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BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread
Tecno comes through for BBN Housemates as they capture their Saturday Night Fun Memories

[Image: 61124f693eb04.jpg]

Going by how much of a blast the second week’s Saturday night party was, Big Brother Naija season 6 is officially now in full swing and TECNO’s Phantom X and Camon 17 Pro captured it all!
It would seem that the novelty of the house and the show is starting to wear off the housemates as they are finally letting down their guards. This was even more evident at the Saturday night party. All 22 of them showed us how to let go and boogie down. I couldn’t help it; I joined in on all that unadulterated fun from the middle of my humble abode. It was crazy!
[Image: 61124fa918826.jpg]
The fun at the party wasn’t the only thing that made the night an absolute boom. The housemates came into the party room slaying! Every single one of them. So, not only did they party hard, they also looked smashing doing it.
[Image: 611251e8645d0.png]
[Image: 611251a939449.jpg]
Imagine then, that all that glam and excitement and fun happened without being locked down into life long memories? That will be hands down criminal, right? I agree. Thankfully, nothing criminal happened that night.
[Image: 611252c9dcfce.jpg]
[Image: 6112543d9b02f.png]
TECNO’s Phantom X and Camon 17 Pro came through! All of the glam activities and memories of the night got captured by these phones. And, they did an amazing job.
[Image: 61125420f2e7a.png]
[Image: 6112546c3515a.png]
[Image: 611254e4093e1.png]
I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what the next Saturday night party brings!
[Image: icon_share.png]

BBNaija: I fell in love with your personality not body – Sammie apologises to Angel

 August 11, 2021

[Image: Sammie-Angel.jpg]
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija Season 6 housemate, Sammie, has apologised to Angel for calling her names during a heated argument between them.

 Recalls that Sammie and his love interest, Angel, on Monday night were involved in an argument after Sammie confronted her over a Truth or Dare game, in which she kissed Kayvee, the new housemate.

Angel after the confrontation accused Sammie of slut-shaming her.
As a result, Angel was quiet throughout Tuesday and slept most part of the day.

Sammie, who felt down, approached her at the garden and apologised to her for the words he used.

Sammie said, “Angel, we don’t have to work out but just know this thing you should understand is that we’re in a game whatever I did or said should not affect your game.

“Actually, I don’t know why you’re here but I am here for a reason. It doesn’t matter how it goes with us.

“I don’t want to think that you’re sleeping all day because of me or you have your own issues. I don’t want to know if it’s the period, it’s me or it’s because of what I said.

“If you’re like this because of what I said I’m sorry and yesterday was the first time I heard the word ‘slut-shaming’. I’ve had a lot of female friends but I hardly ever get into a fight with them that I’ll end up insulting them.

“If did not slut-shame you, I fell for you not because of your tattoos or the way you dressed.

“Falling for you was progressive. We spoke and I watched you speak. I didn’t fall because of your body, I fell because of your personality.

“If you felt I slut-shamed you, then I’m sorry.”


BBNaija: Why I didn’t attend university, secure degree – Whitemoney

 August 11, 2021

[Image: WhiteMoney-.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija Season 6 housemate, Whitemoney, has finally revealed his reason for not having a university degree.

JMK, the new BBNaija housemate, had approached Whitemoney to know more about him.

In the process, Whitemoney told JMK that he does not have a degree because he did not have the opportunity to go to the university.

He added that that’s one of the reasons why he wants to get married to a smart woman, adding that he only wrote NECO examinations.

Whitemoney said, “I want a smart woman because I did not go to school due to the situation at that time.I am smart but I didn’t go to school. I don’t want a situation whereby my children will ask me about their assignments and I’ll not be able to help them.

“My own is to make money. I don’t know how to solve maths. Their mother will do that.”

Whitemoney, however, revealed that his siblings have so many certifications and are big men.

“Any degree you want to talk about, my siblings have them. As for me, as I managed to finish my NECO, I said God be the glory,” Whitemoney said.


BBNaija: I won’t allow disrespect to my office – Pere warns housemates

 August 11, 2021

[Image: pere.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija Season 6, Head of House Pere has issued a stern warning to his fellow housemates.

Pere on Wednesday gathered the housemates in the lounge for a meeting.

During the meeting, Pere warned the housemates to take note of their designated chores and not disrespect him.

Pere said: “There will be no disrespect as long as I am head of house. Have I made myself clear.”

This got some housemates like Tega making faces.

Recall Pere was the cause of a heated argument between Maria and Queen.

The female BBNaija Season 6 housemates had a shouting match last night and called each other names.

Pere felt disrespected that Maria and Queen did not respect him enough but continued arguing.

Bbnaija: Pere Sacks White Money From The Kitchen (pictures)

Checkout the look on Whitemoney's face after Pere sacked him from cooking for the housemates in the kitchen.

Pere, after winning the Head of the House told Maria about his plan to remove White Money from the kitchen. He feels that cooking in the kitchen is White Money's strategy to win.

So today, Pere gathered the Housemates and announced that since Whitemoney has been cooking for 2 weeks now, that there is the need to change that because he wants to stop 'Kitchen Monopoly'.

Whitemoney looks obviously shocked. [Image: grin.png] [Image: grin.png]

[Image: 14018665_cymera20210811185311_jpeg6d4601...6fad315b4f]
[Image: 14018666_cymera20210811190023_jpegd33695...581aff9284]
[Image: 14018667_cymera20210811185409_jpegb0f40f...ff285eccdd]
[Image: 14018668_cymera20210811185952_jpeg6cea4a...3b1fa589af]

BBNaija: Why I don’t want to be teammates with Maria again – Whitemoney

 August 12, 2021

[Image: FotoJet-2021-08-06T000144.468.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Whitemoney has said he does not want to have Maria as a teammate again.

Whitemoney said this after their Guinness music presentation on Wednesday.

Whitemoney, Maria, Pere, Queen, Saskay and Kayvee were members of Team Foreign Extra Stout.

They were not able to perform their music task completely which caused arguments after the task.

Maria, without waiting for the judgment, concluded that the team failed which got Whitemoney upset.

He further begged Biggie not to put him with Maria in the same group again for any task.

Whitemoney said: “Biggie, Please I want to blow. Don’t put me in the same team with Maria please.

“She has a negative energy and vibe which is not good for any team. I want to win tasks with my team .”


BBNaija: I should have picked Peace as my deputy – Pere laments

 August 12, 2021

[Image: pere.jpg]

Pere, Big Brother Naija, present Head of House, has said he would have chosen Peace as his deputy and not Maria.

Recall that Pere had said he regrets choosing Maria as the deputy head of house.

Pere on Monday after emerging as the head of house chose Maria as his deputy.

However, barely 24hrs, Pere has regretted his decision after the heated argument between Queen and Maria.

According to him, she disrespected his position as the Head of House.

Speaking to Cross and Boma, Pere said he regretted picking Maria because she had refused to heed to his advances.
According to him, he thought he would have enjoyed his private space with Maria but she was not welcoming his charm.

He said, “One thing that’s getting me angry is that I picked the wrong deputy head of house.”
When asked, who he would have picked, Pere said Peace.

He said, ”I could have run things with Peace low-key in the house.”

Pere added that he wanted to pick one of the new girls but as they didn’t play the game, they may not be allowed into the role.


BBNaija: I’m sexually attracted to Cross – Angel reveals

 August 12, 2021

[Image: Cross-and-Angel.jpg]
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija Season 6 housemate, Angel has revealed the male housemate she is sexually attracted to.

Recall Angel had said she’s not sexually attracted to Sammie who has feelings for her.

According to her, she’s only mentally attracted to Sammie.

Discussing with Cross in the house, she told him she’s sexually attracted to him.

This is the first time Angel would admit she feels something for Cross.
Angel said: “Let me tell you something today.

“I’m sexually attracted to you, do you know that?”

Cross, responding, said he had no idea Angel was attracted to him.

Meanwhile, Cross had earlier said he would like to have a relationship with Peace outside the house if possible.


BBNaija: Why I may not have sex with Michael – Jackie B

 August 12, 2021

[Image: Jackie-B.jpg]
Big Brother Naija housemate Jackie B has revealed that she is attracted to Michael.

Jackie made the revelation during a chat with Angel.

When Angel asked if she would have sex with Michael, Jackie B said she is not yet sure.

She further stated that she is not sure he has a big manhood because she likes it big.


Jackie B said, “There’s an attraction. I’m not sure if his size is big though.
However, Angel added that she saw him naked while having his bath and Michael’s manhood is not big.

#BBNaija: Nigerians react as White Money flouts Pere’s order and cooks for himself as other housemates join him to eat the food (video)

[Image: 61150253118bd.jpg]

Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Whitemoney, in the early hours of today disregarded the Head of House, Peres order to relieve him of kitchen duties.
Recall that last night, Pere gathered the housemates in the lounge where he announced that WhiteMoney will no longer be the one to cook. According to him, he needs to stop the kitchen monopoly Whitemoney has enjoyed since they came into the house three weeks ago.

However, at about 2am today August 12, Whitemoney went into the kitchen to prepare a meal for himself and other housemates who were awake joined him to eat the meal.
This has led to several reactions on Twitter.
Twitter user @Becky wrote, “When grace is on you, HMS stay up till up till 2am to enjoy your food, whitemomey still cooked”.
Another Twitter user wrote, “It’s the fact that housemates are eating White Money’s food by disregarding HOH directives. They are all disrespecting the emblem of office of the HOH”.

Watch the video of WhiteMoney cooking and see more Twitter reactions below...

[Image: 6115016f8cb03.jpg][Image: 6115018262768.jpg][Image: 6115022f68857.jpg][Image: 6115019885c0d.jpg]
[Image: icon_share.png]

BBNaija: I want to have sex with you – Angel admits to Cross
 August 12, 2021

[Image: Cross-and-Angel-1.jpg]
Big Brother Naija 2021 ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate, Angel, has admitted she would love to sleep with fellow housemate, Cross.

Angel disclosed this during a private conversation in the house with Cross today.

Cross asked Angel, “If you have the opportunity to f**k any housemate, who would that be?”

Angel replied shyly, “You”.

With a ringing laughter, Cross said, “I would love to sleep with you too. I will shift your womb.”

“Abeg o, don’t shift it” Angel replied, to which Cross answered “I will not shift it”.

Cross had earlier said he would like to have a relationship with Peace outside the house if possible.

Quote:BBNaija: Liquorose Wins Trophy, ₦100,000 In Bet9ja Task

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Liquorose, won a trophy and a N100,000 voucher for coming out victorious in a Bet9ja task.

She made her win on Thursday night, day 19 of the show, during a ball-throwing task sponsored by the betting company, Bet9ja.

The task involved throwing balls into a bucket to showcase your throwing skills. For each round, the bucket was pushed farther from the point where the housemate will stand to make their throw.

During the final part of the show, Liquorose and her love interest, Emmanuel were the last housemates standing.

However, Liquorose came out victorious when her ball landed safely into the bucket after Emmanuel’s failed attempt.

After her win, the Head of House, Pere, presented her with a trophy and a voucher from Bet9ja worth N100,000 as her reward for winning the task.

Winning in Big Brother house
Luck has shone on Liquorose recently as she has been a member of winning teams in different tasks.

On Wednesday, Liquorose’s team, Team Gold, won themselves N500,000 eachTeam Gold, won themselves N500,000 each after coming out victorious in a performance task sponsored by Guinness.

Just before her trophy win on Thursday night, the house participated in a two-way task from Supersport.

Team Jolli, including Liquorose, won the first part of the task which involved crossword and jigsaw puzzles.

As reward for their win, each member of the five-man team will split N1.5m amongst themselves.

[Image: 14027372_img20210813070118_jpegf63de3e70...5aa103e59f]

BBNaija: I don’t regret kissing Emmanuel, was tipsy – Liquorose
 August 13, 2021

[Image: Loquorose.jpg]
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Liquorose has said she does not regret kissing Emmanuel on Saturday night.
Recall that Liquorose got tipsy on Friday and Saturday nights which got her making advances at Emmanuel.

Liquorose went to Emmanuel in the room and kissed him passionately and made sexual advances at him.
She also broke down in tears because she missed her dad.

However, speaking with Biggie during her secret diary session, Liquorose said she does not regret kissing Emmanuel in her ‘drunk state’.

Liquorose told Biggie: “Friday night was crazy Biggie. I was tipsy and I just walked to Emmanuel from the bathroom and kissed him.

“It was not bad and I don’t regret it but the confidence I had wow.”
Looks like a relationship might be brewing between Liquorose and Emmanuel.


BBNaija: Details of Biggie’s secret diary session with Arin, Jackie B, Saga

 August 13, 2021

[Image: dairy-room.jpeg]

The organisers of Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season has revealed a snippet from a secret diary session with Biggie.

Unlike previous seasons, the BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates have a secret session with Biggie this year.

The session is not shown to viewers on Dstv or Gotv but exclusive to Showmax.
However, DAILY POST watched a snippet of the discussion with Biggie which was revealed during the BBNaija ‘The Buzz’ with Toke Makinwa.

During Arin’s secret session with Biggie, she revealed she kissed Cross after the Saturday night party when she was tipsy.

“Biggie the Saturday party was a good party. I kissed Cross on his lips though.
“I also slept in the same bed with Jay Paul that night,” Arin said.

Saga, on the other hand, told Biggie he’s crazy about Nini and cannot explain what’s happening as the plan was not to have a relationship in the house.

“I didn’t think I was going to be this guy in the house, have feelings for Nini.
“I thought I was over feelings and all but here I am,” Saga said.

Jay Paul and Princess during their session disclosed they don’t like Pere.

Tega said: “I don’t like Pere, I find him sneaky.”

Jay Paul: “I find myself working with Pere and it’s like the universe keeps bringing to me what I don’t like.”
Also Peace during her session disclosed no male housemate had impressed her so far in the house.

According to her, “Nobody has swept me off my feet yet but fingers crossed to see how that goes Biggie.”
Also Jackie B complained about her stay in the house affecting her emotions.

“I’m going through so many emotions , being in this house has been a roller coaster of feelings for me,” Jackie told Biggie.

About 23 ‘Shine Ya Eye’ BBNaija housemates are competing for the duration of 72days to win the grand prize worth N90m this season.

Quote:BBNaija: Food Vendor (Ewa Agoyin Seller) Seeks Votes To Support Whitemoney (Pix)

beans porridge (Ewa Agoyin) somewhere in Lagos has put up a banner to support one of Big Brother Naija housemate, WhiteMoney to win the season 6 of the Big Brother Naija show, IgbereTV reports.

IgbereTV reports that the banner seeking votes for WhiteMoney was spotted at the entrance of the food store.

[Image: 14030555_2361768165634526815740679069301...ac8a6fcf20]
[Image: 14030556_wm1_jpeg_jpegf8238b93773a69219e279f1d91b7d916]
#BBNaija: Maria, Liquorose and Peace barred from Head of House lounge for two weeks

[Image: 6116d2da3a010.png]

Maria, Liquorose and Peace have been barred from the Head of House lounge for two weeks. 
Big Brother issued the ban after Maria who is this week's deputy head of house, invited Liquorose and Peace to the lounge, an act which is against the rule book. 

While Maria will continue staying in the Head of House lounge till her tenure elapses this week, she and the other female housemates will not be granted access to the lounge even if they win the Head of House challenge or are nominated as deputies. 
[Image: icon_share.png]

BBNaija: Why Jaypaul was turned back, replaced with Trickytee minutes to lockdown season premier – Dorathy, Prince

 August 14, 2021

[Image: 32EE89A1-21A1-407E-8803-858C97C652D1.jpeg]

Big Brother Naija ex-housemates, Prince and Dorathy have revealed why ‘Shineyaeye’ housemate, Jaypaul was turned back 45 minutes from joining last year’s lockdown edition.

Recall that Jay Paul had revealed he was supposed to be among ‘Lockdown’ housemates.

Speaking to the ‘Shine ya eye housemate, the Cross River born had said he was turned back 45mins from climbing the stage.

The housemate, who did not reveal details of the incident, said he was sure his bags had entered the house but found himself going back to the hotel.
He added that it was a tough time for him but his family helped him pull through.

However, Prince and Dorathy in a live video with Kiddwaya on Instagram on Friday revealed that Jaypaul was turned back because he had the deadly COVID-19 disease.

Prince said Jaypaul was replaced by the ‘lockdown housemate, Trickytee.

Dorathy said, “Jaypaul is the guy that was turned back few minutes to the live show. I think the reason was because he had COVID-19.

Prince added, “Yeah, he was replaced with Trickytee.”

Shocked by the revelation, Kiddwaya wondered if the ‘lockdown’ housemates would have all been infected with the disease if it was not detected before the show began.

Saskay Disgraces Cross For Slapping Her Bum At BBNaija Jacuzzi Party

Omo, Saskay just changed it for Cross at the Jacuzzi.

They were dancing, Cross was behind, and then boom!, ,he slapped Saskays ass (It was more like a bad boy reflex cuz dey were dancing and laughing).
Next Saskay dropped her drink and faced Cross oh, omo see warning.
Saskay: What made you think you can slap my ass, in your life, don't slap my ass again, in your life, don't ever try it".


Not reflex per say. Saskay called iceprince her baby daddy. And Cross tapped her ass saying he had told her to stop saying that.

[Image: 14034531_16289176165444220_jpegc6ade63fc...c6beca1a95]
[Image: 14034532_images35_jpeg_jpegdc340a7095c33...6c25531bb8]
WhiteMoney Emerges Hypo Most Hygenic Housemate Week 1

Just 2 weeks into the Big Brother “Shine ya Eye” season 6 Show, Hypo -makers of the Nigerian most preferred bleach and Toilet Cleaner is identifying with the most hygiene conscious housemates who amongst others have distinguished themselves in ensuring that every part of the house stays clean and well disinfected.
[Image: 61181467a937e.png]

Through #HypoHygienemeter and #DisinfectwithHypo post on Hypo Instagram page, fans are encouraged to post screenshots of their favourite Housemate while cleaning and disinfecting the house and comment on how they have been able to sustain a hygienic environment within the house.
For week 1, Whitemoney garnered the highest number of impressions, making him emerge the most Hygienic Housemate for the very first week.
[Image: 611814a457bfd.png]
Makky Chukwuma, the Administrative Manager- Whitemoney Team stopped by Hypo for some shots.
According to Brand Manager, Hypo Bleach – Mr. Akintayo Akinseloyin who disclosed that most hygienic Housemate will emerge every week. This is a way to encourage everyone that keeping the environment clean and disinfected is quite rewarding and should be considered as one of the most important aspect of healthy living.
[Image: 61181507b3735.png]
Whitemoney Administrative manager, Makky Chukwuma , Omotayo Abiodun, Public Relations Manager, Tolaram Group, Brand manager Hypo Bleach, Akinseloyin Akintayo, Brand manager Hypo Toilet Cleaner, Anele Chidera During the presentation for the most hygienic housemate week 1 of the Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” season 6 in Lagos.
Congratulations Whitemoney for distinguishing himself as the most Hygiene conscious of the week and we hope others will emulate his passion for cleanliness and hygiene spirit.

For further information and updates on hygiene conscious housemates (#HypoHygienemeter and #DisinfectwithHypo ), pls follow @hypogowipeo.
[Image: icon_share.png]
BBNaija: Peace Wins N250,000 In Eva Task

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Peace, won a sum of N250,000 for gaining the highest points in the Eva baby task.

The task, which took place on Saturday, day 21 of the show, was sponsored by the soap company and Peace won with a total of 137 points.

The task had different stages and each of the housemates individually battled to collate points as the housemate with the highest points automatically would become the winner.

The first stage of the game had the housemates all dressed in diapers, bibs and pacifiers to depict them as babies.

Shower time and crawling race made up the first stage of the game, hence the need for the costume.

For shower time, the housemates had to pick rubber ducks with numbers on them. The collation of the numbers written on the duck determines the number of points for the housemate.

At the end of the first task, Peace got the highest points of 133 points. Then came the crawling race among the housemates.

Up next was the quiz game and each housemate answered questions related to the Eva brand.

The last part of the game was emotional for the housemates as they were instructed to talk about the derogatory words they’ve been called before.

At the end of the games, Peace emerged the winner with a prize of N250,000 and the rest of the housemates has N1.2m to share among themselves.

[Image: 14038152_img20210814213200_jpeg6496d443f...b500a1aa7c]

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