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*HADUWAR MU*Love at first flight* by Phateemah Taheer Abdullahi

❣Phateemah Taheer❣

Right from childhood,i have always been a lively person.I am not the kind of person who doesnt make friends easily,but when i do,i keep them for life....I love adventures,like real adventure...Vising new places,interacting with people with the same mind set as me has always been a pleasure to me...I don’t try to be who i am not and i don’t hide how i feel about anything or about anyone.

I have always had the dream of coming a pilot,but that dream was crushed when i couldn’t get admitted into the flying school due to my hatred for physics,which lo and behold was a necessary requirement for the flying school programmes. I ended up studying Computer science as my major with information technology as a subsidiary course.
I sat on the couch listening to the Ramadhan programme for the day on sunnah tv when i heard Umma calling from the kitchen.............”Yumnah”.....Umma shouted again from the kitchen as i quickly got on my feet and raced towards the kitchen.....”Yumna,today of all days isn’t a day for you to sit around and be lazing here and there...atleast not by this is the first day of Ramadhan and its just about an hour to Iftaar, yet the food still isn’t ready,in ba baza kiyi girkin ba atleast sai ki tsaya kiyi coordinating. (even if you wont participate atleast stay and coordinate.).
“Wallahi Umma i am so tired ne shiyasa ( that is why), and almost everything has been set...i
fried the chips,chicken salad is ready, made the toast and the turkey has been in the oven for over 4hours now and should be well roasted in about 30minutes...the cooks are handling the Kunu and Kosai,which as you know Umma isn’t my department”....i said and gave Umma a grim while she gave me a blank look.....”not your department?”......Umma asked wondering what i meant by that......”eh mana....Umma kinsan (you know) traditional dishes indai ba (except) miyar Kuka da Semovita bah...then i’d rather go continental”.....i said smiling with my lips are wide as anything and Umma smiled too.........
“anyways,tunda your continental dishes as you have said are ready,you should go and get
ready,your father will be breaking his fast with his brothers,and i also have to sit with them so it wouldn’t look like i don’t want them here.....Ahmad will be coming as Usually to have Iftar here so you should go and get ready”......Umma said and was about to leave when i stopped her with a sad look......”does he have to come this year....i am tired of this tradition of him coming here for iftaar every 1st, 10th,15th and 25th day of the month of ramadhan...”........ i said not even trying to hide my disappointment.....
“but its always been a tradition you two made for eachother even before your father and i
became ok with it”......... Umma said.....”well i guess we need new traditions around here”.....i said rolling my hands down my long over dued for relaxing hair....”it wouldn’t be a tradition if it is new now would it?..go and get dressed”....Umma said and left me standing there....
”i am 21 years old now,not 17 anymore....when will my parents get this?..”......i said and headed to my room stamping my feet on the floor.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (Haduwar mu) Episode 2
       ❣Phateemah Taheer❣ most of the times the choices we think are right for us only to end up realising they were what we thought we wanted or what we thought we needed but not actually what we really want,same rules apply for a lot of decisions in our lives.

I thought I wanted Ahmad,or may be at some point he was all I wanted....Ahmad and I have been having this thing going on for like ever, but strangely my taste seems to have changed over time...
Yes he is nice, yes he is religious ,yes his parents are influential just like mine, and yes I know I love him ,so much at that...but for some reasons lately I have been feeling as though something is lacking in our relationship and its killing me trying to find out what....
Like every Ramadhan it had been a tradition for us to have iftar together on some specific days during the first 10 days, the middle and then the last 10days of the holy and blessed month,but this year I just want to let go of that tradition as it seems a bit outdated,I need new tradions,but then again Umma was right when she said they wouldn't be traditions if they were new....
"I need to call Shaheeda, she would know what to say to calm me down"......I said to myself as I picked up my brand new iPhone 7 plus up from the bed to dial her number....
"Hello".....I said immediately she picked up......"What trouble are you in today Yum?".....Shaheeda said calling me Yum as she always does....
"Indecisiveness"......I said...."Hold on,I don't just call when I'm in trouble and there you are thinking I called because I am in some sought of trouble".....I said sarcastically....."Yum, I have known you since kindergarten,I kno you so shoot already"......Shaheeda said laughing softly......"Still on Ahmad's issue"......I said restlessly......"Yum,I can't talk to you about matters of the heart, especially when I know how much you love Ahmad,may be shedan ke miki fitsari a kae"......Shaheeda said and laughed so hard......
"not funny Shay....wallahi I'm totally losing interest in Ahmad.........irin totallyyyyyy".....I emphasized with so much seriousness....."Yum,I think the best thing for you to do is to seriously pray about this....its Ramadan,so your problem is half solved...just let your heart be at rest,intensify your prayers and let Allah make this decision for you."........Shaheeda said calmly...."I love you Shay.....I really really love you,I ll do just as you have said...I have to go its almost iftaar and  Ahmad will be here soon.".....I said in such a hurry....."Love you too love to Ahmad".....Shaheeda said ....."Would do ...bye "......I said and hung up hurriedly.
I quickly removed the top  which I wore with a tight fitting trouser and brought out a blue and white kimono from my wardrobe....I looked slightly at the mirror,adjusted my tarha(veil wrapped around the head) and made a fake smile at my image in the mirror and then left the room almost immediately...
"Yumna,Ahmadieee is here" mum's immediate younger sister whose husband was abroad for PhD said with a smile....."he's too old for that name".....I said not seeming interested....."Anyways yana parlor,everything you guys will need are all set...and Yumna??" aunt said....."Naam".....I said turning to look at her....."we need to talk,seriously talk".....she said....."okies"......I said,implying the usual way when I am not interested in something.
I got to the parlor and met Ahmad already praying magrib prayer after which he looked at me and smiled...I smiled back at him...."Ahmadieee barka da Shan Ruwa".......I said jokingly...."Where's that coming from".....Ahmad said laughing slightly...."Aunty Binta just called you that...I totally forgot I used to call you that".....I said laughing so hard while I poured hot water into the mugs....."Wallahi nima...anyways iftaar Kareem to you too"......Ahmad said smiling lightly......"I miss our childhood....a lot has changed much"......I said staring blankly at my plate of mashed  potatoe and egg sauce side dished with chicken Salad and wings.
"Not so much has changed...we havent changed...we re still ,you and everything we have,everything we have always had "......Ahmad said looking down at the toast on his plate just like the typical fulani guy that he is.
"I am so full I can hardly talk,thank God I prayed before eating".....I said and Ahmad got up almost immediately......"Yea...I have to go Yumna,I really would like to stay but my dad is having iftaar feast at home,but I just had to come because of our long tradition,now I have to get back before he notices I'm missing"......Ahmad said with a smile and turned to leave...."its ok"....was all I could say...."talk to you later".....Ahmad said and left.
I rushed to my room to take off the heavy kimono i was wearing and my aunt entered almost  immediately I did that....."Yumna what's going on between you and Ahmad,you have become a little cold towards him these days".......Aunty Binta said ....
"You are getting too old,we are perfectly fine"......I said placing my hand on her shoulders and smiling lightly...."Ah Toh Alhamdulillah,just checking I'm 32,life begins at 40"......Aunty Binta said laughing hard and left.
I shot the door behind her and looked at myself in the mirror while I continued to ponder on what could possibly be wrong with me.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (Haduwar mu) Episode 3

     ❣Phateemah Taheer❣

Life they say is full of lessons,and these lessons help one way or the other in shaping our lives,this one reason was one of the reasons why through out the month of Ramadan I tried to make peace with Ahmad...

The programmes I listened to  and watched on t.v helped me in making the decision to forget about everything and concentrate more on the ibadat  which is the main reason for our creation and existence.
Everyday I live with fear...The month of ramadan had come just a while ago and would be leaving Umma always say...."years have rolled down to months and months weeks and weeks days ..mutun dole yaji tsoran Allah because bai san a wani yanayi Allah zai dauki ransa ba".....and these words have been ringing in my ears for far too long....Longer than I can remember...
"Easy there young lady,you have been scrubbing that same spot for more than ten minutes".......Aunty Binta said to me...
I looked quickly at the sponge I was holding against the large tray I was washing....."nothing too serious,just got lost in thoughts"....I said with a smile....
"Ok,pass me the tray,gobe Sallah and we have a lot to do".....Aunty Binta said stretching out a hand...."Nikam I have done my part,I'm going to set the dinning table for iftar".....I said and walked out of the kitchen.....
I got to the parlor and heard my phone ringing,and I picked it up without hesitation..."Shay"....I mumbled out upon seeing the caller's ID...."Shay,its almost time for iftar you should be in the kitchen just like me,not calling".....I said jokingly....."Ji mun wannan yarinyan,we all know who is more active in the kitchen among the two of us".....Shay said and we laughed it off.....
"So what's up?"....I asked curiously...."I have a surprise for you,but first sai kin bada tukuici"......Shay said sounding super excited.
"Ok,but how am I sure the good news is really good and worth any tukuici"......I said rolling my eyes....."trust me it is,and I'm always damn serious whenever I say trust me".....Shay said sounding so serious.....
"ok ok can have that pink diary you have always wanted"....I said now sounding so eager...."fair enough.....ok ok.....So you know that dream of yours I promised to fulfil as long as you  teach me how to bake?".....Shay said talking super fast.....
" you know I asked for your CV some weeks ago and you asked me what I wanted with it and I told you not to get excited until you have to and you were so lost and became furious because you thought I was speaking in a language you don't understand".....Shay said super fast I could hardly make out what she was saying..
"Cut to the chase Shay,you very well know how much I hate suspense".....I said with my heart beating in two's......"Ok...ok.."....Shay said sounding super excited . ."I saw this advert online some weeks ago on my uncle's laptop,about Ethiopian airways recruiting hostesses and I asked him about it and he said he knows someone in their office here in Kano who knows someone in the head office at Addis Ababa....and I sent him along with your CV and told him how much you dream of being an air hostess and he agreed to help...I have since then been monitoring your email,knowing pretty well how you go weeks without checking and today....I can across your acceptance/ interview letter".....Shay said and the hunger in my tummy just disappeared.
"Shay,I am so hungry,this joke is certainly too expensive gaskiya"....I sais hoping to hear her say its not a joke....
"Yum I'm got in...all you have to do now is the presentation and interview,which is 3days after Eid by the way, and if you dont believe me,then check your email".....Shay said sarcastically..
"omg....omg...Shay I love you...I super super love you"......was all I could say while jumping like a lemur....."You are kira sallah....iftar kareem and bye".....Shay said and hung up.
I spent the better part of the evening jumping like all the birds I know until one thought struck my head...."Will Abba agree?"....

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT -(Haduwar mu) Episode 4

   ❣Phateemah Taheer❣

Growing up is a constantly evolving process...As we grow older we tend to need things we never needed when we were kids,especially we girls tend to want privacy,our own room, our own space and we always expect everything to be done our way.

As all parents,my parents had dreams of what they wanted me to become...Left to my dad the decision for a career for me was pretty very simple....As a child I was smart,intelligent and really straight forward...I grabbed easily whatever I was taught...."My sweet little Yumna is a born doctor".....My dad would always say...

I wanted that too as I started growing a bit older,but heyyyy....came my cycles and I realized just how much I detested the sight of I just couldn't stand it wollah....It irritated me as hell,but being a girl I adapted,but that's because its mine,doesn't mean I could ever learn to deal with that of others.

If at the age of fifteen I hated blood that much,what more If i grew older?...."Pilot Abba ...I want to be a pilot"....I always said to Abba.....

"Yumna being a pilot suits men most...besides considering our culture and traditions,no man will let him wife fly all th time".....Abba would always say....."Isn't it the same thing as being a doctor,I would hardly have time for my family".....I would always reply.

"But not as time consuming as being a are weak in physics Yumna,and you know you need it to be a pilot"....Abba always said....

"I hate Biology"....I would always say...."plus I hate blood too Abba".....I would add to make my point....

It took a lot of convincing before Abba let me off the Medicine hook and allowed me to settle with Computer science and information technology after trying so hard but couldn't get into the flying school.

"how do I convince Abba now to let me become an air hostess"....I said as I practiced my speech pacing up and down on the corridor.....

"What are you doing"......Umma said as she opened the door without me realising it......."Uhmhmmm...nothing just jogging a bit?".....I stammered......
"Yumna are you 12?....You know you can ask me anything,anything at all.....its either a yes or a no....its that simple....just ask and stop wasting your energy pacing up and down"......Umma said with a completely smile-free face.......

"well Umma,yes I'm pacing and yes I have a favour to ask.....but no its not from you....".....I said slowly and a bit worried....

"Me kike jira then...go and ask him".....Umma said moving away from the door....."Umma just a little tip,is he in a good mood?".....I asked curiously....

"He is in a good mood ofcourse Gobe Sallah,but if you are going to ask him if you can go out with Ahmad tomorrow you know it ll be a no,your father doesn't allow that and you know it..Duk inda mace da namiji suka kebe na ukun su sheda...I'm sure you have mastered those lines by now".....Umma said clearly angry at something.

"no that's not it...its something else and ......"Banyi shirin yin masa da miyar taushe ba and your father said that's what he wants after Eid tomorrow,I have a lot to do,go face your disappointment"......Umma said interrupting me and walked away.

I stood there for what seemed like forever before getting the courage...."now or never Yum"....I said to my nervous self.

"Salamualaikum".....I said as I entered Abba's parlor...."waalaikisalam".....Abba replied....."Abba Sannu da Hutawa"......I said sitting beside his feet....."Yauwa mamana".....he said the Usual way he replies me considering I was named after him mom ,Maryam.

"Abba,I..I..."...I tried to say and the words just wouldn't come out....."Mamana,you know you can tell me anything"....Abba said and that sounded a bit relieving......"Abba I got a job".....I said and almost couldn't believe I said it.

"Really?but where"....Abba asked sounding amazed....."With Ethiopian airways".....I said nervously......"Ok,that's good"....Abba said sounding excited and I almost couldn't believe it....."but as what?What will you be assigned to?Ticketing,administrative duties?tell me the details".....Abba said sounding interested...

"As an ....air.... hostess"......I said looking down at my sweaty palms....."Yumna,you know that an impossible job for a Muslim Hausa girl,our culture,our tradition,the hostesses' outfit just is the main issue here and the too much flying around"....Abba said..

"Abba I know,and I really want this and I know you trust me and believe in the kind of upbringing you gave me....too much flying around would be me working Abba.....and the interview and audition and training is in 3days....Dan Allah kayi Naam,not to mention the pay is incredibly good too".....I said sounding desperate.

"No Yumna...if its about the money,tell me how much they pay and I ll give it to you every month until I find you a suitable job,but just not this job".....Abba said with a stern look in my eyes.....

"Abba please".....I begged....."kije ki sha ruwa,an Kira Sallah"....Abba said and stood up,leaving me there in tears.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT -(Haduwar mu) Episode 5

     ❣Phateemah Taheer❣

Eid used to be my favourite time of the year,the festivities,the people,the visits,the new clothes and endless spices in food...This year's Eid took a drastic turn over after Abba declined my request to allow me take  the job I just got.

I have tried so hard,have been trying for the past three days to fight back the tears that can't stop flowing from my eyes...."Yumna are you seriously still doing this?".....Umma sai7d entering my room without knocking.

I said nothing to Umma but just kept on staring at her...."Yumna Kinsan Abbanki,when he says no ,then its for a reason and when he says yes ,its also for a reason,you have been crying your eyes out for the past three days,its Sallah,your favourite time of the year,Amma you have locked yourself in your room for no reason,Shahida came jiya and you clearly refused to see her,Ahmad too...Yumna you can't live your life forever crying like a baby".....Umma said sitting beside me....

"Umma I want this,I really want this job....not only will I get paid handsomely,I love flying Umma,you know I do....what's so wrong with me doing what I love.. ..I know the cultural factor and all but don't you honestly trust me and the kind of upbringing you gave me???".....I said in tears..

"I trust you mamana,I do,which is why I called someone I know at the Abuja office to enquire and he assured me their cabin crew are disciplined and have standards and he assured me to let you if I can take the job".....Abba said out of nowhere and I just couldn't close my mouth...

"You did?".....I asked crying with joy...."Yumna,I ll never stop you from pursuing your dreams,but every father who truly loves his daughter has to do these underground checks before letting her go into the broad world...but now you promise me you will never do anything contradictory to what our religion believes in,I know you know yourself,and I trust you,promise you will continue being the good girl I know you to be".....Abba said...

"I promise Abba,in shaa Allah"....I said wiping the tears off my face with my palm..."go and get ready for the interview,it will start in about two hours,you don't want to be late".....Abba said leaving the room along side Umma.

I quickly jumped out of my P.Js (pyjamas) and into my towel.I took a quick hot shower and decided to dial Shaheeda before getting ready..

"please tell me you are ready and I will pick you in ten minutes"......I said immediately Shay picked....." she dead....finally I have been waiting to hear the good news"....Shay said...

"Shay kin fara koh?".....I said...."ah to ai na dauka you will kill your self just because your dad said no".....Shaheeda said....."Anyways yanxu he has agreed,I'm coming to pick you hope kin shirya".....I said super fast...."Ofcourse na shirya...see you in ten".....Shaheeda said and hung up.

I got out of my room wearing a long dark blue pencil skirt,a cream peplum top and a silver belt..I quickly wrapped my head neatly with a dark blue tarha ,picked up my purse,credentials and key cars and stepped out in wedge (my favourite kind of shoes).

Umma I'm leaving"....I said waving at her....."Allah ya taimaka ya tabbatar da alkhairi"....Umma said smiling softly...."Ameen thumma ameen".....I said and got out into the drive way.

I got to Shaheeda's house at about 9.30 am and she was already at the gate waiting for me...."So much for I ll be there in 10"....Shaheeda said stepping into the car..."I had to get ready,you know first impression matters".....I said pulling up my black glasses and pulled out of the drive way.

We got to the audition / interview venue at exactly 10am...I was really surprised at the low turn up...."What do you expect?...not everyone has passion for the job,people like me for instance and how many people of this era actually understand both French and English fluently when most people skip French classes at school and French is one of the two internationally recognized languages in the world,which is why it is a necessary requirement for the job".....Shaheeda said sarcastically...

"Well watch and learn baby...soon you will want to join the clique"....I said closing the door of my car and heading into the venue.

" je vous souhaite le meilleur (all the best)".....Shaheeda shouted...

" Bien sûr, vous savez que je vais bien (ofcourse you know I will do well)"......I shouted back waving a hand.

The orientation/audition/ interview ended at about 2pm and I was very positive I will get the job...."I hope you get the job"....Shaheeda said as I dropped her off at home...."I hope so Shay...thanks a lot for everything"......I said smiling softly.

"ameen safe,love you Yum".....Shay said...  "I ll and love you more shay"......I said and zoomed out of the house.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT -(Haduwar mu) Episode 6

        ❣Phateemah Taheer❣

Having achieved ones' dream is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world.Flying around the world has always been a dream..I have always dreamed about travelling the world with my future husband,but that's in my fairytale world ofcourse,because I say to myself ,1.what are the chances of me marrying someone who has that much money to travel the whole world with,and 2.someone who has that much money will be too busy counting his millions to ever make time to travel the world with me,and 3.I can seriously not marry a person who wouldn't have time for me which bring me to 4,what if I marry someone who has the money,and the time but has phobia for flying.

I couldnt take chances,which is why being a cabin crew became the safest option for me...I get to travel the world,Africa,Europe,South and North America ,Asia,and every other continent in existence and probably any new one to be found if there's ever that possibility.

I was almost home when my appointment letter was sent to my email and I could hardly contain myself as I scanned through it....I got home a few minutes after that and could hardly lock my car before rushing in to tell my parents.

The first face I saw when I entered was Ahmad's...."Hey sweetie".....I said sounding super excited...."Hey...what's with the happiest?"......he asked smiling...."I just got a job".....I said shouting at the top of my voice...."bara na fadawa su Umma I ll be right back".....I added and left the parlor.

I went back to Ahmad after informing my parents and they were more than happy...."Yum,when did you change so much".....Ahmad said so softly immediately I sat down and opened the ice cream he got me.

"what do you mean?".....I said pretending to not know what he was talking about....."You have. Changed calls,no texts".....Ahmad said and I swear he has never looked as cute and adorable.

"Nothing has changed Aaa(the name with which I have always called Ahmad since we were kids)..I just have a lot going on that's it,but other than that we are good"......I lied ...."If truly you are telling me the truth then why  not look at me and say it".....Ahmad said so calmly...

"I had this thing going on and I just wasn't myself and I needed space from everything and everyone shiyasa"....I said bluntly......"Shiyasa kikae ignoring din calls ena?since when did we start hiding things from eachother Yum?".....Ahmad asked sounding very worried.

"I got a job with Ethiopian airlines,Abba was against it at first but later agreed to it and I was really scared and upset ,which was why I was acting a bit off.".....I said confidently.....

"Yumna you changed way before then...I have been noticing but not saying anything,Dan Allah if I did something wrong just tell me?"....Ahmad said and I have never felt more pity for him....."I'm so so sorry Aaa...I promise you you did nothing wrong...and things will be better okkk"......I said s calmly...

"promise"....Ahmad asked with a smile....."Sure thing Aaa".....I said with a smile too...."I have to go"....Ahmad said. .."So soon?".....I said with a frown...."Yea,walk me to my car,I have something to show you"......Ahmad said we stepped out all smiles.

I stood a bit far from the driver's seat door as I watched Ahmad bringing something like a file out of his car...."What's this"....I said with a smile as I collected the file from him...."Its a plan....our future house plan...I brought it so you will choose Wanda yayi miki".....Ahmad said....

"Do I have to?just choose which ever one suits you".....I said not really excited about the whole idea......"But why?...Maryam (which is what he calls me when he's so serious about something) we have been planning our whole lives together for as long as I can remember,why is this decision suddenly just mine alone".....Ahmad said now sounding so serious.....

"Yea...I know...Amma ai we still have time to plan all these,I don't want to pick something that will go out of fashion before the wedding"......I said before realizing how lame it sounded...

"Haba Maryam,wani irin out of fashion kuma?...houses hardly go out of fashion,Kowa chooses his style to his own taste...kuma Yumna you are a graduate,I am a graduate too and I have been working for more than three years now....what more are we waiting for?..I think its high time we both settled down...and now is the perfect parents and I discussed and we think six months is the highest we have to wait,so the earlier we start the building the better".....Ahmad said and I couldnt hide my shock and amusement.

"Six months kuma??".....I said sounding surprised......"Aaa,we haven't talked about this and you know it..these are things we have to sit and discuss first,its not only your decision to make".....I said bluntly.....

"I didn't know we need to make this decision again,because I thought we made it a long time ago,Yum this is what we both have always be are done with school,I am done with school I'm working what else are we waiting for?"....Ahmad asked sounding so confused....

"Ok,lemme be frank with just getting my career started and I need to get to some certain level of climax before even giving marriage some thoughts ".......I bluffed out feeling relieved that I did.

Ahmad stood there looking at me in shocked not sure what to say..I honestly didnt  want to hurt Ahmad,but the truth just had to come out one way or the other.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT-(Haduwar mu) Episode 7

    ❣Phateemah Taheer❣

Growing up changes a lot of things...Growing up has changed me...I can't believe what I did...Aaa used to be the centre of my universe. I vividly remember the days I used to cry when Abba was against me dating Aaa because he thought it was just a childish crush,but then I thought it wasn't...Now I have no idea what has changed or why things were changing.

"Maryam,look at me and tell me what's going on?are you getting over me?or something".....Ahmad asked with all seriousness.....  "I'm not Aaa,you should know me and I have been together for as long as I can remember".......I said shouting at the top of my voice...

"Well I feel like like I don't even know you anymore Yum"......Ahmad said so sorrowfully...

I moved backwards still looking at him....."this is what I want,and nothing in this world is more important to me right now than this".....I said and turned to enter the house......"Not even me?"....Ahmad said looking at me....

I just couldn't move an inch anymore after he said that...I however knew I had to say something "Aaaa...I....just......"I struggled to say....."Its ok".....Ahmad said with a smile and zoomed off.

The feeling of finally achieving my dreams made me smile all the way in,my conscience however kept telling me I'm hurting the guy who has shown me love more than anything in the world.

"Yumna how did it go?"......Aunty Binta said strolling into my room......"I got it"......I said jumping in her arms......"I love things international,no wasting of time,da ace Yan Nigeria ne da sai an gama murda murda and then they will employ masu connection...Amma wannan sharp sharp".......aunty Binta said and we both started laughing so hard.

"Yumna".....aunty Binta called out with all seriousness and then sat me down on the bed...."Yumna I know you have wanted this for so long and I know its such an achievement,but Yumna nothing is more important for a girl your age than to settle down....Ahmad has been here throughout your teenage years,and he is still here"......Aunty Binta said with so much concern in her eyes.

"I know,but Aunty where is this suddenly coming from?"......I said looking pale for a moment........."Yumna I was in the kitchen and I saw you and Ahmad arguing outside and I overheard you conversation...Yumna he is one is stopping you from doing your dream job,however Ahmad can't wait for you forever,he is getting ready to settle and he wants to do that with you.why not just .......

"Let my dreams go because of Ahmad?".....I said interrupting Anty Binta ......"no he isn't worth that much to me....guys come and go but this is once in a lifetime kind of opportunity".......I bluffed out......."Yumna baki da hankali ne?guys come and go?are you saying you'd rather leave Ahmad than give up on this?".......Anty Binta asked angrily.

I stood up from the bed and went straight to the mirror and stared into it....."Desperate situations require desperate measures"......I said with not an ounce of smile on my face.

"Yumna I don't want you to regret this ".......aunty Binta said.... ."I won't,the sea is full of fishes anty,fatan alkhairi nakeso Kiyi mun " .......I said smiling at her......"Allah ya kyauta"......Aunty Binta and walked out almost ripping the door out of it hinges.

I took out my phone from my purse and sat down to go through the email my employers had sent with a smile on my face.

I finished reading the email and laid down a reminence over the past years....I know in all honesty in my heart that I could swear Ahmad and I belonged to eachother,I know at several points in my life Ahmad would do anything for me and back then I would have done anything for him too but I want this so badly I feel like I can hardly think straight.

I know I'm making the right decision and I know Ahmad would soon realise that and will be even more proud of me than I am of myself.

"Your father needs to have a word with you".....Aunty Binta entered and said and left almost immediately....

I looked at the door as Aunty Binta locked it behind her,wondering why she was so pissed off.

I got to Abba's parlor full of anticipation of what he might say,having no idea if this would be good or bad....."Come in,why are you standing by the door".....Abba said and I smiled.....

"Abba I forwarded my acceptance email to your email".....I said sitting down by his feet.

"I went through every detail Yumna,but you never mentioned anything about going to Air hostess training school for three whole weeks for training,before you eventually start flying.."......Abba said with a frown.

"Yes Abba,its just three weeks,the school is in Addis Ababa and......"...."have you discussed this with Ahmad?".......Abba asked with all seriousness......" did "......I lied.....

"its ok since you have discussed and he is alright with it"......Abba said with a smile.

"Amma Yumna you should know as your father there are some decisions that are hard for me to make,especially when I'm against something on which you have shown interest, dama dai I had a chat with Ahmad's father and he suggested your wedding to take place in 6months  and I couldnt agree more...I'm letting you be an airhostess not because I want to,but because you want it so much,so I'm letting you have your dream for the next 5months,after which you have to quit and settle down,and I believe its time"......Abba said plainly.

"Abba just 5months??I thought the dream of every career person is to reach the peak of....."Peak of what?".....Abba interrupted....."Yumna I'm letting you do this because you can only do this now as a single lady,but once you get married shikenan.....Yumna you are getting married to Ahmad in 6months and that's it."......Abba added and left the parlor.

I sat there hopeless,not sure what to do....Ahmad used to be the centre of my universe,and now he's the only thing stopping me from reaching the climax in my chosen profession....."What do I do now?".....I thought helplessly to myself.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT  (haduwar mu )- Episode 8

         ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

      *YUMNA'S POV*

Going to the Air hostess training institute was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me...My parents along with Shay dropped me at the airport.

For some reasons i kept looking,checking and scanning through the people at the departure,hoping to see Aaa somewhere in the crowd.My parents noticed i was scanning through the crowd and decided to leave me to search for whosoever i was looking for...."Yumna are you looking for someone in particular?".....Umma asked with suspicious eyes......"Ahmad i guess,she's looking through the crowd for Ahmad"....Shay said mischievously.

Umma looked at me with a blank expression..."Yumna take care of yourself,always remember ki rike mutuncin ki and always be prayerful,the trust your father and i have in you is what is allowing us let you accept this the job har muka barki kije training institute en".....Umma said ...."Yumna don't make me regret this...i dont like the tension between you and Ahmad,you forced me into accepting him and accepting your relationship and yanzu magana tayi nisa,six months is all I'm giving you to enjoy your dream job kaffin na kaiki dakin ki".....Abba said with so much seriousness.

"In shaa Allah abba.i ll do as you have said i ll don't with my training in three weeks in shaa Allah and cone straight home before my first flight".....I said hugging my parents and watched them leave.

"Six months,you never told me about the six months deal".....Shay said looking at me with eyes full of questions......"Do you seriously think i ll quit my job ,I'm sure Abba is threatening me saboda Aaa"....i said with laughter in my voice.

"Yum please call Ahmad before you leave"....Shay said...."Why on earth would i call him,I don't owe him any explanation,i have said all that there is to say to him ,amma he's stil angry".....I said angrily......"He's not angry,he just feels neglected and avoided.You don't pick his calls or call him back when you see his missed calls or reply his messages,who then is giving attitude "....Shay said rolling her eyes in annoyance.

"Kinga,I'm only avoiding him because i dont him to even think of changing my mind because my mind would never be changed,in yaga dama yazo wouldn't make any difference to me since he's decided to be stubborn about this rather than support me".....I said stubbornly....."Yumna are you being fair?"....I asked....

"Being fair to who?".....Ahmad asked out of nowhere...."Hae Ahmad,you  are here...i knew you'd come"....Shay said sounding all too excited....."Hey Yum,I'm so glad i made it here in time,i was scared you'd leave before i get here"......Ahmad said all smiles...."I'm so glad you made it".....Shay said smiling like she won a lottery...."Hy Aaa,i should go,an fara checking in"....i said with a blank expression...."But you can check in and come back ai,in aka fara boarding sai ki tafi".....Aaa said calmly......"Why go through all the stress when she can just check in online,where's your phone?...i ll just check in for you after all you are not checking in any bags and you have your ticket right here with you, just your hand luggage".....Shay said snatching my phone from my hand and immediately started checking in online on my behalf.

"I still really have to go because i need to scan my passport and submit other documents at Ethiopian airlines office since I'm officially a staff yanzu,goodbye Aaaa".....i said giving Shay a hug...."Yea true i almost forgot good bye Yum,call me as soon as you land...I love you".....Shay said hugging me back...."love you Shay"....i said and pulled my box down to the counter.

I could feel Ahmad's gaze on me as i walked over to the counter with my kimono flying from the side revealing the skin tights i wore on the inside. I walked away without even looking back.....I know i have changed,i know things have changed,i know i still love him,but something just keep pulling me away from him and i just can't explain it.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 9

            ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

I got settled into my seat,constantly looking to see who the guy sitting next to me was....I dont know why but for some reasons i got curious as to who he was and what he looked like...The basaball cap just kept making me curious....."I know i look cute even while asleep".....the guy said.....I looked at him to actually make sure he was talking to me..."excuse me".....i said still looking at his covered face....

"you have been looking at me for over 2hours now and I can't help but feel your gaze on me and that is actually disrupting my sleep".....he said again still hiding his face behind the cap...

Such attitude,i hate him already..he had better not be in the academy".....i thought to myself...."I'm Mujaheed"....he said lifting his face up and lo and behold i was woowed....that fairness,that nose ,that small cute mouth ,that beard omg....."hello..."....he said weaving a hand at my lost eyes..

"Ohhh".....i said shyly...."ok I don't care who you are".....i said giving him attitude in return...."Attitude,i like this"....He said again...."Can you like just pretend i aint here?"....i said sarcastically....."Why??...i would have had you not been staring at my base ball cap and me feeling  your gaze...Ethiopia is just 3hours away from Nigeria,I'm a heavy sleeper and would have slept through out the flight had you not been making me feel your gaze".....Mujaheed said.

I was totally out of words and had no idea what to say,suddenly i saw a flight attendant coming my way and i took the opportunity...."Excuse me"....i said to her...."Yes please"....she replied nicely and with a smile...."Can i have a change of seat,there seems to be a little nuisance over here"....i said blankly....."Sure are one of our NRs".....She said...."Yes i am"...i said with a smile...."this way please"....she said leading me to another seat...."What the hell is NR"....i heard Mujaheed murmur.

I sat comfortably on my new seat,away from the handsome yet annoying guy..i tried to read a book titled "MY WEDDING MY TRAGEDY" but kept getting distracted by Mujaheed's over bearing gaze....i made up my mind to stand and go deal with him when i heard the pillot...."Evening passengers,this is CAPTAIN ABDULLAHI ISIYAKU HASSAN we are making our final decend to Addis Ababa international airport, the sky is partly sunny and partly cloudy with a temperature of 30 degrees celsius....we are just a few minutes away from the airport and now flying at 7000miles above sea level,on behalf of the entire cabin crew and my co-pilot SHAMSUDEEN DANTATA i wish you all a very memorable stay in Ethiopia".....the pilot said and the fasten seat belt ? sign was immediately turned on.

I turned back,looked at Mujaheed and made a sigh before resting my head on the seat,tightened my seat belt and closed my eyes.

After the plane finally landed,everyone seemed especially eager to get off the plane✈️ ,i was however very calm and carefully took out my luggage...I picked up my bags and was about to step off the plan when someone stood in front of me...I looked up and saw Mujaheed..."What do you want?".....I asked bluntly......"hey calm down beautiful ,i just want to help"....he said calmly....."Screw off"....i said and left him standing there....."Can i atleast grab your name....number....anything"......he shouted and i walked straight out without looking back.

I walked straight into the arrivals...I looked out for the Ethiopian airlines desk to get information of what to do or where to go to..."This call is for new recruits of the Ethiopian airlines,please make your way to the Ethiopian airlines office....Ethiopian airlines recruits to the office".....the lady in the mic said.

"Hmmm so you are a new recruit...whats what NR means?"....Mujaheed said standing in my way....."Don't you have things to do or somethings else to do? Or someone else to freaking disturb".....i said and made my way to the office without even turning back....
LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 10

           ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

Being in a new place comes with this feeling of not belonging or that everyone else is looking at you...I got to the office and was offered a seat with fifteen ladies,all of whom were beautiful if i must admit...I began to think if beauty is a criterion for this kind of job,well i guess it is...."I'm damn beautiful too".....i said to myself adjusting my tarha (head wrap).

A guy in suit walked into the office and never said anything..he simply looked at the woman behind the desk and nodded..."this way please ma'ams"....he said.

Without hesitation we all followed him out of the office,he led us to a long corridor and at the end of the corridor was a door through which we made out and saw the airline bus awaiting us...We all entered the really cozy and luxurious bus and before i could snap out of the dream,we were in front of a tall building that read "Air hostess training institute "....God knows I would have seriously needed someone to pinch me to actually know if this was really happening had it not been for the lady who tapped me on the shoulder...."Let's go"....She said and i realised everyone else was out of the bus except for us.

We entered the building and met several other people,80% of whom were ladies seated in a huge well decorated well designed state of the art fully furnished room..."Welcome everyone...You have just arrived at the training institute,but your journey starts here...and for the next twenty one days you will be subjected to trainings that would enable you thrive in this job....look around you and say hello to your competition,some will hate you,some would love and help you,and so would push you over just so they can be at the top of your game,but importantly you have to know that love is what will unite you all,and as staffs of this airline,you should be united"....the instructor continued endlessly and my legs could hardly bear my weight.

"Are you as tired as i am?"....the lady next to me who talked to me earlier on in the bus said...."I could drop any minute".....i joked and we all laughed..."I'm Amina..but my friends call me Lupsy".....She said with a smile...."I'm maryam,but please call me  Yumna,Yum for short"....i said extending a hand....."you are  Nigerian right?".....She asked...."Yes i am,you?"...i asked....."Half-cast".....she replied with a smile...."oh lord i wish I'm one...belonging to two nations would really be great".....i asked does have its perks,pros and cons"....She replied..

"So where are you are from?"....i asked curiously....."My mum is Nigerian"....She said and paused...."really?but you don't look Nigerian"....i exclaimed...."My dad is a Yemenist".....she added....."No totally look like a Yemenist but definitely not Nigerian"....i said.

"And funny enough i spent most of my life in Nigeria...i only went to Yemen to see my dad's relatives,explains why i wasn't on the Nigerian flight.daga Yemen na wuto nan".....She replied..

"pick a peer with whom you'd share a room and move to the will be attended to much later in the Evening while your training will begin tomorrow,there are registered sim cards awaiting you in your rooms but must be submitted at the end of your training..have a nice evening".....The lady said and Lupsy and i smiled at eachother before moving towards the hostel.

The rooms were really cozy and up to standard...I set my things aside and settled on the bed..I picked up my phone inserted the sim card switched it on and gave my parents a call..

I thought about calling Ahmad afterwards,but changed my mind...i layed my head on the pillow hoping to relief my body of the stress and slept off soon afterwards.

I woke up to the buzz of a new email on my phone..."Hey love,how was your flight?please do give me a call so i ll know you are ok....Yours always and forever...Aaa".....the email read...

I so badly wanted to call Aaa,but something in me stopped me from calling him and i really can't explain that...."Rough evening?".....Lupsy asked...."I'd say yes,but I'm actually the one making it rough for myself"....i said reluctantly...."Boyfriend issues"....Lupsy asked..."more like me issues"....i said sarcastically....."I know right.....

I couldn't sake off the thought of whether or not to call Aaa,most of all I couldn't understand my reason of treating him the way i am.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 11

           ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

You never know how much time does fly until you put your mind to do something,irrespective of how long it might take,its always worth the while.

"i have truly missed home,Ethiopia was great, the training institute was fab but nothing compares to being home"....i told my mum on our way home from the airport...."i know i know...dama komai time ne,you left three weeks ago for your training and har kin gama already kin dawo...I'm so glad"....Umma said as i watched the gateman open the gate of our house.

I saw very happy to be home,but my happiness eloped from my face the moment i saw Ahmad's car packed in our drive way...."What's Ahmad doing here?".....i asked Umma nervoulsy...."I don't know but i guess he came with Shaheeda to welcome you home"....Umma said opening and closing the door of the car leaving me alone in the car.

I reluctantly got out of the car and moved slowly towards the entrance when Shay opened the door and ran out of the house, hugging me so tight i could hardly breathe..."I missed you Yum"....Shaheeda said...."i missed you more shay"....i managed to say...."Hy Yum,welcome back"....Aaa said out of nowhere...

"I'm so sorry Aaa,wallahi i dont even know how I'm going to begin to explain myself to you right now...i feel so so".....i said before Ahmad interrupted me...."I'm glad you are back love,please let that go kinji"....he said  so softly i could feel my heart melting...."Lemme get your box from the booth and see what you got me"....Shay said running towards the drive way...

"I'm sorry wallahi i dont know what got over me"....I said seeming so sorry....."Yum,please....not now...I don't want Shay to know what's going on between us,I don't want her to know you didn't call me since you left...I'm here to make it seem less obvious that our relationship is in trouble".....Aaa said calmly..

"You guys don't have to tell me anything...i know wannan mara M din didn't call you and i know you guys have alot of sorting out to do,what I don't know is when i stopped being a best friend to you both that you had to hide this from me..i'm so hurt to say the least".....Shay said angrily....

"Shay wallahi"....i managed to say...."Yumna don't"....Shay shouted..."I know you both want your relationship to be private,but i thought I'm a part of your lives,we grew together for crying out loud,all three of us,why have i become an outsider now?".....Shay said and without waiting to here more,she dashed into the parlor picked up her bag and stormed out of the house.

"i have never seen her this angry before".....i said..."me neither"...Ahmad said..."i think i should go call me later if you feel like it"....Ahmad said and left without even waiting for me to reply.

I dragged myself into my room and kept pacing about..I'm on the verge of loosing my best friend and my boyfriend and i have no idea what to do.I know deep down i have been misbehaving and playing hard to get towards Ahmad just because i feel he is always there and can never leave me,yea i had that security...I wanted to talk about it in front of Shay but Ahmad didn't, and I don't see his fault in this,because honestly he would feel belittled..

I was in the institute for three whole weeks and never called Ahmad,not even a text,and i know so well the training wasn't as time consuming enough to make me have no time for anybody...especially not the guy i am getting married to in a few months.

I have to fix things,i need to fix whatever issues i was having with Ahmad.....

I picked up my phone and called Ahmad..i waited patiently for him to pick but there was no answer...i dropped my things in the place they belonged,took a hot bath and had dinner before finally settling down in my room.

I picked up my phone to see if Ahmad had called me back but to my surprise he didn't...."That's strange, I called Aaa three hours ago and he is yet to call me back kuma nasan today is Saturday no work,what could be wrong?".....i asked myself dialing his number again......

"Hello"....he said softly after he answered the call...."Hy"....i said blankly...."Na kira ka and you didn't pick and you didn't even bother calling me back sai yanzu dana kiraka"....i said angrily...."Yes i was busy ne"....Ahmad said...."Is that even an excuse,you should have sent me a text atleast to let me know you were busy,amma dan wulakanci ka wani share ni i had to call you back".....i shouted....

Ahmad cut the call without saying a word more..."Kut,is this guy ok kuwa?cutting the call on me?"...i said angrily dialing his number again...."Please tell me you did not intentionally hang up on me".....i said impatiently...."To me zance miki?"....Ahmad said gently...."So you mean you intentionally hung up on me?".....i asked angrily...."Yes i did...i had to"....Ahmad said.

"Why would you hang up on me like that, you did something wrong by not calling me back and i told rather than apologize shine kayi hanging up on me??".....i said shouting at the top of my voice....

"Yumna,I'm fed up...I'm tired,i tried and tried and it's not working for us,i guess i have stopped caring went to the institute against my wish,even though if it were me who did something against your wish you would have almost killed stayed for three weeks and never called me,i still didn't complain and came to welcome you home,just because i missed you call Kuma shikenan sai ki hauni da fada...kinga,I'm done trying to make things up with you...I'm done being patient and overlooking things...I'm done...Allah ya zaba mana mafi alkhairi".....Ahmad said i almost didnt believe my ears....

"Ahmad its Yumna fah you are talking to"....i said making sure he knew its me..."The message is for you Yumna"....he said..."Ahmad please go to hell and stay there".....i said and hung up.

I stood up from my bed,breathing fast in anger and eww..."I can't believe this, left with your two feet and you will come back and beg and wallahi sai na wahalar dakai i promise you".....i said to my self.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 12

          ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

           *SHAHEEDA's POV*

I got very angry,not only because of what Ahmad and Yumna hid from me but because of the way Yumna keeps treating Ahmad..I love Yumna and i love Ahmad too...They have been my best friends since we were teenagers,way before Yumna and Ahmad ever started dating...We shared almost everything with eachother,we have made sacrifices for eachother,for this to be happening to us now i really feel hurt.

I have no idea why Yumna treats Ahmad the way she does,and as her best friend i expected her to atleast explain things to me.Yumna loved Ahmad long before Ahmad ever started loving her,i made their relationship possible,i fixed what they have now,but sadly now i am the outsider,the stranger,the one they keep things from...

I remember clearly during our secondary school prom,Ahmad was in level two then and were in Ss3,Ahmad asked me if he could go to prom with me,knowing how Yumna felt about him, i told him to rather ask Yumna to which she clearly agreed because she was secretly crushing on him all that while, but we were still best of friends,we told eachother everything.

I got to know Ahmad through my mum,his mum happened to be my mum's best friend and as at then we also happened to be neighbors...Ahmad and i became close when he started teaching me Mathematics when i was in ss1,and then he was in ss3,same school with Yumna and i....

Yumna would come over everyday after school even though we lived a few streets away from eachother,but she would still come so Ahmad would coach us in Maths,it was our weak subject and it was his strongest.After Secondary's school,the bond was still there...i started noticing the changes in Yumna's behavior towards Ahmad,She became shy eachtime he came around...she would talk about him all the time and as at then we were in level 1 and Ahmad was in level 3...

I knew Ahmad liked Yumna and i also knew Yumna was falling for Ahmad,and i got Yumna to confess in a play of truth or dare game....Ahmad being the extremely shy guy that he is started acknowledging her love and reciprocated it,and that was the beginning of the journey that led to love,engagement and marriage in a few months.

I don't feel hurt because they tried to have a bit of privacy, but for Ahmad to not want to involve me because I am somewhat like a stranger, that hurts so much.

My ringing phone was what cut me off my thoughts....."Ahmad I'm not in the mood please"....I said immediately i answered the call...."Shay its not what you think,please".....Ahmad said...."What is it then?".....i said angrily....."Shay,i would never hurt you intentionally,i was just tired of dragging you in our messy relationship,i tell you almost everything,but this time around i decided to not tell you because i wanted us to fix our issues ourselves,i wanted things to work out on there own...Yumna and i might be getting married in a few months and we need to learn how to settle our differences between ourselves if we really want out marriage to work"....Ahmad said and i felt sorry for him.

"I wish i could,i wish i could talk sense into Yumna or atleast find out what is going on,but she wouldn't even talk to me or tell me whats wrong or what she is even thinking".....i said....

"i know shay,i do,amma wallahi ni i am over it already...I'm done trying to make things right between us...i have decided to end this relationship until Yumna decides otherwise...if she wants it to work out then i expect her to put same effort as me,otherwise Allah ya zaba mana mafi alkhairi".....Ahmad said.

"No Aaa you can't do this, things have gone fat between you two".....i said..."i have already,i told Yumna I'm done trying and she said i should go to hell and stay there"....Ahmad said angrily...

"She did?"....i asked sounding surprised...."Wallahi she did...I have been thinking about this for a long time now and i think that's whats best for us,Shay kona auri Yumna she ll never respect me as a husband,she always wants to be d head,the boss and marriages doesn't work that way"...Ahmad said

"Koma menene i know you guys will go through this,just be patient...i am sure she ll come back to you after she realises her mistake......"thats the old Yumna Shay,the Yumna who knows and admits when she's right,not this new Yumna who wants things to be done her way...Shay,please just promise me one thing".....Ahmad said.

"Anything for you Ahmad".....i said full of pity for him...."don't tell Yumna i told you anything,and don't make her apologize to me...leave her alone,allow her to figure things out herself..i want her to willingly realise her mistakes and do what she feels is right for her"....Ahmad said.

"definitely, i also want her to realise this on her own, i pray you guys work this out"....I said calmly...."thanks so much Shay,you have always been there and i really appreciate it,you the best best friend ever...i love you".....Ahmad said...."I love you too best friend and i pray things fall into place real fast"...I said and hung up.

"Yumna needs to realize her mistake and move pass this childishness of hers"....i said to myself.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 13

         ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

             *YUMNA's POV*

As the saying goes "you can't eat your cake as have it"...and that's exactly what I'm wishing for right now,eating my cake and having one can deny the fact that.."You don't know what you have until you lose it"....but for me i knew what i had,i just never thought I'd lose it, and i guess now i have....

I have been angry for several days,so angry at Ahmad,but the more i think about it,the more i realise that its actually not his fault that this happened but mine,I expected too much,i never thought Ahmad would be able to stand up for himself, i admit i mistook his patience for weakness and that made me treat him less than he deserved to be treated.

[align=justify][size=medium]I sat with a heavy heart on my bed,picked up my phone and dialed Shay's number...."Whatsup"....Shay said imm
Nice story

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