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Comedian Mercy Ada Jesus Is Dead
JUST IN! Ada Jesus (Mercy Cynthia Ginikachukwu) has passed away. RIP


By Emeka Obitube

Imo State born social media comedian Miss MERCY CYNTHIA MMESOMA GINIKACHUKWU NNADI popularly known by her stage name (ADA-JESUS) is dead.

She died in the early hours of Wednesday at an undisclosed hospital were she was being treated for kidney failure.

She was aged 24.

May God forgive all her short comings and accept her soul in paradise.


Ada Jesus Celebrated Her Birthday Live In The Hospital!

[Image: 13426898_jesu_jpeg3def4f0d51f70227d6fd5ad0ba319234]
[Image: 13427186_13419866fotojet422jpeg879f58adc...7ab900f6da]
Ada Jesus, Prophet Odumeje and Rita Edochie trend on Twitter following the death of the Instagram comedian

[Image: 6080814c934e2.jpeg]

Ada Jesus, Prophet Odumeje and Rita Edochie are trending on Twitter following news of the Instagram comedian's death on Wednesday April 21 after battling kidney ailment for a while.

Before she died, Ada had been in a battle with the popular prophet and actress over allegations she'd said Odumeje performs fake miracles after which he claimed he had cursed her.

With her death just a week after their public disagreement, there are those who blame Odumeje for Ada Jesus's death but many don't believe he had a hand in it but think he will kinda take the ''glory'' for it.

What are your thoughts? Plus see the comments people have so far made while reacting to her demise below
[Image: 608080e9c1dc8.jpeg][Image: 608080f88aa28.jpeg][Image: 608081085a6bd.jpeg][Image: 6080811726a98.jpeg][Image: 608081273c51b.jpeg][Image: 608081361942d.jpeg]
[Image: icon_share.png]
Quote:Ada Jesus’ Death: Rita Edochie Reacts To Backlash

Veteran actress, Rita Edochie, has taken to her Instagram account to react after the death of popular comedienne, Ada Jesus.

The actress, who had an altercation with the comedienne before her death, posted a video showing a choir singing and rejoicing, chanting “Jesus is Lord”, and used the chant as the caption of the post.

She posted two other videos consecutively. One was a five-minute video that showed a pastor preaching, which she captioned “Jeeeeesus is Lord forever. Lord almighty made me a strong woman and that I will remain. The seed cannot be killed.” (sic)

The other video showed a woman singing, which she captioned “Lord have your way in my heart”.

The altercation that ensued between Edochie and Ada Jesus was due to the claims the late comedienne made, alleging that Anambra-based prophet, Chukwuemeka Odumeje, connived with Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles.

Ada Jesus further alleged that she helped Edochie get men to sleep with her.

However, months after she made the allegations, Ada Jesus was diagnosed with a kidney problem that left her incapacitated. She began pleading for forgiveness from people she had offended through her utterances, including the actress and

Edochie vowed never to forgive the skit maker for her utterances. It was reported that in the presence of church members and Ada Jesus’ family, she stated that the sick comedienne would never recover from her illness because of the lies she told against her.

Also, the prophet vowed never to forgive the comedienne.

Although the veteran actress later came out to say that she had forgiven Ada Jesus ‘from her heart of heart’, Nigerian tweeps took to Twitter to knock the veteran actress shortly after the death of the young female comedian.

Odumeje also reportedly contributed N1m towards the treatment of the late comedienne, saying he had forgiven her.

However, fans of the late comedienne are not having it as they thronged Edochie’s Instagram page to lash her for the videos she posted.

An Instagram user, @henrykingokwuy, said “Stop posting rubbish. History will never forget you. I know you’re happy she’s gone. Rest in Peace Ada.”

Another person, @drsoft_e, said, “Sure! Jesus is Lord. But let me remind you that death is inevitable. Ada just had her share; the remaining is for us. How and when it will come, you know not. So, don’t fool yourself. We are all a step closer to our graves. Jesus will remain Lord. Shame!”


[Image: 13432796_images220210422t133022_778_jpeg...e007c02c7d]
[Image: 13432797_13431557img20210422073600jpegb6...ff5031da2e]
[Image: 13432798_images220210422t133034_879_jpeg...caa2ee7c22]
[Image: 13432826_cymera20210422134848_jpegd9b555...8546521481]
5 Times Ada Jesus Called Rita Edochie Mother (Photos) 

Comedian Mmesoma Mercy Obi, popularly known as Ada Jesus, reportedly died on Wednesday after battling kidney disease, Igbere TV reports.

The days before her death were, however, dominated by stories of how veteran actress Rita Edochie placed a curse on the deceased.

That followed claims by Ada Jesus that Rita connived with controversial Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje of the Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry to perform fake miracles.

Months after making the grave allegations, Ada Jesus was diagnosed with a kidney problem that left parts of her body swollen.

The family of the comedian, who had become paralysed, took her before Odumeje for deliverance but the cleric rejected her.

Instead, he and Rita laid curses on her, saying she will pay heavily for her “blackmail” and “lies”.

Both of them declared that the ailing young woman will die from her illness as a lesson to others.

The backlash that followed the pronouncements forced the man who calls himself Indabosky and the veteran actress to recant and declare that they had forgiven the comedian.

Following Ada Jesus’ death on Wednesday, some Nigerians called out Odumeje and Rita for their use of heavy words, with many insinuating that the deceased suffered a spiritual attack because of their curses.

It was, however, recalled that the comedian was once close to the actress whom she referred to on occasions as her mother.

Below are five times Ada Jesus shared pictures of herself and the woman she called “sweet mummy”.

Quote:1. Am shy cause mummy said this year na my year of double blessing�@ritaedochie

Quote:2. Happy mother's day to u my second mother. I love u so much. @ritaedochie

Quote:3. Happy birthday to u my sweet mother. Wishing u many more years to come and happiness❤❤��@ritaedochie

Quote:4. I love her so much @ritaedochie happy Sunday to u all.. My boss @point_rich giving out 90k to those that reposted on Tuesday.. only 2 people did.❤

Quote:5. You are the best human i see in Nollywood, u have given me a thousand reasons that u are different. I love u more my sweet mummy @ritaedochie

[Image: 13434059_adajesuscomedy220420210001_jpeg...208898a8b4]
[Image: 13434060_adajesuscomedy220420210002_jpeg...89701e1969]
[Image: 13434061_adajesuscomedy220420210004_jpeg...36534c380c]
[Image: 13434062_adajesuscomedy220420210005_jpeg...b8dd0f25c2]
What A Close Relative Posted About Ada Jesus.

Just this afternoon I stumbled on a thread on one of the major social media Platform that got me wondering how comedienne ada jesus actually lived her life that led to her too soon death. read and share your thoughts.

I wish you a smooth transition, my little niece MIMI, till we meet again, I remember how I brought you to lagos, took you to the island and connected you to your dreams with the Help of God, but fame took u away from my care and custody, I became helpless when u took the wrong turn & refused to hear the voices & admonitions of MEN, i tried to redeem u from the hands & control of dark vibrations till I loose grip of u totally.

I watched in horror how the darks ones execute their agenda of destruction on u, even when I go as far as calling u on phone to warn u back in 2015, your usual answer was "uncle don't worry I know what am doing" your mum and brothers tried all they could to call u to order but to no avail.

Though we all have our flaws as human and there's limit to how anyone can correct a loved one, that's why I left you to your fate. U don't need anybody to tell you how much I love u, but only God knows best. I will miss u, Olivia Sun Nicole will miss u, Anasoh Hope will miss u, your siblings will miss u, your mum and dad will miss u, your friends and loved ones will miss u. I call u MIMI, u call me UNCLE DICE, the world calls u Mercy Ada Jesus .

I pray that the almighty God grant u a smooth and painless transition according to his WILL amen!
Your uncle.

[Image: 13442490_img20210424122714369_jpeg93cce1...e788f19c89]
[Image: 13442491_screenshot202104241243121_jpeg3...07efe2b384]
[b]Odumeje Vows To Come For People Accusing Him Of Performing Fake Miracles (Video) [/b]

Prophet Odumeje Vows To Come For People Accusing Him Of Performing Fake Miracles (Video)

Popular Nigerian clergyman, Prophet Odumeje has vowed to deal with persons accusing him of staging fake miracles in his church, IgbereTV reports.

A video shared on Actress Rita Edochie's Instagram handle shows the prophet issuing the threat. The video was shared days after comedienne, Ada Jesus passed away.

Ada Jesus had a quarrel with the clergyman and Rita Edochie after she accused them of staging fake miracles in his Onitsha-based church. She sought their forgiveness before she passed on April 21.

See video below.

See Rita Edochie's post:


[Image: 13443306_6083e795cebee_jpeg_jpeg0d80a902...a627eb3c00]

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