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IN-LAWS -(UWAR MIJINA) by Fatimah Tahir Abdullahi
Episode 16

I turned and looked deep into Yazid's sad sorry eyes. I wish he did not hear any of those things. He might never  believe whatever I say now, and he might never forget how disrespectful I just sounded to his mother..... "Rayhana mama kike fada mah haka?".... Yazid said again still shocked....." Yazid wallahi it's not what you think, you have no idea....... "No idea what?"...... He said cutting me off my speech....." I have no idea what? How disrespectful you have been to my mother just because I was away? "...... Yazid said without looking at anyone but me......."Yazid wallahi I never meant to hurt......."to hurt who?My mother? No Rayhana, you did not just hurt my mother. You hurt me too. I thought you should be able to treat mama as if she were your own mother, kuma because I travelled that is why you are talking to my mother like this? "...... Yazid said again not wanting to hear anything......" "mama I am truly sorry, Allah ya huci zuciyar ki. I ll handle the situation mama, Dan Allah kiyi hakuri"..... Yazid kneeling before mama...
"ba komai Yazid, dama kasan ina hakuri da matar ka, it's been long she's been treating me this way but pretends to be loving and kind towards me, I just didn't want to say anything, but today God has shown you everything"..... Mama said falsely....
I couldn't utter a word, all I could do was to stand and stare with tears dropping down my cheeks. Yazid is going to hate me now, no matter what I say, he ll never  believe I am not at fault here. I wish there's a way I could mend things,because to Yazid, all he knows is that I disrespected his mother and he might even hate me for it.
I stood there and watched as mama's face beamed with smile, pride and arrogance. Yazid passed behind me and headed into our apartment without saying a word to me and I quietly followed him behind.
Immediately I got inside I decided to cook for him since he must be tired from his trip.I put on everything I needed on fire and headed straight to the bed room to put on the heater so he can take a bath.
I finished cooking at about 9pm and waited eagerly for Yazid to come out of the room, but he did not. Yazid has not said a word to me since he entered the house. I stood in the kitchen, near the sink, facing the window and washing the utensils I used in preparing dinner when I felt Yazid hugging me from behind,i quickly turned to look at him and I was shocked. Isn't he mad at me any more." I opened my mouth to talk", but before I could form the words, Yazid let go of me and headed back to the parlor. Now I am so confused, what was the need to hug me and then go back to ignoring and not talking to me, "I have to talk to him, I have to make him believe me"... I said to myself and headed straight to the parlor.

Episode 17

I walked into the parlor sluggishly and filled with devoid, misery and regret. I have no idea what to say to him or how to say what I needed to say to him. I know if I were in his shoes, if I were the person who heard Yazid saying those things to my own mother, I would react the same way or even more.

"Mijina, Dan Allah forgive me, ka yafe ni. It's not what you think. All you saw isnt as it seems.Kaema kasan I ll......... . "shut up, I love you and I know. I know, I know everything"...... Yazid said interrupting me....." You do, but how you haven't even allowed me to explain myself".......i said sounding surprised...

"Rayhana, I know mama is not an easy going person, and I know you are at odds with each other, and I knew something like this might happen while I am away, that is why I told Mallam Audu to be observant and call me immediately something comes up. He called me this evening and told me everything that happened, dama I was done with what I went to Abuja for and planned on surprising you by coming back today instead of tomorrow. After he told me what happened I just went straight to the airport and came back home"...... Yazid said still with Sadness in his eyes and fright in his voice.

"but you really scared me with the way you spoke to me outside, I was so terrified I thought you wouldn't believe me even if I explained things to you"...... I said holding his hand and looking deep into his eyes.......... "Rayhana, you were in an argument with my mother, I love you both, but you know dole if I have to take sides, I ll take mama's because she is not understanding as much as she should and she is my mother. If I had taken your side back there, only God knows how the situation would have turned out by now."......"i totally understand  honey and I am sorry you are going through this"..... I said and gave me a sharp smile..... "I don't ever want to lose you Riri"..... Yazid said and I blushed....." nor I you"..... I replied with a girly laugh.
I am so glad Yazid understands everything. I feel so blessed having a patient, loving and intelligent husband who understands me totally, I just wish mama will learn to put up with me, I just wish so.

Episode 18

I have been trying to get past what happened these last few days.Yazid has been trying hard to be normal and feel normal,but i know deep down he wants things to be alright between his mother and i.Just like him,i have this fear in me that a moment might come when he might have to choose between his mum and i.

If i were given a choice to choose between any of my parents or Yazid,i know what my choice will be.Yazid has been very supportive ,loving and caring,but none of that can compete with what my parents did and have been doing for me since i was born.i love Yazid,but not even half as much as i love my parents...

"what are you thinking of?"..Yazid said disrupting my thoughts....."Nothing honey,just what life will be like without you".....i answered with a smile......"look at me"....Yazid said lifting my chin with his finger......"I am not going anywhere,and neither are you.Till death do us part"......Yazid said throwing his really cute smile......"promise".....i asked....."Ofcourse mana"....he said and pulled my nose......"rigimatu kawai".....he said teasingly......"You love the rigimatu me".....i said pushing him to the other side of the couch....

"There's someone at the door,let me check".....i said as i pushed Yazid........
"Mama sannu da zuwa".....i said opening the door for her and smiling......"Yauwa,ya kuke?".....mama asked nicely....."Lafiya mama,Yazid mama ce"......i said to Yazid........."mama sannu da zuwa,lafiya?Ai da kin kira ni kawai,you didnt have to come when i could have easily come to you instead".....Yazid said....."No there's no need.I have been sitted all day,i had to stretch my legs atleast".....mama said sighing......"Lantana has gone to the village this evening,she will be back tomorrow evening and i am hungry,dama ita take mun komai"......mama said......"Haba no problem mama,what do you want to eat?"......I asked nicely........."Yauwa,prepare pounded Yam,Vegetable Soup and fresh fish pepper soup,squeeze some oranges too"......mama said.

I kept rolling my eyes and looking at the floor while the list went on and on and i tried to say "toh mama,let me get  started".....was all i could say.....

I stood there and watched as mama exited the parlour,back to her side of the building....."Riri,are you ok?"......Yazid asked......"Yes,me ka gani?"..... i asked Yazid......"You were closing your eyes just now,are you sure you are ok?".....Yazid asked again......"Yes i am fine,just that mama said fresh fish pepper soup and we dont have fresh fish"......i said looking at Yazid....."Ok,kinsan me?Start the pounded Yam and the soup,while i get the fish from the nearest frozen foods store"......Yazid said,planted a peck on my forehead and left.

I enetered the kitchen to chop the vegetable and i started feeling dizzy....."I dont know me ke damu na,i think i should sit down for a while"......i said to myself and  headed to the parlour.

"Rayhana,Rayhana"......Yazid shouted at the top of his voice and i woke up startled....."Subhannallah,omg,i slept off,subhannallah".....i said jumping off my feet......"ofcourse you did,sorry it took so long,i had to go far,har gaba da Jufatu before i could get fresh fish and ga hold up.Quickly start preparing this,bring the pounded Yam and soup let me take it to mama,she said she is very hungry wallahi and its been almost two hours since she asked for the food"......Yazid said almost breathless.
I stood there like a statue,not sure what to say to Yazid,how can i tell him i slept off and did not cook anything,how i do explain to him that i felt dizzy all of a sudden.Its Yazid,my Yazid,i am sure he will understand,i tried to convince myself

 Episode 19

I have no idea what to say to Yazid or if he will ever understand.I know what i did is not excusable."na shiga uku"....i kept saying to myself......"Ririr why are you just standing there".....Yazid asked impatiently......."Mama must be so hugry by now".....Yazid said and headed straight to the kitchen.

I stood there like a statue,unable to utter even a single word,i have no idea what to do or say...."Rayhana what did you do?".....Yazid said coming out of the kitchen......"Rayhana where is the food?".....Yazid asked again,a little bit louder now....."Yazid i have no idea what happened,i felt dizzy and decided to lay down for a while,i had no idea i fell asleep,Yazid......."You fell asleep,you didnt prepare the food kenan"......Yazid asked looking confused......"Yazid i have no idea what really happened,i....i...i......"You what Rayhana?You what?when was the last time mama ever asked us for anything.Mama never ask you to cook for her because she has a maid who does that for her,just this once that she asked,just this once and you couldnt do it?Its mama for heaven sake....its my mother.How could you do this Rayhana,how?".....Yazid said shouting at the top of his voice......

"Wallahi i have no idea what happened,i was in the kitchen and i felt dizzy and i decided to lay down a bit and............."and what?what more lies?I asked you severally if you were ok and you said yes,i asked you over and over again.You fell asleep for  2hours????,I know you have issues with my mother,but why this Rayhana,why?????".....Yazid said pacing up and down in so much anger.....,before i could open my mouth to reply,the door bell rang and mama came in immediately.

"Rayhana please,bring the food.If i wait for sluggish Yazid to bring it over to my place i ll starve to death before he does it.".....mama said pulling a dining chair and sitting down......."mama i am so sorry,wallahi i have no idea what happened,i felt dizzy and decided to lay down for a while and i fell asleep".....i said crying and kneeling before mama.

"Tabdijam,tabdijam"......mama kept saying..... "mama dan Allah kiyi hakuri,i ll  quickly cook koh da indomie ne for you,dan Allah mama"......i said crying profusely......."eh lallai,just say you didnt cook it because ban isa da ke bah,if it were your mother that asked you to cook for her,would you have fallen asleep?".....mama said angrier than i have ever seen before........."mama dan girman Allah kiyi hakuri.".....i pleaded with mama again....

"Yazid".....mama called out....."Naam mama"....."Yazid Yazid Yazid"......mama called out and for a third time...."naam mama"......"Yazid today you will have to choose between me and this stupid wife of yours".....mama said with Authority......."Mama dan Alla kiyi hakuri lets settle this amicablly".....Yazid said on his knees......"Yazid if truly i am your mother,ka sake ta,divorce this useless girl now kaffin ran ka ya baci"......mama said looking disgusted by my sight......."mama dan Allah".....Yazid pleaded with tears falling down his cheeks..

"Yazid".....mama shouted again furiously....."Rayhana,go back to your parents,kije gida sai ma neme ki".....Yazid said with tears in his eyes......"Yazid i said divorce her,ka sake ta nace,ba ka tura ta gida ba.Ka sake ta".....mama said not satisfied with what Yazid said.

My heart skipped beats and i just couldnt control the tears running down my face as i watched Yazid entering the bed room...Yazid came out with a piece of white paper in his Hand and handed it to me in tears without saying a word.

Mama left in anger and Yazid just sat on the couch crying uncontrolably.
How can i live without my Yazid,my husband,my bestfriend,my almost everything.How can i explain myself now?How can i explain to Yazid that it wasnt my fault....How can i explain to Yazid that i felt dizzy because i am pregnant????

 Episode 20

All my life, I have never met anyone who made me as happy as Yazid did. Every girl will be happy and proud to have someone like him to call her husband.

It's been almost a month since the incident with Yazid and his mum and I have still not heard anything from Yazid. I can't deny the fact that I think about him every single moment of every second that I spend breathing. I just miss him, and I can't help but wonder why it's taking him so long to come see me atleast. Probably he thinks I did what I did intentionally, probably he is angry and hates me for it. I just wish I can see him just once, at least to tell him how sorry I am, to tell him I am carrying our child.

"R.....tunanin me kike? "..... Aysha my cousin asked....... " what else, tunanin mijina ofcourse"...... I replied not sure if I should have told her the truth....... "R, you have to let things go, in fact you ought to hate your husband for choosing his mother over you"...... Aysha said angrily and selfishly ........" Aysha you are two years younger than me and unmarried,i am not expecting you to understand, if you were him, if you were in his shoes, and you had to choose between your mum and your husband, who would you choose?"......i asked her with expectations of a positive comment........"depends on who is right and who is wrong"....... Aysha said bloating...... "Yes, it probably does, but to Yazid I am wrong, to him I hurt his mother, to him I disrespected his mother and for that he has every right to be angry"...... I said to her sincerely........" Yeah still at least if not for anything he should come for.......... "umma is calling you"...... I said interrupting Aysha.

" Aysha I want to ask you something and I need you to be honest with me"..... I asked Aysha before she left for umma's call....... "do you think I should call Yazid?"..... I asked with confusion on my face....." Are you kidding me? He hasn't atleast called you? "...... Aysha asked......" well I was shoock up after the whole thing and I left my phone at the house, I don't have a phone with me"..... I said expecting her to understand...... "Well if he wants to see or talk to you, he knows where to find you, just don't call him, don't give him the privilege of thinking you really are wrong. I have to go umma is calling.".....Aysha said and left.
Aysha maybe two years younger than me, but she is right, if Yazid wants to find me, he knows where to look,but where isn't he looking?could it be he thinks I did this intentionally and hates me for it? I just want to see him again, even if it is just once, even if we never get back together I just want him to know the truth, to know about our baby, and to know I am truly deeply very very sorry for hurting his mum.

Episode 21

Life has a way of making we humans adapt to change. We begin to live the life we thought will be impossible .

I have always thought a life without Yazid will not be worth leaving, I always thought I would rather die than live without him, but it seems he can leave perfectly without me, and I have to learn to do the same.

Its been three months since I left Yazid's house and not even a call, not even a visit. If he doesn't need me then I don't need him too. I am going to live for my unborn baby and for the baby alone. I always thought Yazid and I are the two sides of a coin, one can't be without the other, well I guess I was wrong.

I always gave him the benefits of the doubt, I know I did something wrong, but ko ba komai he should atleast check up on me, atleast come and see me. I have been with my parents for three months and not a word from him, not even a word.I have tried severally to sermon up the courage to atleast walk over to an MTN office to retrieve my number and get a new phone, but I just don't have the guts to. I so badly want to get back my old number, but I know I want to get it back because I have expectations, I am hoping Yazid will call me, and I know if I get back my phone I won't be able to keep myself from calling him.
I know Yazid's mum has always hated me, and I know Yazid has always been there for me through it all with his mum, so why doesn't he believe me this time?  Why doesn't he want to give me the benefit of the doubt? Why can't he atleast hear me out? I have been holding on to his thoughts and his love for me has always given me hope, but my hope is running out..i fear I am reaching a point where I am beginning to hate Yazid for not trusting me and for not atleast hearing me out, I do not want to hate him, but I swear I am beginning to.

Episode 22


Yazid has not been himself since Rayhana left his house. All he seems to think about is his wife. No man can find the decision of choosing between his mother and his wife easy especially when the wife is loving and devoted to him, but then again, nothing in this world can compete with  a mother's love for her children.

Yazid was sitting on the chair in his apartment when mama came in and met him just staring at nothing in particular...... "Yazid"...... Mama called out upon entering the sitting room..... " Yazid"..... Mama called out again, this time touching him by the shoulder...... "Naam mama"..... Yazid managed to reply."For how long are you going to be like this because of that useless girl?"......mama asked pissed off......"Mama,she is my wife"......Yazid replied looking mama right in the eye with his eyes red and filled with tears......."She was your wife,she is not your wife anymore,she stopped being your wife the minute she decided it was ok for her to disrespect me,ok for her to disobey me".......mama said angrily.......

"Mama,I don't know why,but I feel there's an explanation to what she did,I know my wife mama,I know Rayhana,she will never do anything to hurt my feelings,I know it,and I know she knows by hurting you she'd be hurting me.I know what she did is wrong,but I also believe there's a reason why she did what she did,I know there is mama".......Yazid said pretty confident...."She has no explanation,or are you regretting choosing me over her?what did that useless girl do to you ne wae?".......mama asked very very angrily this time.....
"Mama,Rayhana is everything I want,she is the most honest,devoted and peaceful person I know,I know what she can and can't do mama,.......mama please"......Yazid said with tears running down his cheeks....."Yazid the earlier ka cire ta a ranka,the better for you".....mama said with authority......."Mama cire so bah kamar cire takalmi bane,its not easy to get over someone you can't go a minute without thinking about".....Yazid said with his eyes red and filled with tears.                                       
"Yazid whether you like it or not,you have to get over her koh kana so koh baka so,its been a month and I think,infact I know its time for you to move on which is why I have decided".......mama said and paused......."Decided what?".....Yazid asked quickly and curiously with wide eyes hoping its not what he is thinking...."Decided what mama"......Yazid asked again impatiently with sweat falling down his cheeks.

Episode 23

Yazid sat down fully dressed in mama's sitting room and watched as mama strolled into the sitting room......."Yazid ka dawo??".......mama asked as she sat on the chair next to her son...."Eh mama I am back"....Yazid replied......"How did it go"......mama asked filled with expections......"Mama before I say anything I first of all want to tell I
would do anything to make you happy"......Yazid said making gestures with his hands and avoiding his mother's gaze......."Ok,but what?because I know akwai but".......mama said making gestures with her head.

"Mama,I wish I could,but I can't marry Amira, mama she is........"Oh ok,and why if I may ask?because of who or what?.....mama asked impatiently......
"Mama,Amira is beautiful,but she doesn't have d manners and decency I want in a wife,I know what I say won't matter or mean much to you because you know I don't want to marry anyone else,amma......"Amma what?".....mama interrupted me angrily....."Dama since its not what you want ae dole you must see fault in it one way or the other,dole you will look for a reason to sabotage my plans and that of my bestfriend to get you married to her daughter"......mama said...."Mama I am not looking for a reason to refuse,mama I am a man,I know a wife material when I see one and I am telling you Amira is not my type of wife material"......Yazid said and looked at mama hoping for pity.......
"I am your mother and I know what is best for you,this girl is....."Rayhana,my wife is what is best for me mama,mama no one is perfect,she made a mistake,is that enough to condemn her forever?"....Yazid said with his eyes filled up with tears...."It is not,but she will not be back to this house,saidai in ba raina,marrying Amira is not an option anymore,its been decided,koh kana so koh baka so.Yazid get ready,to become a husband to Amira in two weeks,that's my decision".....mama said and stormed out....
Yazid sat there weeping,hoping all this is all but a dream..

Episode 24

Yazid entered his part side of the building without any anticipation of the new bride that is waiting for him inside.All his thoughts are focused on his Rayhana,because to him he has only been ever married to one wife and that is Rayhana and no one else,not even Amira his new bride.

"Yazid"......mama called out to him as he was about to open the door....."Naam mama".......Yazid replied looking at mama......"Yazid you have no idea how happy I am with this marriage,Allah yayi albarka ya baku zaman lafiya".......mama said patting Yazid at the back......"Ameen ameen mama"......Yazid said forcing a smile on his face...."Kasan mata sai hakuri,sai kayi hakuri zakaci ribar aure".....mama said smiling like never before...."Toh mana".....Yazid said and headed to the door.

"Sallamualaikum"......Yazid said as he entered the room and saw Amira sitting on the bed covered in Al'kebba......"Waalaika sallam"......she replied without lifting her head to look at him.

Yazid sat on the bedside drawer and looked at Amira and the thoughts of Rayhana on the day she was conveyed to his house came back to him......"Yazid???"......Amira called out for the third time before he lifted his head to look at her......"Naam".....he answered....."Haba Yazid,you have been sitting there for over 3ominutes,you have not said a word"......Amira said softly...."30minutes?,has it been that long.I am so sorry,I was lost in thoughts".....Yazid said feeling sorry......"Its fine,it tashi muyi sallah koh?".....Amira said with a smile....."Sallah kuma?ni I have prayed kaffin in shigo"......Yazid said not looking at Amira...."Nasani,I mean prayer for newly weds".....Amira said shyly......

"Is that really neccessary,I did that with Rayhana and I doubt if I can do that again because I honestly feel like I am cheating on her"....Yazid thought to himself...."Yazid,baka ce komai bah"......Amira called out to him again....."I forgot to buy the kaza,suya and drinks,let me quickly head out and get them,its 10.30pm already kar su rufe"......Yazid said and headed out....."Ok angona,be safe".....Amira said with a smile and tilted her head to lay down a little.

Yazid went out of the room and sat in the parlor looking at Rayhana's pictures on his phone,crying and laughing at the same time.."No matter how long it might take I promise I will bring you back here,I promise you this my wife".....Yazid said and watched a tear drop down his cheeks.
Yazid sat in the parlor till it was about 1am before he sneaked into the room and took a blanket and a pillow.Yazid was about to leave the room when he looked back at Amira and saw how peacefully she was sleeping and decided to off the lights for her and headed to the parlor.

Episode 25

Yazid woke up late because he spent the better part of the night crying and pining over Rayhana and didn't wake up till about 7am.

"Good morning love"....Amira said strolling into the sitting room...."Morning"...Yazid replied with a sleepy voice and looked at the clock...."Subhannallah,its past 7am and banyi sallah bah".....Yazid said and stood up quickly and headed to his bedroom.

Yazid prayed,took a quick bath and headed back to the parlor for breakfast...."Your breakfast is ready"....Amira said to Yazid and watched him as he stood up and went straight to the dining area...."Where is the breakfast?"...Yazid asked as he sat down..."The hot water is in the flask and there's a mug,saucer and teaspoon,milk and sugar"....Amira said pushing everything forth to Yazid's front...."And???"....Yazid asked with expectations...."And what?"...Amira asked looking confused...."Tea and what else is for breakfast"....Yazid asked...."Just Tea mana,what else?"....Amira said and Yazid nodded.

After Yazid finished his proposed breakfast,he headed straight to the couch to watch Tv and Amira came out of the room with her phone clinged to her ear...."Toh mum,I ll let him know"...Amira said,hung up and sat close to Yazid..."What happened yesterday?"....Amira asked not looking at Yazid....."Nothing happened".......Yazid replied pressing the buttons on the remote...."Seriously?nothing happened?you came in to your new bride empty handed and said zaka fita to get what you ought to have gotten before coming in,but you didn't,and you lied,you lied about going out to get them but you did not,so nothing happened?seriously"....Amira said getting pissed off..."I,I know I..."Yazid stammered unsure what to say.
"You know what?just forget it"....she said pissed off...."My mum said I should let you know she wants to see you now"...Amira said looking sideways.."Ok"...Yazid said and stood up heading towards the door wondering why Amira's mother was asking to see him.

Episode 26

Mama stepped out of her apartment and headed straight to Yazid's....."mama ina kwana?".......Amira said opening the door for mama with a broad smile......"lafiya ya kuka kwana?".......mama said smiling back at Amira....."where is your husband?"......mama asked without entering the house or waiting for Amira to give her answer to her previous question...."he isnt around mama,he went out about 2 hours ago"....Amira said still holding the door....."went out to where?How can he go out and leave his bride a day after the wedding?".....mama said with her usual annoyed look on her face....."no mama ,it was mum that requested to see him"....Amira said....."Mum who?".....mama asked looking confused....."my mother".....Amira replied....."ok,toh tell him to come and see me once he gets back"......mama said and made to leave.....

It is 7pm and Yazid has still not gone to see mama.Mama made her way back to Yazid's Apartment......"mama".....Amira said as she opened the door for mama....."He still isnt back?His car isnt in the drive way".......mama asked....."wallahi not yet mama".....Amira replied....."i have called him severally and couldnt reach him".....mama said....."just let him know i want to see once he gets back".....mama said and left.

Yazid came back at about 9pm and met Amira sitting on the couch watching TV....."Sallamualaikum"......Yazid said as he entered the parlor and dropped dead on the couch....."sannu da zuwa".....Amira said not lifting her eyes from the screen of the television....."Yauwa,wallahi na gaji.Ya gidan?"......Yazid asked......"qalau"....Amira replied rudely still focused on the television.....

"Where did you go?Where have you been all day?"....Amira asked obviously angry....."i went to Katsina"....Yazid replied....."You went to Katsina?What for?".....Amira asked sharply....."Nothing"....Yazid answered....."Are you ok?I mean mentally are you okay?".....Amira asked curiously....."Amira what is wrong with you?What sort of question is this?"....Yazid said angrily....."aa toh,if you were in my shoes and i tell you i went to Katsina for nothing,wouldnt you think i am crazy"......Amira asked inquisitively.

"What did you cook today".....Yazid asked Ignoring all that she said......"Sandwich"...Amira replied pressing the buttons on the remote...."Sandwich,for dinner?".....Yazid asked....."No for lunch".....Amira replied...."You didnt cook anything for dinner".....Yazid asked looking at her....

"Nop,i did not".....she said and drifted to sit more comfortably on the couch....."ok,serve me the sandwich".....Yazid said sounding like someone who doesnt have a choice.

"i made sandwich for lunch,for myself,not for you"....Amira said looking at Yazid and raising a brow....."So i have no food kenan?".....Yazid asked looking back at her....."I called you more than i can count and your phone was not reachable.I have been in this house just one day and you went out without telling me where you were going to or where you planned going to after my mother's yes i did not cook for you".....Amira said clearly angry..
Yazid didnt utter a word but headed straight to the kitchen to cook one pack of indomie after which he went straight to his room,bolted the door from inside and went straight to bed.

Episode 27

Yazid woke up the next morning,got dressed and headed to the sitting room for breakfast....."Morning"....Amira said coming out of the kitchen with a plate of Indomie and egg omelette....."Morning".....Yazid replied......"Where is my breakfast?".....Yazid asked Amira calmy....."Banyi da kai bah".....Amira said eating slowly from her plate of food....."Bakiyi dani bah?Why?".....Yazid asked thinking probaby its because she saw him cooking indomie yesterday night and assumed he wont be up for it again this morning...."Kawai,i just thought you should go to where you went yesterday and stayed all day for breakfast".....Amira said....

Yazid headed straight for the door without saying a word to her,but turned to look at her just before heading out....."Just so you know,i took your mum to Katsina.I went to Katsina Yesterday because your mum asked me to take her there,i didnt go to Katsina for anything or for myself,but for your mum,but for your mum"....Yazid said and went straight out without looking back at her.

Yazid headed to mama's apartment and knocked on the door....."Mama ina kwana".....Yazid said sitting on the floor at mama's feet...."Lafiya qalau,where did you sleep jiya?"....mama asked......"in my house mana,mama kenan,where else will i sleep If not at home".....Yazid said smiling mildly....."kuma shine you didnt come to see me when you got back,i know why i said you should see me,you should have come no matter how late it was".....mama said with a mild expression....."I didnt know you wanted to see me wallahi".....Yazid said looking at mama.....

"What do you mean you didnt know?I went to Your place twice,and you werent around and i specificially told Amira to tell you to come and see me immediately you got back".....mama said persistently......."Wallahi she did not tell me".....Yazid said quickly......"She must have forgotten,kasan mata"....mama said being understanding for the first time probably....."Mama what did your maid cook,wallahi yunwa nake ji,i have not had any real food since day before yesterdy".....Yazid said....."Sabida me,kana magidanci ka na neman abinci else where?,Amira didnt cook for you jiya ne,koh zumudin new bride ne ya hana ka cin abinci?".....mama asked curiously.....

"Wallahi jiya she boiled hot water kawai,so i had just tea for breakfast,and i came back at about 9pm babu abinci,yau da safe mah haka"....Yazid said sadly......"toh,ikon Allah,Allah ya kyauta".....was all mama uttered".....mama said and stood up to get a plate of yam balls and a cup of tea.

"where did you go jiya ne wae?.....mama asked curiously....."i went to Katsina".....Yazid said biting his Yam balls amd siping his tea......"Katsina kuma?What for?".....mama asked surprised and confused......"Wallahi Umman Amira ce ta kira ni in kaita".....Yazid said still eating....."If not because she is my bestfriend,i would have said bata da tunani,how can she ask you to drive her somewhere,somewhere en mah outside Kano,a day after your wedding,this is unfair and unthoughtful mana,haba".....mama said pissed off....."I didnt have a choice,i had to go".....Yazid said trying to bring his ringing phone out of his pocket....."hello......ok.....i ll be there by 10".....Yazid said and hung up...."mama i really have to go,work is calling".....Yazid said and stormed out...
Mama sat there blankly,thinking and hoping she didnt make a mistake ,and by a mistake she means this marriage,Amira and Yazid's marriage.

 Episose 28

Yazid got back from the office at about 6pm.He met Amira in the parlor watching an Indian series on Zee world....."Sallamualaikum".....Yazid said upon entering the house....."waalaika sallam,sannu da zuwa mijina"......Amira said smiling and filled with excitement......"How was work today?".....Amira asked....."Alhamdulillah".....Yazid replied and headed straight to his room to shower and change,after which he went back to the parlor....."I have set the dining table,lets go amd have dinner".....Amira said intercepting Yazid on his way out of his room...."No thanks,i have already asked mama's maid Lantana to prepare something for me,i am going over there now".....Yazid said and made his way to leave...."You cant do that,i cooked for you and you are going to eat a maid's food,haba mana i am your wife fah".....Amira said blocking his way....."oh oh,Yau you know you are my wife kenan,if i had starved yesterday it wouldnt have meant anything to you,i cant abandon the food that was prepared for me by my mother's maid to eat your food"......Yazid said.....

"That is your problem not mine,nidai all i know is i cooked for you and you have to eat it,even if it was Mama that cooked it and not her maid,your duty is to me and not to any of them"...Amira said shouting at the top of her voice....

"Keh,be careful,just be careful when referring to mama,i am going".....Yazid said and stormed out.......

"Sallamualaikum"....Yazid said upon entering my mama's apartment....."waalaikasallam,an dawo kenan".....mama asked....."eh wallahi"....Yazid replied with a smile...."Lantana has prepared your favourite as you requested"....mama said with a broad smile.....Yazid when was about to reply when Amira flung open the door crying....."subhannallah,Amira what is wrong?"....mama asked holding Amira....."Haba mama,Yazid has not been fair to me from day one,i know he has reasons to be angry because of the way i behaved towards him before i knew he took my mum to Katsina,but now i am trying to make it up to him and he wont even let me".....Amira said crying softly....."Yazid she is right,as your wife she deserves your time and you should eat only what she prepares,ka hakura da abincin da lantana ta dafe,kaci dumame,go back to your apartment and eat what your wife cooked,infact,muje all of us,nima dama i have not eaten,i ll eat what my daughter-in-law cooked".....mama said and they all headed back to Yazid's apartment.

Amira set the table and they proceeded to the dining table for dinner....."Tuwon shinkafa da miyar taushe,my favourite".....mama said patting Amira on the shoulder.Amira served them all  and they all began to eat.Mama ate just one swallow and almost chocked....."Amira,did you cook this food".....mama asked...."Eh mama,yayi dadi koh?".....Amira asked.Yazid didnt say a word,he took the first swallow and washed his hands...."dont tell me you are full already"....Amira asked watching as Yazid stood up to leave the table...."No i am not full,i am infact very hungry,but i cannot eat this food".....Yazid said angrily....."but why,dont you like the food?".....Amira asked...."Even Animals wont eat this food if you feed it to them,haba Amira,tuwo shinkafa na kallo na ina kallon ta,pepper is too much,salt is too much,the vegetables were cut in an unorderly and sensible way and the meat mah looks uncooked"......mama said and stood up angrily....."What?"....Amira said now being angry.....

"Haba mama,which kind of insult is this".....Amira said angrily....."Yazid muje ,thank God lantana cooked,muje kar Ulcer ka tatashi".....mama said pushing Yazid...."Haba mama,wannan wani irin abu ne?How can you say that?Kawai ke in abincin bai miki dadi bah shi ki barshi ya ci,wannan mah ai wulakanci ne,haba mana".....Amira said rudely and angrily......"Ke Amira"......Yazid said and moved towards her...."ke me?I am your wife and your mother is preventing you from eating my food,this is wickednesss"...Amira bluffed out....."Leave her alone,she is childish.kuruciya ce wallahi.lets go"....mama said and they left.
Amira got so angry,cleared the table and locked all the doors ,even the enterance and went to her room...."Let me see how you will enter this house today"....she said and bolted all the doors from inside.

Episode 29&30

Yazid woke up at his old room in mama's apartment after being locked out of his apartment by Amira.Yazid headed back to his apartment to get dressed for work...."Sallamualaikum"....he said pushing the door slightly to see if it was really open..Amira sat on the sofa drinking tea and ignoring Yazid.

Yazid got dressed for work and headed towards the door when Amira spoke...."Yanzu kai Yazid is what you are doing to me fair?,do you think i deserve it".....Amira asked calmy yet angrily......"You are the one who is doing this to yourself not me".....Yazid said....."If we have issues between us why must you bring mama into the matter?why?"....Yazid demanded to know....."what i did yesterday was because i was angry,and your mother was unfair by taking sides,by actually supporting your decision to walk out on my food"....Amira said angrily.

"Mama was right,the food was terrible,ai gaskiya ne ba karya akayi miki ba,your food was terrible,and that is the only terrible thing mama knows about you mah,since you came to this house have you bothered to sweep my room or anywhere else?"....Yazid said ....."toh naji gaskiya ne,nifa shiyasa banason zama da mothers in law because they always poke their nose where it doesnt belong".....Amira said....."so mama telling you the truth is poke nosing kenan,that is why kikai mata rashin mutunci kenan jiya?"....Yazid said angrily.....

"Eh mana,she was poke nosing,and wallahi if she continues doing that i ll forget she is my mother's bestfriend and put her in her place".....Amira said and walked straight into her room,leaving Yazid baffled standing by the door side.

Amira was as usual watching Television When Yazid called her on phone...."Hmmm,may be yaji duniyar tayi zafi and he is callig to apologise".....she said to herself before picking up...."hello"....Amira said upon picking....."Hello Amira,i tried calling mama severally but but its not going through,may be her phone is acting up again".....Yazid said....."so what do you want me to do about that?".....Amira asked disappointed......"tell her something came up and i have to go to Abuja now,but i ll be back  tomorrow in shaa Allah"....Yazid said...."tohm i ll try to let her know".....Amira said bluntly...."If you need anything ,just let mama know".....Yazid said....."toh"....Amira said and cut the phone.

At about 9pm,mama decided  to check up on Yazid because it was unlike him to come back and not go and see her...."Amira"....mama said upon entering the sitting room....."Naam".....Amira said still sitting on the chair barely looking at mama....."Ina Yazid ne,i have not seen him since this morning and it is late already".....mama said looking at Amira who was busy changing the Channels with the remote......"Is his car in the drive way?"......Amira asked mama....."No its not,that is why i am worried"..mama said sounding worried....."tohm,since you didnt see his car in the drive way that means bai dawo bah,da ya dawo ai you will see his car tunda the car is not invisible"......Amira said looking at mama straight in the eyes....
"Amira are you okay,dont think fah because your mother is my friend you can speak to me how you like".....Mama said now getting angry......"yesterday you spoke to me how you like,nima yanxu na rama".....Amira said looking at mama rudely......"koh Uwar ki Hajiya Batula cannot speak to me this way"....mama said pointing a finger at Amira......"ai kunfi kusa,ni kam mah i want to sleep please mama go,in the morning you can come back and carry on from where you stopped".....Amira said pushing mama towards the door....."are you mad,in my own house".....mama said slapping Amira across the face.Mama stood there and watched as Amira fell to the ground,looking lifeless...."Amira,Amira,Amira"......mama kept shouting and watched as blood continued to flow with mama having no clue where it was flowing from.

Episode 31

Mama immediately called Lantana and Audu mai gadi to help her get Amira into the car and to the hospital.Mama tried severally to call Yazid but to no avail.

Amira was admitted immediately they got to the hospital and her mother was called....."What happened".....Hajiya Batula asked mama immediately she got to the hospital......"Tsautsayi".....mama replied looking confused and hoping Amira will be alright......"accident?which kind of accident,da cen accident bae faru da my daughter bah till now that she is married to your son....."Hajiya kawai fah i have been taking my eyes off everything ne amma Amira told me everything that was done to her,kawai dai i was hoping things would change ne"......Hajiya Batula said shouting at the top of her voice.....

"Haba Batula,how can you say this?What did she tell you was being done to her?I took Amira as my own daughter ever since she married my Son Yazid.She made a mistake and i corrected her for it,how was that in any way  maltreatment?".....Mama said becoming angry too....."kawai because Salt was a little bit too much in the food she cooked?Is that enough for you to make her be looked down upon"......Hajiya Batula asked.

"Was that what she told you?Salt was too much?It wasnt just the salt,everything was wrong with the food,everything.How could my son or I eat wannan poison en that she cooked,haba"......mama said back....."Poison koh,it wasnt even her duty to cook for you in the first place,she cooked for her husband not you,why did you have to interfere?"......Hajiya Batula bloated out angrily....."it wasnt  just the food,my son has been patient and over looking everything,kawai dai Hajiya Batula a bar kaza cikin gashin ta,amma Amira doesnt know how to do anything concerning taking care of her own house".....mama said lowering her voice....."noooo,ba wata kaza da zaa bari cikin gashin ta,today gara ki san i ll not take any damage done to my daughter because of you,wallahi i will not.If not because of fate mah,i dont even know what i was thinking by agreeing with you to get my daughter married to your son considering the way you treated his innoncent Ex wife".....Hajiya Batula said angrily.....

"ke Batula,mind your tongue,be careful what you say about my son,his Ex wife is a hundred times better than wannan useless daughter of yours".....Mama said angrily......"Just hope nothing happens to my daughter if not wallahi,it will be an eye for an eye,wicked woman kawai,dama ance makashinka na tare da kai,if Amira dies,wallahi wallahi bazan yafe bah".....Hajiya Batula said and left the reception.

Mama headed straight home after facing the worse embarrassment of her life.It was 6am already and har an idar da Sallah when she entered her sitting room.

Mama prayed,took her bath and sat down to eat when Yazid came rushing into the parlor....."mama what happened?Mallam Audu mai gadi was just telling me what happened,is she ok?".....Yazid asked worried....."I dont know yet,go and change lets get to the hospital"....mama said and Yazid left immediately.
Mama and Yazid got to the hospital and headed straight to the private room in which Amira was receiving treatment....."Mama ina kwana"....Yazid said greeting Amira's mother....."Lau"....she replied and turned her head to the other direction....."Has the doctor said anythin?"....Yazid asked and the doctor came in almost immediately he finished his speech....."Hello Doctor"....Yazid said extending a hand to the door....."I am so sorry about your wife and your lose Yazid".....the doctor said....."My lose?"....Yazid asked looking confused....."Eh mana,your lose,cikin ka da uwar ka ta zubar wa da 'yata,Amira was pregnant for you,your mother beat the bloody hell out of her,and she had a miscarriage".....Hajiya Batula said very angrily...."Amira pregnant?Thats not possible"....Yazid said angrily...."What do you?are you infertile ne?".....Hajiya Batula asked...."Yazid what do you mean by not possible".....mama asked Yazid looking confused...."Its not possible mama,because wallahi by Allah i have never held even her hand"....Yazid said looking so confused...."what do you mean,kar ka raina mana hankali mana"......Hajiya Batula said...."wallahi tallahi Amira and i have never shared even the same room,balle mah the same bed"....Yazid said and everyone in the room looked at him,doubtful and confused

Episdose 32

Yazid looked just as confused as everyone else in the room was...."me kake nufi?Do you mean my daughter impregnated herself?"....Hajiya Batula said dragging Yazid out of his thoughts......"i dont know,but all i know is there's no way that pregnancy was mine,good thing she had a miscarriage"....Yazid said....."Yazid,sorry to interrupt,but are you sure it wasnt yours?".....the doctor asked.....

"i have never been more sure of anything in my life,that pregnancy couldnt have been mine"....Yazid said looking at the doctor....."Sorry to say,but it doesnt make any sense for you to be married to a woman and claim nothing has trespass between you two"....Doctor said again...."I am telling you the absolute truth"....Yazid Said looking deeply into the Doctor's eyes...."Amira and I have been married for just one week today,and since then its been one trouble to another,so there's no way we ....."wait,did you say one week?".....Doctor interrupted Yazid....."Yes Doctor,just one week".....Yazid said...."are you a child?one week is enough to get a woman pregnant ai"....Hajiya Batula said rudely.....

"This pregnancy couldnt have been Yazid's,its impossible"....Doctor said pretty confident....."and why not?Likita,do you know how to do your job or is the white coat just for show off,because its begining to sound like you dont know what you are doing".....Hajiya Batula said looking at the Doctor from head to toe.

"pregnancy can be detected only when it is about 14days old,in some cases even more,when you  take home pregnancy test with a strip,it might show negative because its too early,but a positive is always a postive,so Yazid cannot be the father of the child,because if the baby is his,it should be too early to tell she's pregnant not to mention miscarriage"....Doctor said trying to explain his point.....

"doctor what are you saying then,that Amira's pregnancy was older than a week?"....mama asked the doctor standing up from the chair on which she was sitted...."Her pregnancy was about 8weeks old,thats 2months old before the miscarriage,so there's no way the baby could have been Yazid's"....Doctor said and left....."Innalillahi"....Yazid said and looked at Amira who was just regaining conciousness and Hajiya Batula who held her mouth with one hand and the other hand over her head.....

"Yazid,bata takarda ta"....mama said pointing at Amira......"Na sake ki saki uku".....Yazid said and left the room with mama following him behind.

Yazid has not been himself since he got home.The feeling of never being happy was eating the better part of him...."Yazid,its been three weeks,you havent been eating properly,you no longer go to work,you dont talk to anyone,all you do is stare at nothing in particular".....mama said....."mama i just dont know what to do with my life,i never have what i want,i never do,i had what i have always wanted and i lost it"....Yazid said looking blankly at thin air....."Yazid,i know i have not been the best of mothers,and i know i am hard to please and i know i did some things which i now regret,never-the- less,you do what ever i say and want,Yazid,get up and get ready".....mama said looking pitifully at him...."ready for what mama,i dont want to go anywhere please.if you want to go out,let the Driver take you"....Yazid said squeezing his facial muscles in pain...

"I am not going anywhere,you are.Get ready and go bring back Rayhana,bring back my innoncent Daughter-in-law home to me"....mama said and Yazid could hardly believe his ears.Is this a dream or a reality,he thought to himself.

Episode 33---SEASON 3 FINALE

Yazid got to the front gate of our house and couldnt bring himself to go in,until he finally summorned the courage to go in after 2hours of just staring at the gate....."yaya,sannu da zuwa" little sister greeted Yazid as he entered the parlor...."Umma ina wuni"....Yazid said as he met Umma sitted on the chair...."Lafiya qalau,ya mutan gidan"....Umma asked Yazid nicely...."duka lafiya umma"....Yazid said lowering his gaze...."Umma dama i came to take Rayhana back to her home"....Yazid said shyly.

"Yazid,any mother would be proud to have an obedient son like you,because whatever you did,i know you did it for your mother out of love and obedience,but i am afraid even if i give you a go ahead to take Rayhana,She wouldnt go with you".....Umma said....."Umma wallahi what ever happened,it happened because i had no control over it,i was in a situation where i had no choice but to pick my mother over her,because we are muslims,and we all know Aljannah ta lies under kafar mama,i just had to"....Yazid said still looking down,even though umma could tell he was crying from the sound of his voice.....

"I know Yazid,Siyam,call Rayhana"....mama said talking to my little sister......"umma gani"....i said and sat down on the floor,as far away from Yazid as possible....."Rayhana,Yazid is here to take you home".....Umma said looking at me....."Umma,i am not going back to that house".....i said bluntly......"But why,you know your husband did what he had to do,if you were in his shoes,wouldnt you pick me over him?".....Umma asked me.....

"Yes umma i would,but kinsan ance a aure,once igiya daya ta tsinke,its just a matter of time before the rests follow".....i said....."I know,God will protect your marriage as he always have,besides in mah saki daya ne,you still have two and by God's grace,this time it will be forever....."umma said......"Rayhana,i never divorced you,and i never will,the paper i gave you that night, where is it?".....Yazid asked me......"I dont know,somewhere in my bag,Siyam bring my black bag  please".....i said to  sister.

I took out the paper out of my bag and read it out....."In times of difficulties,dont dispair for Allah is with us,i love you and i always will and no matter how long it might take i ll come for you".....i read out and burst into tears..."i cant believe i didnt open this".....i said crying..

Mama stood up and left the parlor....."I am so sorry it took so long riri"....Yazid said holding my hand....."You have started again,let me get my things"....i said and stood up to leave....."Rayhana"....Yazid called out to me and i turned back immediately......."Naam"....i answered....."Is it just me,or is that a baby bump,you have become fatter and fairer too".....Yazid asked super excited....."Yes Daddy,it is a baby bump"....i said teasingly....."i am so sorry i doubted you,it should have occured to me that you are pregnant".....Yazid said sympathetically....."Its fine hon,lemme pack my things...

I want in to pack my things when i heard Yazid shouting innalillahi waina illahi Raji'un from the parlor,and Umma and everyone of us immediately went to the parlor....."What is it"....Umma asked Yazid who just sat there crying......"Umma,yanxu Audu maigadi ya kirani,after i left,mama fell ill and was taken to hospital,she suffered a stroke,my mother just died,mama is dead"......Yazid said crying so hard.....

Everyone just stood there looking at Yazid who kept crying uncontrollably,i know mama means the world to him,and har ga Allah i have forgiven her,but may be its for the best.

******************************I have been back to my home for 3months now,and i have never been more happy.Yazid is still the same amazing husband i have always known,and hopefully now i can proudly say i am married to danmarigaiya.
**********THE END**********

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