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REGRETS -(KA CUCE NI) by Fatimah Tahir Abdullahi
Fatimah Tahir Abdullahi

Episode 1
All my life I have known only my mother.My mother has been my pride and Happiness.She's a woman of virtue, patience and tolerance.Our lives would have been perfect ba dan talaucin da yake takura mana bah.Mama has made sure I never lacked anything in school,tun daga primary har na gama secondary.
There's no nature of jobs da mana bata yi duk Dan tayi making sure she provides for me.Mama had her education har zuwa secondary level and then diploma kaffin circumstances din rayuwa su katse mata karatu.
I have never met my Father because he died before I was born.Mama married severally but had to leave her marriage several times sabida ni,we all know how difficult it is when a woman goes to another man's house with another man's child,Agola, it's what I have been labelled more times than I can remember.
Mama teaches in a primary school a unguwar mu,but her salary is merely enough to feed,cloth and shelter us."Khadija, rayuwa sai hakuri,duk abunda zakiyi,make sure you do it honestly and wholeheartedly and da yardar Allah Baza ki tabe bah".....these are always mama's words.
I finished my secondary school Four months ago and I cleared all my papers with good grades.I'm not the best,I wasn't the best at school,but I was good,very good and would probably have done better if I had all the necessary materials I needed to study.
I know mama's little salary would never have been able to pay for my university education,balle yanzu da mama has been sick and can't go to work.Mama worked in a private primary school and her employment was terminated since she took ill because she couldn't handle the stress and her illness was over powering her strength.
"Sallamualaikum ".....Hajiya Ma'u said as she entered our one room one toilet (pit laterane) and locally made fireplace to serve as kitchen with tsakar gida of a house."waalaiki salam, sannu da zuwa".....I said as I greeted her and spread mat a tsakar gida beside mama who was sleeping peacefully not minding kudagen da suke baibaye da ita...."Ma'u"....mama said sitting up.."Naam Hajara ya jiki"....she asked mama...."Wallahi da sauqi"...mama said..."Yanzu Khadija wankin kike,bayan nace kar kiyi"....mama said with worry on her face..."Wallahi Ma'u wannan yarinya dai Allah ya saka mata da alkhairi,tun safe ba abunda ta saka a baki Amma sai faman wanki take yi"....mama said..."Gaskiya Hajara ina tausaya muku,shiyasa nazo da Shawara,Akwae wata Yar uwata a Abuja,gidan da take aiki suna neman me aiki,shine tace in bincika mata,me zai hana ki bani Khadija,kinga ko ba komai duk wata zaa turo miki da kudin aikinta."....Ma'u said.
From the moment she said those words, my mind completely drifted from what they were saying.All I could hear was Mama's answer which was She has to talk to me about it."There's nothing to talk about Mama,if this is the only way out,then I'm ready to do it just to keep my mother alive"....I said and the decision was made.It was decided that I ll be leaving with Hajiya Ma'u to Abuja gobe da asuban fari. It's not going away to work for some other family that hurts,it's leaving behind my mother that was giving me a heart ache.I have never left her before.I have never left home before,but life leaves me with no choice.
Who knows,I may be able to save up some money from my monthly N7,000 salary as Hajiya Ma'u has said to go back to school at one point or the other.
That night we had a long talk with Mama and several times ta shi mun albarka,she decided to go back to her Aunties place so she wouldn't be alone.I can't help but wonder what it will be like living with another Family,I have heard stories of people who work for other people and zancen gaskiya,those stories are never nice,amma I think at this point bani da zabi.I hope and pray everything will be OK,for my dear Mama and for me.
Next episode coming up soon.
New Episodes will be posted every Mondays, Wednesdays , Fridays at 9pm and Sundays at 5pm.

REGRETS -(KA CUCE NI) :Episode 2

All my life,I have lived in Dutse, the capital of Katsina,because outside Dutse bani da kowa or atleast haka nake tunani.Going to Abuja for the first time would have been great If I didn't have to leave mama all by herself.I'm already missing her terribly, but I just have to go,life leaves me with no choice but to go.

We arrived Abuja at about 2pm and I ache all over because I have never travelled such a long distance before.Before I knew what was happening we were already at the gate of the very big house,as I call Mansions.

We were stopped at the gate by a security guard in Black pants and white shirt with stripes, a plad,which was carefully toked into the pants, on black booths and a police like cap.
Gaskiya gidan nan babba ne I said to myself.

The security guy entered his glass decorated post and made a call using the intercom(I remember it's called intercom from the passages we read at school)......"zaku iya shiga"....he said to Hajiya Ma'u and I.

Half way into the house,Hajiya Ma'u relative who works in the house as the cook came out to greet us,and took us into the visitor's waiting room,or unimportant visitors room if I must add,because from where we sat I could see a corridor that leads to a grand parlor with chandelier and expensive rich people's things.

"Sannun ku,kunsha Hanya"....Alawiyya said...."Wallahi kuwa"....Hajiya Ma'u said..."Ya sunan ki,"....Alawiyya asked..."Khadija "...I replied......"Aunty Ma'u wannan zata iya aikin kuwa,yarinya ce ai sosai"....Alawiyya said concerned...."Ah zata iya,Khadija ce fah ae abunda zatayi wani babban ma bazaiyi bah"....Hajiya Ma'u said....."Shekarar ki nawa"....Alawiyya asked again....."shashida"....I replied.

We waited for about two hours before the Hajiya of the house came.Contrary to my thoughts, the Hajiya is really very nice.She welcomed me with open arms and was concerned about my age when I told her I'm 16,but nonetheless welcomed me even though I was scared she will turn me away and reject me,but she didn't,rather she told me to feel at home.

Hajiya Ma'u left at about 5pm hoping to visit some of her relatives in Gwagwalada before going back to Dutse.
I was shown the room where I ll stay.It's a bunk bed like those in boarding schools,which I ll be sharing with a girl named Safiya who is about 24years old and does all the dish washing and other kitchen chores,unlike Alawiyya who is about 35 and does all the cooking.

Later that day,I was introduced to the household when Safiya was serving dinner and I was cleaning the dinning area.
I got to know that Hajiya has four children,two boys and two girls.The eldest son Abdurrahman, Abdul as he is popularly called lives and studies in the United States,while Areef the second son Areef is studying in Cyprus,Turkey,and the two girls Ruqayya and Jidda both attend Base University Abuja.

From abunda naji a bakin Safiya,the guys are nice but the girls,not so nice,especially Jidda who I heard is quick to snap at people.

We served the food to Hajiya and her two daughters and left the parlor and went back to the kitchen to eat our own food.
I have not had anything tun safe and that food tasted kamar ba a gidan duniya aka dafa shi bah sabida dadi.The chicken was in abundance in our food and I felt like I was a queen,this Hajiya must be really nice for allowing us to eat the kind of food they themselves eat,I was hungry but I could hardly swallow because I couldnt get the thought of mama off my mind.Koh mama taci abinci,may be ma kwadon gari taci,ni gani ina cin kaji.I was lost in my thoughts that ban ma San sanda Jidda ta shigo kitchen din bah...."Alawiyya mene matsalar ki?..wannan abinci ne koh guba?..... Jidda said throwing her plate of food at Alawiyya feet...."Gishiri be ji ba a abincin and yaji is too much, kuma you know very well Inada Ulcer....."...Jidda said again with so much anger in her voice...."Haba Jidda...."....Safiya tried to say something and Jidda shut her up...."Shut up,ba dake nake bah,mind your business before I make Hajiya throw you out."....Jidda said pointing a finger at Safiya...."Kiyi hakuri"....I said because honestly I hate to see people fighting..."Ke kuma fah,from where?If you want to live in this house,you have to learn how to shut your mouth,Tunda ba gidan ubanki bane"....she said to me with so much anger than before....."Ki dafo mun Indomie da egg omelette ki kawo mun,na baki 20mins".....she said pointing to Alawiyya and left.

Dama haka yaran masu kudi suke,basu duba na gaba da su?...I wondered.If this is where I will work for the next few years to come then my hell has just begun,but what choice do I have?I jus have to work to feed my mother and if possible save some money and go to the university, only if possible.

REGRETS -(KA CUCE NI)  Episode 3

Back in Dutse,many people talked about how beautiful they think I am,and how much more beautiful I would look In akwae Jin dadin da kwanciyar hankali.I thought leaving Dutse for Abuja is the worse thing that can happen to me,but it isn't.Facing Hajiya's daughters is,especially Jiddah.

I have lived in Abuja for almost two months now.I have not been able to get my mother off my mind.Thank God for Hajiya's kindness,the last time Hajiya Ma'u came to check up on Alawiyya and I,Hajiya gave her a Nokia torchlight to give to Mama,that way I get to talk to mama duk Juma'a using the Landline they have in the grand parlor.
The Hajiya has been more of a mother than an employer. 

The house has been in chaos for the past three days and Hajiya has been restless.The household has been very busy waiting for the arrival of Abdul,Hajiya's eldest son who is coming back from the United States after completing his education.
The house has been kept clean by me as usual and his favorite food has been prepared on Hajiya's order.I just pray he wouldn't be as brutal as his sisters, or even worse.

Jidda has not given Safiya and I a moment of peace,she complains about everything,ranging from Bad taste in food prepared by Alawiyya ,to bad smell of detergents used in washing the culteries by Safiya and how terrible I move things around in her room when cleaning it up.She wants everything done her way and even then she complains about everything,what hurts me more is how she talks to Alawiyya who is old enough to give birth to us all.

I heard the car horn and I immediately knew Hajiya's son had arrived and I had to set the table.
Hajiya and her daughters rushed out to give her son a hug and we,the workers just peeped through the kitchen window."Allah sarki,Abdul,mutumun girki,Alhamdulillah ya Gama karantun lafiya ya dawo lafiya".....Alawiyya said...."Eh nima from yadda naji,duk yafi sauran 'ya'ya Hajiya kirki da sauqin kai.".....Safiya said...I didn't say a word and just kept wiping the kitchen counters...."Ke sai an gaya miki, before you go out and set the table,common sense bazae fada miki bah mutun yayi tafiya yana bukatar abinci".....Jidda said to me out of nowhere....."Yi hakuri,I thought sai ya huta, yayi wanka......"keep shut"...Jidda said...."You thought what?Are as stupid as you look?I wonder why Hajiya ta dau someone like you aiki,Yar karama da ke sai shegen talking back at people,set the table ki kawo mana abinci yanzu"....Jidda said with Hiss and left the kitchen......"Kiyi hakuri Khadija,watarana sai labari"....Alawiyya said to me and I nodded with tears in my eyes and headed out of the kitchen.

I got to the parlor and met Hajiya and Abdul suna hira.Jidda was on the chair tana danna waya and Ruqayya was talking to Abdul...."Yaya Tunda an gama karatu sai aure koh"....Ruqayya said...."Eh,amma saidai in ke zaki zaba mun matar".....Abdul said jokingly....."Eh no problem,sai en Maka choosing ae,gamu da mata a Base University. "....Ruqayya said over excited...."Rufa mun asiri, matan Base University are beautiful, but they are all fake,mostly fake.Matan Abuja nan are never themselves, and I want someone ya so ni Dan ni bah Dan abunda nake dashi nafi son someone who is real and very decent,which is something three quarter of them are not."....Abdul said..."Gaskiya kayi gaskiya Abdul"....Hajiya said.

I approached them after setting the table...."Sannu da zuwa,ya hanya"....I said to Abdul kneeling down and bowing down my head..."Lafiya qalau,ya kike"...Abdul asked politely......"Lafiya,the table is set"....I said and stood up to leave.

Hajiya,and her sons and daughters proceeded to the table to have their dinner.I forgot the fruit pouch on the kitchen counter and headed back to get,on my way back to the dinning area I head Jidda shouting and I got scared na lape inji meke sa ta ihu so angrily....."Allah ya sawwake, haba dai ya'ya,kai ka yi zaman U.S Amma har yau you still have not changed.Ya ma zaayi kace kayi admiring din gentility and calmness din wannan bazan yarinyar,Yar aiki ce fah.Haba ya'ya,gaskiya it better stop at admiring din nan fah"....Jiddah said very hfurious....."Jidda you can never change,mene dan yar aiki ce,and daga cewa I admire her?Kawai ta Burge ni ne,and honestly she's young but she will make a good wife."...Abdul said teasingly ..."tabdijam better be joking"...
I got scared someone will catch me eavesdropping and I ran off into the kitchen, so afraid.


I have always loved studying, and bani da wani buri da ya wuce in koma makaranta duk dah I don't know when the possibility of going back to school will present itself.I have been positive and I'm hopeful one day,just one day,I ll get to go back to school again.Incase that opportunity presents itself I have to be ready.

The house  work is alot to deal with as it is very big and cleaning the whole house has never been easy.I wake up everyday at 5pm.After sallar Asuba I hardly go back to sleep.I work from dawn till dusk.Even when I finish with my part of the work which is usually around lokacin sallar La'asar, I help Alawiyya in the kitchen because I love cooking.After the day's chores are over,I hardly go to sleep.I stay up till around 1am studying.From the little money I get to save whenever Hajiya ta aike ni kasuwa and canji ya ragu,she tells me to keep the change.That way I was able to purchase some textbooks and past questions for JAMB.I have to be prepared for the opportunity presents itself.

After completing my chores for the day,I went to the corridor near the passage to study as usual.I don't usually study in the room because I wouldn't want to keep the lights on and  disturb Safiya who is fast asleep....."ke kuma me kike yi anan? ".....Jidda said...."bakomai,kawai....... "kawai me"...Jidda snorted..."na lura kullun baki da aiki sai duba littafi, you better stop deceiving yourself wae zaki koma karatu.You are nothing more than a maid,kuma a haka zaki cigaba.karatu bana irinku bane"....Jidda said...I couldn't help but break down in tears......"ke Jidda,what the hell ke damunki".....Abdul said out of nowhere after hearing  all of what Jidda said...."ke meyasa kika dau duniya da zafi ne?don't ever call her a maid,she's a human....."kae yaya, why are you always fast at trusting people,wanna yarinyar munafuka ce"....jidda bloated back...."keep quiet, ni kike fada ma haka"....Abdul said angrily.
Jidda didn't say a word more and ran upstairs.I sat down there crying,Jidda just crushed every hope I have ever had of furthering my education, and now that yaya Abdul has made her angry,nasan gobe akai na zata juye fushin ta...."kiyi hakuri khadija.Na San Jidda said harsh things to you and ba yau ta fara bah, but ki cigaba da hakuri.In sha Allah things will be alright"....Abdul said to me calmly...."Bakomai yaya"....I said wiping my tears....."I will stand by you and make sure you go back to school indai you have interest in school"....Abdul said looking at me...."Thank you so much yaya.Allah ya biya kah.".....I said joyously...."but only on one condition".....Abdul said...."what's that yaya?"....I asked confused....."only if you will let me tutor you,you can't pass JAMB without being coached and I love teaching,so why not."....Abdul said....."ok yaya,thank you so much"....I said and packed up my books, I couldn't help but notice the way yaya Abdul was staring at me and I became awfully uncomfortable and went to bed.


The house has not been easy for me since yaya Abdul started coaching me.Jidda and Ruqayya have been on my neck and have used virtually every insult they have ever heard on me.Ranging from munafuka, to yar matsiyata,to yar talakawa, to maid, the worse was when Jidda said "duk abunki,yaya will never fall for you,he's only being nice and that has always been his weakness, if you have any ploy to make him fall for you gara mah ki sake tunani"....those words have rang in my ears more times than I can count..

The only thing that gives me comfort is yaya Abdul. He's been a great teacher and he never seizes to praise my brain."I wonder how a 17 year old can be this smart and a very fast learner too and really beautiful too"....he always says to me.He bought a lot of other books for me to help me study and also novels to read when I'm bored.

I needed alot of time to study and do all the home work yaya Abdul gives to me at the end of every lesson,this made safiya angry because I no longer help her with her chores the way I used.

Safiya hardly talks to me because she feels I'm getting too attached to my books and no longer make time to help her out or talk to her the way I used."you have stopped being like a sister to me"....she always says...

All I really want to do these days is to study,it's not just the studies, I'm beginning to like spending alot of time with yaya Abdul,he's been nice and mazon Allah (SAW) yace ita zuciya duk me kyautata Mata dole ta so shi.......Maybe Jidda is right,may be somehow something is beginning to develop between yaya Abdul and I.We joke,we laugh and I never seem to get his thoughts out of my head,but I know this is something that can never happen.I have to do something about this before it gets out of hand.

As usual after completing every chore I had to do and helping Safiya out so she wouldn't complain,I went to my study place and I saw yaya Abdul waiting for me...."yau my student is late,and she has never been late before"....Abdul said with a smile...."I was busy ne aciki".....I said with no expression at all...."It's okk.let's get started,yau Mathematics zamuyi koh,where are the books"....Abdul said after noticing i didn't bring any book along...."yaya dama kawai I just wanted to let you know nagode sosai with everything and all the help you have rendered to me,Allah ya biya ka.But I think I have learned enough,I want to concentrate more on abunda ya kawo ni gidan nan, aiki ".....I said and turned to leave....."sabida jidda"...Abdul asked and I stopped walking but didn't turn back..."you are quitting sabida Jidda?Don't let my sisters intimidate you.kar ki bari what my sisters say to you get to you".....Abdul said with sympathetic eyes...."Wallah it has nothing to do with abunda jidda tace,Jidda's threats have never scared me because I know how badly I want to go back to school"....I said with shaky voice...."then why?I'm not just a tutor to you,and neither am I just a like a yaya to you".....Abdul said calmly....."yaya Abdul I can't tell you,because it doesn't make sense even to me"....I said hoping I haven't revealed anything...."I love tutoring you because I get to spend time with you.Khadija I don't know how to explain to you but I see you as more than a sister and I want nothing more than......."more than what"....Hajiya said out of nowhere....I couldn't move an inch.I quickly turned and saw the fire in Hajiya's eyes....."Umma dama I told you,kullun sai tazo nan dan munafurci wai karatu, so that she will seduce yaya Abdul and make him get her pregnant sabida taga kudi"....jidda said...."ke Jidda are you out of your mind,Umma wallah......"wallah me"....Hajiya interrupted Abdul...."Hakane mana,I thought  you are decent ashe ke munafuka ce,so kike ki lalata kanki, ki lalata mun da.I can't take this,you are leaving this house first thing gobe.I will give you the money you earned working here and zansa akai ki tasha,dama you can't judge a book by its cover"....Hajiya said....."Umma wallahi it's not what you think,Dan Allah Umma don't do this"....Abdul said....."eh lallai,what did she do to you to poison your mind?You are 27 Amma har yau baka da hankali".....Hajiya said and left.

I ran to the room I share with Safiya and packed my things.I couldn't sleep that night.I cried all night because I couldn't work long enough to save what I need to go back to school.I know mamana will never believe wannan Sharrin da jidda tayi mun.......I just can't believe this is happening
Next episode coming up soon.


I arrived Dutse at about 12pm and headed straight home.I met mama and Hajiya Ma'u a zaune a tsakar gida.Mama got up and came to hug me and relieve me of my luggage."Sannu da zuwa"...mama said.

Before I could tell mama all that has happened she already knew because Hajiya called Hajiya Ma'u and told her everything and Hajiya Ma'u came to tell Mama.I was happy Hajiya Ma'u is behind me...."I called Alawiyya a waya and she told me everything,kuma dama nasan baza  ki aikata abinda Hajiya tace mun kin aikata ba,shiyasa na kira Alawiyya for confirmation,I have always known yaran nan basu da mutunci, especially Jidda"....Hajiya Ma'u....."Allah ya miki albarka khadija. I wish I never let you go there and work.Everything will be OK now.Baza mu mutu bah, from the little money you brought back as your salary we will use it mu fara wata sanaar before I get a job."....mama said.

I went to bed that day happy that the person who mattered most to doesn't believe all the allegations against me.I'm happy I'm home with mama once again,and this time babu abunda zai rabu mu sai aure.

It's been a week since I came back home.Mama and I have been thinking of sana'ar da zamuyi  da N35,000 from my salary and still haven't come up with anything.I was able to learn kitso because I practiced alot while in Abuja akan Safiya da Alawiyya and that is really paying off now.I told my neighbors ina kitso in akwai me so and since then I have had several customers, atleast two everyday,and that way I make atleast N200 everyday and with that,mama and I are able to do cefane without touching the money from my salary.
I was at home when our neighbor's son Sani came in,"Anty khadija wai kizo"...he said...."inji wah"....I asked surprised..... "oho,wani ne a wata arniyar mota"....the boy said and ran off.I wonder who would be looking for me and I got up nasaka Hijab and went out to see who it was.

Immediately I got outside,I could hardly move nor believe my eyes....."Yaya Abdul, me kake a nan"....I asked surprise...."khadija I came to see you sannan in baki hakuri akan abunda ya faru, Dan Allah kiyi hakuri ".....he said...."babu komai,but you didn't have to come all the way here,I know it's not your fault"....I said sincerely..."Khadija I got too attached to you without even realising it.I can't imagine my life with you far away from me,dan Allah come back with me to Abuja ".....Abdul said...."kamar yadda jidda ta fada, ba gidan ubana bane,so I have no reason to go back with you"....I said....."I know,you are right....."Yaya Abdul you came to apologize and you have done so,so please go."....I said harshly because I know I have started falling for him and I know it's something that can never happen,never...."I will go,if you want me to,but on one condition "....Abdul said....."do you always have conditions for everything "....I said....."Please,promise me zaki aure ne,because you all I have always wanted,and I ll leave, just promise me"....Abdul said.
I didn't say a word more and ran into the house,why is Yaya Abdul doing this to me,why is he giving me false hope, why is he talking about the impossible, just why.


I was inside the room i share with mama when i heard mama calling out to me from tsakar gida...."Khadija kije ki siyo gasarar its almost 11 and we have not had anything".....mama said to me as i stepped out of the room....."Mama i'm going now,yanzu zan dawo".....i said as i stepped out of the house to our neighbour's to buy pap..

I was shocked when i stepped out of our house and saw yaya Abdul sitted in his car.I didnt think he would ever want to see me after the way i stormed out of his sight yesterday...I quickly passed his car ,pretending not to see him......"khadija"...he called out to me,i didnt want to turn but i just had to,its yaya Abdul for heaven sake,he stood by me when his sisters were a thorn in my throat...."Naam Yaya Abdul"....i said as i turned to look at him..."khadija har yanzu bakice komai bah"....Yaya Abdul said..."yaya Abdul na baka answer ena,i cant say yes to you and you of all people should know that and why".....i said and i watched as the sadness in his eyes increased....."I know,but one thing i know is my parents have never denied me anything,if i tell them i want you,i know they will have no option but to accept you.".....Yaya Abdul said...."i dont want to be a person they were forced to accept,i want to be someone they will accept willingly and i know they will never do that".....i said and watched him become more confused....."khadija just......"please leave kaga mutane na kallonmu,please just go,just go and stay gone.....isnt it obvious,bana son ka.da ina son ka i ll have accepted since  yesterday when you asked,i'm afraid you had a wasted journey".....i said harshly and i left without turning back..

I wish i didnt speak to him that way.I knew the only way to make him go away was to tell him i dont love him,but i know i do.I fell for Yaya Abdul without even realising it.His presence here is hurting me,imaging the fact that he slept in his car in the cold all just for me made me shiver.I wish there's a way to turn things around.
I have been lying on my mattress and i watched mama sleep peacefully.I have not been able to eat anything or sleep.Tunanin yaya Abdul has clouded my mind and his peaceful,smiley and handsome face and curly haired face on both sides of his face and tall thin figure is all i have been seeing.I couldnt help the little tears falling down my cheeks.I'm sorry my Yaya Abdul,i wish i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth,this would have been easy for us both.....I just wish so....but truth is the saying that if wishes were horses,beggers would ride to their deaths.


Abdul has not been himself since he came back from Dutse.Since he came back to Nigeria,he's been the one handling his father's company while his father concentrated more on his politics.Abdul has however not been himself since he came back from Dutse and this has made Hajiya very worried.He talks less,stay at home more and confined to his room....."Jidda meke damun yayan ku ne kwana biyu naga duk he's a mere reflection of his former self".....Hajiya said to Jidda ....."who knows,bazae wuce zancen stupid girl en nan ba".....Jidda replied....."which stupid girl kuma,akan mace yake behaving like someone who has lost the world"....Hajiya asked Jidda...."eh mana,macen mah one that is not worth it and shouldnt matter to anyone".....jidda said....."toh who is this girl,su waye iyayen ta,why is he disturbing himself akan mace,he knows whoever she is ai bata fi karfin shi bah".....Hajiya said...."Wai Hajiya you still dont know who i'm talking about?Its that stupid girl fah Khadija da kika kora".....jidda said...."Wasa yake dai,what on earth zaiyi da wannan yarinyar?I thought mah its another girl entirely,let me go and talk him out of this nonsense".....Hajiya said and dashed out to Abdul's room with Jidda following her a baya.......

"Abdul ka bani mamaki,you are just so full of can a local girl make you like this....Me tayi maka?What did she do to poison your mind.of all the girls in the world,of all the girls in Abuja,Kano,Sokoto,Maiduguri,katsina and othe places ka rasa wadda zaka zaba sai khadijan da bata da kamun kai"......Hajiya said furiously....."umma wallahi you misjudged her.There was nothing between khadija and I when she was here har ta bar gidan nan.Infact i never knew i love her mah sai da ta bar gidan nan".....Abdul said....."Laillaha illalah,Abdul ko dai she gave you something to drink ne".....Hajiya said......"So you are admitting mah son ta kake"......Hajiya continued....."Umma ,her diligence,decency and hunger for knowledge are what attracted me to her,umma dan Allah".....Abdul said.
Hajiya left the room without uttering a word more and headed straight to her husband's room....."Abdul ya shiga matsala".....Hajiya said....."Is everything ok with him,i noticed he's not himself anymore,koh hira ya daina zuwa muyi and he has been making mistakes a wurin aiki,i was going to ask you meke damun shi"......Alhaji said...."Mace ke damun shi,he changed because of a girl."....Hajiya said...."Mace kuma,toh whose daughter is she.Ai this is simple ba sae aje to her parents house and get things done bah".....Alhaji said....."Hmmm i wish its that easy,He is like this sabida Khadija,the yar aiki dana kora from this house"....Hajiya said and Jidda noded without saying a word.Alhaji kept quiet for a while.Jidda was happy with her Father's  facial expression and was eager to hear his reply because she knows koh yaya Abdul naso koh baya so his reply and answer are final.


Jidda seems so pleased with her father's facial expression.At this point she could bet her life on it that Alhaji is really disappointed....."Hajiya,Khadija dai the same Khadija that worked here?".....Alhaji asked ....."Ita fah,same khadija".....Hajiya said...."Abba ni i wonder what he saw in that girl".....Jidda said......"Hajiya in ita yake so ,i dont know what seems to be the problem".....Alhaji said....."What????Haba Alhaji,i am disappointed in you"....Hajiya said...."No i'm disappointed in you.Haba Hajiya,i dont see anything wrong with that girl.she is decent,respectful,young and very smart and intelligent.If Abdul wants to marry her banga lefin decision dinshi bah".....Alhaji said....."Alhaji anya you understand what i am saying kuwa?That girl taso ta bata mun da,what was she always doing with him at 10pm?.....Hajiya said......"No,that was not what happened.Abdul is my eldest son,he confides in me,he tells me everything,he discusses things with me.He  told me lokacin da zae fara coaching Khadija,and i gave him a go ahead.Hajiya kinsan how much i love seeing young people hungry for knowledge,i noticed how Khadija stays up and read at night because kaffin inyi bacci i check all the lights and all the doors and make sure everything is in order before i go to bed.She didnt do it to seduce Abdul as you all thought".....Alhaji said...."Amma Abba....."Babu amma in my decision".....Alhaji said cutting Jidda off her speech....."The only reason why i didnt say a word when you threw her out is because you have rights over this house as much as i do.Kinada ikon bringing and throwing anyone in and out of this house.".....Alhaji said......"Alhaji what are you trying to say ne wai".....Hajiya said....."Allow him,mene dan Khadija is not from a wealthy Family,do you know what God's plans are for her future.My decision is final.If he wants her,he ll get her".....Alhaji said and left the room.

Hajiya looked at Jidda and Jidda made a wry expression...."Your father is right ,there's nothing wrong with her"....Hajiya said....."Toh,amma we have to find out about her background,who knows what her parents do for a living ,i'm sure we ll find some dirts and skeletons in her cupboard.".....Jidda said...."We can do that,but until i'm sure that she wasnt trying to seduce my son,ba Abdul ba ita"......Hajiya said....."ah toh wa ya sani,maybe a garin su mah bin maza take,ki bani dama inyi bincike about her."....Jidda said....Hajiya didnt say a word and walked away in deep thoughts.


Hajiya had early on few days ago sent a man named Tanimu who is from Dutse to go to Dutse and find out about Khadija's backgroud........"Hajiya Tanimu yazo he wants to see you"....Alawiyya said to Hajiya and Jidda quickly got out of the bed and went to the parlor with Hajiya......
"Hajiya sannu da futowa".....Tanimu said...."Yauwa Mallam Tanimu,ya iyali?Ya binciken dana sakayi mun?".....Hajiya said....."Toh wallahi,Hajiya Khadija dai kowa in the town is praising her,she's respecful,well behaved and decent,amma".....Tanimu said...."Amma me?"....Jidda said impatiently.

REGRETS -(KA CUCE NI) Episode 10

Jidda became so impatient when she heard "Amma"..."Mallam Tanimu amma me"....Hajiya said with distinctive eyes......"Bisa bincike na,i found out no one knows her father and no one has ever met him"....Tanimu said...."kana nufin shegiya ce".....Jidda said with wide eyes....."Eh toh,ainahi her mother isnt from Dutse,no one knows where she is from,and when she came to Dutse she came alone and with a few months pregnancy,rumour has it ciki tayi a garin su ta baro ta dawo Dutse where no one knows her and she knew no one".....Tanimu said.

"Malam Tanimu are you sure of what you are saying,babu mistake a zancen ka?".....Hajiya asked....."Hajiya babu,because i asked the oldest people around and they all said the same thing"....Tanimu said...."i knew it,dama nasan there must be some dirty secrets that girl was hiding".....Jidda said...."She isnt hiding anything,she doesnt know anything,according to her,her father died before she was born because thatwhat her mother made her believe".....Mallam Tanimu said....."Aha,she's not just stupid but clueless too"....Jidda said with so much satisfaction......"Allah sarki,wallahi suddenly i feel nothing but pity for the poor girl"....Hajiya said with sad eye......"Pity for who,that slut,haba umma".....Jidda said....."Shut up,sau nawa zance you should stop using such words"....Hajiya said...."I'm sorry Umma,but ....."Keep quiet"....Hajiya interrupted Jidda.
"Wallahi hajiya Khadija abun a tausaya mata ce,because people love the girl alot because of her good qualities.Ta samu manema aure da yawa but once they find out about her background they withdraw"....Tanimu said....."Gaskiya,its hard for any parent to let their child marry a girl whose father isnt known,amma on the other hand it isnt the girl's fault that she was born without a father"....Hajiya said...."Gaskiya it isnt"....Tanimu said......"Umma you have said it yourself,abun tausayi ce".....Abdul said out of nowhere.........."Abdul i share your pain,i really do,amma you heard everything Mallam Tanimu said,she doesnt have a father"....Hajiya said ...."Umma in sharrin mutane ne fah,what if her father is out there somewhere".....Abdul said....."if you want to help her,help her with money or something,ba dole bane sai ka aure ta".....Umma said....."Umma i want her or no one else Abdul said and dashed out to his room.

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