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Update; Hindy Umoren, who went missing after going for a job interview found dead
Update: Nigerian lady, Hindy Umoren, who went missing after going for a job interview found dead

[Image: 608e6c8fac8b0.PNG]

A Nigerian lady, Hindy Umoren, who went missing after she left her home for a job interview, has been found dead.
On April 30, LIB shared the story of how a woman with the handle @Umohuduak1 took to Twitter to raise an alarm over the disappearance of her friend, Hindy Iniobong Umoren, who went for a job interview. According to Umoh Uduak, Iniobong was invited for an interview at an undisclosed location along airport road in Uyo, the state capital on Thursday, April 29. She said about two hours later, she reportedly received a frantic phone call from Hindy. She was heard screaming before the call was abruptly ended and that her phone line has been switched off ever since. Read here.
Giving an update this morning, Uduak said Hindy was raped, killed, and buried.
Quote:''They have finally killed me. Jesus Christ. I'm dead. The killed my friend and they buried my friend. She only went to look for a job. Jesus Christ. They raped and killed my friend''
[Image: 608e6c051ac2d.jpeg]
Watch a video of Uduak crying while stating that her friend has been found dead.
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A post shared by Lindaikejiblog (@lindaikejiblogofficial)

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I don't know anything about this" Man accused of inviting missing Akwa Ibom woman for interview denies involvement in her disappearance

[Image: 608d3bb60ebf8.PNG]

Twitter users are hounding a man to produce a missing woman after she went missing when she left home for an interview.
Iniobong Umoren left for an interview on Thursday, April 29, and hasn't been seen since then.
Her friend took to Twitter to raise an alarm. She said she called Iniobong on phone to find out if she has arrived at the interview location in Akwa Ibom but heard her screaming before the phone went dead. Her phone hasn't been reachable since then (read here).
Their last chat shows Iniobong saying she's taking a bike to the venue because it's too far and she's yet to locate the place.
Well, Twitter users began going through the timeline of the missing woman and they found a tweet she made, indicating interest in a job offer posted by a male Twitter user.
The man, with the Twitter handle @MiraclePapaa and the username Sir Edem, had tweeted: "Will you work in a construction company as a secretary? I like you bring your CV to Udo udomma Avenue. The name of the company is u&k limited."
Iniobong replied: "Yes please, I would love to. Can I send a DM for more information please?"
[Image: 608d3cbb7dcfb.PNG]
This Twitter exchange was on Tuesday, April 27. She left for the interview on Thursday, April 29, and hasn't been seen or heard from since the last call where she was allegedly screaming.
Twitter users took to Sir Edem's account, accusing him of knowing something about the woman's disappearance - an accusation he has denied.
Sir Edem went on to change his handle and username a number of times and this made Twitter users even more suspicious. They asked why he keeps changing his Twitter handle if he has nothing to hide.
They also shared screenshots of his tweet with the missing woman and asked him to tell them where the U&K company is located as it can't be found anywhere in Akwa Ibom or on Google. 
Sir Edem said he never invited the woman for any interview.
He later released a tweet that reads: "I don't know anything about this please. Have returned my user name to the normal. Am not running too. But if I don't survive this. Let it be known that I am innocent of this Crime against Humanity. Let people who accused me keep calm. It will soon be over."
[Image: 608d3d568722e.png]
Sir Edem was asked to show evidence of his chat with the missing woman and he later did.
The screenshot shows that she sent him a DM on Tuesday, April 27. His reply came in on Thursday morning, the day the woman left for the interview. But it only shows him asking her to send her CV.
[Image: 608d3dd837e3a.PNG]
[Image: 608d3e04300b1.PNG]
Twitter users are accusing him of editing the chat, with some pointing at the side indicator in their chat, which they say points to the fact that there are other messages he isn't showing.
[Image: 608d3e6c313ef.PNG]
The man insists he knows nothing about the missing woman and says he's been to the police station.
He tweeted: "Am at the police station right now. Please am begging Nigerians. I didn't commit such crime or met any lady. I was at the office through out yesterday. This could be confirmed."
[Image: 608d3f663cf9f.PNG]
#FindHinyUmoren is the number 1 trending topic discussed by Nigerians on Twitter.
[Image: 608d3cdcbffba.png]
Below are chats from Twitter users accusing Sir Edem and poking holes in his story.
[Image: 608d3d6f1c4d3.PNG]
[Image: 608d3d7bcf228.PNG]
[Image: 608d3d876b2b4.PNG]
[Image: 608d3d918dd70.PNG]
[Image: 608d3e1bba0bd.PNG]
[Image: 608d3e9be3cab.PNG]
[Image: 608d3ec1bd655.PNG]

Iniobong Umoren Raped By Uduak Akpan Before He Buried Her. Family Demands corpse

The young woman who was reported missing after going for a job interview and sparked the #FindHinnyHumoren campaign has been reportedly murdered and buried by the alleged killer who confessed to the crime.

Quote:Missing girl, Iniubong Umoren murdered, buried in shallow grave

The unexpected has happened. The unthinkable has occured. Tragedy has struck. A young lady with life and a future has had her life snuffed out of her and cut short by her abductor, one Uduak Frank Akpan, from Nung Ikono Obio.

Iniubong Umoren, the young girl who went job hunting has been murdered and buried in a shallow grave by her abductor, the Informer can authoritatively report.

The deceased was alleged to have on Thursday, April 29, 2021, went for a "job interview" at an undisclosed location on Airport Road in the outskirts of Uyo.

About two hours later, she reportedly made a frantic phone call where she was heard screaming before the call was abruptly ended. Her phone line has been switched off ever since.

Soon after, the social media went viral with her story which saw the internet being used to unmask her abductor.

24 hours later, Nigerians on social media provided evidence, locations, contacts and almost everything needed to unmask her kidnapper with the hope that the intelligence provided will help in finding the missing Iniobong Umoren and bring his abductor to justice.

The suspect was alleged to have taken the late Miss Umoren to his house where an argument ensured and in the process, he used an object to hit her on the head resulting in her death. He was alleged to have hurriedly buried her in a shallow grave and ran to Oron to hide.

Following pressure by the Police and Nigerians on social media, Oron became uncomfortable for him and he ran back to Uruan. The Chairman of Uruan LGA, Surv. Iniobong Ekpeyong was said to have met the accused cousin and asked him to bring the accused to him.

When he was taken before the Chairman, he was asked to be truthful about what actually transpired. It was there he confessed to his Local Government Chairman that he actually killed and buried her in a shallow grave. A shocked Surv Ekpeyong had no choice but to call the DPO of Uruan LGA and handed over the suspect to the Police for further investigation and prosecution.

May her Soul rest in peace.

©The Ibom Informer Newspapers.

Police reveals that Uduak Frank Akpan the killer of Iniobong Umoren, had physically and sexually assaulted the job seeker before Killing and burying her in a shallow grave. He led the police to where he buried her. The police exhumed the corpse and took it to hospital for autopsy.

Meanwhile Iniobong Umoren family is demanding to see her corpse.

Quote:Bring our sisters corpse, we want to see her - family members of Ini Umoren cries out

... Says the Nigerian Police Force must not play hide and seek game with their sister's corpse

[Image: 13479424_cymera20210502155123_jpeg1c3026...111fd37d04]
[Image: 13479425_nzea2sgu4um0dqgl_jpeg_jpegdf9f1...8a1eb92f78]
Akwa Ibom state government pays condolence visit to family of slain job seeker, Ini Umoren; vows to ensure justice is served (photos)

[Image: 609045d413df3.jpg]

The Akwa Ibom State government has condoled with the family of late Miss Iniubong Ephraim Umoren who was gruesomely murdered after being lured in the guise of getting a job.
[Image: 6090461a28516.jpg]
While on a condolence visit to the family of the deceased at Obio Ndot, Oruk Anam local government area, the Governor who was represented by the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem, expressed deep sadness over the loss of Iniubong and prayed God grants the family the fortitude to bear the loss.
[Image: 60904630ced61.jpg]
Quote:"This is a very tragic development, the Governor is really unhappy that such a young girl going out in search for a job could be brutally murdered.
"As you know, the governor always counsels young people against begging for a living, but to work hard to earn a living.
"Iniubong in that attempt to earn a living, this tragedy struck, the governor is so sad, it's painful, a complete defeat of what the governor says often in his drive to take the youths off the street and get them equipped with skills and employment opportunities", the SSG said.
[Image: 6090465627178.jpg]
The Governor's representative who prayed to God to console the family, assured that the government would provide immediate succor to the family. He maintained that law enforcement agencies are carrying on with their investigations to ensure the law takes its rightful course.
[Image: 6090467a8b267.jpg]
Speaking on behalf of the family Ukeme Umoren, the elder brother to Iniubong, thanked Governor Udom Emmanuel for condoling with the family and appealed for an in-depth investigation, that would ensure the killers are brought to book.
Quote:"It is pathetic and we are heartbroken, Iniubong was our last born we know how much we struggled to send her to the University and she was awaiting her call-up letter, now unfortunately we lost a sister, a friend, I am pleading with Akwa Ibom State Government that we want justice for my sister, late Miss Iniubong Umoren" 
Iniubong, 26, a graduate of Philosophy in the University of Uyo, was a native of Nung Ita Ikot Essien, Oruk Anam Local Government Area.
[Image: icon_share.png]

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