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*HADUWAR MU* Love at first flight* by Phateemah Taheer Abdullahi
LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (Haduwar mu) Episode 14

         ❣️Phateemah Taheer ❣️

I sat on my bed biting my lips as i decided on whether to call Ahmad and apologise to him or just ignore him.I had to admit it to myself that i missed him so much, i never knew he was that important to me until now i no longer get to talk to him,balle inyi mishi masifa for things he did not do.

I gathered up the courage and dialed his number and anxiously weighted for him to answer....."Sallamualaikum".....Ahmad said immediately he answered the call...."wallaikasalam".....i said and kept quiet,expecting him to say something else after that...."How have you been?"....i said nervously....""....he asked nicely......"I'm good...and I'm sorry"....i said.

Ahmad was quiet for about 40seconds before he finally spoke...."Dont be...I'm happy i got to know the real you kaffin muyi aure and honestly i don't think i would have been able to live with myself knowing i married a person I can't control,a person who feels her opinion is all that is important and that's it, a person who changes anytime she wants".....Ahmad said angrily....."What do you mean?do you mean i would have been a mistake,do you mean marrying me would have been a mistake?".....i asked sadly feeling like my world was crashing....

"Honestly changed from the person i knew, the person i fell in love with"....Aaa said...."Aaa I'm willing to make this work, i am...i'm willing to make things go back to the way they used to be".....i said in tears and in fear of losing him....."You are only saying that because you want us back,but i know you so well Maryam,the moment things go back to normal you will go back to the person you have chosen to become".....Ahmad said....

"Ahmad please,our wedding is in four months please don't do this to me,wallahi i mean it when i say I'm sorry".....i said in tears.

Ahmad kept quiet for about a minute without uttering a word...."Aaaa I'm sorry,and i mean it....i know i did alot of terrible things which i am sorry for....couples go through this all the time,especially when the marriages is fixed...Ahmad dan Allah ka yafe ni, and if i ever do this again na yadda ka barni,but please forgive me this time"....i said amidst tears..

"Allah ya yafe mana gaba daya".....Ahmad said after a moment of silence....."Thank you so much...i promise things would be different now,i promise"......i said with so much enthusiasm...."ya aiki"....i asked..."Alhamdulillah,how is yours?"......he asked calmly....."Alhamdulillah,we were given a break of three weeks after the training, i finished documentation three days again,my first flight is tomorrow".....i said happily...."for real?"....he asked sounding excited...."yea,i will be one of the crews for the tomorrow's flight to Ethiopia ,transit in Ethiopia and then from Ethiopia to Dubai"....i said happily...."interesting,so my wife would be traveling all the time even after marriage?"....Ahmad asked curiously.

"No,Abba made me promise him my crew career would be for only three months,so i have one month down already,two more to go...After that i would switch to being their ticketing officer".....i said....."Alhamdulillah...thanks to Abba"....Aaa said excitedly....."Why"....i asked laughing out loud..."because i wouldn't want you to be flying all the time,plus i wont accept my wife serving male passengers in the name of a job".....Ahmad said...."C'mon...jealous much"....i said and we both laughed...."if i had known earlier i would have bought a ticket just to fly with you".....Ahmad said...."And visa?".....i asked...."Oh no....hakane fah,dole ne sai inada visa"....Ahmad said laughing..

"You can see me off to the airport tomorrow"....i said nicely...."Sure what time?".....he asked...."3pm"....i replied..."See you then"....he said and hung up.

I really never knew how lucky i was to have Aaa until i thought i lost him,this time around I'm going to give all my all,because i have finally realised i really this, i want us to last.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 15

            ❣️Phateemah Taheer ❣️

You know those butterflies you feel in your stomach when about to speak in a crowd of strangers, or when you are being orally examined by an examiner,those are the exact butterflies i feel in my stomach right know....Flying as a staff of an airline, a member of the cabin crew is really scary...You don't know how your first day will go,how you will react to issues , the people you will meet and how to overcome the fright of not messing up.

"Maryam,you will attending to the business class passengers, they re just 45 in number,hence fewer and easier for you to attend this,you wont be alone, 3 others air hostess are also here to attend to them, if you have any problems, Naden (one of their chief attendants) will help you out".....Derek, the chief hostess said...."Sure, thanks".....i said with a smile...."This is your first day, make it right,use all you been thought and you have practiced in the academy, it will be alright okkk".....he said with his Ethiopian accent and i nodded in affirmation.

"Good evening passengers, welcome on board to Ethiopian airlines, flight 2314 non stop to Ethiopia,kindly fasten  your seat belts as the safety precaution will be demonstrated to you shortly as we prepare for take off,thank you".....i said via the mic as my heart kept racing hoping i didnt add or ommit anything.

I checked seat by seat to make sure all the passengers had fastened their seatbelts as one of my fellow attendants demonstrated the safety guidelines..."Emjay"....a blue base cap on one of the passengers who sat on one of the Eisle seats head read...."Again"....i said calmly...."We are preparing for take off sir, kindly fasten your seat belt"....i said to the guy whose face was covered by the base ball cap....the guy didn't respond as though i wasnt there...."Sir kindly fasten your seat belt sir"....i said again this time a bit louder than before.

"Sure NR"....the guy said with an annoying smile while slightly raising his face to be visible enough...."Its you"....i said angrily....."Ofcourse, am i not allowed to fly with this airline again new recruit"....he said with an annoying smile..."Kindly fasten your seat belt, we are ready for take off"....i said and left this seat.

The flight was a 4hrs flight but seemed way longer than that with that annoying Emjay Guy staring me down...he never missed any chance to draw my attention or ask for help even for the most little and bizarre things.The plane finally landed in Addis Ababa and with sign and relief of my first flight's success i headed to the attendants' lounge where we rested for 12hours on transit before we boarded the flight again, this time to Dubai....continuation of my first flight.

"hello Missy, can i have a glass of water".....A familiar voice said..."Sure sir"....i said turning only to see that Emjay base ball cap again,this time a red one..."You again"....i blutted out without even realizing it...."Yes, me again"....he said with an annoying smile...."Why do you get irritated by me?"....he said with yet another annoying smile...."Here's your water sir"....i said handing him a bottle...

I made sure to stay as far away from his seat as possible till we landed in Dubai.

The flight attendants, myself included were lodged in a hotel where we will be staying for the next 5days before we fly back to Addis Ababa and then Nigeria again...Lupsy and i decided to seize the next day to see Dubai.

We went shopping for exotic shoes and bags and surprisingly we had the same taste...On our way out of the mall we went to i heard a rather familiar voice,again...."You can run but you can't hide"....the voice said.....I turned to see who it was,lo and behold, an army green base ball cap that spelled "Emjay"....again....i opened my mouth to talk, but to my surprise Lupsy immediately ran towards him and gave him a hug..."Hidding from me Lups??".....he said slighly looking at me....I looked in surprise wondering what was happening...."Ofcourse not silly"....Lupsy said with a smile..She dragged Emjay by the hand towards me...."Yumna meet my cousin Emjay,Emjay Yumna,my friend"....she said with a big grim....."Hey Yumna,I'm Mujaheed,emjay for short....nice to see you again".....he said with a smile...."See you again?You know her?"....Lupsy asked....

"Not really,she is one of the air hostesses for the business class on my flight here"....Emjay said...."For real?i was on the the same flight, but in Economy class"....Lupsy said...."You still fly economy Lupsy?"....Emjay asked with an annoying grin...."Attending silly, I'm a flight attendant too"....i said with all shades of happy....."For real,look who is working now"....Emjay said playfully....."Yea yea whatever"....i said laughing...

I stood there and watched as the two cousins chatted away, i dont know what it is about this Emjay that annoys me and makes me furious, and I don't even intend to find out...

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 16

            ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

Life has a way of introducing undesirable elements into our lives,some come as blessings,some as friends and others as foes, some are elevators and others as depressors, whatever they come as,they come for a purpose and for a reason.

Lupsy gave  our hotel address and room number to Emjay and couldn't resist coming to visit...."Guess who is here"....Lupsy said coming into the room with Emjay...."So early"...I blurted....."Hey Maryam"....Emjay said...."Hy you"...i said with a frown...."Thank God you are ready, emjay came to take us out"....Lupsy said sounding excited..."Out where?i thought its just me, you and other air hostesses having a day out"....I said with a blank expression....."Naden cancelled at the last minute,Mitalli said she had a spa appointment,Derek wants to go swimming,so I thought we should also do what we want since everyone is going solo".....Lupsy said.

"where are we going ladies"....Emjay asked...."Yumna where would you like to go?"....Lupsy asked..."i dont know you choose"....I said..."Surprise us"....Lupsy said...."Lets go"...Emjay said stepping out.

We were out all day...we went to the desert and Burj al arab and finally to a restaurant close to our hotel where we had dinner...."This food is wow"....Lupsy said...."Yea its nice"....i said with a phone suddenly started ringing and stood up to answer it...."Hello sweet"....i said upon answering the call....."C'mon Aaa ofcourse you know i miss you,i really cant wait to get back home"....i said happily......"ok call me when you are done"....i said and hung up happily.

"Never knew your smile could be this beautiful"....someone behind me said and I immediately turned to see who it could be...lo and behold,Emjay...."I dont know why you don't like me, kuma i am a likable person"....Emajy said calmly...."it that so?"....i said sarcastically....."ofcourse,you are the first girl i know who isnt tripping over me already"....Emjay said with pride...."Well I'm not everyone,just so you know"....i said and headed back to our table to finish my dessert.

"your friend doesn't like me"....Emajy said to Lupsy as he sat..."Really? Woow Yumna,thank you for showing this silly not all girls trip over him as he has always thought"....Lupsy said laughing...."She will like me eventually ,i know it"....Emjay said confidently...."i have to go back to the hotel,bacci nake ji...Night".....i said and left them there.

"Eventually my foot"....i said as i entered my room.....I had a long chat with Aaa after which i went to take a bath...I strolled into the room wearing a nightie when i heard a knock on the door..."Hey Lups"....i said opening the door...."Hy,so you are ready for bed already"....She said entering the room...."Yes i am,so tired wallahi"....i said shaking my wet hair...."here,Emjay wanted me to give you this"....she said handing me a small ice cream container"....i said collecting and dropping it on the table almost at the same time.

"Yumna,i know Mujaheed can be quiet annoying,but he is a nice guy,please try to like him"....Lupsy said sitting on the bed...."he's too full of himself and that's quiet annoying"....I said drying my hair with a hand dryer...."i know he is,but what do you expect from someone who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, son of the ambassador of more than 5 countries within a period of 20 years,what do you expect?"....Lupsy said and I immediately dropped the hand dryer and turned to look at her.

I have always heard sons of rich men brag and feel on top of the world,and know i am also getting to know this side of the world i never knew before.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 17

        ❣️Phateemah Taheer ❣️

I have always wanted someone who would love me so much,chase me so much and spend on me so much while trying to prove hos love for me or while just for my attention.

I fell in love with Aaa since i was barely 17...There was no chasing ,no fighting for attention and no trying to win me over, the love just came, it just happened.

I came back to Nigeria after my first flight which took a totally of 10..1 day in Ethiopia, 4days in Dubai, another 1 day in Ethiopia, 4days in Sudan, 1day in Ethiopia  and finally back to Nigeria.

I sat on my bed unpacking and finding new spaces for the items i got while i was away on my trip...."Yumna kizo inji Abbanki"....Our maid said and i got almost immediately as i havent seen him since I returned....

"Salamualaikum"....i said as i entered Abba's parlor...."waalaikumasalam"....Abba replied with his eyes fixed on his news paper...."Abba sannu da hutawa"....i said with a smile...."Yauwa"....Abba said and dropped the news paper on the chair beside him.

Abba sighed,looked at his foot and took a deep breath before looking at me...."I'm in trouble"....i said to myself...."How was your first flight".....Abba asked...."Fabulous Abba, it was great, i visited so many new places, restaurants,malls, beaches, towns, deserts ,different food,gaskiya being a flight attendant comes with so much fun, experience and adventure"....i said so fast i could hardly hear myself...

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, because that was your first and last flight"....Abba said with all seriousness....The light in my face vanished..the happiness i felt sank deep in my heart...."Last kuma Abba?"....i asked with a shaky voice...."but Abba i just go started"...."No Yumna, you just finished...there's is no way i ll allow my daughter to go out of the country for days a matsayinki na 8days you were in 3 different counties it got to a time i had no idea where exactly you were or what you were doing, i trust you and i trust the kind of upbringing i gave you, but I don't trust this world....I have spoken to those that i can and and hopefully by Monday you can resume work at their office here in Kano"....Abba said almost angrily.

"Abba this is what i have passion for please dont take this awaya from me"....i said almost crying...."Aren't you being selfish?are you being fair to Ahmad and his family, for how long do you want him to keep chasing you before you come to right senses and settle down in marriage?...either work in their office here at Kano airport,or forget about getting a job completely"....Abba said and left me.


I was shown my office and i sat immediately to resume duties...I had to keep track of all records of ticketing operations and a host ofnother duties....I was about to print something when i heard my phone ringing..."Hello"....i said with no smile on my face...."Yum whats up?"....Shay said..."I'm fine, you?"....I replied..."I would be good if you told me why on earth you are ignoring Ahmad and why he had to call me to tell me about it"...Shay said.

"Shay you do not want to annoy me now ok"....i said and hung up...Just as i was about to get up from my seat, i saw a call coming in...."Emjay"....i said in whispers...."Hello"...i said upon answering..."Hello beautiful..Someone i found my way to the airport and i thought i could stop by and say hi to you"....He said...."How did you get my number"....i said angrily...."Lupsy gave it to dis you know it was me?".....He asked in return..."True caller"....i replied.

"Yumna please, let me see..even if its the last time i get to see you"....he said calmly...."ok, there a restaurant close to the departure, i ll meet you there in 10 minutes"....i said blankly..."Thank you"....he said hurriedly.

I sat back on my chair thinking if seeing Emjay was right or wrong..."Screw right or wrong, I'm too pissed off to think"...i said and picked up my bag.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 18

          ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

I sat on my bed looking at the message that arrived 30minutes ago into my phone..."My life has been a mess for the pass 6weeks and I don't know what to so or say or think"....I said to myself.

I don't know if I'm selfish or self-centred or both, but i do make sure my happiness comes first for me in every situation, irrespective of whether i am at the receiving or giving end...

The buzz on my phone was what brought me back to life..."Please tell me its not one of the rantings because wallahi Shay I don't have energy for it"....I said rudely...."Haba Yumna, what sort of a person are you?is what you are doing fair?"....Shay said angrily on the other end of the phone..."Oh so yanxu i am the one at fault kenan koh?love ba hauka bane...Because of the stupid childish love i kept dragging with me all this while yanxu my career has ended even before it started"....i said almost spitting fire...

"tayaya Ahmad yayi ending career dinki, how?Bawan Allahn nan has been chasing you for the past five weeks, you have been ignoring his calls, har office enki yaje amma akace baki nan, he went as far as waiting for you only for him to see some other guy drop you sau daya ba ba sau biyu ba, he has seen you with that guy at the movies, shopping malls and even countless restaurants...what the freaking hell is going on?"....Shay said at the top of her voice....

"first of all that guy's name is  Mujaheed and secondly Ahmad should have the sanity to acknowledge that he has no right to be chasing me around like he is doing....Because whether he realises it or not, we are done...we re finished...we finished the day he became a reason for my father to tell me I couldn't fly again, that i couldnt be an air hostess again...that was when Ahmad and i ended".....i said shouting at the top of my voice...

"Ahmad had nothing to do with your father's decision, kawai dai dama you have been looking for a reason to end it with Ahmad shine kawai zancen"....Shay said coldly...."Mujaheed has all that i want and so much more...the fire i felt for Ahmad died a long time a go..and you tell him that"....i said and Hung up...

                 *SHAY'S POV*

I couldn't hardly believe my ears and all that they heard..."Ahmad I'm so sorry"...I said looking at him..."I shouldn't have put the phone on speaker, you shouldn't have heard those hurtful words...."Its ok shay"...Ahmad said with a fake smile...."Really it is"....he added...."I will visit her tomorrow and talk some sense into her i promise"....I said eagerly......

"No Shaheeda,don't...She made her point clear...even a blind man could see Yumna is over me...She has long been over me i just didn't realise it early,if she wants out, I'm giving her an out"....Ahmad said sadly...."But you are engaged to her Ahmad, what would you tell Umma da Abba"....I said sounding very much concerned.....

"The truth"...he said..."i ll tell them nothing but the truth, and i am sure they will understand...Allah na tuba ake aure ma a rabu....i know my parents will be angry for them to have gone that far to get us engaged, but at the end of the day all they will say is Allah yasa hakan ne mafi alkhair"....Ahmad said with so much sadness...."Ahmad i am so sorry, but what if she's just confused and needs a little time?".....I said softly.

"need a little time?"...Ahmad shouted..."She doesn't need any more time....She made her point clear...She has been dropping hints i just never took them, i saw her more time than i can count with that guy and i can swear she loves him already, the way they look at eachother, the way he carries her bag around, the way he feeds her ice cream and stuff in public, the way he opens and closes the car door for her all those countless other things...They looked happy and comfortable with eachother...don't comfort me with a lie, just dont"....Ahmad said angrily and drove off his car.

I stood there like a statue, wondering what Ahmad must be going through...I feel nothing but pity for him wallahi...I know he asked me not to, but i need to go talk sense into Yumna's head...First thing tomorrow.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 19

           ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

                   *YUMNA's POV*

I never realised how boring my life was until recently...I have to admit that i have been a good girl and have always stayed true to myself, but these days i feel like i am in prison , especially weekends..."Shay no longer has time for me, when I can't even think about her having time for me after the throw off we had yesterday"....i said to myself hitting my bed with one had and wearing an angry look.

"Sallamualaikum"....Shay said opening the door of my room....."Talk of the devil and the devil appears".....i said with a light smile...."Who were you talking about me with?"....Shay asked sitting on the bed......"No one fah"....i said...."Yauwa Shay, thank God you are here, i need you to take me out"....I said with a smile holding her both hands...."Out where"....Shay asked curiously....."Anywhere, i just need to get out of this house and yanxu in ba aiki ba i dont go out...Abba da Umma sun saka mun ido a cikin gidan nan, just tell them zan raka ki wani wuri, they trust you, and i need to see Emjay yau wallahi"...I said angrily.

"Well its a good thing they did, considering how much you have been rendezvousing round town with that Emjay guy"....Shay said blankly....."Shay did you come here to visit or to fight?".....i said angrily...."May be i came for both"....Shay said...I knew where this could head up to...I looked up at Shay, picked up my phone and started pressing the buttons.

"Yum, why? Ahmad loves you so much and doesnt deserve what you are doing to him, he has been patient with you, he has been there for you, you can't just push him away now like he is some piece of toy"....Shay said...."Yea that is the problem"....i said standing up from where i sat...

"That is the problem...I'm not happy with Ahmad anymore, i never really was, Emjay makes my soul boil, he brings out the fun person in me that has been locked out by Ahmad...Ahmad is nice and all but his holy holy is too much for my now wild personality....i was with Ahmad when i had no choice, no option, but now i do....Emjay is more fun to be me i never thought i could fall for him or like him, i hated him infact....but he was adamant, he kept chasing in romantic ways...sending me lunch to my office, sending expensive gifts to, caring for me like a princess, always ready to do as i say, buy gucci, valentino, versace, jimmy choo bags, shoes, watches, name it..ever ready to spend".....I said before Shay interrupted..

"oh so now its all about material things? kuwa kinsan Ahmad ba matsiyaci bane..Ahmad would buy you all these things and more if you asked....His father is richer is as rich as yours, so what is the beefing and new found pride about?"....Shay shouted..

"Yes, dama i never said babban matsiyaci ne...never did...kawai dai we should always try to elevate our selves and not live on the same page....Emjay's father is by far richer than both our fathers combined, but ai ba kudin shi nace inaso ba, and shi basai na tambaya yake bani ba, he knows the right thing to do and he does it without me asking"....i claimed...."Well from the look of things that's exactly what you are after, the money and the fake care he is showing...Ahmad cared for you just as much, he spent for you just as much and he loved you even more...mene lefinshi?because he is too shy? Or it is because his work is Nigeria based and he doesn't need to be flying first class all the time? Because he believes bai dace ku dunga fita zuwa exotic places tare ba because of cultural, ethical and religious barriers? Is that why he is lacking?"...Shay said standing up from the bed...

"Shaheeda, wallahi wallahi bazan auri Ahmad bah, Mujaheed zan aura kiyi abunda kikaga dama...he is who i want, who my heart now beats for...who i kema mace, in har kin damu kuma kin isa mace, ki maida gurbina a wajen Ahmad, kuma in har Ahmad ya cika namiji toh yayi kokarin cire ni a ranshi".....I said looking at her eye ball to eye ball...

"Yumna, ba baki nayi miki ba, amma you will regret this, you will regret treating Ahmad the way you did , Allah ba azalumun sarki bane, and Karma is very much real wallahi"....Shay said and worked out of the room angrily.

I smiled immediately Shay existed the room, i picked up my phone from where i kept it and ended the call....Yes i called Ahmad immediately i knew where Shaheeda was heading, i didnt need her to deliver the message, i wanted him to hear it himself, and i am sure he did..."19minutes 34 seconds....You have heard all i needed you to hear"....i said  to myself and throw the phone on the bed with a smiling face.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 20

          ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

You know that feeling you get in your chest, in your body ma dai generally after you have a problem solved, the feeling as though wani heavy load has been lifted off your chest, that's exactly how i feel right now...I got up from my bed and took out one of the several flavours of ice cream Emjay got me the week before and opened one...and yes my bedroom fridge is filled up with ice cream and chocolates, who says dating a Mr Romantic isn't fun..My phone buzzed and i looked at the screen with a smile.

"Hello baby Emjay"....i said with a rather tiny voice than Usual...."Yau babe dina ta manta da ni"...he said on the other end...."wane ni....kawai dai i was sorting out some issues ne"....i said...."Issues you can't tell me about?"...he inquired...."Ofcourse i can tell you mana"....I said...."Then tell me mana".....he demanded....

"Shi kuma wannan matsalata dashi ya fiya gulma da jin kwakwap"....i said in my head rolling my eyes in annoyance...."I ...."Yumna dawa kike waya?".....Umma said entering my room..."I ll call you back"...i said and hung up.

I stared at Umma not knowing what to say to her...."dawa kike waya?"....she asked again..."Umma Mujaheed ne"...I said keeping my head down angrily..."Kizo inji Abban ki yanzun nan..duk rashin mutuncin da kikeyi zakiyi bayani ne wallahi"....Umma said and left.

I got to Abba's parlor filled with anger and void..."Sallamualaikum Abba gani"....I said sitting down on the carpet...."Yumna dama abunda kike kenan right under my nose"....Abba said with rage...."Oh Abba kira yayi ya fada maka? Ai da sai yazo ya same ni...why should he have to involve you in this...nace masa I'm over this he should just let it go rather than involve iyayena...Shi Ahmad har yau ya kasa zama man enough to face his problems".....i said angrily.

I couldn't help but notice the expression on my parents' faces and the way they exchanged glances..."Wato because of this new guy that you don't even know shine kikeyi Ahmad abunda kikace kina mai?dama your aunty told me she heard everything that happened today between you and Shaheeda....Yumna pride, arrogance and love for wordly things shi yake kai mutun ya baro shi"....Umma said sadly.

"Umma i have traveled the world and i have seen the world, the way the first class kind of families travel, shop big and live comfortably lives, i can only get married once and Mujaheed is my choice ni yanxu"....i said stubbornly..

"Ni ba mutumun banza bane...there's no way i am breaking the alliance that there is between Alhaji Musa and myself...i got you engaged to Ahmad as par your wish, no one forced you, and yanzu kuma kice mun ba haka ba"...Abba said angrily..

"Alhaji, please calm down...This i s marriage we are talking about...She's our only daughter, kuma nasan Yumna da kyau, bata da hankali, she does unspeakable things when her wish isn't granted, please re consider"....Umma said gently....."Ke Yumna, na baki daga nan zuwa gobe, think carefully about what you want, if it is this new guy you want, fine and good, i ll know what to tell Alhaji Musa, amma wallahi wallahi wallahi after this baki isa kizo kice mun ba haka ba..wallahi baki isa ba... na gaya miki"....Abba said persistently.

"Abba basai ankai gobe ba, ni i have made my decision, i dont want Ahmad anymore"....i said...."To ki fadawa shi wannan wanda ya like miki, na bashi nan da kwana uku ya turo iyayen shi"....Abba said and stood up, leaving Umma and i there...

"Yumna, i hope you know marriage is a woman's whole life...Men have a chance of correcting mistakes when it comes to marriage, amma women thats the end...A man can marry up to four wives, amma mace its either she will continue living in the hell she has chosen for herself, or become a this generation yan matan ma ya suka kare balle zaurawa...think carefully, kar kwadayi ya kaiki ya baro ki"....."Umma i am sure"...i said with a smile...."Shikenan"...Umma said and stood up.

I went straight to my room and called Emjay, and i could tell from the sound of his voice that he hasn't been that happy in a long time..."I want the wedding to be within this month"....Emjay said...."thats in 21days from now till the ending of the month"....I said..."Yes, we will get engaged this week and get married two weeks after, there's no rush"....Emjay said...."Allah ya nuna mana"....i said filled with smiles...."My happily ever after is about to begin....Breakfast in Malibu, lunch in Burj al arab and dinner by the Eiffle tower"....i said to my self filled with smile.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 21

         ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

"The Queening feeling
" is all i have been wearing all week....My introduction was the talk of the neighborhood...The cars, the Oud scents flying around, the body guards and police vans that accompanied Mujaheed's father and his ministers and Senetors friends have been the talk of the neighborhood all week...

The funniest thing about people is that kowa yana san ace yasan wane koh dan wane....I started getting calls from my neighbors, girls en da basu mun magana started calling to congratulate me, as if when i got engaged to Aaaa it wasn't congrats worthy, sai yanxu that i am engaged to someone who's surname rings waves in Nigeria..."Who doesn't want the good things of life, yet some hypocrites will judge me for dumping Aaa"....i said to myself gulping down apple juice..

My ringtone was what brought me back to life from my new world of Fantasy...."Yumna love".....Emjay said immediately i answered the call....."Mijina to be"....i said all smiles..."Naam wifie"....he answered..."How is the preparation going?".....i asked..."Speaking about preparation...."I tried to book those photographers you requested and they have all been booked wallahi, we have to look for alternatives"....Emjay said and my Jaw dropped....

"What???We have to make them have time for us ai, dole dai they couldn't have been booked all day, kasan kudi is what is talking and you have it just give it to them they will create time...baka san if the pre-weddings are taken by a known photographer ba sai pictures en sunfi making waves a social media....I want our wedding pictures to be everywhere" mouth said so fast without my brain even thinking it...

"Come on Baby does that really matter?"....Emjay asked...."To me it does"....i said boldly..."I am marrying a guy i love i should do the things i love and want"....i added...."Ok baby, anything for you"....emjay said..."Talk to you later and we will fix a date for the pre-wedding pics"....Emjay said..."ok sweet"...i said and hung up.


I dont know what it is about me but i always get what i want...I wanted Emjay, i got him, and now i am getting the wedding i have always desired...."Just want i wanted"....i said as i saw our pre-wedding pictures trending on social media with the Caption "Ambassador KUW'a son about to wed Former air hostess"........

"Guess what?"....i said immediately Emjay answered my call..."you are trending"....he said and we laughed it off...

"Yes we are trending"....i said sounding over joyed....."a week to go before ki zama amaryata"....Emjay said with Enthusiasm...."Wallahi I can't wait"...i said..."ok i have to go, i have alot to do today, i will drop by your office if i get the chance"....Emjay said sounding like he was in such a hurry...."You have to Mr Romantic, muna binka bashi"...i said jokingly...."bashin me fah"...he asked laughing.

"First class tickets to Paris and Hawaii"...i said trying to make him remember...."Oh the honeymoon package, i think we should hold on on that for now till few days after the wedding, things might get a bit tight and we may have to change the date and stuff"....Emjay said..."Oh sure...anytime you want"....i said and hung  up not quite happy.

I picked up my bag from the bed and headed out the door.


        *SHAHEEDA's POV*

I admit i have not been myself lately...I have heard of sudden change in the attitude of human beings and betrayals, i have just never witnessed it.Yumna betrayed me, betrayed Ahmad and most certainly betrayed herself....."Shaheeda"...My mum said..."Naam Umma"....i replied..."Ahmad is here to see you"....Umma said..."Umma dan Allah kice bana nan"....I said sounding furious...."da girmana nayi karya?"....Umma said sounding surprised by my words.

"Salamualaykum"....i said entering the parlor.."Waalaykisalam"....Ahmad replied with a smile...."Thanks for avoiding me"....he added.

"i have not been avoiding you"....i said with a laugh..."2weeks, 24 missed calls...7 messages....No reply to either and you have not been avoiding me?"...Ahmad said frowning..

"Actually...i ...i ... was going".i stammered....."Just came to check up on you and to make sure you are doing good"....Ahmad said and stood up.

I sat there like a statue, not sure what to say as i watched Ahmad leave the parlor.

I walked fast towards where he parked his car and was already about to enter and drive off..."Ahmad wait"....i said trying to catch my breath..."Do you have something to tell me?...Something you think i should know?"....Ahmad asked curiously.

I looked at Ahmad with so much pity, not sure what to tell him, not sure if i should tell him what Yumna said."Ahmad loves Yumna so much, how would he react when i tell him all she said"....i asked myself looking at him eye to eye.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (haduwar mu) Episode 22

           ❣️Phateemah Taheer❣️

       *SHAHEEDA's POV*

I stood there like life has been forcefully pulled out of me.I looked at Ahmad with so much pity and blankness not knowing what to tell him or what to possibles say that would console him for what I'm about to tell him.

"You know you can tell me anything Shay, I'm a man fah karki manta..i can handle almost anything"....he said with a smile that almost melted my heart and almost moved me to tears.....

"I should have called you to tell you how things transpired between Yumna and i after the last visit, but Aaaa it would have broken you heart all over again"....i said looking at him pitifully..

"I don't love him anymore, Mujaheed is this and that, romantic and kin isa ki maida gurbi na a wurin Ahmad...blah blah blah"....Ahmad said and i looked at him with surprise written all over my face....

"How did you know all this?"....i asked sounding so surprised....

"Yumna knows both of us...we have known eachother way before we knew what love is, she knows my weaknesses and she knows yours too, she knows you care about me and wouldn't tell me what you know would hurt me...She needed her message to be delivered and she needed it to be delivered fast and she knew you would hide some details to protect my feelings so she dialed my number while she was having that conversation with you and i heard everything for myself...every single word".....Ahmad said with a weak smile.

"Ahmad i just couldn't bring myself to......"to tell me what?"....Ahmad interrupted me..."to tell me i should have picked up her signals? To tell me i could have avoided this whole scenario if i had allowed her to stay gone eachtime she left me?...I didn't know it would get to this otherwise i would have saved us all this drama, but kinsan yadda Allah yake abinshi, it happened exactly the way Allah wanted it to happen and for a reason....i have made peace with Yumna's decisions and you should too".....Ahmad said looking at me with so much pity like i was the one whose heart was broken...

"I'm sorry Aaaaa...i made you love her"...i said in tears....."and you made me un-love her".....Ahmad said handing me an Oud scented handkerchief...."How?"....i asked wiping the tears.

"you made me realize i deserve someone way better..If you hadn't gone to see Yumna she wouldn't have dialed my number to make me hear all those stuff, and trust me Wallahi I'm not angry at her anymore, the heart wants what it wants and i hope she finds peace with that"...Ahmad said...

"I should go, you have a wedding to plan".....Ahmad said..."Whose?"....i asked a little confused....."Yumna's mana".....Ahmad said...."When is the wedding?".....i asked surprised..."Shay, when was the last time you listened to the radio, its all over the radio...AMBASSADOR blah blah blah getting his son married in a week".....Ahmad said.

"i have no business with Yumna and her dreaded wedding"....i said..."She is your best friend and she needs you"...Ahmad said...."I dont need her anymore"....i said...."Shay please, you will only make me feel bad if you cut all ties with her on my account, she was you best friend before she was my girlfriend and she should still be, please, be there for her for my sake...can you do that for me?"....Ahmad asked politely.

"I wish i could erase all she said about me taking her place if i am girl enough"....i said angrily....."The best of ideas come from the dumbest of places".....Ahmad said with a smile and entered his car...

"meaning?".....i asked almost about to sneeze...."Good bye Shay, sai munyi waya".....Ahmad said gave me a wink and drove off.

"The best of ideas come from the dumbest of places? What does that mean?".....i asked myself as i made my way into the house..

I rounded up all i was doing in the kitchen soon after Ahmad left and was about to change into my nightie when my phone rang..."Yumna"....i said as i looked at the caller's name on the screen...."Hello"....i said answering the call.....

"Shay dama namiji zai iya shiga tsakaninmu?".....Yumna said...."aa"...i replied...."So why have you been avoiding me?....i know i said some really awful things to you the other day, but i said it to get a point across to someone not because i wanted to hurt your feelings...i wanted Ahmad to hear them from me".....Yumna added.

"so you used me as a bait?Why didnt you just call me and tell him, why did you have to dial him up while we were conversing"....i said angrily.

"I'm sorry"...Yumna said calmly...."Ya wuce"....I replied...."You were here to see my 40 boxes of lefe and the wedding is next week, please be there please....i will send Mujaheed's driver with the IVs later i am too busy i would have dropped by myself"....Yumna said..

"Allah ya kaimu...Sai da safe"....i said and hung up...

I went to bed not knowing if i should go to the wedding or not...I should Since Ahmad begged me to, but i know this is dumb idea....but then again, Ahmad said the best of ideas come from the dumbest of places..


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