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RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-04-2021

BBNaija: I showered with Angel – Cross

 August 2, 2021

[Image: Cross-and-Angel.jpg]

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Cross, has revealed that he showered with Angel on Monday.

Cross during a conversation with Sammie and other housemates said Angel is 100 percent herself and he respects her.

According to him, Angel is different and would go far in life.

“This morning, I was taking my shower. Guess what guys? She just came in and entered and took her shower too. Normally, that’s how she behaves,” he said.

“I respect her a lot. Of all the housemates, both boys and girls, she’s the one I respect the most because she’s herself 100%. That’s going to take her as far as anything she can be. She’s herself 100%.”

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-05-2021

BBNaija's Angel's father hails her see-through outfit

[Image: 610ae4f9ab642.jpg]

Father of Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel, has reacted to the see-through dress his daughter wore at the fashion show.
During the fashion show on the reality show, Angel, who hosted the event, got people talking with the see-through dress she wore that left little to the imagination.
She also went braless beneath the dress.
Her father, who is also her Instagram handler as she earlier revealed, shared a video of Angel in her see-through dress on Angel's Instagram and wrote: "Body positivity."
[Image: 610ae5564969f.jpg]
He added two lovestruck emojis.
[Image: icon_share.png]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-05-2021

BBNaija: Angel Breaks Down In Tears; Niyi And Cross Clash Over Bread

BBNaija season six housemate, Angel, has always been open about her mental health struggles with her fellow co-stars but she seemed to break down recently while having a conversation with Arin. In a clip making the rounds on social media, Arin was seen trying to comfort Angel as she encouraged her to stop feeling negatively about herself.

From their conversation, it was noted that Angel had been responsible for taking care of her great grandmother with dementia just at the age of 10 and that it led to her being depressed and wanting to take her own life.

The crying housemate explained that her actions made her feel so guilty. Arin who was also in tears continued to encourage Angel and advised her not to feel bad about herself because she is a strong person.

Niyi and Cross, got into a clash of words yesterday morning over slices of bread also

The argument ensued when Cross blew hot as Niyi collected the remaining slices of bread. According to Cross, Niyi had said that the amount of bread to be taken is based on when you come to collect.

Cross said, “Why will you say that a person that comes first is supposed to take more?”

Niyi retorted, “What are you saying? How will I say a person that comes first is supposed to take more? Does it make sense to you?”

“That was why I was shocked because you said it,” said Cross

Niyi, however, maintained his ground, stating that he never said such but Cross was not having any of that.

[Image: 13980288_i5xejcq400x4003_jpeg50823f40a3a...b4a9bf9c1a]
[Image: 13980289_crossandniyi1024x541_jpegd369aa...0638684247]
[Image: 13981430_cymera20210805200447_jpegf8f15b...626170539e]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-06-2021

BbNaija's Whitemoney: I Once Sold ‘Puff Puff’ At Yaba

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Whitemoney, has revealed that he once sold ‘puff puff’ at Yaba area in Lagos State

Whitemoney made this revelation as he discussed with Arin on Thursday, day 12 of the show, sharing some of his hustle experiences with her.

He told her how he had learnt several trades, boasting about his ability to learn quickly.

“If you mistakenly put me inside an helicopter . If I sear and look at it, I’ll be able to do it,” Whitemoney said.

He added, “the hustle is so much that I cannot remember some of the things I did. I did many things. I sold puff puff at Yaba, I and a Ghanaian friend.

“What he does is that: he fries it, and then he’ll use my face to sell it to the UNILAG (University of Lagos) girls. They’ll come and buy puff puff. Very sweet puff puff.”

In wonderment, Arin asked, “Oh my God, did you guys have a stationary?”

“Yes, we had a stand at a junction in Yaba,” Whitemoney said.

Hearing the story, Arin said she found Whitemomey very inspiring.

Fans react
Apparently, fans on social media are inspired too as they took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Whitemoney’s revelation.

A tweep, @mama_bomboy, said,

Quote:“Whitemoney is a hustler sha. Now this is an inspiring story, not a pity party or sob story. He owned a barbing salon at Kaduna and lost everything during a crisis. He’s sold puff puff, did okada, wrote songs etc . Whatever thine hands find to do today, do it well.”

With laughing emojis, @__candyswitz, wrote,

Quote:“Whitemoney even sold puff puff, this guy will not kill me.”

Quote:“White money sold puff puff at Yaba. This guy is inspiring, my fave.”

@official_zhayne tweeted.

[Image: 13981498_img20210805201042_jpeg635fbd361...282d82b6cd]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-06-2021

BBNaija: Maria called me a hoe, I will nominate her for eviction – Jackie B

 August 5, 2021

[Image: Jackie-B-.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Jackie B has expressed disgust at a comment made by fellow housemate, Maria.

Jackie B had during the fashion show organized by housemates said her outfit showed she’s a freak at night and mother during the day.

Maria responding said: “Do you mean a h*e.”
Maria, defending herself said she heard Jackie B say ‘H*e’

Jackie B took offence at that and told Peace on Thursday afternoon that she found Maria’s comment offensive.
She further disclosed that she would nominate Maria for possible eviction next week.

“Can you imagine Maria said she heard hoe instead of freak when I was talking about myself and outfit that night.

“That was so offensive, I don’t like being played,” Jackie B said.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-06-2021

BBNaija: Whitemoney, Saga, Angel, 4 others win N1m

 August 6, 2021

[Image: whitemoney-1-780x470-1.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 housemates have won their first one million naira.

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemates were on Thursday divided into three groups and given a task for Airtel.
After completion of the task, Group 3 emerged the winner.

The housemates in group 3 are WhiteMoney, Yerins, Saga, Arin, Angel, Tega, Beatrice.

They were rewarded with the sum of 1million Naira.

Meanwhile, other housemates were given mifi each as consolation prizes.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-06-2021

Hot bikini photos BBNaija housemate, Maria

[Image: 610d1d459bc3a.jpeg]

Maria is one of the housemates in the BBNaija ''Shine Ya Eye'' reality TV show. She looks great in these bikini photos.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-07-2021

BBNaija: Pere, Maria, Liquorose, Sammie are pretending – Angel

 August 6, 2021

[Image: Angel-BBN-S6.jpg]

Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel has described Pere, Maria, Liquorose, Sammie and some other housemates as ‘fake and pretentious.

Angel told Biggie on Friday that Pere, Maria, Liquorose gossip about other housemates but act like they don’t.
She maintained that she is allowed to talk to her friends about things happening in the house and it should not be labeled as gossip because she can say it to their faces.

When asked which housemate is pretentious, she said, “Pere, Maria, Liquorose, Sammie and other housemate chipping hot in the argument are pretentious.

“Pere is one housemate that gossips a lot, even Maria and Liquorose, but they are confronting I and Beatrice for having a conversation.

“I am allowed to talk about things and people in this house. We don’t have TV or phones so we are here to talk. Making it feel like they don’t talk about others is pretentious.”

Meanwhile, Drama on Friday ensued in the Big Brother Naija, BBNaija house as Jackie B and Maria engaged in a heated argument.

It all started after Jackie started laughing while Maria confronted Angel on gossiping at midnight about housemates.

Also, Liquorose confronted Beatrice for gossiping about her and it almost led to a fight.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-07-2021

BBNaija: Why I can never date Liquorose – Emmanuel

 August 4, 2021
[Image: 7C687ACE-424F-4698-B1D1-8DAB09AA7287.jpeg]
Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” housemate, Emmanuel, has revealed why he can never date fellow housemate, Liquorose.

Emmanuel bared his mind during a chat with Pere.

According to the model, he is not attracted to Liquorose and only wants to be her friend.

“I only want us to be friends, I am not attracted to her at all,” Emmanuel said.
Pere, in response, said Emmanuel should not have made her feel wanted knowing fully well that he does not love her.

This conversation came after Liquorose confronted Emmanuel to ask him where she stands in his life.

Liquorose had told Big Brother during her diary session that she felt betrayed after he put her up as a suspected wild card.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-07-2021

BBNaija season 6: I’m falling in love with Liquorose – Emmanuel tells Biggie [VIDE
 August 6, 2021

[Image: Liquorose-Emmanuel.jpg]
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 housemate, Emmanuel, has confessed her love for fellow contestant, Liquorose.

Although some of the housemates believe that Pere and Saga are pushing Emmanuel into a relationship with Liquorose, the Mr. Africa title holder told Biggie that he is actually falling in love.

During his Diary Session on Friday, Emmanuel was asked if he was developing feelings for any female housemate.

And in response, he said, “Yes. I am. So far, I think I’m developing feelings for Liquorose.

“But, I honestly do not want to rush anything because she has told me how she feels in a situation like this, so we discussed and came to a conclusion that we should keep things as slow as possible. So, that’s fine.”

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-07-2021

BBNaija: Liquorose, Beatrice fight dirty

 August 6, 2021

[Image: Liquorose-Beatrice-.jpeg]

Big Brother Naija housemates, Liquorose and Beatrice were Friday involved in a nasty fight over alleged gossip.

The drama started when Angel confronted Liquorose for giving her attitude.

Liquorose said she was upset because Angel and Beatrice were talking about her relationship with Emmanuel and her stature.

Angel had told Beatrice that Emmanuel told her that he is just friends with Liquorose, a conversation Liquorose heard that got her angry.

However, Liquorose said the gossip got her angry because they would have confronted her instead of gossiping.
But Beatrice said they did not say anything bad about her and accused her of also gossiping about others.

This made Liquorose angry and she warned her to keep her name out of her mouth, but Beatrice maintained that she had right to say anything in the house.

Liquorose said, ”Keep my name out of your mouth.”

Beatrice replied, “Do you know how many times you have spoken about me in this house? Have I ever confronted you?” She asked.

Liquorose was, therefore, urged to leave the room to avoid further alteration.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-07-2021

BBNaija 2021: Beatrice, Angel trying to seduce me – Niyi tells Biggie [VIDEO]

 August 7, 2021

[Image: bbn-Niyi.jpg]

Niyi, the only married man in the Big Brother Naija season six has revealed that fellow housemates, Angel and Beatrice are making serious attempts to seduce him.

He said that Angel had already made advances at him five times while he was in the shower.

In a diary session, Niyi was asked by Biggie about the effects of his participation in the show on his marriage, particularly, his interaction with female housemates.

In response, Niyi told Biggie that some of the female housemates such as Angel and Beatrice were putting him in uncomfortable situations.

Probed further, Niyi said, “I’ve had a time where people put me in uncomfortable situations, the likes of Beatrice and Angel. But I think it’s just coming from a place of trying to tease me to see how strong I am.”

Niyi said that Beatrice had, notwithstanding his marital status, told him that she wants to be with him and that his wife will understand.

“At first, I could always wave those advances and made her know how serious the situation is, like ‘I’m married and I hope you respect that’. But with time, I just felt that it was something I’ll have to deal with.”

Talking about Angel, Niyi told Biggie that the 21-year-old housemate always approached him in the shower even if it is a private place and she doesn’t want to have a bath.

He said, “Angel has been able to make advances at me five times when I was in the shower, just to come in, even if she doesn’t want to have her bath. So that’s another thing that I’ve been looking at but I said ‘No, I can’t do this with her.’”

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-07-2021

BBNaija: Fans React As Beatrice Gets Verified On Instagram (Picture)

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Beatrice, recently got verified on Instagram, erupting reactions from fans.

With almost 90,000, Beatrice became the first housemate to be verified on Instagram, as Boma, the other housemate who is verified on Instagram, got the blue tick before coming into the show.

A post from the Instagram page, @beatriceofficial_, celebrated the verification on Saturday with the caption,

Quote:“See who just get verified. Yes. Play me ‘Verified’ by @itslaycon.”

This achievement has erupted mixed reactions from fans as they took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

90,000 vs 1.1m followers
Some fans of the show have seen this achievement as an opportunity to call out Liquorose, who has the highest followership on Instagram but is yet to have the blue tick.

Five days into the show, Liquorose hit one million followers and in the next week, it moved up to 1.1 million followers.

The verification of Beatrice account has led to a comparison between both accounts.

A tweep, @miciafu, said,

Quote:“Beatrice is verified on Instagram.Madam 1.1M is still pending. How ironic.”

Another tweep, @nessasedudzi, wrote,

Quote:“During yesterday’s argument, Rose bragged about her followers. Now Beatrice is verified and y’all are wailing because her fans are jubilating? I no get. If followers are worth celebrating, why shouldn’t verification be? I laugh in ‘verified is not a big deal’. Do it if it’s easy”

Quote:“Not Beatrice getting verified before your favorites,”

@k__4KelZ tweeted.

Fans vs critics
Fans have taken to Twitter to share their reactions on Beatrice’s achievement.

@eghele_esther tweeted,

Quote:“Beatrice is the first female to be verified. That’s nice.”

Quote:“Beatrice just got verified on IG. Underrate that girl at your own risk. I think she’s one of the biggest gamers this season,”

@stan4life2 said.

Feeling indifferent, @mrsblinky_ wrote,

Quote:“Verification or not, Beatrice shot herself in the foot. She didn’t play her first week well and now trying hard to salvage what’s left. My impression of her still stands.”

[Image: 13992189_img20210807140246_jpege9f53b443...daf26cc5a8]
[Image: 13992190_img20210807140321_jpegfc4aa8892...3488fbeb3d]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-08-2021

#BBNaija Shine Ya Eye: Yerins, Niyi and Beatrice have been evicted

[Image: 61102d07e779c.jpeg]

The first eviction show in the #BBNaija ''Shine Ya Eye' reality TV show held today August 8.
The first housemate to be evicted was Yerins followed by Niyi and then Beatrice. They all had the lowest number of votes which led to their eviction.
See how viewers voted below...
[Image: 611031c98b842.jpg]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-08-2021

Meet Michael, KAYVEE, JMK & Queen, New Bbnaija Season 6 Housemates (photos)

Biggie introduced a twist into the BBNaija 2021 show. He evicted 3 contestants and introduced 4 new housemates:

1 Meet Michael! The latest #BBNaijaShineYourEye housemate!

2 KAYVEE: Meet KAYVEE! The second new hm for tonight! A self acclaimed bad boy who promises to shake things up in the house!

3 JMK: Meet JMK! A life of the party typa lawyer, and third new Housemate for the night!

4 Queen: Another brand-new Housemate has walked into the House. Her name is Queen.

[Image: 13998905_2346617438108536696324761417643...96e1f49518]
[Image: 13998906_2345489462387146218103362843766...fcc1e52d89]
[Image: 13998907_2348515091175002892984733913703...1dcf50c502]
[Image: 13998908_2341322056755637971730798653716...fc03faa843]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-09-2021

Meet the four new housemates in the #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye house

[Image: 6110348be7703.jpg]

Tonight's #BBNaija show saw the entrance of four new housemates into the house. 
The first to make his way into the house was Michael who said he is a singer and a rapper. He said he hates pretentious people.
[Image: 61103050802bd.PNG][Image: 6110306444342.PNG][Image: 6110307c866ec.PNG]
The second housemate that entered the house is Kayvee, a photographer who says he is coming in with his fine face and positive vibes.
[Image: 61103157f16c4.PNG][Image: 6110317f2a76a.PNG][Image: 6110318fa4c2c.PNG]
The next housemate is JMK, a 23-year-old lawyer who says she is bringing fun into the house.
[Image: 611031ea72e3a.PNG][Image: 6110321c8582a.PNG][Image: 611032333def0.PNG]
The fourth housemate is Queen who says she is an activist and a philanthropist. She said she will be bringing drama into the house.
[Image: 6110333c0aaf3.PNG][Image: 6110334f4ac9e.PNG][Image: 61103361d30a8.PNG][Image: 6110337600fa4.PNG]
[Image: icon_share.png]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-09-2021

Quote:Bbnaija: Saga Never Asked Me Out, Nini Reveals

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Nini, has revealed that Saga never asked her out, which means he never asked her for a romantic relationship despite her being his love interest.

Nini said this while discussing with Whitemoney on Sunday night, day 15 of the show, about the new housemates in the house.

During Sunday’s live eviction show, four new housemates, Kayvee, Queen, JMK and Michael, joined the other contestants in the show.

Making reference to the latest addition, Whitemoney told Nini that she should get distracted and break Saga’s heart.

Nini replied, “Let’s get it straight. I’m not in a relationship with Saga.”

Whitemoney said, “He’s in a relationship with you.”

“No, you people should not put me in a box. I’ll do what I want to do,” Nini retorted.

Whitemoney told Nini that no matter what, she knows Saga really likes her and she replied, “So?”

Nini added, “He’s not in a box and neither am I in a box. I have a boyfriend outside here and he knows that.

“Saga has never asked me out. We just talk. He was the first person I connected with in the house and the fact that he said he likes me is not going to win that.”

Whitemoney asked her why Saga never asked her out and she said it’s because she has a boyfriend outside the show.

She said, “I can be friends with anyone I want. It’s not that serious and it’s not that deep.”

[Image: 14002627_img20210809121715_jpegb475e9f5d...14d0e3982f]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-09-2021

BBNaija: Pere escapes eviction, emerges Head of House

 August 9, 2021

[Image: pere.jpg]

Pere emerged as the Head of House (HoH) in the third week of Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’.

Pere secured 25 points during the ‘Game of Balls’ game at The Arena.
This gives him immunity from eviction and nomination this week.

Emerging HoH in the third week also comes with other privileges such as stay in the HoH lounge.

Boma and the four new housemates were not allowed to participate in the HOH game this week.

Recall that Boma was the head of house last week and chose Jackie B as his deputy.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-09-2021

BBNaija: How housemates nominated Nini, Saskay, Princess, others for eviction

 August 9, 2021

[Image: Nini-Saskay-Princess.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaijaa housemates, on Monday, nominated housemates for possible eviction next week Sunday.

Housemates were told to nominate two housemates for eviction except Pere and four new housemates.

At the end of the nomination process; Princess, Arin, Tega, Saskay, Emmanuel and Nini were put up for possible eviction.

Pere used his Veto power to save Saga, replacing him with Saskay.

At least, one of the housemates will be evicted from the reality show next week Sunday.

Here is how housemates nominated for eviction;

Boma: Princess and Saskay

Cross: Princess and Tega

Saga: Princess and Tega

Whitemoney: Arin and JayPaul

Nini: Princess and Emmanuel

Jackie B: Saga and Nini

Sammie: Tega and Princess

JayPaul: Maria and Peace

Liquorose: Saga and Arin

Arin: Emmanuel and Tega

Yousef: Arin and Boma

Tega: Saga and Arin

Pere: Princess and Saskay

Saskay: Whitemoney and Nini

Peace: Tega and Princess

Emmanuel: Arin and Angel

Tega: Nini and Arin

Angel: Princess and Emmanuel

Maria: Arin and Angel.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-10-2021

I can kiss Big Brother if I want to. Don't slut-shame me - Sammie and Angel clash after she kissed new housemate KayVee (videos)

[Image: 61121ada6a127.PNG]

BBNaija housemates, Angel and Sammie, had a serious quarrel last night over her decision to kiss one of the new housemates, Kay Vee.


It is no secret that Angel and Sammie have grown so close since they entered the house two weeks ago. Many even predicted they would become a couple in the house as they have been sleeping on the same bed.


Things however took a different dimension on Sunday, August 8 when Angel decided to kiss KayVee during a truth or dare game they had.


This did not go down well with Sammie who felt disrespected by Angel's decision. He mentioned this to his friends, White Money, Boma, and others. He said he held Angel in high esteem until she also touched KayVee's private part during the truth or dare. 

Quote:''I should be jealous of course. She touched somebody. You don't even know this guy from nowhere. He only came in yesterday. She should have touched Saga or Boma.
Was I angry that she kissed Boma?  No I was not Angry. You just met this n*gga and you gave him the impression that I want you'' 


Things however took a dramatic turn last night when Angel said she overheard him slut-shaming her for her decision. She confronted him and an argument ensued between them.


She told him she is not in a relationship with him and ''can kiss whoever she wants to kiss''.

Quote:''Go for your Ideal woman. You have been slut-shaming me. I heard you.''


An angry Sammie responded ''Very confused human being''


Angel immediately fired back ''I am not confused. I know what I want and it is definitely not you. It is not you. You literally slut-shamed me''


Sammie while discussing with the other guys in the room described Angel as ''My girl''.


An angry Angel then responded ''I am not your girl. We didn't put a label on it. Stop calling me your girl.''


Angel mentioned that she is somebody that Sammie has been chasing and he responded ''I am no longer chasing you''.


Sammie later had a conversation with his male housemates where he said ''I was jealous. She has a nice bum, nice breasts. I shouldn't be jealous?''


She later had a talk with Cross and Yousef where she stated that she can be with anyone she wants to be with since she is not with him.

Quote:''I am not with you. I can do what I want. You can't come outside and be like oh f**k big brother too. If I want to f**k big brother I am going to''


She expressed her displeasure at the ladies who were laughing as Sammie allegedly slut-shamed her.


Watch videos from their clash below..



[Image: icon_share.png]