ricominciare da capo. A volte senti di aver trovato l'abito, ma in seguito cambi idea. Succede più spesso di quanto pensi. In tal caso, fai un respiro profondo e ricomincia.
Non continuare a fare acquisti dopo l'acquisto. Anche se ti senti come se avessi trovato il vestito dei tuoi sogni, potresti essere tentato di continuare a fare acquisti. Una parola di saggezza: non farlo. Fidati di te stesso e ricorda perché ti sei innamorato del tuo vestito.

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  spettacoli di tronchi
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Denken Sie so darüber nach; Sie werden eine Limousine mieten, einen Hochzeitsort vermieten und einen DJ für diesen Tag mieten. Warum nicht Brautkleider zum Mieten anschauen? Sie sparen nicht nur Tausende von Dollar, sondern k?nnen auch in einem Dope-Designer-Hochzeitskleid heiraten, das Sie fantastisch aussehen l?sst!

Wedding Dress For Rent ist ein gro?artiger Ort, um mit der Suche zu beginnen, und bietet viele sch?ne, erschwingliche Optionen. Rent the Runway ist auch ein fantastischer Ort, um Ihr Hochzeitskleid und Kleider für die Brautjungfern zu mieten. Es gibt Balkl?nningar Barn auch Leihmagnolien, in denen Sie Ihr Hochzeitskleid mieten, kaufen oder sogar auflisten k?nnen, um es an andere Br?ute zu vermieten. übrigens, wenn Sie grün werden m?chten, sind Hochzeitskleidervermietungen eine gro?artige M?glichkeit, Ihren CO2-Fu?abdruck zu senken und dem Planeten zu helfen! Nett!

Kaufen Sie ein gebrauchtes Brautkleid
Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie kaufen ein sch?nes Kunstwerk wie ein Gem?lde oder eine Vase und schieben es dann für die n?chsten 30 Jahre in den hinteren Teil Ihres Schranks. Das ist im Grunde das, was Sie mit Ihrem Hochzeitskleid machen werden, und für viele Frauen passt das nicht gut. Die L?sung? Sie verkaufen ihr Hochzeitskleid auf einem von mehreren Online-Portalen, nachdem sie angehalten wurden!

Die gute Nachricht für Sie ist, dass Sie eines der schonend verwendeten Brautkleider zu einem erheblich reduzierten Preis kaufen k?nnen! Es gibt einige Websites, auf denen Sie bereits verwendete Brautkleider zum Verkauf finden. Mit Still White k?nnen Sie beispielsweise den Designer, den Sie lieben, Ihren Gr??enbereich und Ihre Preisspanne eingeben. Sobald Sie dies getan haben, erhalten Sie alle Optionen, die Ihren Kriterien entsprechen, was Ihre Auswahl erheblich erleichtert! Fast Newlywed ist ?hnlich, mit Hunderten von gebrauchten Brautkleidern. Sie bieten auch Schmuck, Geschenke und Accessoires. Once Wed bietet sogar Musterkleider sowie Ideen und Ratschl?ge für Ihren gro?en Tag!

Ein weiterer Ort, um nach Brautkleidern und Accessoires zu suchen, ist auf Facebook. In vielen Bereichen gibt es regionale Facebook-Gruppen oder nutzen Sie den Facebook-Marktplatz, um nach sanft verwendeten Brautkleidern, Brautjungfernkleidern und Dekorationen zu suchen.

Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, dass viele der Kleider, die Sie finden, erstklassige Designer-Brautkleider sind, die normalerweise Tausende von Dollar kosten würden. Wenn Sie es jedoch gebraucht kaufen, sparen Sie bis zu 70 oder 80%! Das ist ein gro?er Teil der Ver?nderung, den Sie für etwas anderes verwenden k?nnen, wie einen besseren Caterer Quinceanera Jurken oder eine schickere Hochzeitsreise!

Es gibt jedoch eine Einschr?nkung beim Kauf eines gebrauchten Hochzeitskleides. M?glicherweise wurde es an die vorherige Braut angepasst. Abh?ngig vom Unterschied zwischen Ihrer und ihrer Gr??e müssen Sie es m?glicherweise etwas mehr ?ndern, damit es perfekt passt. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass Sie beim Kauf neuer Produkte immer noch Hunderte, wenn nicht Tausende von Dollar sparen.

Für einige Br?ute ist die Auswahl des Kleides eines der aufregendsten Elemente auf ihrer Checkliste für die Hochzeitsplanung. Für andere kann es auch eine der schwierigeren und überw?ltigendsten Aufgaben sein. Es stehen Tausende von Stilen, Designern und Silhouetten (a.k.a. Kleiderformen) zur Auswahl, darunter alles von traditionellen wei?en Kleidern über Brautoveralls bis hin zu passenden Einzelteilen. Obwohl die Auswahl Ihres Hochzeitskleides eine gro?e Entscheidung ist, sind wir hier, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie keinen Stress haben. Befolgen Sie unsere nachstehenden Schritte, um Ihr Hochzeitskleid auszuw?hlen und sicherzustellen, dass Ihr Kauferlebnis mehr Spa? macht als Frust.

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  Woman writes as she kneels down to accept her boyfriend's surprise marriage proposal
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"After seeing plenty vag*na you decide to follow mine" - Nigerian woman writes as she kneels down to accept her boyfriend's surprise marriage proposal

[Image: 5f68b5a36c474.jpg]

A Nigerian woman, Adaeze Gift Okolie is over the moon after her boyfriend surprised her with a marriage proposal.
Adaeze, fondly called Ijemmiri, took to Facebook on Monday morning, September 21 to share her joy after the surprise engagement. 
She showered praises on her new fiance for standing by her despite all the ''gossips and discouragement.''
According to Adaeze, she knelt down to accept his ring because she feels honoured that he chose her, adding that he deserves the gesture and more as "it's not easy after seeing plenty vagina"  he decided to follow hers. Read her post below:
[Image: 5f68b64636833.png]
[Image: 5f68b901d3671.jpg]
"I have finally made it to 'SEMI FINALS '
Hmm am still in shocked because I never believed it
Chai am getting married to my best friend..
don't see me as a stupid person because I knelt down to accept his ring..he deserves it..

After all the ups and down. After all the gossips and discourages..he still stands by his words..chai you're indeed a MAN
your type are rare.

You're my KING..that's why I knelt for you to crown me your queen (So deep spiritually, I pray others will learn)
You overlooked all my imperfections..and still choose to be with me.. IF I NO ACCEPT YOUR RING WETIN I GAIN.
I bless JUNE 24th 2018..the day I accepted your friend request here on Facebook..
Facebook I thank you. .and I won't stop being grateful.
Infact let me end the story here for the next party.
It's not easy..after seeing plenty VAGINA you decides to follow mine..
I won't let you loyalty goes to you and I will worship you as my LORD.
Congrats to me 
May all the singlars become plural before ending of this year isee.
(May you see ur own happiness )

My dear you that is reading this and smiling..YOU ARE NEXT.
I thank my Chi and those who helped him to give me this memorable suprise..May God shock una with goodnews..I swear I didn't expect it. May happiness never depart from us ISEE.
[Image: 5f68b684e065d.jpg][Image: 5f68b6b1e619d.jpg][Image: 5f68b6f0043ad.jpg][Image: 5f68b70be57c9.jpg][Image: 5f68b758e42ab.jpg][Image: 5f68b78d6f5a5.jpg][Image: 5f68b7afc67de.jpg][Image: 5f68b7f2b9483.jpg]
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  Daughter's comment to dad accidentally exposes mum's affair with neighbour
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Daughter's comment to dad accidentally exposes mum's affair with neighbour

[Image: 5f68dfe33a43b.PNG]

A father's every day conversation with his young daughter exposed his wife's cheating and shattered their 14-year marriage.
Steven (not his real name) returned home one day and listened as his daughter told him about her day, but one detail of her story stood out.
The girl mentioned that her mum had been at the neighbour's house. Her dad asked more questions and the girl recounted that when she arrived home from school she found her mum was not there, but instead the neighbour popped his head round his front door and told her that her mum would "be right out".
Alarm bells started ringing for Steven, who said he asked his wife why she had been with their neighbour the following day, Kidspot reports.
At first, she passed it off as nothing and came up with a quick excuse, but her husband said due to the length of time they had been together, he knew exactly how she acted when she was lying.
She eventually broke down and admitted that they had kissed and touched, but that it "felt wrong" so she stopped it.
Steve said: "I know how she lies to everybody, and how good she is at it. So I believe that it went further than the kissing."
He says he kicked her out of the house but later agreed to marriage counseling and allowing her to move back in, which he said he did "more for the kids".
Steve said the discovery has affected their relationship.
He said: "I'm literally going crazy because I do love her but it's starting to feel like love you have for a longtime friend and not a love you feel for your wife."
The man took to Reddit to ask for advice.
One Reddit user said: "I think at this point you have to assume she did cheat on you and then ask yourself whether you can forgive her.
"Figure out what it will take for you to be able to stay with your wife and not be thinking about what happened in ways that interferes with you and your family’s well being. It will take time."
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  300 Level UNICAL student killed as generator explodes in Calabar
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300 Level UNICAL student killed as generator explodes in Calabar

[Image: 5f68d1ee06bdc.jpg]

A 300 Level student of the University of Calabar, Umo Aniekpeno, was reportedly burnt to death by a generator explosion in Calabar, Cross River State capital.
It was gathered that the student of the department of Human Anatomy, faculty of Basics Medical Sciences, died after the generator exploded at her parents' house at the weekend.
A classmate, Miracle Ebube, who confirmed the incident on Saturday, September 19, described the deceased as a dedicated student. 
"I waited patiently to see myself wake from this horrible dream but it’s dawned on me that you’re gone for real, Annie. This makes life more scary as the fear of this gripped me. Annie was so reserved. So dedicated to studies. A great medic, full. Annie, this was not the plan,"
''Lying there lifeless was never the dream. This was supposed to be congratulations in few years to come, not this heartbreaking verse we all are typing below “RIP”. Not after all the struggle we’ve passed through right from our 1st year in Medical College. I can’t believe I’m really saying goodbye.
''Memories of you keep flooding my mind as I wonder if this truly happened to you. Never knew that, that was going be my last seeing you. Never knew that conversation was going to be my last with you. We never always have things we wished for. I can only wish you perfect rest in the arms of the Almighty. I will forever miss you, Annie. Anatomy year 3 will forever miss you. Rest in peace Great soul. She wrote
[Image: 5f68d28d5886e.png][Image: 5f68d2a6b4465.png]
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  CBN sees $29.9b to $34.3b reserves by year-end
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CBN sees $29.9b to $34.3b reserves by year-end
September 21, 2020

[/url][Image: qqqq-749x375.jpg]


The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) at the weekend said the degree of external reserves accumulation would drop as outflows are expected to outweigh inflows in the remaining part of this year.

In its latest Monetary, Credit, Foreign Trade and Exchange Guidelines for Fiscal Years 2020/2021, the apex bank said external reserves are expected to lie between $29.9 billion and $34.3 billion at end-December 2020 and  are predicated on declining oil price of between $20 and $40.

The report said sequel to the COVID-19 pandemic, the viability of the external sector in the year is expected to deteriorate, given the present worsening current account balance and depletion of external reserves driven, largely, by decelerating export receipts, particularly oil.

Specifically, it said this development, in addition to exchange market pressures, emanating from speculative activities in the Bureau De Change, investors and exporters segments of foreign exchange market, is expected to exert pressure on the naira exchange rate.

“In addition, increased risk aversion behaviour by investors may negatively impact on capital inflow, as they flee to safe-haven assets,” it said.

The apex bank said the outlook for the economy is mildly optimistic, as its growth trajectory is expected to slow-down this year for the tepid global demand, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, depressed global aggregate demand and supply, and the oil price war which has resulted in supply glut and decline in crude oil prices.

In this regard, output growth is expected to lie around -3.1, -1.0 and 0.24 per cent in the year, predicated on low oil price of $10 per barrel, $20 per barrel and $30 per barrel.

To ameliorate the impact of slow economic activities arising from the pandemic, fiscal and monetary policy responses were put in place to neutralise the adverse effects on growth-inducing sectors of the economy.

On the real sector, the measures include the credit interventions in the health sector (N100 billion), Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) (N50 billion) and manufacturing sector (N1 trillion).

These initiatives, it said are expected to encourage and expand domestic production, improve productivity as well as generate employment opportunities.

Also, growth in consumer credit by banks, propelled by the CBN policy to raise the Loan-to-Deposit Ratio from 60 per cent to 65.0 per cent and Global Standing Instruction (GSI) clause, would improve credit delivery to households and MSMEs as well as moderate unemployment and sustain the growth trajectory.

“Although these measures are commendable, there are headwinds that may undermine these expectations. These include: increased Federal Government deficits, which may narrow fiscal space and crowd-out private investment; underutilisation in the labour market due to weakened aggregate demand; and a build-up in inflationary pressures resulting from the increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) and border protection.

“Specifically, headline inflation is expected to hover around 13.97 and 14.15 per cent at end-December 2020, owing to: supply shocks which may likely happen due to decline in economic activities, globally as a result of pandemic that started in China in fourth quarter of last year; demand shocks emanating from domestic and international lockdowns; food supply shocks associated with non-tariff border protection; and effect of the implementation of the new budget and minimum wage,” the report said.

Also, it is projected that the fiscal space may be limited in the year, given escalated vulnerability, as a result of sharp decline in oil prices, occasioned by weak global oil demand and price wars between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

This development would undermine the implementation of government’s capital programmes, impede public investment on infrastructural development and could culminate to higher debt profile and attendant debt service obligations of the government. If the pandemic effects became severe, government may increase fiscal policy responses to ameliorate the impact on the populace.

The financial sector is expected to remain resilient this year on account of the accommodative monetary policy stance, continued efforts by the bank towards ensuring financial system stability and credit expansion policies. Furthermore, the renewed policies aimed at enhancing the payments system and cash-less initiative are expected to sustain efficiency, safety and confidence in the Nigerian payments system.

Against this background, policymakers are expected to nurture the fragile phase of the economy with caution and employ appropriate policy instruments to tackle the likely adverse effects that may emanate as a result of the pandemic.

The apex bank said the fiscal space should be optimally utilised, along with the implementation of structural policies to boost growth and welfare over the medium-term. Furthermore, harmony between fiscal and monetary policy remain crucial to sustain and strengthen growth in the future.

Structural reforms, particularly executing the much-delayed power sector recovery plan, implementing the financial inclusion strategy, and addressing infrastructure gaps remain essential to boosting inclusive growth.


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  DPR: $1.5 billion World Bank loan may be needless
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DPR: $1.5 billion World Bank loan may be needless
September 21, 2020

[/url][Image: oil-gas-600x375.jpg]

Fuel price Hike



THE Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) at the weekend said with the remittance of at least $1.03billion to the Federation Account and an additional $600million expected from oil and gas royalties and legacy debts, the delayed $1.5 billion loans being expected from the World Bank by the country might be needless.

According to the DPR, some of the revenue generated and remitted by the agency would save the country from additional and conditional borrowing from the Bretton Woods institution, adding that it had enjoined the government to delay and possibly ignore the loan.

DPR collects oil and gas royalties, which represent the proportional value of oil and gas production and sales from oilfields, gas flare penalties imposed for gas flaring, concession rentals, paid for the grant of oil and gas acreages by exploration and production companies, and miscellaneous oil revenue which consists of statutory application fees, licence and permit fees and penalties.

Besides, the Federal Government hopes that the country would become a net exporter of refined products in 2022 going by the number of refineries coming on stream by that time.

The World Bank had been delaying the much-needed $1.5 billion loan sought by the government, due to concerns over reforms. The bank believes the country has not shown enough commitment towards achieving them.

The World Bank had included the unification of the naira and removal of fuel subsidy as some of the key reform requirements listed as conditions precedent to obtaining the facility.


The delay had left the country, which has been battling with low oil prices, with a huge revenue gap that makes it difficult to fully finance the revised $28.35 billion (N10.8 trillion) 2020 budget. Already, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has said the country’s balance of payments gap this year will be $14 billion.

Speaking during an interactive session with the House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum (Upstream) in Lagos, DPR Director, Sarki Auwalu said the agency has generated over N1 trillion this year, with an average N1.9 billion revenue per staff, adding that it hopes to generate N2.3 trillion next year.

He stressed the need to ease regulations to open up the sector for investment, considering the number of open acreages yet to be explored in frontier and inland basins and increased competition from neighbouring countries.

According to him, the oil industry is facing challenges bordering on oil price crash, OPEC cuts, and Covid-19, therefore necessitating regulations that encourage investment and the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).

Chairman of the Committee, Musa Adar commended the regulator, adding that the visit would help legislators understand the challenges of the industry better with a view to addressing concerns


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  Edo 2020: Don’t rejoice yet, Obaseki may return to APC immediately – Bamgbose tells P
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Edo 2020: Don’t rejoice yet, Obaseki may return to APC immediately – Bamgbose tells PDP

 September 21, 2020
[Image: xT4QC11L.jpeg]

Olusegun Bamgbose, Esq., the National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG, has advised members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to limit their celebration of the outcome of the governorship election in Edo State because Governor Godwin Obaseki may soon return to the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Governor Obaseki left the APC for the PDP a few months to the governorship election after he was disqualified by the ruling party.

Obaseki was, however, declared elected for a second tenure in office by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC on Sunday after he defeated candidate of the APC, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu with over 100,000 votes.

The incumbent Governor had an arduous journey having contended with the duo of the APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu and a former National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole.

But Bamgbose noted that, “Tinubu went extra mile to frustrate Obaseki, but he failed woefully. Edo voters clipped his big wings.

“On the other hand, Oshiomhole exhausted his political arsenal, but met his waterloo.

“Obaseki’s victory has finally nailed his political coffin. His political career has dishonorably come to an end. It’s really painful.

“However, PDP should not rejoice much, because Obaseki may soon stage a comeback to APC, other things being equal.

“Obaseki made a statement before pulling out of APC, that his discussions with President Buhari will determine his next step.

“It’s most likely that Obaseki struck a deal with President Buhari to return back to APC, after winning the election.

“It’s no longer news that President Buhari has already congratulated Obaseki on his re-election as Governor of Edo State. Many have been commending him for allowing free and fair election in Edo State.

“President Buhari ensured the governorship election was free and fair in view of possibly, the agreement they had before he decamped to PDP. It’s most likely Obaseki will go back to APC.”

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  Pregnant Girlfriend Scatters Her Boyfriend's Side Chic's Birthday Party
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Interent has been buzzing ever since a video of a lady who bashed into her long time boyfriend birthday party.

The video however shows that the boyfriend celebrates another girls birthday by giving a birthday party, it did not go well after the alleged girlfriend accuses the lady for snatching her boyfriend from her.

Watch the video of how the man covers his face in shame;

[Image: 12375520_1f469746b24149658c2d58abe59241c...6fecbee703]
[Image: 12375521_a8e7da5786b648d99e80edd920fd1eb...4e541f58d3]
[Image: 12375522_027980f3e7b94af2917488027ac0171...fc8957bbd5]
[Image: 12375523_5af813e372e1441eb656a59ef8831c4...ba6150739d]

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  FG opens online portal for Nigerians to access N75billion survival fund
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FG opens online portal for Nigerians to access N75billion survival fund

[Image: 5f688e23c9cd4.jpg]

An online portal for Nigerians to register for the N75billion survival fund for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), will be launched on Monday September 21 by the federal government. 
Mariam Katagum, minister of state for industry, trade and investment said the programme is aimed at tackling the economic challenges faced by small businesses as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.
The Project Delivery Office also said in a statement; 

Quote:“Nigerians interested in the Payroll Support scheme are to note that the site for registration will be open from 10 pm Monday September 21, 2020.

"In order to ensure seamless registration process, the Project Delivery Office has designed a registration schedule.

"Registration for Payroll Support will start with educational institutions on Monday and will be followed with businesses in the hospitality industry on Friday September 25 beginning from 12 A.M.

"The portal will also be open to other category of small businesses from 12 A.M., on Monday September 28, 2020.”
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  Police bust 'scam gang' in Cambodia, arrest 4 Nigerian men and one Cambodian woman
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Police bust 'scam gang' in Cambodia, arrest 4 Nigerian men and one Cambodian woman

[Image: 5f68a88dcef81.jpg]

Four Nigerian nationals and a Cambodian woman have been arrested in Phnom Penh over alleged scam and money laundering.
The operation was led by lieutenant Neth Savoeun, the police chief and Lieutenant Dy Vichea, the director of the national security department, and Lieutenant Sean Sen, the director of the cybercrime department.
Confirming the arrest on Friday, September 18, lieutenant Savoeun, said that the police received information of a fraud operation and abnormal money transfer from the USA to banks in Cambodia on September 16.
The relevant officers immediately launched an investigation which led to the arrest of the Nigerian men and their female accomplice. 
According to report, the suspects 'convinced' some Cambodian citizens to open bank accounts for them which they use for money transfer. 
[Image: 5f68a8c5926a9.jpg][Image: 5f68a8eded6f8.jpg][Image: 5f68a90e37a73.jpg][Image: 5f68a92f1c2fa.jpg][Image: 5f68a94d49bdc.jpg][Image: 5f68a97e0a74c.jpg]

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  GTBank’s Segun Agbaje Spends $200,000 On New Mercedes Maybach
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Quote:Despite the fact that GTBank is restricting the access its customers have to foreign exchange, including their own foreign exchange in their own personal and corporate accounts, and in addition to the general economic downturn which has led to increased layoffs, salary reductions, and general economic hardship, CEO of GTBank (rumored to be the incoming chairman of GTBank Holdings), Segun Agbaje has splurged on a $180,000 Mercedes S560 Maybach edition in Magnetite Black Metallic colour.

Converted to Naira, this vehicle costs a whopping N82 million and after shipping and Customs duty payments, would be well more than N120 million.

Certainly bank MD’s must move in style but this opulent display of wealth in a period of economic downturn, especially when employees are being asked to stomach austerity measures is a bit lacking in empathy.

The stunning Mercedes Benz motorcar with personalized license plates “S007” was spotted outside one of Lagos most expensive brunch café’s close to GTBank HQ in Lagos. S007 is a fitting name for the vanity plates, as even James Bond who uses an Aston Martin DB9 from time to time would be blown away by such a wonder on wheels as is the Mercedes Maybach.

Mr. Agbaje’s S560 comes with Vanity Plates James Bond will identify with.

According to, some of the luxurious features of this vehicle include: 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8 Gas engine, The front apron also features chrome inserts, and the multi-element LED headlights feature Maybach’s signature Stardust effect.

Each and every 2020 Maybach S is fitted with all-LED interior lighting (three-zone 64-color to be exact), four-zone automatic climate control, heated and ventilated 12-way power front seats with memory and massage functions, as well as heated and ventilated rear seats with heated armrests. Basically, both the front and rear seats are full house.

The windshield is heated, and those in the back get power sunshades. There’s a HomeLink garage door opener, a head-up display, and inductive wireless charging with NFC pairing. Optional interior features include folding tables for the rear seats, heated and cooled rear cupholders, a refrigerator box for the rear cabin, and even a set of handcrafted silver champagne flutes.

On the bright side, the car which goes from 0 to 60 In 4.8 seconds, will help ensure that the outgoing bank CEO is never late to meetings.

GTBank customers are unable to spend more than $200 monthly using their Mastercard. This is hardly enough for entrepreneurs who have to pay for staples like server, software and other subscriptions online.

Also banking customers are unable to withdraw foreign exchange over the counter, if the funds were transferred into their account. Restricting customers access to their funds for frivolous reasons would normally lead to a run on the bank in saner climes but Nigerians are after all, very used to suffering and smiling.

[Image: 12375085_mb1_jpeg715be54f3f7f2f23f53c75848f1cb123]
[Image: 12375086_mb2_jpegf238c842ce4c5611cdb386bdd3c42b0e]

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  El-Rufai On Edo Election: "APC Was Going To Win, I Don’t Know What Happened
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Quote:Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai on Monday suggested he was surprised at the loss of the All Progressive Congress in the recently concluded Edo State Governorship Election.

The Governor said three weeks to the election, polls indicated that the APC was set to win.

However, on Sunday, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared incumbent Godwin Obaseki of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the winner of the election and Governor of the state for the next four years.

“We would have loved to win,” El-Rufai said, during an interview on Sunrise Daily. “Quite frankly I was optimistic.

“Up to three weeks ago, the polls indicated that we were going to win. I don’t know what happened in the last two, three weeks of the campaign.

“As you know, a large number of voters make up their minds in the last two weeks of election. Many voters decide, no matter what happens, this is how I am voting. But most people want to wait and watch and make up their minds in the last two weeks.

“Three weeks ago, the polls clearly showed that APC was going to win, but the results came out differently from what we expected.”

However, El-Rufai commended how the election played out and commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his policy of non-interference in elections.

“The election was reasonably decent,” he said. “We were all worried about violence; there was very little violence or none at all. So Obaseki has won, that’s it. You can’t go into an election without adverting your mind to the possibility of losing.

“And one thing President Muhammadu Buhari’s government has always done is to say that there must be free and fair election and the people’s choice must prevail.

“And the President has never used what is called Federal Might that other governments have used in the past to steal elections. We always insist that everyone should go and pitch to the people and may the best man win. And we can live with it.”

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  PDP Says The Party Replicate Edo Election Victory In Lagos
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Quote:The Peoples Democratic Party has expressed determination to replicate the victory recorded in the Edo State Governorship election in Lagos State .

This was contained in a press statement by PDP ’s spokesperson in Lagos , Taofik Gani .
In the statement titled, ‘ Edo victory , we are fired up ’, Gani said Godwin Obaseki ’ s victory has strengthened PDP ’s determination to win the 2023 governorship election in Lagos State .
The Independent National Electoral Commission had on Sunday declared Obaseki winner of Saturday’ s governorship election in Edo .

Obaseki polled 307, 955 votes to defeat the All Progressives Congress Candidate , Pastor Osagie Ize- Iyamu, who scored 223 ,619.
Gani said , “ The PDP , Lagos state chapter , has congratulated Governor Godwin Obaseki , on his re-election as Edo State Governor.

“ The Lagos state chapter particularly hailed the Governor for his ability to garner the needed vote to be declared at the first ballot , in the face of rumored federal might .

“ To us in Lagos state PDP we have grasped from the well- deserved victory , the renewed commitment , and resoluteness to also win Lagos state to end godfatherism & imposition in Lagos politics.

“ As a matter of fact , we are now more ever than before fired up to win Lagos State . We shall manifest this ability in the coming bye -elections in the state and eventually the 2023 general elections .”

[Image: 12375194_pdp_fw_png78bb8b8b2e9e099c902119c3a1ae1299]

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  Yoruba Youth Forum (YYF): Tinubu Has Sold His Integrity On The Altar Of Politics
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Quote:Following his statement on Edo governorship election, a pan Yoruba socio-cultural group, Yoruba Youth Forum (YYF) has condemned the national leader of All Progressives Congress, Bola Ahmed for selling his integrity on the altar of politics.

The Group in a press statement by its President- General, Comrade Abiodun Bolarinwa said that Tinubu’s statement on Edo’s governorship election was unfortunate and one that has shown Tinubu for who he truly is. “How can somebody who claimed to have fought for Nigeria’s democracy be so careless with his utterances.

It would be recalled that Tinubu accused Obaseki of being a dictator in Edo, noting that the governor also lacked the rule of law and respect for the people of the state.

He said: “I want to appeal to you to reject Godwin Obaseki in this coming election. I have suffered with many others to bring about this democratic regime that today we are enjoying in the country.

Godwin Obaseki didn’t participate in any aspect of the struggle to enshrine democracy in the country.” The Group therefore challenged Tinubu to show proof that he actually fought for Nigeria’s democracy. “It is so sad that Tinubu could claim that he fought for Nigeria’s democracy.

We know those who genuinely fought for democracy and Tinubu is not in any way among these patriotic people. Tinubu should tell us where he was between 1996 to 1997.

[Image: 12376102_images20200921t135425_752_jpeg_...e25dcdf6c1]

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  Ernest Ezeajughi Re-Elected Mayor In London (Photos)
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Quote:A Nigerian-born Briton, Ernest Ezeajughi from Anambra State was re-elected the Mayor of Brent, London after what was described as splendid first term performance.

With his re-election, he has joined many blacks and Nigerians making waves in different parts of the world. The London Borough of Brent is one of the most important boroughs in London.

The major areas that form part of it are: Wembley, Kilburn, Willesden, Harlesden and Neasden

[Image: 12374926_ernestezeajughi_jpegfb8ea79516f...0b0a628d0b]
[Image: 12374927_ernestezeajughi_jpegfb8ea79516f...0b0a628d0b]
[Image: 12374928_images20200921t105017_788_jpeg_...036343027f]
[Image: 12374929_images20200921t104957_395_jpeg_...b2f730c488]

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  Two children, 8 and 6 found dead in South Africa a day after they went missing
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Two children, 8 and 6 found dead in South Africa a day after they went missing

[Image: 5f68739e480da.jpg]

Two children, Mpho Makondo, 8, and Simphiwe Mncina, 6, were found dead on Saturday morning, September 19 after they went missing on Friday night in Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg.
The community and families believe the children may have been victims of muthi killings though no body parts were missing.
[Image: 5f6873e2cb3c3.png]
The children were smudged with a black substance on their mouths and underneath their feet while a note, which their families did not see before it was taken by police as evidence, was left on Makondo’s body.
Mpho and Simphiwe, who lived three houses from each other, were last seen walking home from a salon about 400 metres from their homes. The two children had accompanied Mpho’s aunt, Malehlohonolo Malatji, to the salon.
Mpho's father, Moeketsi Malatji on Sunday,  told Sowetan how horrified he was after finding his daughter lying naked, behind a boulder. He described the children as best friends who were always together

“The last person who saw them was my sister. They had gone to the salon down the road with her, but she told them to go home when it was getting dark at about 6pm,” Malatji said.

“We started a search party with the community, and went into every household in our neighbourhood and we didn't find them. We stopped looking for them at about 4am on Saturday.”
Malatji said he received a call from his daughter’s mother at about 6am telling him that they had found the children.

"I could not hold back my tears when I saw my baby’s body lying next to a big rock. She was naked, her arm was broken, she had a grimace on her face, and there was a black substance in her mouth and under (the) feet,” he said.
Their bodies were found a few hundred metres away from each other. Simphiwe’s body was dumped in someone’s yard and the note was left on his torso. He was not wearing any top and did not have shoes on.
His aunt, Lindiwe Mojafe, said: “They were innocent children. Why would anyone do this to them? They were never in the habit of playing too far from home. It's very strange and scary how we found them. It has left us with more questions than answers.”
A community member who found Simphiwe’s body told Sowetan that he thought it was a muthi killing.

“I was going to work and I saw a body of a small boy in my yard. I was scared because I thought that people would think that I killed him and left him there. I called the police and other community members to come and see because I didn't want to be arrested,” the community member said.
Police spokesperson Brig Mathapelo Peters said the motive for the double murder was yet to be established, while a postmortem will be conducted.

“The investigation into this double murder will be prioritised and escalated to the Provincial Investigating Unit, in line with the SAPS position to prioritise the investigation of crimes committed against women, children and other vulnerable persons,” Peters said.
[Image: 5f68741332710.png][Image: 5f687436677c0.png][Image: 5f68745583141.jpg][Image: 5f6874772289b.jpg][Image: 5f687491493ee.jpg]
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  Family Accuses FCT SARS Of Raping, Killing Daughter, Petitions IG (photo)
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She was killed four days after introduction – Brother

Quote:Oluwatosin Omojuyigbe

The family of a 28-year-old graduate of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Ifeoma Abugu, has been thrown into mourning after she was allegedly sexually assaulted and killed by the personnel of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Federal Capital Territory Command, Abuja.

It was gathered that three policemen on September 10, 2020, around 5pm, stormed the residence of Ifeoma’s fiancé, Afam Ugwunwa, at Wumba village in the Lokogoma area of Abuja to arrest him.

PUNCH Metro learnt that in absence of Ugwunwa, the policemen arrested Ifeoma and took her away.

Our correspondent learnt that all efforts to know the police station she was being taken to proved abortive as she was not found until Ugwunwa got a call the next day that Ifeoma had died and her corpse had been deposited in the morgue.

Ifeoma’s brother, Alex, who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone, said she had just concluded her National Youth Service Corps and was arrested and killed four days after she had her introduction with Ugwunwa in Enugu State.

He said, “I was in Lagos when one of my junior brothers called me that he learnt that SARS arrested our sister and she died in detention. I just came to Abuja today (Sunday) and I have asked some of my uncles, who have been to the police station, and they said that the policemen alleged that they met my sister unconscious on the bed and they carried her to hospital, where she died.

“When I asked my sister’s fiancé what happened, he said he went out and someone called him on the telephone that SARS had arrested my sister and when he came back, he called someone he knew at the SARS office to help in facilitating her release, but the person was unable to do it that night.

“The following morning, he gave the woman money to help facilitate the release, but the woman called back to tell him that Ifeoma was dead. When my uncles saw the picture of her corpse, they saw signs that she was sexually assaulted. We’re waiting for the result of an autopsy to come out to ascertain what happened to her.

“My sister was arrested four days after her introduction in the village and her wedding was slated for December. We want the killers to be brought to justice.”

When our correspondent contacted Ifeoma’s fiancé, he said he was too distraught to talk.

The family’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Mamah, who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone, urged the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, to order a proper investigation into the matter.

He said, “She (Ifeoma) had just finished cooking that day, while her fiancé and her friend had finished eating and the friend left, while the fiancé went to see a friend in one of the neighbouring estates, when he received a call from a neighbour that the police had come to arrest his fiancée and she had been taken away and he received another call from Ifeoma that she was been taken away by SARS, but she didn’t know where they were taking her to.

“Ifeoma’s fiancé called a friend of his to help in looking for her and secure her release, but she was not found, only for the fiancé to receive a call the next day that she was dead and her corpse had been deposited in the morgue.

“The family of the deceased have not seen the corpse; the picture we have is the one the IPO snapped and sent to us when she went to the hospital, where her corpse was deposited; from the picture of the deceased, it appeared she was sexually assaulted before her death.

The SARS officers alleged that they met Ifeoma in an unconscious state and that when they got there, there was cocaine on the table and that they only helped to take her to hospital, where she was examined and pronounced dead, but they forgot that people witnessed when she was being taken away.

“We want justice to be served; we want the matter to be thoroughly investigated and assigned to good investigating officers, because the IPO that has been handling this matter is not erudite enough; that is why we do not have confidence in them. The officers, who perpetrated this act, must be brought to justice.”

Mamah’s petition to the IG read in part, “The IPO, Inspector Bullus, and DPO Usman informed us at the police station on September 15, 2020, in explanation that the deceased was met in an unconscious state by the officers. This explanation is contrary to the information from residents and our clients are not confident with the way the matter is being handled at the Apo Police Station.

“The SARS operatives, who did the arrest, are still not yet arrested and are freely walking the streets of Abuja. Our clients are not confident that the division will do justice in the matter, and the deceased body is still lying lifeless at Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital. Sir, we appeal that you use your highly esteemed office to ensure that proper investigation is carried out, that the culprits be brought to book and justice done.”

Our correspondent learnt the matter was first reported at the Apo Police Station and later transferred to the FCT Command.

When contacted by our correspondent, the FCT Police Public Relations Officer, Anjuguri Manzah, said he was not aware of the matter and urged the family of the victim to come to the command for further investigation.

“I’m not aware of this incident, but give me time to make enquiries. You can also link me up with the family of the victim so that they can come to the command,” he stated.


[Image: 12373388_corperrapedandkilled_jpeg99f3db...c9d833e320]

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  8 burnt to death in Lagos-Ibadan expressway accident
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8 burnt to death in Lagos-Ibadan expressway accident

[Image: 5f685cdea46c4.PNG]

Eight people were burnt to death in an accident on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.
The lone accident involving a Mazda bus marked AAA 249 VX occurred on Saturday night, September 19, at about 8:45 p.m. near Saapade bridge.
The accident was as a result of a burst tyre that caused the bus to somersault and burst into flames. 
[Image: 5f685d0942f7c.PNG]
11 people were involved in the accident. They are three male adults, one female adult, one child and six unidentified persons.
8 died while 3 were injured and rushed to Idera Hospital, Sagamu, for medical attention.
[Image: 5f685d31df88f.PNG]
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  'I want to die' - 7 year old girl tells doctors after suffering abuses
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'I want to die' - 7 year old girl tells doctors after allegedly suffering physical and sexual abuse from her parents and uncle

[Image: 5f6856e37e15a.webp]

A 7 year old girl reportedly told doctors that she wanted "to die" after being hospitalized for abuse and sexual assault.
According to a Crime Online report published on Sunday September 20, the girl, identified as "Yaz", was taken to  Hospital de Las Margaritas in Pueblo, Mexico in late August, after suffering from internal bleeding, a collapsed lung, burn marks on her back and cigarette burns on her arms and hands.
The girl also showed signs of sexual assault when she was examined by doctors.
"I want to die...I don't want to go back to my parents so that they keep hitting me," the girl said, according to a statement from doctors.
According to the Attorney General of the state, her parents, Rafael N. and Alejandra N. were detained on September 3,  and have been charged with family violence and child abandonment.
[Image: 5f685712a4212.webp]
In a police statement it was revealed that the young girl's uncle is on the run after being accused of sexually assaulting the child.
[Image: 5f68572c05b48.webp]
A neighbor who reportedly witnessed how Yaz was harmed by her parents on at least three occasions took her to the hospital. 
In April, this year the young girl had surgery for intestinal damage and was admitted to the hospital in February with cuts on her legs allegedly caused by her parents.
According to reports, in August, doctors did a graft on the burns to the 7-year-olds buttocks that "destroyed part of the muscle."
News of Yaz's maltreatment at the hands of her parents comes after her 3-year-old sister died in June due to accidental asphyxiation. Prosecution police says it is seriously considering prosecution options against the parents.
Frida Guerrera, a woman's rights activist, believes the mother was also a victim of domestic violence and feared for her life.

"If the Puebla authorities had done their job since January, which was the first moment that there were indications that the girl had suffered sexual violence, the girl would not be in the hospital right now, and Mitzi (her little sister) would not be dead," Guerrera said. "Of course there is institutional responsibility in this."
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  78 Firms Bid To Rehabilitate Pipelines, Depots –NNPC
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Quote:The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation on Sunday announced that 78 companies submitted virtual bids to rehabilitate its downstream pipelines, associated depots and terminal infrastructure through the finance, build, operate and transfer model.

NNPC’s Group Managing Director, Mele Kyari, said the exercise was in fulfilment of the corporation’s commitment to transparency and accountability as an Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative partner company.

Kyari disclosed this in a statement issued in Abuja by the spokesperson of the oil firm, Kennie Obateru.

He said the finance, build, operate and transfer model became imperative in the corporation’s journey to rehabilitate its downstream infrastructure which over time had become vulnerable, lost value and integrity due to age and incessant vandalism.

He said some of the assets were as old as 40 years and were due for replacement, adding that to carry out such a replacement of this magnitude, there would be need for resources.

Kyari was quoted as saying, “And we know that we require these assets so we decided that we bring in private partners who will fund these pipelines; they will construct operate them with us.

“And ultimately they will fully recover their investment from the tariff which we will pay for using these pipelines and as soon as they recover their cost and their margin, they will hand over these assets back to us.”

Kyari stated that by the end of the first quarter of 2021, the final partners of the bid opening would be selected.

He assured the bidders that the NIPEX portal which was deployed for the pre-qualification exercise was a time tested technology that would not give room for any human indiscretion.

The corporation’s Chief Operating Officer, Downstream, Lawrencia Ndupu, who was represented by the Managing Director, Petroleum Products Marketing Company, Musa Lawan, said the Nigerian Pipelines and Storage Company operates 5,120 length of pipelines.

She said the pipelines traverses the entire country with two coastal depots in Lagos and Calabar, adding that the public bid opening processes was being done transparently.


[Image: 12374570_pipeline_jpege2d4947f74d4f4a06584d408d40b8dfb]

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  Okorocha: No More APC, What Is Left Of APC Is Just Respect For Buhari
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Quote:A founding member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and former governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, has said that only respect for President Muhammadu Buhari is all that is left of the APC and that the crisis rocking the party was part of consequences for relegating the founding members.

Okorocha who addressed some journalists on Sunday in Abuja said that there is no more APC.

According to him, the party that is smarting from internal crisis after the 2019 general elections, died the day the leadership abandoned the progressive and democratic ideals on which it was founded.

Okorocha, who is also the Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District, said that apart from President Buhari, the other leaders of the political blocks that merged to form the party in 2015, were practically schemed out by forces that later joined the party.

“Permit me to give you the inside of APC, this word APC was formed by four major political parties that had governors, one was the CPC led by President Muhammadu Buhari, ACN led by Ahmed Tinubu, ANPP led by Ogbonnaya Onu who all brought their structure, APGA led by me brought in our structure. Every other person fell into this structure. The PDP group came in and joined us. I gave the name APC. I designed that logo and that was the beginning of the party and we had understanding.

“That is the party you call APC and unless we go back to where it all started, APC can never see the light of the day and that was how we started and that was what brought President Muhammadu Buhari to office.

You cannot rule out the role of these four key people, then CPC has only one governor in Nasarawa, APGA had only one governor, ACN came with the chunk of the governors and ANPP had a few. And we shared the first positions equally among these four parties. Now the founding fathers of the part are relegated to the backgrounds and people are coming with different interests making us play the same kind of politics that PDP played,” Okorocha said.

He added, “There is no more APC, what we have is the respect for President Muhammadu Buhari, that is what is keeping us together. What we have is our respect for the person of President Buhari and we still believe that something can be done.

“That trust and respect is what we still call APC, outside that, respect for President Buhari and the trust and belief that he could wake up one day and correct all these injustices and make it fine. That is the only thing that is keeping the APC, if not that, I don’t think there is anything like APC because people are beginning to get fed up. Again, PDP is not even better, the party has its own challenges.

[Image: 12374337_okorochalosesasapcsubmitsuzodin...6d01d26795]

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  Daily Devotional for Monday 21st September
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And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life… (Revelation 22:19).

Many have assumed that when someone gives his heart to Christ, that’s when his name is written in the Book of Life. But that isn’t what the Bible teaches. It’s never really about your name being written in the Book of Life; the problem is about being removed from the Book of Life.

In Exodus 32:32, Moses said to God, “…blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book which thou hast written.” Moses knew about the Book of Life; it’s not the book where your name is written when you’re born again, because Moses wasn’t “born again.” So, what’s the Book of Life? It’s the book where God registers everyone who was ever born into this world.

Read our theme verse again; it was a warning to everyone. God’s plan originally was to have every one of us with Him. The Bible says He’s “...not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). Everlasting fire was never prepared for human beings (Matthew 25:41), but for the devil and his angels. But God gave man the power of choice.

Whoever doesn’t find their names in the Book of Life eventually, have themselves to blame. God’s reply to Moses in Exodus 32:33 that we read earlier was, “... Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book” (Exodus 32:33). What this simply means is that you live your life unto God.

Walk every day in love and in righteousness, and your name will remain in the Book of Life. Live a life that glorifies Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:15 says, “And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.”


Faithful and righteous Father, thank you for the privilege to be a witness of your saving power; I pray for souls around the world today, to receive your Word and be converted. Also, I declare that my works in the Kingdom, and walk with you, are purified by your Spirit, for your glory, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Isaiah 50:7 TLB; Mark 10:29-30; Revelation 3:5

Galatians 5:16-26 & Isaiah 6-8

1 Timothy 5:11-18 & Jeremiah 39



Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for granting me the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Now, I am filled with the knowledge of Your will, in all wisdom, and spiritual understanding, to deal excellently in life.

 I thank You for the gift and power of speech. My life is beautiful, excellent, and full of glory. My words are wholesome because I am taught by the Spirit to speak life and wisdom all the time.

 With my mouth, I am charting my course in life gloriously. I’ve got the victory; I’ve overcome the world, its systems, economies, and economics. 

I’m galloping in a perpetual victory parade. Through me, the knowledge of Christ spreads everywhere; my triumphs of faith effuse exquisite fragrance of His glory in every place.

 And as I live in God’s Word,I am guided and inspired by His wisdom to fulfil His perfect will for me. I thank you, for You liberally supply my every need according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. 

You’re my source; wealth and honour come from You alone. Your divine power has given me everything I require for life and godliness. I’m plugged into a nonstop supply system, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

God bless you

[Image: 159362285120_586x490_global_day_of_prayer2.jpg]

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  Edo Election: Oshiomhole Taunted After Loss (Photos)
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Quote:Some Nigerians have taken to social media to share hilarious memes in reaction to the outcome of the Edo gubernatorial election.

Godwin Obaseki, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was on Sunday re-elected as governor of the state for second time after securing the highest votes in the election which was held on Saturday.

He polled 307,955 votes across 18 local government areas while Osagie Ize-Iyamu, his main challenger and candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), got 223,619 votes.

Obaseki’s journey to triumph wasn’t a smooth ride.

During his campaign, Obaseki’s strategy to mobilise Edo residents to vote for him had touched on ending godfatherism in the state.

The politician had also adopted the slogan “Edo no be Lagos” shortly after he left the APC to seek re-election under the platform of the PDP.

Before defection, he had met Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the APC, for endorsement as the party’s candidate but the former Lagos governor had referred him to the direct primaries endorsed by the party.

After the governor went through the direct primaries as recommended, he was disqualified by the committee set-up by Adams Oshiomhole, his estranged godfather, who doubles as his predecessor.

A few days to the election, Tinubu, who was among the APC leaders who campaigned for Obaseki when he was elected for first term under the party, had in a sponsored broadcast on TVC, urged Edo residents to vote out the governor.

In his response to the broadcast, Obaseki had tackled the ex-governor of Lagos, saying he cannot extend his political empire to Edo state.

He had, thereafter, pledged to end godfatherism in Edo and Lagos, saying that “democracy is not a government of godfathers but of the people.”

Since Obaseki’s victory at the poll, quite a number of Nigerians have taken to social media platforms to share extremely amusing memes to mock Oshiomhole, Tinubu and Ize-Iyamu.

Below are some of the memes:

[Image: Edo-election-meme-3-e1600602768504.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-4-e1600602745266.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-5-e1600602705585.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-6-e1600602682301.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-7.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-8-e1600602656840.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-9-e1600602635387.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-10-e1600602615216.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-1-e1600602591536.jpg]

[Image: Edo-election-meme-2-e1600602574346.jpg]

[Image: edo-election-meme-11-e1600608392691.jpg]

[Image: EiXFYl_WoAA7vl_-e1600608691764.jpg]


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  LASEMA response team helps homeless woman deliver her newborn baby safely (photos)
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LASEMA response team helps homeless woman deliver her newborn baby safely (photos)

[Image: 5f68353ded510.jpg]

A Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) team at Eti-osa has helped deliver a newborn baby under Ajah bridge. 
In a post shared on Facebook, it was gathered that 35 year-old mother, Blessing Emmanuel from Cross River state had no home or family in Lagos and was fond of roaming around Ajah bridge. After she fell into labour, LASEMA's 'Operation Storm' Response Team was the only available medical option.
The team helped her deliver her baby boy safely before taking them to Island Maternity Hospital for continued expert medical care.
The post read; 

Quote:... Amidst Several Other Operations Under Ajah Bridge in Eti-Osa
While LASEMA Response Team on Saturday 19th September, 2020 was evacuating carcas of burnt tanker, 40ft containerized truck loaded with generator sets and the burnt lowbed conveying an excavator from the 'Tanker on Fire' incident of Friday 18th September, the Agency was also blanketing another fallen oil Tanker yesterday morning to avoid another fire, a few metres from the Friday night incident scene at Anthony inward Gbagada.

Amidst all of these operations, LASEMA's 'Operation Storm' Response Team stationed at Eti-Osa, under Ajah bridge as part of the proactive measures of the Agency to mitigate against harzards that may trail gridlock following closure of Third Mainland Bridge, has taken delivery of a life baby boy.

35 year-old indigene of Cross Rivers State, Ms. Blessing Emmanuel, a semi-destitute, with no home, nor family in Lagos, and fond of roaming around under the Ajah bridge, fell in labour and LASEMA's 'Operation Storm' Response Team was the only available medical option.

As a complete medical team with an Ambulance at its disposal, presence of LASEMA's 'Operation Storm' Response Team under the Ajah bridge in Eti-osa was timely and made delivery of Ms. Blessing of a life and healthy baby boy safe and easy.

In line with its responsibility of saving lives, after successfully completing the task of delivering Ms. Blessing of the life, male neonate under the Bridge in record time, mother and child were taken to the Island Maternity Hospital in stable condition, for continued, expert medical care.
[Image: 5f6833701a4d9.png]
[Image: 5f6834e3a5092.jpg][Image: 5f6834f9b6a49.jpg][Image: 5f68351e6a9b9.jpg]
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  Uzodimma Rejects Edo Governorship Election Results, Heads To Tribunal
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Quote:The Governor of Imo State and the Deputy Chairman of the APC Edo State Governorship Campaign Council, Senator Hope Uzodimma, has rejected the results of the Edo State Governorship Election.

According to IgbereTV reports, the Governor made this known when he arrived the Imo State Government House Owerri on Sunday morning after the election which held on Saturday, 19th September, 2020.

Governor Uzodimma disclosed that the entire process in Edo State was marred by irregularities from officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) who sabotaged the system, making it difficult for the APC votes to count.

Governor Uzodimma went on to describe the conduct of INEC officials in the Edo Governorship Election as 'shameful'.

The Governor also thanked the Governorship Candidate of the APC in Edo, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, for his resilience and doggedness.

He also assured that the APC is already gathering evidence to proceed to the Election Petition Tribunal any moment from now, confident that the party will get judgment in due time.

Governor Uzodimma urged all APC faithfuls and party supporters to remain calm and law abiding, noting that what happened in Edo State is a sabotage to our hard-worn Democracy in Nigeria.

[Image: 12373382_fbimg16006626362745294_jpeg1e76...bd94e50419]

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  Lightning Strike Kills 15 Head Of Cattle in Ekiti
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Quote:Thunder struck on Saturday evening and killed 15 cows in Ikogosi community in Ekiti West Local Government area of Ekiti State.

The Asaoye of Ikogosi-Ekiti, Chief Ayo Ademilua, described the incident as a natural occurrence and strange in the town.

Ademilua told jourrnalists that the incident happened at the Ikogosi Warm Spring site along Ipole – Ekiti road.

Ikogosi Warm Spring is a notable tourism and recreational centre where warm and cold streams met in Ekiti.

The Ikogosi high chief said that the thunder struck during a torrential downpour between 4:00p.m. and 6:02p.m. on Saturday.

“The whole town shook when the thunder struck. Later, some commuters coming into town and those returning home from their farms saw the Fulani herders lamenting that it was the thunder that killed their cattle,” he said.

Also speaking on the incident, the Onikogosi of Ikogosi Ekiti, Oba Abiodun Olorunnisola, said that the herders were making spirited efforts to sell the dead cows to residents, saying that this portends health risk to his people.

The monarch said he already reached out to his colleague at Ipole Ekiti, Oba Oladele Babatola, on the need to warn their subjects against consuming such a desecrated meat.

“The two of us have alerted our subjects that there was an attempt to commence the sale of the cows and we are making concerted efforts to prevent the intending buyers,” he said.

The monarch, however, called on government to evacuate the carcasses of the cows to prevent spread of communicable diseases in the area.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Ekiti Command, Mr Sunday Abutu, said the incident was yet to be reported to the police because it was a natural occurrence.

“We have not been told, but if the owner of the cattle later realises that someone was responsible, he will report at the police station and we will surely rise to the occasion, if such happens,”the PPRO said.


[Image: 12373283_img20200920wa00241024x768_jpegc...74f690db19]
[Image: 12373284_vbkclyox1024x735_jpeg_jpegdbdcb...388518e958]
[Image: 12373286_img20200920wa00241024x768_jpegc...74f690db19]
[Image: 12373287_vbkclyox1024x735_jpeg_jpegdbdcb...388518e958]

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  Tinubu’s Video Broadcast And Other Reasons Obaseki Floored Ize-iyamu
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Quote:During a meeting with journalists at government house, Benin, last year, Godwin Obaseki, who has just got another four-year mandate to govern Edo state, acknowledged the role Adams Oshiomhole played in him bringing him to power but expressed shock over the turn of events. He wondered why his relationship with “comrade”, as Oshiomhole’s political allies refer to him, turned sour suddenly.

But Obaseki was confident of victory, counting on the support of his people.

“Oshiomhole supported me in 2016. He showed me to the people and they accepted me. Suddenly, he made a U-turn and told them he wanted to introduce another person to them but they said ‘No. You have shown us this one, we want to continue with him,” he had said.

Indeed, the September 19 governorship election was about Oshiomhole, a man who dominated the politics of Edo like a Trojan for about 11 years. Many in Edo did not see any reason behind the sudden disinterest in Obaseki by Oshiomhole. So, when Oshiomhole “undressed Obaseki in the public”, the Edo people came to his rescue.


‘You can help someone get a job but you should not help the person do the job’. This summaries Obaseki and Oshiomhole relationship

Keen observers of Edo politics believe one of the factors that made Obaseki emerge victorious in the poll is certain changes he made shortly after he assumed office. Perhaps the most talked-about is the removal of “thugs” as agents for the collection of revenues within the Benin metropolis. Commercial bus and taxi drivers, shop owners and hawkers within the Benin metropolis heaved a sigh of relief after the then new governor put an end to the practice.

And he did not stop there. Working in tandem with the Benin palace and the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, Obaseki announced the proscription of community development association (CDA), thereby saving those who aspired to acquire lands from speculators who fed fat on them. The politicians who had formed the habit of visiting the government house to collect largesse got what they did not bargain for after Obaseki put an end to such.

Overtime, commoners fell in love with Obaseki and started seeing him as a shield from their oppressors. By focusing on the people and resetting Edo, Obaseki won the hearts of the majority of Edo people.

Teachers, civil servants and pensioners soon joined the list of his admirers as protests over unpaid entitlements disappeared. Some Edo residents see Obaseki as a governor who outperformed his predecessors. Majority are quick to point at the rebuilt Samuel Ogbemudia stadium, the new secretariat building and construction and maintenance of roads. While many of his supporters admit that the governor has not been able to create the 200,000 jobs he promised, they see his achievement in the agricultural sector as a plus for his government. The attention paid to technical and vocational education is equally well talked about following the revitalisation of moribund technical and vocational institutions in the school.


Still on Oshiomhole, his decision to back Osagie Ize-Iyamu and single-handedly replace Obaseki with the pastor came as a rude shock to many. Here is a man he vilified and called unprintable names in the run off to the 2016 governorship election. While it is given that only personal interests matter in the politics of Nigeria, the sight of Oshiomhole campaigning for Ize-Iyamu irritated many people.

Perhaps not in the history of Nigeria has such rapprochement be seen before. The PDP capitalised on what Oshiomhole used against Ize-Iyamu when he campaigned for Obaseki. While Oshiomhole tried to wish away all the negative things he said about Ize-Iyamu in 2016, PDP and Obaseki would not have that. Weeks before the election, they compiled Oshiomhole’s vituperations against Ize-Iyamu and put turned it to a video they put on a giant screen at Ring Road in the heart of Benin City. Giant speakers were also put in strategic location for clear audio.


With hindsight, does Tinubu think the video sank rather than save Ize-Iyamu?

In a 4:53 minutes video broadcast released on the election week, Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the APC, appealed to the Edo electorate to reject Obaseki. But if truly he had the mind of campaigning for Ize-Iyamu, the video achieved its exact opposite as it triggered anger across the state.

As a natter of fact, shortly after the video went viral, “Edo No Be Lagos” started trending on social media and on Saturday, the people revolted against what they considered “undue interference:


The expression, “no man is God” was made popular in the politics of Edo by Adams Oshiomhole after he became governor. After his electoral victory over political giants such as Anthony Anenih, and the Esama of Benin, Gabriel Igbinedion, who hitherto dominated Edo politics, Oshiomhole had famously declared that “no man is God” in his mockery of the two elder statesmen. He further said that God used him to silence godfathers, who he said held that every political power in the state must come from them.

The former governor refused to accept allegations levelled against him that he had become the new godfather after he single-handedly installed Obaseki governor in 2016.

Obaseki had shown no interest in becoming governor when Oshiomhole picked him out as his preferred successor. By picking an unwilling horse in Obaseki, Oshiomhole overlooked opinions from party leaders and killed the aspirations of those who wanted to succeed him such as his then deputy, Pius Odubu.

In no time, the Edo people started asking if it was right of Oshiomhole to decide for the rest of them who should govern them. They took him back to his chant that “no man is God,” asking him why he was trying to play God over their collective destiny. The Benin people were particularly irked as to the reason why someone all the way from Auchi will rubbish one of their own and tell the rest of them the right path to follow. The resounding victory for Obaseki in the seven local government area of Edo south on Saturday was a proof of how much the Benin people resented Oshiomhole’s antics.


When PDP offered Obaseki its umbrella after his former party threw him out

While the APC and its parent party, the ACN, dominated the politics of Edo between 2008 and 2020, the people of the state never discarded their interests in the umbrella party. The party has never lost presidential election in the state since 1999 and produced two out of three senators in the state during the height of the APC’s domination in the 2015 and 2019 elections. The central senatorial district populated by the Esan people was even a fortress for the APC before now with the PDP winning all national assembly seats in the area since 1999.

The marriage of Obaseki and the PDP in June, according to political analysts, was all that PDP needed to add the all important Edo south (Benin) to the one they already in their kitty, the Edo central. Many knew that with the popularity Obaseki enjoys in Benin, there was no way the PDP will lose in the zone with about 58 per cent of the entire voters’ population in the state. Edo south plus Edo central is a win for PDP even if the party records poor performance in the APC stronghold of Edo north senatorial district. The election turned out this way even as the PDP performed above expectations in the Edo north zone.


Although Ojezua, former chairman of Edo APC, did not move to the PDP with Obaseki, he worked for the reelection of the governor

While Oshiomhole dominated the APC in Edo, some other leaders of the party in the state were not at home with many of his actions but lacked the power to challenge him. The decision to give the party’s gubernatorial ticket to Ize-Iyamu, however, was one they would not take. Rather than decamp to the PDP like Obaseki, many of these leaders chose to remain in the APC and work for the PDP. Those in this category are Osarodion Ogie, secretary to the state government; Anslem Ojezua, factional Edo APC chairman; Frank Okiye, speaker of the state house of assembly, and Matthew Iduoriyekemwen.

The duo of Ogie and Iduoriyekemwen were said to have combined forces to give PDP a resounding victory in Ikpoba Okha local government area.


[Image: 12372580_images20200920t214501_289_jpeg_...5ad273ab04]

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  APC Rejects Edo Governorship Election Results
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The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State has rejected the outcome of Saturday's Edo Governorship, in which incumbent Governor Godwin Obaseki was declared winner.

Igbere TV had on Sunday reported how Obaseki, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, secured 307,955 votes to defeat Osagie Ize-Iyamu, the APC candidate, who got 223, 619 votes.

In a statement forwarded to Igbere TV, Sunday, the APC alleged foul play in election, but called on party members to stay calm "while party leaders study the result and decide what is next."

In the statement signed by the Chairman of the APC Media Campaign Council, Mr. John Mayaki, rejecting the result, the APC cited alleged strong arm tactics.

"Our people were arbitrarily arrested, many of the figures were fabricated," said the terse statement, which the party said was only a preliminary reaction.

It further alleged illicit tampering with results, to shore up PDP numbers and mark down APC's.

"Areas where we won, they cancelled them.  They decreased the votes in areas we had advantage," the party further claimed. "They rejected our results and jerked up theirs."

Meanwhile, the party also claimed there was arbitrary arrest of local party members, who could have resisted the outrage, while Governor Godwin Obaseki was busy diverting attention with false alarm.

"Obaseki shouted that he was being rigged out and blamed INEC at the initial stage but that was to divert attention from the evil going on in the field", the statement said.

The party, however, told its members to stay calm, thanking them for their support, and adding that party leaders were studying the result and would announce their decision and course of action as soon as possible.

[Image: 12371150_12249221edoapcpubsecforum202007...5713ac7cb3]
[Image: 12371437_screenshot20200920181942_jpeg3a...0fce0b410c]
[Image: 12371438_screenshot20200920181959_png30e...9cfe01d4af]
[Image: 12371439_screenshot20200920182010_pngb75...9b72a7d61f]

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  Photos of Tuface Idibia, his wife Annie, and his kids at his 45th birthday party
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Lovely photos of Tuface Idibia, his wife Annie, and his kids at his 45th birthday party

[Image: 5f67894ad79a9.jpg]

A party was held to celebrate Tuface Idibia's 45th birthday.
Present at the party were four of the singer's children. His wife Annie was also present.
Some friends joined the celebration online.
See photos below.
[Image: 5f678965a764e.jpg]
[Image: 5f67897d37df1.jpg]
[Image: 5f67899b0cae2.jpg]
[Image: 5f6789b3d2d01.jpg]
[Image: 5f6789ca2bfad.jpg]
[Image: 5f6789dfdace4.jpg]
[Image: 5f6789f77f4b9.jpg]
[Image: 5f678a0eea3de.jpg]
[Image: 5f678a3e65fc7.jpg]
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  COVID-19 Update For September 20 2020 In Nigeria
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97 New COVID-19 Cases, 138 Discharged And 3 Deaths On September 20

Quote:97 new cases of #COVID19Nigeria;


On the 20th of September 2020, 97 new confirmed cases and 3 deaths were recorded in Nigeria

Till date, 57242 cases have been confirmed, 48569 cases have been discharged and 1098 deaths have been recorded in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory

The 97 new cases are reported from 12 states- Lagos (46), Kwara (12), Rivers (11), Adamawa (4), Niger (4), Ogun (4), Osun (4), Ekiti (3), Imo (3), Kaduna (3), Plateau (2), FCT (1)

A multi-sectoral national emergency operations centre (EOC), activated at Level 3, continues to coordinate the national response activities

Quote:September 19

[Image: 12372917_screenshot20200920234157_png3e5...76fc87da73]
[Image: 12372918_screenshot20200920234325_jpege1...dfccc16c42]

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  vergelijkbare mentaliteit
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La recherche de votre robe de mariée est certainement l'une des parties les plus excitantes de la planification de mariage. Des tableaux Pinterest nuptiales, des rapports sur les tendances et des sauvegardes Instagram, aux achats avec vos meilleures amies et à essayer une robe de mariée pour la toute première fois, il y a tellement de moments OMG qui se produisent lorsque vous cherchez votre robe parfaite. Parce que cette décision est également extrêmement cruciale, nous vous aidons tout au long du processus avec ce guide d'achat de robes de mariée qui couvre les étapes les plus importantes et vous explique les détails auxquels vous Brautkleider 2020 n'avez peut-être pas encore pensé. Donc, que vous soyez en train de créer votre budget de robe de mariée, de sélectionner les meilleurs magasins de mariage de votre région, de rechercher des conseils pour économiser de l'argent ou de vous demander comment fonctionne le processus de modification, commencez ici.

Notre guide d'achat de robes de mariée vous aidera à dire `` oui '' à la robe dont vous avez toujours rêvé.
Laura Memory Photography & VideographyLAURA MEMORY PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY
Quand acheter votre robe de mariée
Attendre la dernière minute pour acheter votre robe de mariée n'est pas ce que nous recommandons, point final. Même si vous trouvez votre robe de mariée lors de votre toute première virée shopping, cela peut parfois prendre jusqu'à six mois pour que la robe soit prête (surtout si elle est faite sur commande), il est donc préférable de commencer à magasiner dès que possible— idéalement, au moins un an avant votre mariage. Vous devrez également prendre en compte le temps pour les modifications et trouver les bons accessoires pour correspondre à votre robe. Notre calendrier d'achat de robes de mariée décompose tout, étape par étape.

Pour la plupart des mariées, choisir une robe de mariée est un événement de toute une vie. Votre robe donne le ton de votre mariage et reflète votre personnalité et votre style. Lorsque vous magasinez pour votre robe de mariée, commencez t?t et établissez un budget.

Parcourez les magazines de mariage, Internet et Pinterest. Enregistrez, découpez et épinglez des robes qui vous plaisent.

Regardez les images que vous avez enregistrées et voyez si vous avez des styles ou des motifs similaires. Est-ce que toutes les robes que vous aimez sont des robes de bal en dentelle? Commencez par là, puis affinez-le et dressez une liste des fonctionnalités que vous préférez.

Prenez rendez-vous pour essayer des robes dans plusieurs magasins. Demandez à vos amis et à votre famille des recommandations! Assurez-vous d'apporter vos images préférées au salon et indiquez-leur le style de robe qui vous intéresse. Il est également utile de découvrir les créateurs de chaque salon. Consultez les sites Web des créateurs et notez les styles que vous aimez. N'oubliez pas de leur dire quel est votre budget! Essayer une robe qui dépasse largement votre budget ne fera qu’être frustré, et la dernière chose que votre consultant souhaite faire est de vous mettre dans une robe que vous ne pouvez pas vous permettre. Faites-en une journée et invitez des personnes importantes dans votre vie, comme votre mère, votre s?ur, votre demoiselle d'honneur, vos demoiselles d'honneur, etc. Mais gardez cela à l'esprit - plus vous invitez, plus il y a d'opinions.

Portez un soutien-gorge sans bretelles nude, Spanx, etc. pour essayer des robes. Il est difficile de se faire une bonne idée de l’aspect exact d’une robe lorsque vous avez des bretelles ou des coutures. De nombreux magasins de mariage ne proposent qu'une seule robe pour chaque style. La plupart du temps, un consultant vous aidera à mettre et à enlever les robes, en s'assurant que chacune est coupée aux bons endroits afin que vous ayez une bonne idée de ce à quoi la robe devrait ressembler. Vous voudrez peut-être également apporter une paire de talons ou de chaussures similaires à celles que vous pensez porter le jour J. Cela ne fait jamais de mal d’apporter une bouteille d’eau (si le salon de mariage autorise les boissons à l’extérieur dans le magasin) - il peut faire assez chaud pendant que vous essayez des robes et vous voudrez rester hydraté!

Ne dites pas ?non? à l’essai de styles autres que vos favoris. Faites confiance à votre consultant lors de votre rendez-vous. Ils choisissent quotidiennement des robes pour les mariées et ont une Vestidos de Novia Elegantes meilleure idée de leur inventaire. Vous pourriez être surpris et choisir une robe que vous attendez le moins! Plus vous communiquez avec votre conseillère en mariage, meilleure sera votre expérience. Assurez-vous de leur dire exactement ce que vous faites ou ce que vous n'aimez pas dans chaque robe que vous essayez - si vous n'aimez pas à quoi ressemble votre taille dans une robe trapèze, vous voudrez probablement passer à un style différent.

Si vous êtes sur la barrière d'une robe, demandez à essayer un voile, une coiffe ou des bijoux (si le salon de mariée propose ces articles). Les accessoires peuvent parfois ajouter ce petit détail supplémentaire qui pourrait manquer: c'est la cerise sur le gateau! La couleur d'une robe peut également faire une énorme différence. Au début de votre rendez-vous, informez votre consultant de la Robes de Mariée Princesse couleur qui vous intéresse (blanc, ivoire, blush, etc.). L'échantillon de robe dont vous tombez amoureux n'est peut-être pas de la couleur que vous recherchez, mais vous pourrez peut-être le commander!

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  immer die wichtigste
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Wenn Sie eine üppige Birne sind, haben Sie wunderbar gro?zügige Hüften. Je nach Ihren Vorlieben k?nnen Sie Ihre Kurven in einer Meerjungfrau oder einem Fit & Flare-Kleid zur Schau stellen und dann einen beliebigen Ausschnitt, Stoff und Saum ausw?hlen.

Wenn Sie Ihre Hüften herunterspielen m?chten, suchen Sie nach einem Kleid in A-Linie mit einer etwas h?heren Taille. Der ausgestellte Rock verengt Ihre Taille und flie?t von den Hüften und dem Unterk?rper weg. Wenn Sie der Meinung sind, dass Handtaschen eine A-Linie auf der formalen Seite etwas zu viel ist, k?nnen Sie sie mit einem Chiffon-Overlay oder einer l?ssigeren Spitze verkleiden.

Was den Ausschnitt betrifft, k?nnten Sie sich für ein tr?gerloses Kleid entscheiden. Wenn Sie jedoch Ihren Oberk?rper schlanker machen m?chten, sollten Sie einen Spaghettitr?ger oder einen V-Ausschnitt verwenden. Alles in allem kann eine sch?ne Birne wie Sie in einem Kleid mit so vielen gro?zügigen Details und Texturen leuchten, wie Sie m?chten, und Ihr Kleid wird immer noch schlanker.

Die meisten Frauen, unabh?ngig von ihrer Form, kleiden sich für ihre Hochzeit eher konservativ. Einige entscheiden sich sogar für Stile, die entweder ihre Büste minimieren oder sie vollst?ndig verbergen. Es liegt ganz bei der pers?nlichen Wahl.

Wenn Sie etwas mehr Schutz wünschen, ist ein Kleid mit U-Ausschnitt m?glicherweise die perfekte Wahl, da es nicht zu viel Dekolleté zeigt, aber dennoch elegant ist. Vielleicht bevorzugen Sie auch ein Kleid aus Seide, Satin oder Organza, das eher aus Stoffen besteht. Ziehen Sie Tr?ger oder ?rmel in Betracht, um zus?tzliche Unterstützung zu erhalten und Sie an den richtigen Stellen hervorzuheben. Vielleicht m?chten Sie sich auch für einen herzigen Ausschnitt oder einen breiten V-Ausschnitt entscheiden, da gerade Ausschnitte manchmal nicht ganz so schmeichelhaft sind.

Denken Sie auch daran, dass Sie ein tailliertes Oberteil mit guter Innenstruktur für einen wundersch?n polierten Look wünschen.

Fast jede Silhouette sieht auf einer Sanduhrbraut wundersch?n aus. Mit Schultern und Hüften in perfekter Balance zeigt eine Scheide das Verm?gen Ihrer Figur, w?hrend Sie von Kopf bis Fu? gestrafft werden, sodass Sie gro? und schlank aussehen. Sie k?nnen alles daran setzen, eine M?rchenprinzessin oder eine elegante, elegante K?nigin für einen Tag mit einem vollen Ballkleid mit Glockenrock und Bloemenmeisjes jurken einem verzierten Oberteil zu sein.

Für Br?ute, die ihre Kurven wirklich rocken wollen, gibt es nichts Sch?neres als ein Meerjungfrauen- oder Trompetenkleid. Diese k?rpernahe, hüftbetonende Silhouette wird an den richtigen Stellen wundersch?n sein.

Die einzige Einschr?nkung für Hourglass-Br?ute besteht darin, ein Empire-Taillenkleid zu vermeiden (es wird Ihre sch?n schlanke Taille nicht optimal zur Geltung bringen). Und wenn Sie es vorziehen, weniger Aufmerksamkeit auf Ihre Brustlinie zu lenken, w?hlen Sie etwas anderes als einen herzigen Ausschnitt.

Denken Sie am Ende unabh?ngig von Ihrem K?rperstil daran, dass Ihre Pr?ferenz regiert. Lassen Sie nicht zu, dass Familie, Freunde oder sogar Ihr Verlobter Ihr Herz au?er Kraft setzen. Nicht alle Br?ute glauben zu wissen, was für sie am besten aussieht. Probieren Sie zun?chst Kleider Abendkleider Schwarz Ihrer pers?nlichen Wahl an. Wenn Sie das Gefühl haben, dass Ihre Entscheidungen nicht funktionieren, holen Sie Meinungen von Fachleuten wie Ihrem Brautberater ein.

Der wichtigste Faktor, wenn es um Ihr Hochzeitskleid geht, ist Ihr Herz. Tragen Sie das Kleid, das sich auf Ihrem K?rper fabelhaft anfühlt und bei dem Sie sich sch?n fühlen, wenn Sie in den Spiegel schauen.

Unsere Richtlinien sind genau das: Anleitungen. Wir beziehen nur das, was für andere gut funktioniert hat, auf bestimmte K?rpertypen. Aber nehmen Sie nicht nur unser Wort dafür. Gehen Sie raus, recherchieren Sie selbst, tauchen Sie in die Jagd ein und probieren Sie so viele verschiedene Kleider an, wie Sie m?chten. Sie werden es nie erfahren - vielleicht werden Sie feststellen, dass das perfekte Hochzeitskleid für Sie überhaupt nicht so war, wie Sie es erwartet Avondjurken Limburg hatten!

Mit unz?hligen Designern zur Auswahl, Hunderten von Stoffen und Tausenden von Stilen kann sich das Einkaufen von Hochzeitskleidern zweifellos überw?ltigend anfühlen! Aus diesem Grund haben wir die Experten hinzugezogen und die wichtigsten Tipps unserer Berater für die Auswahl eines Hochzeitskleides zusammengefasst, wenn Sie weiterhin Hilfe bei der Entscheidung ben?tigen. Schau sie dir unten an.

?Selbst einkaufen kann eine effektivere und effizientere M?glichkeit sein, eine Entscheidung zu treffen“, sagt Lisa, Beraterin von Kleinfeld. Wenn Sie nicht nur einkaufen m?chten, sollten Sie wissen, dass weniger immer mehr ist, wenn Sie Ihren Kader ausw?hlen. Zu viele Meinungen bei Ihrem Termin k?nnen zu einem stressigen und überw?ltigenden Einkaufserlebnis führen. Das Ziel ist es, Tr?nen der Freude zu vergie?en, wenn Sie Ihr Hochzeitskleid ausw?hlen, nicht Tr?nen des Stresses! W?hlen Sie nicht mehr als die 4 besten Personen in Ihrem Leben aus und bringen Sie sie mit. Und denken Sie daran, Ihre Meinung ist immer die wichtigste Meinung!

W?hlen Sie das Kleid, mit dem Sie sich am sch?nsten fühlen.
Sie haben sich vielleicht schon immer vorgestellt, wie Sie mit einem gro?en Prinzessin-Ballkleid den Gang entlang gehen. Sie haben jedoch gerade dieses Va-Va-Voom-Fit-Kleid ausprobiert und sind sich pl?tzlich nicht mehr sicher, was Sie wollen. Berater Kelsey sagt: ?Ich finde, dass Br?ute in den kleinsten Details des Kleides gefangen sind und das gro?e Ganze vergessen. Manchmal ist es so einfach wie: "Ich fühle mich in diesem Kleid am sch?nsten." Am Ende ist dies das Kleid, das du am besten nachts tragen wirst!

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  Edo Decides: APC rejects Obaseki’s victory over Ize-Iyamu
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Edo Decides: APC rejects Obaseki’s victory over Ize-Iyamu

 September 20, 2020

[Image: Obaseki-and-Ize-Iyamu.jpg]

The Edo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has alleged foul play in the just-concluded governorship election in the state.

It, however, called on party members to stay calm while party leaders study the result and decide what is next.

In a statement sent to DAILY POST by the Chairman of the APC Media Campaign Council, John Mayaki, the party rejected the result of the just-concluded governorship election.

Mayaki alleged strong-arm tactics in the Saturday’s governorship election.

According to Mayaki: “Our people were arbitrarily arrested, many of the figures were fabricated.
“Areas where we won, they cancelled them. They decreased the votes in areas we had advantage.

“They rejected our results and jerked up theirs.”
Mayaki also alleged that there was an arbitrary arrest of local party members, who could have resisted the outrage, while the state Governor, Godwin Obaseki was busy allegedly “diverting attention with false alarm.”

“Obaseki shouted that he was being rigged out and blamed INEC at the initial stage but that was to divert attention from the evil going on in the field”, the statement said.

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  Shopping Complex On Fire At Totoro In Abeokuta, Ogun State (Pictures)
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Posted by: Edoman - 09-20-2020, 08:52 PM - No Replies

Pictures from the Fire incident at Totoro in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The fire gutted a shopping complex.

The fire is still seriously ravaging as Ogun State Fire and Safefy Service are doing their best

[Image: 12369336_fbimg1600600620682_jpegde4741bb...a0f013b864]
[Image: 12369337_fbimg1600600628480_jpegc08ac786...8c0cf58630]
[Image: 12369338_fbimg1600600631739_jpeg9af312d3...62ee6a46c4]
[Image: 12369339_fbimg1600600634982_jpeg4e287717...0ebac4887c]

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  Edo Decides: Fayose congratulates Wike, sends message to Obaseki
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Edo Decides: Fayose congratulates Wike, sends message to Obaseki

 September 20, 2020

[Image: Fayose-1.jpg]

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has congratulated the Chairman of the PDP National Campaign Council for the Edo Governorship election and Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, for leading the party to victory at the just-concluded Edo State governorship election.

Fayose said this while reacting to Gov. Godwin Obaseki’s victory at the just-concluded Edo State governorship election.

He also urged Obaseki to remain in the PDP, adding that the outcome of the Edo State election has shown once again that Nigeria can have free, fair and credible elections.

“The outcome of the Edo State election has shown once again that we can have free, fair and credible elections if those in control of the FG allow @inecnigeria and security agencies to do their jobs without interference,” Fayose wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

“Gov Obaseki should remain in the @OfficialPDPNig, not minding the pressure that will be mounted on him.

“I also congratulate the people of Edo State, Nigerians and most importantly, the PDP for this sweet victory.

“Most importantly, I congratulate my friend and “younger brother”, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State for leading the PDP to this very important electoral victory.

“May this mark the beginning of that all-important deliverance of Nigeria and its people from the bondage of APC.”

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  The End of Godfatherism Has Come" Atiku Abubakar reacts to Obaseki's win;
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The End of Godfatherism Has Come" Atiku Abubakar reacts to Obaseki's win; urges Ize-Iyamu to work with Obaseki and let go of the "leprous hand he is now holding"

[Image: 5f67791261c2e.PNG]

Former Presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar has congratulated Governor Godwin Obaseki after he won the Edo state governorship election.
Taking to Twitter, the former Vice President of Nigeria said Obaseki's win signifies "the end of Godfatherism" in Nigeria.
Atiku Abubakar also commended the people of Edo State "for their resilience in the face of the forces arrayed against them."
He urged Obaseki's opponent Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu to "accept the right hand of fellowship that is likely to be extended to him" because "the leprous hand he is now holding can only lead to a destination of barrenness."
Atiku added that Ize-Iyamu" is amongst strange bedfellows" and advised him to "turn back & head in the right direction." Atiku further stated that "the PDP is the right direction."
Read his full statement below.
[Image: 5f6778143ebf1.PNG]
[Image: 5f67782d9e727.PNG]
[Image: 5f6778455e716.PNG]
[Image: 5f677857f26a6.PNG]
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  Woman arrested in Katsina for allegedly subjecting 6-year-old boy to inhuman treatmen
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Woman arrested in Katsina for allegedly subjecting 6-year-old boy to inhuman treatment

   [Image: 5f67651a7ecff.jpg]

The Katsina State Police Command has arrested a 45-year-old woman, Rahma Sani, for allegedly maltreating a 6-year-old boy Abdulkadiri Mu'awuya, under her care.
Parading the suspect at the command headquarters on Friday, September 18, the police spokesman, SP Isah Gambo, said that the woman, who resides at Kwado Quarters in Katsina was said to be a member of staff of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) in Katsina.
"Rahama Sani who lives with an adopted child, one Abdulkadiri Mu’awuya, aged 6 years, was found to have subjected him to various inhuman and degrading treatments."  Gambo said.
Gambo said the woman was arrested on September 15 at about 5pm, and in the course of investigation, the boy was found with injuries on his body and fracture on his right leg.
The PPRO added that the boy was taken to the General Hospital, Katsina for treatment as investigation continued.
Responding to questions from journalists, the woman said the father of the boy left him in her custody, saying he had separated from his mother and the boy’s stepmother had refused to take care of him.
"When he brought him, he said he had taken him to different places but usually after two days they would ask him to come and take the boy. I asked whether he had any problem, he said nothing, only that the boy is naughty, beating other boys and scraps paints from walls with his teeth,” she said.
She claimed that there were bruises on his body even at the time when the father brought him to her.
However, it was reported that there was an incident in which she was arrested earlier when the boy was found crying with tied hands and legs at her residence while she was not there.
At the police station the woman said she lied that she adopted the boy from Kano as a result of an auto crash that claimed the lives of his parents.
She said she lied then because there were people attempting to take him to an orphanage, adding that the father dumped the boy for nine months without any care.
Speaking with Daily Trust on Sunday September 20, the mother of the child who gave her name as Khadija, said her husband had collected the child for circumcision and from then she knew nothing about his whereabouts.
Also speaking, the father of the boy who identified himself as Mu’awuya, alleged that he had made several attempts to visit the boy lately but Mrs. Sani kept telling him that she was not in town. He said he was introduced to the woman by his friend. 
[Image: 5f6765433ba61.jpg][Image: 5f6765672b981.jpg]
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  3 Nigerian men become first in the history of Ireland to be charged with romance scam
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Three Nigerian men become first people in the history of Ireland to be charged over alleged romance scam

[Image: 5f677faccce58.JPG]

Three Nigerian men have been declared the first people in Irish history to be charged over alleged romance scam, The Irish Sun reports.
The men, Rasak Sanni Sadu, Omawale Olamide Owalabi and Samson Ajayi, all originally from Nigeria and aged between 29 and 32, were arrested by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau in Dublin, Navan and Drogheda, as part of Operation Engulf.
They were quizzed before being brought to Dublin District Court on Saturday morning , September 19, and charged with a series of suspected fraud offences.
The alleged offences are believed to have been committed between October 2019 and April of this year.
Sadu has been charged with the theft of €35,000 and two counts of money laundering.
One of the money laundering charges relates to the alleged conversion of stolen property into a €25,000 Rolex watch.
The other two defendants have each been charged with three counts of money laundering. The trio, who had lived in ireland for many years, were remanded in custody to appear in court at a later date.
The major investigation which also involves the Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau, was launched after a complaint was made to cops by a Dublin woman.
The woman alleges she spent cash on an investment project in the Middle East that never existed after receiving correspondence on the dating site Plenty of Fish in 2019 from a man claiming to be a US oil rig worker.
[Image: 5f677d35090c3.jpg]
Rasak Sanni Sadu
[Image: 5f677d4911c39.jpg]
Omawale Olamide Owalabi
[Image: 5f677f835e73d.png]
Samson Ajayi
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  Nigerian 'drug peddler' on expired visa arrested in India with 250 gms cocaine
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Nigerian 'drug peddler' on expired visa arrested in India with 250 gms cocaine

[Image: 5f67794389c13.jpg]

An alleged Nigerian drug peddler with expired visa was arrested in Delhi, India on Sunday, September 20, and 250 grams of cocaine valued at 20 lakh seized from his possession.
The yet-to-be-named suspect was arrested from the New Delhi Railway Station by the Railway Unit of the Delhi Police.
[Image: 5f6779729d242.jpg]
According to a police officer, Harendra Singh, the suspect had been ''visiting Delhi from Bengaluru to supply drugs in rave parties.''
A fake American drivers licence was also found in his possession.
Police have registered a case under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 (NDPS Act) and 14 Foreigners Act.
[Image: 5f6779996cc02.png][Image: 5f6779cc87555.png]

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  Obaseki, Shaibu's Victory: Makinde, Wike, Davido, Ortom, Okowa, Ben Bruce React
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Posted by: Edoman - 09-20-2020, 06:00 PM - No Replies

Quote:Congratulations, H.E., @GovernorObaseki and Deputy Gov Phillip Shaibu for a well-deserved victory. Well done to the National Campaign Council for Edo State of our great party, @OfficialPDPNig led by H.E., @GovWike. The victory is for the people of Edo State. #EdoNoBeLagos

HE Seyi Makinde

Quote:Today's election result in Edo State, Nigeria - with Governor Godwin Obaseki re-elected for another term - is good news for the Royal Museum project in Benin City, and for the wider cause of returns of Benin art and culture


Quote:❤️❤️❤️❤️ HISTORY!!!! @GovernorObaseki


Quote:Deserving congratulations to my good friend and brother, @GovernorObaseki. I also congratulate the great people of Edo State for their vigilance and resilience. Edo State has voted for continuity, and progress, and they can rest assured; Obaseki will deliver. #EdoDecides2020

Ben Murray-Bruce

Quote:With their loud and irrefutable votes in #EdoDecides, the people of Edo State have sent a strong message that they choose to continue under Governor Godwin Obaseki’s development agenda to Make Edo Great Again! #EdoDecides

I congratulate my brother, Governor Obaseki, on this historic and thorough victory that has shown Edo State and the entire Nigeria that the will of the people always stands on the side of those that have their best interest. #EdoDecides

Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa

Quote:Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has, on behalf of the government and people of Benue State, congratulated Governor Godwin Obaseki on his victory at the just concluded Edo State governorship election.

The Governor, in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Terver Akase, described Governor Obaseki’s victory as a true reflection of the wishes of Edo people and not the machinations of some individuals and self-made gods.

Governor Ortom commended the dogged determination of Governor Obaseki to overcome intimidation and uphold the mandate his people popularly gave him.

“The Governor equally congratulates the people of Edo State, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike who was the Chairman of PDP Campaign Team for the 2020 Edo Governorship election.

“He says the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC also deserves plaudits for the credible conduct of the polls without yielding to pressure to thwart the will of the people.

“Governor Ortom prays God to continue to guide his Edo State counterpart to enable him serve his people in the second term,” the statement read in part.


Quote:The Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Hon Ndudi Elumelu, on Sunday, congratulated Governor Godwin Obaseki on his re-election by the people of Edo State in the just concluded governorship election in the state

The Minority Leader, in a statement made available to newsmen, in Abuja, described Governor Obaseki’s re-election as well-deserving given his sterling performance in developing the state and empowering the people during his first tenure.

The lawmaker also commended the people of Edo State for the courage they exhibited in coming out en masse not only to vote but also to protect their votes and monitor the process to the end.

The Minority leader applauded the Chairman of the South-South PDP Governors Forum, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, for the leadership role he played towards the success of the election.

He also commended Governor Nyesom Wike, the chairman of the PDP National Campaign Council, Governor Seyi Makinde, as well as other PDP governors, the PDP National Assembly Caucus, leaders, elders and teeming members of the party in Edo state, the South-South Zone and the nation at large for their roles in upholding a free, fair and credible electoral process in Edo State.

Hon Elumelu urged Governor Obaseki to continue in providing good governance for the people of Edo State, which was the basis of his incontestable victory in the election.


Quote:#EdoDecides2020 ENDS IN PRAISE.

HE Nyesom Wike

[Image: 12370637_img20200920145333_jpeg6606d031b...0fc957c628]
[Image: 12370638_img20200920154836_jpeg4c28b9cea...e9d916fb3c]
[Image: 12370639_img20200920154842_jpegf05d39292...e10bd1a319]
[Image: 12370729_cymera20200920160509_jpeg811ea9...3b7aa736ce]

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  Edo 2020: President Buhari Commends Electoral Process
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President Muhammadu Buhari has commended the election process in Edo State which led to the victory of Governor Godwin Obaseki as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The President congratulated the winner and urged him to show grace and humility in victory.

In his reaction to the outcome of the election as announced by INEC, President Buhari said:

"My commitment to free and fair elections is firm, because without free and fair elections, the foundation of our political and moral authority will be weak."

The President added:

"I have consistently advocated for free and fair elections in the country because it is the bedrock of true democratic order.

"Democracy will mean nothing if the votes of the people don't count or if their mandate is fraudulently tampered with."

He commended the people of Edo State, the parties, candidates and security agencies for conducting themselves responsibly.

Garba Shehu
Senior Special Assistant to the President
(Media & Publicity)
September 20, 2020

[Image: 12370784_11283290websiteimagetemplate3jp...27d4e060e7]

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  "Is it a crime to be a Ugandan in Uganda?" - Activist Stella Nyanzi cries out after s
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"Is it a crime to be a Ugandan in Uganda?" - Activist Stella Nyanzi cries out after she was arrested by armed officers

[Image: 5f674038421ff.jpg]

Ugandan lecturer and activist, Dr Stella Nyanzi who is aspiring to become Kampala Woman Member of Parliament has been arrested at the Uganda-Kenya border in Busia town.

It was gathered that Dr Nyanzi had crossed the border to Kenya through a porous border point.

On her way back to Uganda with her political assistant and photographer at about 9 pm on Saturday, September 19, she was intercepted at a petrol station by a combined security team including the army, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, police and other security agencies.
[Image: 5f67407ddb54f.jpg]
Taking to her official Facebook page on Sunday morning, Dr Nyanzi  said she spent the night in jail and questioned the reason for her arrest, 
"I am back in Uganda. After getting into my country with my political assistant, my photographer and my driver, we crossed the Busia border and went to collect our car that was parked at the Shell Petrol Station.
I quickly got into the car. A man dressed in layer, intercepted us, refused my team to enter the car, threatened to shoot at us if we drove the car away and then blocked our exit with his car (number plate UBF398P). He is armed with a pistol in the pockets of his shorts. He is threatening us with arrest.
I wonder why these military boys think that they can bully us in our country. Yoweri Museveni crossed our border and went to another country. Nothing was done to him by men with guns upon entry. What have we done wrong?
Update after thirty minutes:
A car full of big men with stomachs in layer, thin black armed LDUs carrying AK47s and four military policemen wearing military camouflage have now surrounded my car. They are shouting at me to get out of the car. I have shouted back at them to ask what I have done wrong. I reminded them that I am a Ugandan in Uganda and that this is not a crime. They are accusing me of being a Ugandan who has re-entered Uganda from Kenya. Why didn’t they intercept dictator Yoweri Museveni and accuse him of re-entering Uganda from Tanzania earlier this week?

Second update:
The armed men have forced my car boot open. They are ordering me to drive with them to the police station in Busia. I have explained to them that I do not drive because of my poor health. I have also told them to bring a police woman with her identification, wearing a mask, sanitized hands and that she should practice social distance when she is with me. They shouted back at me and are consulting among themselves.

Was dictator Museveni threatened and accosted by armed men who broke into his car when he returned to Uganda from Tanzania earlier this week? Why should a throng of unidentified men with guns come without a single policewoman to arrest me? Why should they bring all their crooked penises armed with all sorts of guns to arrest a single vagina? What crime have I committed? I am a Ugandan in Uganda. Is this a crime?
[Image: 5f6740bbb23b7.jpg][Image: 5f6741abd38d6.png][Image: 5f6741c7e9f06.png]
[Image: icon_share.png]

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  INEC Declares Obaseki Winner Of Edo Governorship Election 2020
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Godwin Obaseki of People’s Democratic Party has been declared winner of the Edo State governorship election held on Saturday.

Obaseki polled a total of 307, 955 votes to defeat All Progressives Congress’s Osagie Ize-Iyamu-Iyamu who got 223, 619 votes.

See full Results here

[Image: 12370180_cymera20200920144638_jpegb111e7...23c698463f]

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  Toluwalase Kembi: Lady Killed By Her Boyfriend For Ritual In Ikorodu, Lagos
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Quote:Police arrest man for allegedly killing poly student for ritual

It’s sunset at dawn for 20-year-old Toluwalase Kembi, a polytechnic student awaiting industrial training.

A visit to her friend in the Ikorodu area sadly led to her death allegedly by boyfriend who claimed he was paid N2m to carry out the act.

The 33-year-old suspect, Owolabi Yusuf, also known as alfa, is now cooling his heels in the custody of the Elere Police Division in the Agege area, where the matter was reported to.

Our correspondent gathered that the victim, who lived with her parents on Orile Road, TabonTabon, Agege, had gone to sleep over in Yusuf’s place in the Ladeja area of Ikorodu, on July 28, when she was allegedly clubbed to death and her body reportedly cut into pieces for ritual purposes.

The family told our correspondent that the police had yet to recover the corpse.

The police at Elere division were able to arrest Yusuf in the third week of August 2020 upon fleeing to Ilorin, Kwara State, after allegedly carrying out the act.

The suspect reportedly confessed to the police that he allegedly connived with three other fleeing persons, including a herbalist named Owonikoko, to kill the 20-year-old student with a pestle during her visit.

The family told our correspondent that Kembi, who just completed National Diploma, should have proceeded for IT but for the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When she did not return home, we thought she went missing; we didn’t know she had been murdered and her body cut into pieces,” the father, Oluwatoyin Kembi, a government retiree, lamented during an interview.

Meanwhile, Toluwalase’s elder sister, Abimbola, urged the police to ensure that justice was served in the matter.

She noted that the family had yet to see Toluwalase’s corpse while the fleeing suspects including the herbalist named Owonikoko, had yet to be apprehended.

Abimbola said, “On July 28, I, she and my mummy were at home discussing. Minutes later, her phone rang and she picked the call outside. The next thing, she came back, took her bag and said she was going to see her friend in Ikorodu. In the evening, her fiancé named Segun called us and said Tolu called him that she was going to cook for someone in Ikorodu area, and that she said she was going to sleep over in Ikorodu.

“The following morning, he called us again that he called her and she didn’t pick. We also tried her mobile but nobody picked it up. Since then, we had been in this trouble. By the afternoon of that day, her phone was already switched off.

“All those times, she had already been killed by the friend she went to visit. We didn’t know. The police at the Elere division tracked her phone to Ikorodu and arrested the man in possession of the phone. The man then named Yusuf, also known as Alfa, as the seller. That was how the truth came out.”

Another relative, Michael Akintunde, claimed that the suspect told the police that he “cut Toluwalase’s body into three parts.”

The deceased’s father who hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State, said since three weeks that the police had assured of recovering her corpse, the family had yet to hear any update.

“Yusuf told the police that it is the herbalist who knows where the body is. But it is over three weeks now and we are afraid that the matter could die down. The case is still at the division. We were expecting that it would have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, for more investigation,” the father added.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Muyiwa Adejobi, confirmed the incident, adding that efforts were being intensified to arrest three other fleeing suspects.

He said, “Yes, we have a murder case at hand. Preliminary investigation revealed that one Owolabi Yusuf put a call to the deceased and we have been able to establish the involvement of Yusuf who is with us presently.’

“We have three fleeing suspects. The police will do the needful to apprehend all those at large; proper investigation will be done and justice will be served.”

[Image: 12369345_toluwalasekembi1_jpegd73a7b4d9c...bf815adcf5]

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  Edo results: Obaseki winning, godfatherism shamed – Omokri mocks Tinubu, Oshiomhole
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Edo results: Obaseki winning, godfatherism shamed – Omokri mocks Tinubu, Oshiomhole

 September 20, 2020
[Image: Reno-Omokri-e1558293163302.jpg]


Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has mocked the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Adams Oshiomhole as results of Edo governorship election trickle in.

Governor Godwin Obaseki, who contested Saturday’s governorship election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is in an early lead as results come in.

Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu seems to be behind Obaseki despite support from Oshiomhole and Tinubu.

Omokri, reacting to the results announced so far by INEC, said the forces of godfatherism are being shamed in Edo.

According to the former presidential aide, results from Edo governorship election proves that Edo is different from Lagos State.

Omokri on his Twitter handle wrote: “me The @OfficialPDPNig is coasting to an easy victory in Edo, going by official @INECNigeria results so far released.
“The forces of godfatherism are being shamed. Oshiomhole and Bola @AsiwajuTinubu now know that Edo is definitely not Lagos!”

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  Wike: We Have Kicked Out Godfatherism In Edo State
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Quote:From results trickling in, we have fulfilled our obligations of kicking out godfatherism, First in Rivers, Now Edo, The power truly belongs to the people of Niger Delta, congratulations to my brother @GovernorObaseki and the big @OfficialPDPNig family. #EdoDecides2020 #EdoDecides

[Image: 12368276_20200920084859_jpeg09fefea87e16...f153ec0998]

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  Social media has made 23-year-olds think they have failed in life - Singer Paul Okoye
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Social media has made 23-year-olds think they have failed in life - Singer Paul Okoye

[Image: 5f67007e6ec10.PNG]

Singer Paul Okoye has pointed out the negative impact social media is having on young people.
In a post shared on his Instagram page, the father of three said social media has now made 23 year old people think they have already failed in life. 
He appealed to people in this age bracket to relax as they still have their life ahead of them to plan and strategize. Read his post below
[Image: 5f67008fa81e2.PNG]
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  Official Results Of Edo Governorship Election 2020 As Announced By INEC
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Posted by: Edoman - 09-20-2020, 09:33 AM - Replies (1)

HAPPENING NOW: INEC's Collation Committee announces the official results of the election from all local governments. Party agents are also present at the meeting.

Channels TV covers the exercise.

Official results of the Edo state governorship election

Igueben LG (as announced by INEC)

APC - 5199
PDP - 7870

Esan North-East (as announced by INEC)

APC - 6,556
PDP - 13,579

Esan Central (as announced by INEC)

APC - 6,719
PDP - 10,694

Esan Central (as corrected by the INEC officer)

APC 6,719
PDP 10,794

Ikpoba Okha (as announced by INEC)

APC - 18,218
PDP - 41,030

Uhunmwonde (as announced by INEC)

APC - 5,972
PDP - 10,022

Egor (as announced by INEC)

APC - 10,202
PDP - 27,621

Owan East (as announced by INEC)

APC - 19,295
PDP - 14,762

Owan West (as announced by INEC)

APC - 11,193
PDP - 11,485

Ovia North-East (as announced by INEC)

APC - 9,907
PDP - 16,987

Etsako West (as announced by INEC)

APC - 26,140
PDP - 17,959

Esan South-East (as announced by INEC)

APC - 9,237
PDP - 10,563

Oredo (as announced by INEC)

APC - 18,365
PDP - 43,498

Esan West (as announced by INEC)

APC - 7,189
PDP - 17,434

[Image: 12368060_untitled179_jpegf014043c35741f1...9806679cc9]
[Image: 12368061_c3sad6zj_jpeg_jpegcf073e0b39c9b...c5acd0a542]
[Image: 12368070_cymera20200920081158_jpegba673d...b3fee3d883]
[Image: 12368071_cymera20200920081216_jpege806ca...bd9064e915]

[Image: 12368087_cymera20200920081341_jpeg6e0c0f...4a0ae77592]
[Image: 12368088_cymera20200920081356_jpeg5c9649...d612321b07]

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  Daily Devotional for Sunday 20th September
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Posted by: Edoman - 09-20-2020, 08:34 AM - Replies (2)




For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s (1 Corinthians 6:20).

In 1 Corinthians 11:25, the Bible records that Jesus took “...the cup, when he had supped, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me.” His blood represents His life; He gave His life for us that we may live. It just lets you know how important you are to God.

 The Bible says we weren’t bought with silver or gold or precious stones but with the blood; the precious blood of Jesus Christ, Son of the living God (1 Peter 1:18-19).

“For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich” (2 Corinthians 8:9). In your life, the most important thing you should have your mind on is that His blood, which represents His life, is your true value. 

And because of that blood, you’re protected. You’re God’s property; therefore, you’re not left to the dictates of your adversaries or the dominion of sin.

His blood speaks your righteousness. You’re purified and preserved by His blood. The Bible says, “Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us” (Hebrews 9:12). Thank God for the precious blood of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!


The blood of Jesus gives me remission, justification, redemption, access, fellowship, cleansing and the blessings of the New Testament. I’m born of His Word, a new creation, superior to Satan, the world and its failing systems and elements. Blessed be God!


1 Peter 1:18-19; Hebrews 10:14-20

Galatians 4:21-5:1-15 & Isaiah 3-5

1 Timothy 5:1-10 & Jeremiah 38


I affirm that the grace of God is at work in me in an increasing measure. I’ve received the gift of righteousness, and I am inspired to be righteousness-conscious. 

I am dead to sin, but alive to God, having put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Christ. 

By virtue of the vicarious sacrifice of Christ, I’ve been brought into the life of dominion, abundance, and excellence. 

I walk in the reality of my new life in Christ, fully aware that I’ve been justified by faith, and have peace with God, through the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I am bold and courageous; the zeal for the Kingdom has become in me, a fire that can not be quenched; it causes me to be fervent in intercession and soul-winning. 

I take advantage of God’s grace and might in me, in accomplishing all that Father has ordained for me to do today.

 I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. He lives in me in His fullness, therefore I am invincible! I give expression to His wisdom, ability, and excellence in me today. 

I walk in divine health, victory, peace, and prosperity. Glory to God. Hallelujah!

God bless you

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  Edo Election: Philip Shaibu Loses LG To APC
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Quote:Edo guber: Obaseki’s deputy loses LG

Philip Shaibu, deputy governor of Edo and running mate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the Edo gubernatorial election, has lost the election in Etsako west, his local government area.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced the results at 3:50am on Sunday.

The PDP secured 17,959 votes while the All Progressives Congress (APC) polled 26,140 votes.

Adams Oshiomhole, former governor of Edo state and suspended chairman of the APC, is also from Etsako west.

Oshiomhole has since thrown his weight behind Osagie Ize-Iyamu, APC governorship candidate in the state.

Although Shaibu and his principal, Godwin Obaseki, had contested under the APC during the 2016 election, they both defected to the PDP following the incumbent governor’s disqualification from seeking a second term on the APC platform.

[Image: 12367643_20200920042308_jpege7df33961184...7874f9ee1c]

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  3-storey school building collapses in Lagos
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3-storey school building collapses in Lagos

 September 19, 2020
[Image: 5ZKfjTvI.jpeg]


A three-storey building of the Excell College, a private school in Ejigbo, Lagos, collapsed on Saturday, two days after reopening of secondary and private schools in the state, NAN reports.

The Director-General of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), Dr Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu, who confirmed the incident to newsmen said no person was trapped in the collapsed building.

He said that the building which is located at No. 15, Ansarudeen St., by Ile Epo Bus stop, Iyana Ejigbo had been under lock since March due to the coronavirus induced restrictions.

According to him, the collapsed building is part of a conjoined (twin) three-storey building.
He said that the building collapsed due to “visible distress”, adding that the collapsed portion affected the second wing.

“Distress calls established that the building collapsed at about 8:15am.

“Information gathered from some officials of the school revealed that the building had previously shown signs of distress and the school was planning to renovate and refortify the structure.

“The storey building has two wings; the wing that collapsed seriously affected the second wing, as visible cracks can be seen on the walls, pillars and decking.

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