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IN-LAWS -(UWAR MIJINA) by Fatimah Tahir Abdullahi
Fatimah Tahir Abdullahi

Amina and I have been friends right from our secondary school days.Duk wanda yasan Amina ya san Rayhana .We shared a lot in common and had our friendship has grown from strenght to strength.Right from when i was a child,i have always had this thing for being choosy.I am choosy at everything ,even at the type of husband i want.I have always wanted a husband who i can control and bend to my will because namiji ba dan goyo bane,in baka juya shi ba,shi ya juya ka.I have always had luck dating tall,fair,handome guys like i have always wanted but to add a touch to that perfection,i have always wanted dan marigaiya.I have zero tolerance for people who try to control me and that is why i have always prayed for a husband i can control,a husband whose mother ta kwana biyu a kasa.
Kana naka,Allah na nashi,i got exactly that kind of guy for a husband but his mother is very much Alive and very much healthy.Amina and I married half brothers.Amina's mother in law disliked her even before ta shigo gidan .Her husband Yaseer and mine Yazid have one thing in common,which is they love their mothers so badly.
Yazid is as loving as any husband should be but his mother is nothing to write home  about  and i have been married for just two weeks and already ta fara mun wani gani gani and God knows ita zata kawo mun cikas because honestly no mother will give birth to a child and watch that child be controlled by another woman in the name of wife.
"Rayhana muje mu gaishe da mama ,its almost 10am and since we live in the same house ,we should atleast make it a tradition to greet her as early as possible everymorning".....Yazid said with his usual soft voice...."You are right.Allah ya bamu ikon iyawa"....i replied because honestly ni zaa shiga rayuwa ta,but its been two weeks since our wedding and mama came back from Umara yesterday,thank God she gave us space munci amarcin mu....."Mama inakwana".....Yazid said squatting to greet mama who was a zaune a hankince on the bed....."Lafiya qalau,kun tashi lafiya".....She asked.....'"mama ina kwana"....i said in a soft voice....."Lafiya qalau,baki da lafiya ne".....Mama said and asked....."Aa mama lafiya ta qalau"......i replied with a smile and with the thought that maybe she isnt so bad,may be she cares,may be ba duka mother in laws suka taru suka zama daya bah....."Oh okk,naji kina magana ne a shash shashqe,i thought you are sick"....mama i added and it landed as a blow to me,all i could do was smile...."Mama lets leave you to rest koh,dama we came to greet you ne"....Yazid said and we turned to leave her room....."Anjuma kazo,i have an errand for you to run for me"......mama said sounding like someone who was flogged.....
I couldnt help but wonder what she meant by ina magana a shash shaqe.I love Yazid and he is the only reason why i will put up with her.Yazid promised to take me to the movies anjuma and his old woman was already talking about him running errand for her anjuma,i cant help but wonder if my hell has also began.


Somethings in life you tolerate not because you want to,but because you may not have a choice.Some people push you to the wall that you may not have a choice but to retaliate.

That is how life has been for Amina.I try so hard to make her understand that as daughters-in-law,we have no choice but to endure whatever our mothers-in-law do to us....."Rayhana baza ki gane bah,this woman is making my life a living hell".....Amina would always say....I have tried so hard to convince her to be patient but i had no idea the predicament she was going through sai da mahaifiyar Yazid ta fara mun nata salon,i can't help but notice the way she behaves,like my presence makes her uncomfortable.

"Riri i am dying of hunger"...Yazid called out to me from the parlor....."Calling me names that i hate won't make this food cook any faster".....i shouted jokingly from the kitchen....."Naji,please hurry wallahi i am hungry"....Yazid said as he saw me carrying a flask of his favourite dish of semovita and miyar kuka....."I am actually mad at you,kasa nayi girki and you didnt come home for lunch sai almajirai ta bama abincin so it wont spoil and you know as long as you arent here i cant eat alone"....i said with a fake frown....."Sweetheart wallahi mama's errand took longer than i thought,i had to go to the airport to clear her cargo".....Yazid said looking at me with his sorry eyes....."okk naji,lemme serve the food before ulcer ya kashe mun kai"....i said and we both laughed in unison....."Yazid me kake yi"....mama said out of nowhere just as i was about to open the flask......"bakomai mama,about to eat"....Yazid replied....."There's this woman i want to give money to ta bama Hajiya Rabi in taje Dubai ,she's at the airport now and her flight is in an hour,and i really need her to give Hajiya Rabi this money and this gold for exchange with new ones".....Mama said looking tensed....."Toh mama let me rush my food and leave at once".....Yazid replied....."Haba Yazid,it will take you atleast 20mimutes to eat,and about 40minutes to get to the airport and they will be boarding the plane in about 45minutes,there's no time,abincin ba guduwa zaiyi ba"....Mama said and all i could think about was punching her in the face...."toh mama i ll leave at once"....poor Yazid said and got up.

I quickly dashed into the room to get him his car keys and i decided to get my mayafi too and go with him...."Where are you going"....mama asked immediately she saw me immerging from the room with my mayafi....."mama dah i thought wai tunda dare yayi indan raka shi so that......."So that me????....mama cuts that ki tsaya ki na make mishi murya yana slow driving har kuje ku tarar sun tashi?Stay at home,besides ni i wont eat wannan dan iskan semo din,tun ina daki nake ji warin kuka da daddawa na duka na".....mama continued....."Yazid get going".....she snapped at him and turned to me "and you make wheat and Okra soup for me and squeeze me some oranges".....mama said and headed back to her side of the building.Yazid looked at me with painful eyes and left.
Is this how my life will continue?Yazid is only 27 years old and i only 20years.Is this how our lives will continue,i have no choice but to accept my ordeal and respect her,even if not for anything ,then for the fact that i love Yazid,and so much at that.


I waited up till 11pm before Yazid came back from the airport.I couldnt eat or do anything.After i finished preparing mama's requested dish,all i could do was to stare at the window,waiting to see his car lights.

"sallamualaikum".....Yazid said and dropped dead tired into a chair....."waalaikasallam,sannu da zuwa love"....i said sitting close to him...."Yauwa wallahi i'm exhausted,where is my food wallahi i am so hungry"....Yazid said looking slightly at me.

It hurts me so much to see him this tired and this hungry,but what choice do we have,she is his mother and  a part of me knows she does some of these things to piss me off..After Yazid finished his food we went straight off to bed because he really did look exhausted.

"Rayhana".....Yazid said slowly with a faint voice....."Naam good morning love"....i replied with my eyes still closed....."I think i am sick"....he said and  i opened my eyes immediately.I saw Yazid lying down in a pool of his own vomit near the toilet  holding the side of his stomache....."Innalillah,whats wrong,why didnt you wake me ealier"....i said already with tears in my eyes...."i think i'm having an ulcer attack"....Yazid said and vomit followed his words.

I couldnt move or make a  sound or scream.Yazid is lying on the floor and i have no idea what to do...."Amina"...i shouted and quickly picked up my phone to call Abubakar,Amina's husband,Yazid's half brother.Abubakar came five minutes later and carried Yazid on his shoulder and put him at the back seat of his car and we headed for the hospital.

I have no doubt mama is to blame.If only she had allowed Yazid to eat yesterday then he probably wouldnt be having this.I can harldy keep my eyes dry as i kept pacing up and down the hospital corridor.Mama looked at me with so much disgust and i wish Abubakar hadnt brought her here....."He has lost much fluid but i just administered intravenous fluid and some injections,he's asleep now but he will make a full recovery".....the doctor said to mama and i and left....I was headed towards Yazid's private room when mama stopped me..."Ina zaki"...mama asked...."inside to see if he needs anything"....i said with red eyes....."bakiji what the doctor said bah,he is sleeping.Go home and prepare breakfast ,i havent eaten all morning and shima in ya tashi there be no food"....mama said rudely...."Toh mama amma da wai i should stay with him so he wont wake up and i am not there,Maryam has gone home to cook for us all and...."and what"...mama cut me off....."bazan iya kula dashi bane?or if he wakes up  your are not here he will die?...."....mama said...."just do as you are told"....mama added and i left without saying a word.
I dont know why mama finds fault in everything i do.I understand the insecurities mothers feel when their sons get married,but mama's is too much....Now i know exactly why i wanted dan marigaiya.


My father is a well known respectable man,i didnt come from a poor family.My family name rings bell to those that matter with my father having connections here and there.For me to come from a well respected well to do family should definitely tell Yazid's mum that i didnt marry her son for the money they have because nima akwai agidan mu,what else could be the possible reason why she hates me so much.

All my life i have always prayed for a good, loving and sweet mother in law,or better still dan marigaiya,but it seems i got just the opposite of that.I have tried hard to connect with Yazid's mum but its just not working.

Yazid got discharged from the hospital four days after he was admitted.We got back home and he just couldnt stop thanking me for taking good care of him.Truth is sometimes you dont really know those that care until your life is being threatened or when you are in a hospital bed...."i am the luckiest man in this world,you stood by my side when i needed you the most"....Yazid said holding my hands with my head on his shoulder....."its my duty fah,stop thanking me in ba haka ba when next you are sick i wont go to the hospital".....i said jokingly...."you love me too much to do that"....Yazid said throwing his cute cornered eye look...."and you love me too much to divorce me if i happen to make good my threat"....i said and we both laughed in unison..."I am going out,na gaji da zaman gida,been home almost all week"....Yazid said...."what happened to spending the day with me,am i that boring".....I said with a fake frown....."Fine,na fasa fita.i ll stay home all day with you sai kin bani permission din fita".....Yazid said laughing....."you have been home for the past six days gaskiya,bana son ka gaji da gani na,amma please be back by 2pm for lunch,promise?".....i said with a small....."thanks so much qalbi nah,i ll be back by 2 i promise have you forgotten what today is?"....asked with distinctive eyes...."what is today?"....i asked looking confused....."Never mind,later ,i love you"....he said,planted a peck on my forehead and left.

I finished cooking at about 1:45 and waited patiently for Yazid's return...."Ina Yazid yake".....mama said making her way through the door of our part of the huge mansion....."mama ya fita but he should be back soon,yanzu nake shirin bringing your food".....i said to mama with a smile....."ok,thank you amma tell him i need to see him when he gets back"....mama said and for the first she said thank you.May be she has realised i mean well...

Istarted getting really upset when the clock clocked 4pm and Yazid still isnt back.I called him severally but he still didnt pick up,just when i was about to call him for the fourth time Amina came into my parlour looking very worried...."whats wrong" i said looking at her while she was trying to avoid my gaze....."Amina what is wrong,did something happen to Yazid?".....i asked almost at the point of tears because tunanin shi was the first thing that came to my mind tunda i have been calling him and he has not been picking....."Rayhana please calm down and come with me".....she said dragging me by the hand.I couldnt say a word because all i can picture in my head right now is Yazid lying in a pool of blood.
We got outside and i got the biggest shock of my life.Amina has killed me,Amina kin kashe ni is all i could say.


I got outside and i got the biggest shock of my life.Amina ta kashe ni because honestly my heart skipped a bit.If i were those kind of people who have high blood pressure,yau da sai kwanan barzahu.

Immediately Amina and i got out,i saw Yazid standing close to a brand new KIA PICANTO,the lastest as at now.Yazid has always known Picanto is my favourite ride...I couldnt contain my excitement as i ran down the foot stairs to jump into his arms...."Thank you sweetie"....i said closing my mouth because i honestly dont know if thank you are the right words for me to say...."Are you kidding me?I should be the one saying thank you,for everything,for always being there for me,for being the best wife any man could dream of,for being  only 22 years old and still wise beyond your age,for being a caring,amazing,fantastic and super wife,for cooking me great meals,even though sometimes you are a rigimatu,a drama queen and a boss lady,never the less,you are the best".....Yazid said and planted a peck on my fore-head.....

"You are welcome honey,but why didnt you wait till you got much better before doing this,this deserves a celebration and you are not strong enough yet"......i said with a super caring voice...."you see!This is one of the reasons why i so so love you,because you are always thoughtful.No amount of illness will make me forget your birthday".....Yazid said holding my cheeks with his both hands...."omg,hakane fah,today is my birthday,how could i have forgotten my own birthday".....i said super surprised and super excited...."you forgot about yourself because you were too busy taking care of me,you are just are the best".....Yazid said and dragged me into the house.

As we walked into the uhouse,i turned back to look at my dream car,and i just noticed what was written on the plate number..."HBD WIFEY".....I threw a smile to Amina and Abubakar who were standing close to each other laughing as we made our way up the foot path.

"Get ready love zamu fita"....Yazid said smiling...."where are we going to"......i said with laughter in my voice..."Its a surprise".....Yazid said back...."dan Allah tell me,i think i have had enough surprises for one day".....i said laughing so hard....."No you have not.Its your birthday and you deserve nothing less".....Yazid said and pulled me off the chair into the room to get ready for our outing.

Yazid and i were out all evening.First to the cinema for my favourite movie,Titanic,then we went make-up shopping and to the boutique for more Abayas because Yazid cant seem to stop talking of how great i look in Abayas,and then to Chinese Resturant where we had a marvellous meal."Who says marrying the love of your life can go wrong?"....i thought on our ride home.

We got home at about 10pm and were surprised to find mama in our apartment waiting in the sitting room...."aa mama,ashe kina nan"......Yazid said....."eh i am here i have been waiting for you".....mama said without even looking at me...."eh wallahi ,we went out yau birthday din Rayhana so we went to celebrate"....Yazid said....."ehn ehn,ok...baki mukayi ne".....mama asked looking curious....."aa mama me kika gani?".....Yazid asked...."Na ga anyi packing wata dankarreriya mota in the drive way"....mama said confused...."oh,dama i was coming to tell you about it.The car is Rayhana's"......Yazid said with a wry smile....."Rayhana's????i never knew she has the kind of money that can buy this kind of car".....mama said throwing me a bad look...."hahah,mama kenan,she didnt buy it ae.i bought it for her".....Yazid said laughing sincerely and whole heartedly....."You bought it for her?".....mama asked looking so angry...."You bought a car worth 2.6 million naira for her?for your wife?for Rayhana".....mama said looking like zata rufe ni da duka.
I just stood and watched as my mouth got dried up,all the fun i had today is being erased from my memory and the only thing i can think of now is the torment i am going through.


I sat up till about 3am,poundering over what had happened the previous night.What have i done wrong to this woman to make her destroy everything i hold so dear..
I cant seem to get thoughts of the event off my mind...."wannan is a waste of money,is it because your father left so much for you and your brother?"....i remember mama saying vividly....."haka kaga Abubakar nayi?..He is not using his share of the inheritance for stupid things,he is not buying things he doesnt need"....mama continued...."haba mama,naga ai Rayhana kamar 'ya take to you,what is  my offence in buying a car for her?..she is my wife fah not a stranger.She deserves this and so much more"....Yazid said calmly trying not to be too harsh to his mother....."eh lallai......toh ban amince bah.You have your own personal car and we have drivers in this house,must she have her own car?Cant you take her wherever she wants to go in ma she doesnt want the drivers to take her"....mama bloated....."mama dan Allah just this once let it go.Let the car be,dan Allah".....Yazid said pleading with mama...."i will not.I will not let the car be,2.6million naira,if you had put that money into more investments do you know how much profit it woll bring?This is the same reason why i said i ll control the money and the business till you turn 30 years old,but i thought being married will make you have common sense,ashe its the opposite"......mama said raising her voice so loud....."mama dan Allah kiyi hakuri,na riga na bata motar,it ll hurt her in na karbe yanzu,please mama"....Yazid said pleading so hard with mama....."ok you would rather hurt me kenan?I dont want to see that car,na baka 24hours,ita yar gold ce,cant you drive her,must she be seen driving?I have said what i have to say".....mama said and stormed out.
Yazid looked at me with so much pity as i walked into the bedroom...."Rayhana,dan Allah kiyi hakuri"....Yazid said kneeling before me in front of the bed and holding my two hands with his two palms....."she's your mum,if she thinks buying a car for me is wrong ,then may be she is right".....i said trying to conceal the truth of how i am really feeling inside......
I didnt say a word more and Yazid too.He changed into a jallabiyar and went straight to bed,and i could tell,ran shi a bace yake....
I woke up at 3am and couldnt go back to bed.I feel so lucky having a husband who loves me so much,where did i go wrong for my mother in law to hate me so much?why is she treating me like this?....I am maintaining my calm because of Yazid and only him.


These past weeks have been a bit peaceful for us with mama not interferring in our matrimonial business.I wish things will always remain this way without her sticking her head in our hair.

Having a husband you can share almost everything with is the most beautiful feeling in the world.Yazid and i share almost everything,even birthday our months are neighbours with mine being march and his April.We usually celebrate his birthday in a low key because he isnt much of a birthday person.

"so what are we doing for your birthday this year".....i asked him with a smile....."about that,i have a great idea"......Yazid said and i became excited......"oh really,lets hear it"....i said jumping off my seat and sitting close to him....."how about we do nothing"....he said pulling my kumatu....."you know thats not possible,how can we do nothing on your birthday"....i said with a frown...."Ok,how about kiyi mun addu'a,thats the best birthday gift you can ever give me"...Yazid said with his kind of devilish look for i have won Rayhana give up....."ai dama kullun sai nayi maka addu'a,wannan is a constant thing"...i said with my no you havent won look....."shiyasa i call you rigimatu,drama queen,boss lady".....Yazid said and before i could reply i heard a knock on the door.

"Amina shigo mana".....i said opening the door for her....."Aa ashe mijin nawa is at home".....she said jokingly to Yazid...."eh wallahi matar babban yaya,i am at home,but now that you are here i am going out,dama boss lady ce ta hana ni fita".....he said and reached for his keys on the centre table......"why are you running,nida i came for kudin cefne,miji ba amo ba labari"....Amina said laughing....."Haba dai,tambayi Abubakar koh jiya i gave suya ya kae miki".....Yazid said smiling and holding the door...."Wallahi ya kawo mun.thanks alot,but where are you going?isnt today your birthday?You should stay home and celebrate with us".....Amina added...."how did you remember my birthday"....Yazid said curiously....."how can i forget your birthday,how can i forget that my husband is only two weeks older than you?".....Amina teased....."Yea you are right.Ni dai i am off celebrate  on my behave"......Yazid said and dashed off

"Jiya fita kukai ne".....i asked Amina...."Eh,we went to my parents' house wallahi...."ayyah,so how is the house?"....i asked...."Lafiya wallahi,atleast now that my mother in law has gone to her sister's daughter's house tayi mata wankan jego i have peace of mind".....Amina said....."gaskiya kam,amma still i think Abubakar's mother is stil better off than Yazid's".....i said......"kedae bari,you only know yours,both of them are birds of the same feather,no wonder they never had a day of peace when our hisbands' father was alive or atleast so i have heard".....Amina said....."toh,Allah ya kyauta"...i said and Amina and i kept talking for hours.

Yazid came back around magrib to a bowl of dried fish pepper soup and tuwon shinkafa miyar zogale,his favourite...."Yau you want me to die of over feeding koh".....Yazid teased....."Indae sona bai kashe ka ba nothing can"....I joked...."Gaskiya this food is marvelous".....Yazid said goshing it down his throat......"If you hadnt married me da kayi miss wallahi".....i responded with a laugh....."Ta Yazid bada kanki a sare"....he joked still eating fast...."inje gida ince kana santi"....i said and laughed out loud and Yazid threw a throw pillow at me laughing hard
"Thank you for today,gaskiya i am a lucky man,every man who comes back home to a well cooked meal should feel blessed"...Yazid said...."koh"...i said and stood up to get something from the room...."This is for you,happy birthday sweetheart"....i said handing him a small wrapped gift and watched him open it....."woow,this is nice,i have always wanted this but never found time to get it,thanks alot".....Yazid said looking at the apple smart watch i bought for him...."You like it"....i asked...."I love it,hope you didnt spend much on this"....Yazid asked with pitiful eyes...."Buying the world for you wouldnt be too much"....i said trying to the ignor the question and the fact that i got it N156,000......."You are the best wallahi,i pray we will always be happy,loving and kind towards eachother"....Yazid said and planted a peck of my fore-head..


My mouth couldnt utter any word because my brain froze at that instant.I hope the next words that come out of mama's Mouth will be in my favour.

"Can you hear yourself"....mama said and i looked puzzled and Yazid became just confused too....."Yazid dama baka da hankali"....mama continued...."ashe baka da hankali,what is she lacking?what can you not do for her that she has to work?Arent you providing enough for herl?...Yazid ours is a prestigious family,what do you think people will say?...Your wife is working under someone for money?....Anya kuwa something has not gotten into you?".....mama said shouting at the top of her voice..

"mama ,its not about the money.Rayhana is not working for the money.kinsan ace mutun na zaune a gida almost all day everyday is not easy,mama dan Allah try to understand".....Yazid said pleading with mama....."ok,rather than have her stay at home ka gwammace she goes out everyday and mingle with men?You prefer she goes out everyday and get mixed up da mazan wasu matan in the name of work?...What has gotten into you ne wai".....mama asked still raging with anger.....

"Wallahi mama ba haka bane,you know i respect my self and i know the kind of upbringing i had".....i said with shiver in my voice...."Shut up,kar ki kara saka mun baki when i am talking to my son..How dare you".....mama said and  i felt a tear drop down my cheeks....."Mama,Abba fah zatayi wa aiki.Abba ne yayi employing dinta as a staff in his company"....Yazid said and i hoped inside me that,it will atleast change something...."it doesnt matter,Her father cannot monitor her 24/7,i am not saying she will be something bad,aa what i am saying is she will work with maza  koh a company dinshi zatayi aiki,she will not work,simple!".....mama said with finalty in her voice....

"Mama dan Allah,naga dai we all try to get educated so something good can come out of it,kuma karatun nan she did it so she will be able to work"......Yazid said trying not to lose his calm......

"Didnt Amina go to school?Amina has a degree amma ae she isnt working,has she died of staying at home yet?...Yazid,Rayhana will not work,sai dai in baa gidan nan bah".....Mama said and made her way to her apartment,leaving us standing on the drive way...

I felt my heart sinking in my chest as i made my way towards the door...I entered my room,locked the door and reach out for my phone to call Abba.

Calling Abba made me relieved because he made me realise what is more important in the life of a woman is the love and respect of her husband ,rather than work or any money she may earn.

Yazid kept knocking and i finally decided to open the door for him......"Rayhana i am so sorry,if there's anything i could do to change this i would,dan Allah ki yafe ni".....Yazid said kneeling before me in front of the bed holding my both hands...."Ba lefin ka bane,you are just trying to obey your mother,and if i were in your shoes i ll do the same.So there's no need to be sorry,ba kayi min lefin komai bah".....I said sincerely looking at him.
Yazid is more important to me than anything,even work...I decided in my heart there and then that i will find something to do at home to keep me busy.As long as Yazid will come back home to me everyday,i ll be alright.I ll be fine,i love him enough to sacrifice atleast this for him


My ears could hardly keep up with what i was hearing from mama.Since when did it become a crime for me to have my friends come over?since when?.

"Mama,Rayhana fah is my wife,it is my duty to take care of her same way it is her's to take care of me.Yima mata ta girki is not a crime,most mallamai mah na preaching akan kyautatawa matan mu"......Yazid said softly......"preach to me,Yazid i gave birth to you i know all these things,i just cant stand by and watch you worship her".....mama said pointing an accusing finger at me.....

"Subhannallahi,mama ya zaayi yayi worshipping dina?mama you are getting it all wrong,wallahi......."shut up,how many times do i have to tell you to never interfer when i am talking to my son?Koh kinada iko da shi ne?or do we have the same level of importance to him?".....mama said cutting me off my speech....."aa,Allah ya baki hakuri mama"....i said with my voice almost at the point of tears......"Da hakuri ta mutu nawa kika bani?".....mama said....."I have told you,bana son too much visitors,i hate seeing people coming in and out of this house kamar gidan haya".....mama said....."but mama no one can live in isolation,it wont be fair to her ,to her family and to her friends.Atleast having visitors is what keeps her from being bored....Yazid said trying hard to make mama see his point......

"and so?lefin waye she is always bored?She has been in this house for 6months,shuru.Not even a mis-carriage,why wont she always be bored.idan ta damu for company and someone to talk to,let her bear children".....mama said and stormed out.

I went straight to the parlor and sat on the couch crying....."Rayhana you know she doesnt mean it ,kawai she is upset ne".....Yazid said patting me at the back...."eh dama mana haka zaka ce,what is she upset about?the fact that i get visitors once in a while?if she doesnt  want visitors why didnt she let me keep the car you bought for me,atleast that way i can visit them instead of them visiting me.If she hadnt stopped me from working,i wouldnt have to stay home all day and feel lonely".....i said with tears in my voice....."and about children,you and i both know its a decision we took together to have kids a year after marriage,yet mama is making this about me".....i said so angrily......

"Rayhana i know,amma you know i cant tell mama she is wrong or at fault,and i acknowledge your patient and kindness towards mama,dan Allah dont be mad...and about children,i guess its time we changed our minds and give mama grand kids,but please dont hold mama a ranki".....Yazid said and i looked so deep into his eyes and saw how hurt he seemed,i couldnt say a word,all i could was jump into his arms....
I have respected mama to the best of my ability,but i dont know for how long i can continue bearing with her and all these insults day after day.


Since Yazid and i got married,there has never been a time when he was ever away.Yazid has been talking to me about business trips he has to undertake for opening of branch offices of their company at four different states within the federation,and for the first time he has to be away from me.

"do you really have to go"....i said holding unto his travelling suitcase....."you know i would never leave you if it werent of utmost importance,we have been planning to open branches and i think now is the time,i ll be back before you know it"....Yazid said giving me a hug and heading out the door.

I finished all my house chores and felt so tired like never before,that  feeling of being lazy when you know you have no one to cook for but yourself.I actually am going to depend on junk food till Yazid gets back.Yes!time for lazying around.

I sat on the couch and rested my back on the couch when i heard the door bell ring and i got up to see who it was at 9am....."Mama ina kwana"....i said opening the door and feeling not happy at all to see her....."lafiya,where is Yazid"....mama asked...."he left for Abuja since 7am".....i replied....."left,he told me yesterday night,but i thought zaizo ya mun sallama again before leaving"....mama said disgusted by the fact that he didnt say goodbye to her,again,after wanda yayi yesterday night...

"He had to leave kar yayi missing flight"....i said looking away...."And it didnt occur to you to remind him to say goodbye to his mother,isnt it your duty as his wife?"....mama said pissed...."mama jiya fah he said goodbye to you because he knew he ll be leaving early today and you might still be asleep....and mama times without number you said i should stop interferring in you and your son's business"....i said plainly....."eh lallai yayi miki kyau"....mama said looking surprised at the way i spoke to her....."toh when he calls,tell him i said he should call me kaffin ranshi ya baci"....mama said and made her way to leave.

"gaskiya i cant"....i said and mama turned to look at me.."you can't,ince you should tell him something kice you cant,what is wrong with you ne wai?"....mama said so angrily.....

"nothing,kawai i am minding my business as you said.You said i shouldnt interfer ever again,and na rantse i will not.Kinga kuwa rantsuwa tafi komai koh"....i said intentionally trying to annoy her....."Bari Yazid din yadawo,we will know who is who between me and you"....mama said and stormed out angrily.
Normally i would feel remorse for the way i spoke to her,amma wallahi koh ajikina,she pushed me too far,i will not keep quiet or tolerate her again,no i ll not.


The house has never been so boring to me.Yazid has been gone for two days now and will not be back till the next two days to come.All i have done has been Watching series after series, and this has made me miss him even more.

Normally Yazid and i do almost everything together,from watching movies,to eating,to playing like little children and arguing about who loves who most.I really do miss him.

Sometimes when you miss someone you just cant help but to look for things to do to make time go faster or atleast keep your mind off that person for a while..."i think i should go out today,i am tired of staying home all day alone kamar maiya"....i said to myself and got ready.

I got ready and made my way out of the house when mama came out of her own side of the building...."mama ina wuni".....i said respectfully....."Lafiya qalau Rayhana,ya kewa?"".....mama asked Nicely and i felt happy,finally she is being nice to me even after the way i behave the day before yesterday....."Alhmadulillah mama".....i said with a shy smile...."Were you coming to see me ne?"....mama asked smiling...."eh,but dama fada miki zanyi i ll be going out yanzu,kar kiji shuru"....i said smiling.

"toh,because Yazid isnt around that is why za ki fara yawo a gari?"....mama said rudely....."tunda Yazid left town did you once come to my apartment ki gaishe ni?"...."did you?"....mama added angrily..

"mama it isnt because Yazid isnt around,and i asked him for permission before i even got ready,and mama each time i come to your apartment you always ask me me nazo yi,so i thought me coming over makes you uncomfortable"......i said still maintaining my calm....."toh since you have asked him,why are you asking me kuma dan munafurci?".....mama said..

"haba mama,you know it isnt so.Even if na tambaye shi dole i have to ask you too,tunda Yazid isnt around i cant just go out without informing you"....i said to mama....."toh tunda my opinion matters,stay at home,after all fitar ai bata da anfani,Kuma bata zama dole bah"....mama said...."haba mama,staying in this house all alone for two days isnt easy,dan Allah mama let me go,dan Allah kinga baki son visitors and that is why i try as much as possible to avoid having visitors come over"....i said pleading with mama....."staying in this house all alone because ni ba mutun bace? are not going anywhere better go back to your apartment"....mama said with authority..

I said nothing to mama and turned to leave her where she stood and headed for Yazid's parked car,entered and instructed Audu mai gadi to open the gate....Mama turned to look at me as i attempted to drive off....."Audu close that gate"....mama said to him feircely....."Audu open the gate"....i shouted at Old Mallam Audu for the first time.....
"Rayhana,how dare you?"....mama shouted...."Audu i said open that gate".....i shouted again..."Audu close that gate"....mama said with anger as i have seen before....."Audu do what i said ,Mama,stay out of my way".....i said shouting and pointing a finger at her.

Episode 14

No matter how patient a person is,sometimes you just have to go beyond what you usually avoid.I have loved and respected mama as though she were my own.This time she just pushed me too far and its high time i bought respect for myself as a human being even if not as her daughter-in-law.
Mama stood there shocked as to how i had the audacity to tell Mallam Audu to open the gates against her orders....."Rayhana who do you think you are?".....mama asked shocked and angry....."Who else?Your son's wife mana."....I said back as angrily as i could....."indai na isa da ke then stop this stupidity and go back to your apartment,this craziness is over".....mama said pointing at the door of Yazid's and i 's part of the building....
"Zaman Yazid nake yi,he married me.i obey only him.My paradise lies under his feet mama,not yours"....i said to her plainly......"and his?....have you forgotten his own paradise lies under my feet?".....mama said with so much vemon,Pride and anger in her voice.....
"This is not over until i say it is.You had your share and turn for authority,now it is mine"....i said and slammed the car door......"Audu open the gate and now or i swear i will run you through".....i said looking at mallam Audu......"Rayhana in kika fita,kar ki dawo".....mama said with a mean face......"Mama wai what do you want?In ma zauna in the house what will My staying at home add to you?You wont let me be happy with my husband,you wont let me work,you wont let my relatives and friends visit me,what do you want?".....i asked with tears in my eyes.....
"i have told you,if you go dont come back"....mama said again with finalty in her voice....."isnt that what you want?dama you dont like my stay here,dama you have always wanted me gone,but today i ll not obey you mama".....i said and drove out.
"Audu if this stupid girl comes back and you open the gate for her considered yourself sacked"....mama said to mallam Audu and moved fast into ther house.
There are people in this world that are just too hard to please and mama is the queen of such group of people.I know Yazid as much as i know myself,he sometimes finds his mother's attitude unbearable,but he has no choice.She is his mum,but ni kam i have  a choice.
I have always heard of mothers dake kishi da daughter in laws dinsu,amma na mahaifiyar Yazid is just too much....I really wanted peace to reign but mama doesnt want peace,she wants me gone.


I know I shouldn't have done what I did to mama, but she left me with no choice. She could never understand why I really had to go out.

I got back at about 6.30pm and met Mallam Audu sitting right outside the gate listening to radio as he usually does.... "Hajiya sannu da zuwa"...... Audu said... " yauwa, open the gate"...... I said without getting out of my car..... "Hajiya you know the other Hajiya said I shouldn't open the gate for you, but I ll, because I know everything that goes on in this house, and I know you have been patient, but Dan Allah continue being patient, there's no point in repaying evil with evil"..... Mallam Audu said sincerely..... "Wallahi I know. I feel bad for what I did to mama and all the things I said. But she left me with no choice. I love mama as though she were my own mother, amma bata sona, but in sha Allah I ll try to make peace with her"...... I said and drove right ahead into the house......

Mama came out of the house immediately she heard me pulling over...... "What are you doing here, didn't I say if you go you shouldn't come back? So why are back?"........... Mama said pointing at the gate....." Mama I know what I did is wrong and I should have taken my anger as far away as possible, but I did not. Please forgive me"....... I said..... "now you know you are wrong? You should have known kafin ki saka kafa ki fita even though I told you not to"....... Mama said still sounding angry....." Mama initially I planned to go out for a visit, har na shirya then my sister called and said Abba wasn't feeling good and yana asibiti and no matter how hard I tried you just weren't going to listen"...... I told mama sincerely......... "toh so what?Dole ne sai kinje? Couldn't you have called and ki bari sai mijinki ya dawo"..... Mama I called him and told him and he said I could go"..... I said trying to explain to mama......."OK, ni ban isa ba Kenan? Sai kace wadda aka ce ya mutu? In fact there is no excuse for what you did"..... Mama said still pointing at the gate..... "mama mahaifi fah akace"..... I said to mama with a pitiable face.
"Mahaifin? Now you no longer have to answer to them, but to my son and i"..... Mama said and I just couldn't control my anger....." With all due respect mama, my father is my father no matter how far or close I am and no matter who I am married to. I can't refuse to see my father because you asked me not to. Mijina ya bani izini you had no right to stop me, same way you have no right to tell me to get out of my own matrimonial home, please kija girmanKii"...... I said to mama and made way to my apartment....... "Rayhana mama kike fada mah haka?"..... Yazid said out of nowhere and I turned to look at him,in shock and anger standiing at the gate.

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