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RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 07-30-2021

BBNaija 2021: Meet the Female Housemate Who Did Family Planning Without Her Husband’s Consent

Amongst the female BBNaija season, 6 housemates, is an unconventional married woman, Tega who’d be the first openly married female contestant to grace the reality show.

Born Tega Dominic, on her epic entrance into the house, mentioned to Ebuka that she is married and had once done family planning without her husband’s consent.
29-year-old mother of one is the only unconventional married female of the Big Brother six edition as all other female housemates are single and ready to mingle.

Tega is a business owner who loves dancing, travelling, DIY and photography. When she’s not doing any of the above, you can catch Tega swimming, or being the life of a party.

Tega also disclosed that she’s on a mission to sell herself on the show.
Her “small circle of friends” describes her as easy-going and a great cook – although she thinks that’s debatable, while she speaks of herself as outgoing, enthusiastic and passionate about the things she loves. Tega is always willing to learn and tries to look at difficult situations as an avenue to learn and grow.

One of Tega’s favourite things is motherhood because it has changed her perspective a lot and makes her look forward to all the things life will bring her way.
See some photos of Tega below;
[Image: svg+xml;base64,PHN2ZyBoZWlnaHQ9IjQ5MCIgd...IxLjEiLz4=][Image: Tega-1.jpg]

[Image: svg+xml;base64,PHN2ZyBoZWlnaHQ9IjUyNCIgd...IxLjEiLz4=][Image: Tega-2.jpg]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 07-31-2021

BBNaija: Why Beatrice broke down in tears on Friday night

 July 31, 2021

[Image: Beatrice.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Beatrice on Friday night broke down in tears.

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate seems to be missing home and is confused on how to socialize in the house.

“I don’t know what’s happening in the house. I want to socialize with everyone but don’t know how to,” he said.
Crying in bed, Angel who was consoling Beatrice told her to step up her game in the house.

She warned that if Beatrice fails to change her ‘cold’ attitude she will be nominated and evicted from the house.
Angel said: “if you no vibe, them go nominate you and you dey go house next week.”

Beatrice is a 27-year-old divorcee with a 7-year-old son.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 07-31-2021

BBNaija 2021: Angel Gets Social Media Buzzing After She Served Body In A Swimwear For The Jacuzzi Party (Photos)
 JULY 31, 2021

[url=][Image: Angel-bbn-2.jpg?resize=770%2C515&ssl=1][color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.74)]

Big Brother Naija housemates were given access to the Jacuzzi tonight after their big presentation.

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.74)]
The housemates had their very first presentation yesterday and for doing so well, they were given access to the Jacuzzi for a party.
[Image: Angel-bbn.jpg?resize=770%2C753&ssl=1]Angel
They quickly changed from their presentation attires to the swimmers as usual, and one housemate who captured all the attention is Angel.

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.74)]
She put on two-piece swimwear and she served a whole lot of body with no apologies.

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.74)]
After putting on the swimwear and living very little to the imagination, she was seen, vigorously shaking her body as she feels all ready and gingered for the party.
[Image: Angel-bbn-1.jpg?resize=700%2C1080&ssl=1]Angel
She has since set social media blazing with reactions especially for the men, who seem excited with what she is serving.
Some people have applauded her for feeling confident enough in her skin and showing it off unapologetically.
See some photos of her look and some Twitter reactions below…
[Image: big-brother-Angel.jpg?resize=770%2C625&ssl=1]
[Image: Angel-bbn-3.jpg?resize=770%2C563&ssl=1]
Quote:Angel with the body ody ody ???#BBNaija
— BBN Talks (@BBN_talks) July 30, 2021

Quote:Jackie B and Angel will still fight. How will your fellow girl be shaking bum bum and you can not hype her "go girl go girl go girl. #BBNaija

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-01-2021

BBNaija Season 6: Tension as Pere, Maria may be evicted today
 August 1, 2021

[Image: pere-maira-1.jpg]

The two wildcards in the Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” will be revealed to the other housemates today.

On Thursday, Biggie unveiled Pere and Maria as the two ‘fake’ housemates to the viewers.

However, the other contestants are expected to guess correctly the identities during the live show on Sunday.

If they are able to do so, Pere and Maria will be evicted immediately from the reality show.

On the other hand, if the housemates fail to identify them, they will remain in the house and compete for the N90m grand prize.

Biggie already gave the housemates a clue on who the two wildcards could be during the week.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-01-2021

BBNaija: I brought three vibrators to Big Brother house – Sasskay reveals

 August 1, 2021

[Image: saskay.jpg]

Big Brother Naija housemate Sasskay has revealed that she came to the reality show with three vibrators to aid her sexual life.

In the early hours of Sunday, Angel asked fellow housemates if vibrators were allowed in the house.

Other housemates questioned Angel on why she needs a vibrator when she has Sammie, who has been with her in the house.

This however led to an argument, which led to Saskay disclosing that she came with three vibrators to the house.

This revelation sparked an argument in the house as housemates worried that a vibrator would be too noisy to use in the house.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-01-2021

BBNaija: Yerins saw me naked – Maria reveals

 August 1, 2021

[Image: Maria-and-Yerins-.jpg]
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Maria has revealed that fellow male housemate, Yerins saw her naked.
Maria disclosed this while talking to some housemates in the garden on Saturday after their first party night.

According to her, Yerins saw her naked through a mirror which is really wrong and intrusive as he’s only a housemate and nothing more.

She said: “Yerims saw me naked through the mirror. I hate it. Don’t see me naked. I’m not your f*cking girlfriend.

“Why would you see me naked? He’s been coming close to me. I’m not dating anyone so it’s not bad for us to be close but don’t intrude and see me naked.

“I felt some type of weird.”

Recall that Maria revealed on Friday that she is one of the wildcards in the house.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-02-2021

BBNaija 2021: Sammie, others watch as Angel grabs Pere’s manhood [VIDEO]

 August 2, 2021

[Image: angel.jpeg]
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija female housemate, Angel was caught on camera on Sunday night while grabbing fellow housemate, Pere’s manhood.

The particular incident happened during the truth or dare game organized by all housemates.

The housemates after the live show decided to catch some cruises as the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu accused them of being boring during the Sunday live show.

During the game, Pere was asked to allow a female housemate access to his manhood for a second.

Emmanuel didn’t hesitate as he chose Liquorose and took her to a corner showing her his manhood.

And a viral video shows Angel holding on to Pere’s manhood for a second as the other housemates, including Sammie, watched on.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-02-2021

BBNaija: Sammie deserves better – Fans react as Angel kisses Boma, Saga

 August 2, 2021
[Image: Sammie.jpg]
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 seems to be getting the heat up in the second week.

The housemates on Sunday night started playing the Truth or Dare game which seems to be affecting ‘ships’ in the house.

On Sunday night, Angel who has been cuddling up with Sammie all week, romantically kissed Boma and Saga.

Angel kissed both male BBNaija housemates after she was dared to French kiss any male housemate twice.

Her action has since stirred reactions from BBNaija viewers who saw her kiss with Saga and Boma as being disrespectful to Sammie.

Some accused her of using Sammie in the house.

Here are some comments gathered by 
@Rachaelkash “Sammie tried to show Angel he is a player and Angel showed him she is the coach.I’m in for all of this.”

@Black_jedd “Angel kissed Boma after Saga, Omo this babe is for the street. Sammie better focus.”

@MasterSagini “Angel kissing Saga is so unfair to Sammie. That was a bad decision from her especially as she is leading on Sammie, if she wasn’t that would be fine . But this so unfair to what they both have for each other!!

@Novathevibe “Sammie didn’t do anything bad, Angel did too much in that game. She was even enjoying those kisses haba, Bad bitch isonu.”

@Letom “I said it earlier that Angel is with Sammie only because she can control him. See her picking Boma over and over again now.”

@Sithamanelli “Our girl(Angel) kissed Boma and Saga , Sammie was there looking like a boy who lost his lollipop.”

@Dejizeal “To think that Sammie was boasting to Boma that he was going to kiss Angel every room in the house now she is the one kissing every guy simultaneously. Bro it’s not that deep. Angel belongs to the street.”

@Cole “Sammie watching Angel kiss everybody. His mental health is at risk.”

@Lonewolf “Did you see Sammie after she kissed Boma? He has tears in his eyes, I’m sad.”

@Snexyglen “Angel has French kissed Boma and Saga while not choosing to do anything with Sammie during the truth or dare.”

@Oceangat “ Sammie didn’t know Angel belongs to the streets.”

@Lobserver “Sammie might nominate angel with the way things are going oh.”

@Dachubbygirl “I love the fact that Angel isn’t loyal to Sammie, give us content Angel we are here for it.”

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-02-2021

BBNaija 2021: I’ve been married before – Boma reveals

 July 25, 2021
[Image: Boma-BBNaija.png]
Big Brother Naija housemate Boma has revealed that he was married before in 2017.

Boma said that, unfortunately, his marriage crashed in the same year, adding that 2017 was a turnaround in his life.

The ‘Shina Ya Eye’ BBNaija housemate confirmed this to housemates on Saturday night while giving a brief introduction about himself.

He confirmed this to housemates on Saturday night while giving a brief introduction about himself.

Boma said, “I have been married before, my marriage scattered and everything happened in 2017.

“2017, for me, was a turnaround.”
Boma is the only BBNaija Season 6 housemate to be verified on Instagram with over 200,000 followers.

He is a Hollywood actor and has starred in ‘Blacklist’, a popular TV series.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-02-2021

BBNaija season 6: Maria caught kissing Boma [VIDEO]

 July 28, 2021
[Image: ggVIzFTh.jpeg]
Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, housemate, Maria, on Wednesday kissed fellow housemate, Boma.

Maria kissed Boma in the presence of all other housemates, who were preparing for a task.

Boma was sitting on a chair with a staff in his hand, while other housemates were busy chatting.

While Boma was seated, Maria walked up to him and kissed him.

She was, however, dragged off by two other housemates, while the others screamed and laughed aloud.
Meanwhile, Maria had a few days ago, vowed not to have sex on the reality television show.

The Dubai-based former air hostess had stated this during a conversation with other housemates, White money and Niyi.

Watch video…

Quote:Maria kissed Boma #BBNaija
— GistReel.Com (@GistReel) July 28, 2021

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-02-2021

Quote:BBNaija: Boma Emerges First Male Head Of House

Boma has emerged as the first male head of house (HoH) in the ongoing Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition.

His predecessor, the first female HOH, Peace has handed over to him.

To clinch the HoH title, housemates were asked to play a dice game where they had 60 seconds each to take steps on the mat towards the box that has a symbol of an eye – representing Big Brother.

To start the game, each contestant had to roll a ‘6’ on the dice to move, to which many of the housemates struggled before throwing the lucky number.

The 30-year-old, who won a challenge over the other 21 housemates, is yet to pick his deputy. Biggie gave him 40 minutes to make his decision.

Meanwhile, Biggie allowed for unrestricted visitation to the head of house lounge but warned that visitation does not involve spending the night with the HoH and his deputy.

[Image: 13961063_30a9d800df96474c83d3ab325777a2f...f11d6deca5]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-02-2021

BBNaija 2021: See the 5 First Housemates Up for Eviction This Week

[Image: BBNaija-season-6-housemates-300x161.jpg]

It was a hard one for picking the first set of housemates who would be up for possible evictions this week after Maria nominated Beatrice, Yerins, Jaypaul and Whitemoney for possible eviction.

Also Pere nominated Beatrice, Yerins, Niyi and Whitemoney for possible eviction, only for Biggie to come up with another twist after their nominations.

After Maria and Pere left the diary room, Biggie gave Boma who is the new Head of House a hard task to replace one of the five housemates nominated with another housemate expect the two Wildcards and the new HOH.

Since it was an order, Boma had not choice, so he replaced Jaypaul with Yousef, automatically removing Jaypaul from the eviction list for this week.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-02-2021

#BBNaija: WhiteMoney, Beatrice, Yerins, Yousef and Niyi nominated for eviction

[Image: 6108405e104d6.png]

Big Brother Naija housemates, WhiteMoney, Beatrice, Yerins, Yousef and Niyi have been nominated for possible eviction this week. 
Recall that Maria and Pere who were the wildcards (fake housemates) of the show were accepted as real housemates last night, after the remaining 20 housemates failed to identify them. They were also given the exclusive power of nominating 4 other housemates for eviction asides the Head of House. 
While Maria nominated Beatrice, Yerins, JayPaul, WhiteMoney, Pere nominated Beatrice
Yerins, Niyi and WhiteMoney. 

Boma who won the Head of House challenge today, saved JayPaul with his veto power and replaced him with Yousef. 
[Image: icon_share.png]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-02-2021

BBNaija Week 1 Sunday Live Show (1 August, 2021)
Today’s first Sunday live eviction show for 2021 housemates was centered on the two wildcards (fake housemates) and how the rest housemates went on trying to figure them out.
[Image: FB_IMG_16278435236194738.jpg]
Earlier today, Big Brother called each of the housemates except the head of house (Peace) into the diary room to vote the two fake housemates are among them. Recall that Big Brother introduced two fake housemates into the show and the housemates were required to figure them out. If the housemates guess correctly, the two wildcards will be evicted from the show. However, if the housemates fail to identify the 2 wildcards, both housemates will remain in the show and have a special nomination privilege on Monday.
Here is the Result of the Wildcard nomination.
Big Brother called out the results which showed that the housemates voted Jaypaul and Liquorose as the two fake housemates with both having 10 votes each. The housemates failed to nominate the two correct wildcards (Maria and Pere) and will both remain in the show and compete for the 90-million-naira grand prize and they will also have nomination edge over the rest housemates which will be revealed after the head of house game on Monday.

  • Angel voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Arin voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Beatrice voted Arin Beatrice, Jaypaul and Yerins

  • Boma voted Beatrice and Jaypaul

  • Cross voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Emmanuel voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Jackie B voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Jaypaul voted Beatrice and Emmanuel

  • Liquorose voted Beatrice and Yerins

  • Maria voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Nini voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Niyi voted Liquorose and Jaypaul

  • Peace voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Pere voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Princess voted Beatrice and Yerins

  • Saga voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

  • Sammie voted Beatrice

  • Saskay voted Liquorose and Yerins

  • Tega voted Saskay and Emmanuel

  • Whitemoney voted Niyi and Liquorose

  • Yerins voted Princess and Yousef

  • Yousef voted Beatrice and Jaypaul
Week 1 Wildcards Vote Results

  • Liquorose: 10

  • Jaypaul: 10

  • Beatrice: 7

  • Yerins: 6

  • Emmanuel: 2

  • Princess: 1

  • Yousef: 1

  • Saskay: 1

  • Niyi: 1

  • Arin: 1

  • Everybody else: 0
The housemates were stunned and applauded Maria and Pere for perfectly playing their role after the host of the Sunday live eviction show Ebuka Obi-Uchendu revealed their identity of the wildcards.
BBNaija Wild Cards
Wildcard Twist
Biggie is known for always having something up his sleeve every season, as the Big Brother Naija OGs know, and we’re incredibly psyched about his first twist this season. Who’d have expected that among the 22 Shine Ya Eye guys and ladies, there are two Wildcards (Fake housemates)?
The Housemates will be challenged with figuring out who the Wildcards are on Sunday, and if they guess correctly, the two wildcards will be evicted. However, if they are unable to locate the appropriate Wildcards among them, the Wildcards will remain in the game and compete for the big prize (90 million naira). Do you think that’s all there is to this twist? Wrong! The joke is that if the Wildcards aren’t evicted on Sunday, they’ll have sole authority to nominate on Monday.

All 22 housemates proceeded into the Big Brother arena to compete in the first Head of House games where the winner of the game will be crowned Head of House and will be entitled to unrestricted access to the Biggie lounge, a task to lead the house for one week and immunity from nomination for possible eviction this week. The winner will also have the liberty to pick a deputy Head of House to share the lounge with.
[Image: FB_IMG_16273207823983008.jpg]
The housemates were required to complete a 35-steps game with different obstacles in selected steps they must overcome before they can proceed to the next step. The housemates are expected to complete the steps within an allotted time. Each housemate must row a dice of six before they can proceed into the game and must move according to the dice rowed. All housemates are expected to complete the game in 70 seconds.
[Image: FB_IMG_16273230796653065.jpg]
Yerins was the first housemate to begin the game however luck was not on his side as he was only able to make it to step 4. Nini was able to make it to step 6 before she was buzzed out when her allotted time was exhausted. This is how the housemates performed.

At the end of the game, Peace emerged as the winner of the Head of House game for week one following her stunning 16 steps performance and she is now immune to nomination for the week and has exclusive access to Biggie’s lounge. Consequent to her victory and being the Head of House, she nominated Yousef as her deputy.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-03-2021

I Don't Like You - Maria Tells Pere

BBNaija ”Shine Ya Eye” housemate, Maria, dashed her housemate, Pere’s hopes of being in a relationship with her.

Last night, Pere took her aside to tell her he was interested in her. He said;

I don’t know how to articulate this so you would understand. I really like you”

Maria did not allow him finish his sentence when she responded;

Okay can we stop. I don’t like you so can we just skip it

and I’m not faking it.”

A stunned Pere couldn’t say another word as Maria ended the conversation with “cool? Can I go to bed now please” before walking out on Pere.

[Image: 13964796_img20210803104409_jpegd71be8d83...9ff39f6cc4]
[Image: 13964797_16279756549321820_jpeg215fc32b7...f1d2856094]
[Image: 13964798_images56_jpeg_jpegd336cb92e7e6b...f518ca5471]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-03-2021

Quote:Saskay: I Feel Uncomfortable That Yousef Likes Me

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Saskay, has revealed that she feels uncomfortable knowing that Yousef and Jaypaul like her.

She said this during her Diary Session with Big Brother on Tuesday, the day ten of the show.

She told Big Brother that she knew they liked her during the Truth or Dare game they played last night.

“Yesterday, during the Truth or Dare game, Yousef and Jaypaul admitting to liking me is making me feel very very uncomfortable.

“It’s putting me on the spot. I had zero plans for any sort of relationship or situationship in the house and I’m finding it hard thinking of how to handle it right now.

“It’s a very very bad spot for me and I’m not yet sure of what to do. But hopefully I’ll find a way out of it but it’s sweet, very sweet. But I’m very uncomfortable about it.”

Recall that Saskay had earlier admitted that she is attracted to Yousef during the Diary Session last week.

With this new revelation, fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

A tweep, @mozvinbami said, “But wait Saskay, Last week you were not happy no guy likes you, but this one you are saying now.”

Another tweep, @realitytving, wrote, “Saskay says she feels bad that she might break their heart as she might still be in a relationship outside.”

“Saskay once complained about no one getting close to her in the house and now she has Yousef and Jaypaul crushing on her and still saying it’s uncomfortable for her,” @dammiedammie35 said.

[Image: 13967534_img20210803182717_jpeg8f20c8dce...5813ea19e2]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-04-2021

Quote:Confusion Made Me Nominate Whitemoney For Eviction – Maria

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Maria, has revealed that her confusion made her nominate Whitemoney for eviction.

She said this to Big Brother during the Diary Session on Tuesday, day 10 of the show.

At the nomination show on Monday, Maria, who also nominated Beatrice, Yerins, and Jaypaul eventually picked Whitemoney, a housemate she is quite friendly with, as she struggled with tears.

Speaking to Biggie, she said,“I didn’t know what I was thinking to be really completely honest with you.

“I actually have so much love for that boy – like a friend type of love. I was so confused because names couldn’t come to my head yesterday.

“I wasn’t ready because I thought I was gonna pick two names. The names I was gonna give initially would be Beatrice and Yerins but then when you told me four, it was just too much for me.

“When I went out back there and I looked at everyone and I thought ‘ Oh my God,why did I even pick Whitemoney?’

“It hurt me so much, I’m not gonna lie. But I’ve done what I’ve done and it is what it is.

“But I have no reason to why I picked Whitemoney because I actually really liked him as a friend.”

[Image: 13968315_img20210803210244_jpeg0169de099...a1c5e7873e]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-04-2021

BBNaija: Whitemoney Eating From Pot, Playing Around During Morning Workout

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show is getting interesting by the day as events that implore emotions and dramas on the show are already unfolding. Following the failure of the Housemates to identify the 'wild cards' yesterday, five Housemates were put up for possible eviction on Sunday.

Just recently, White money was caught eating from a pot while sitting on the floor and Also refused to take part in the General morning workout excise, he was seen roaming around.
These two funny act has generated a lot of reactions on Twitter as fans praise him for being too real on the show. This further proves that he is a very funny fellow which makes people to love him easily.


[Image: 13970032_fgg_jpeg3d7c2b537ba36e5a80bb3c3b970d17ef]
[Image: 13970033_download_jpeg9e044ea0ed5817381b189680f392bafe]
[Image: 13970707_images317_jpeg_jpeg4ef0e31d3b81...ff322406dd]

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-04-2021

BBNaija: Step away from Jackie B – Jay Paul tells Boma

 August 4, 2021

[Image: Jay-Paul.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Jay Paul has told Boma to stay away from Jackie B.

Jay Paul told Boma he’s interested in Jackie and would want him to step back from her.

According to him, he would not want to compete for Jackie B with him.

Jay Paul said: “It is Jackie B I want, I don’t want to compete with you so just step back for me.”

Boma responding, told Jay Paul he’s on his own on that as he intends to be with any girl he likes.

Recall that Boma chose Jackie B to be the deputy head of house after he won Head of house game.

Jackie B is a 29-year-old single mum with a son.

RE: BBNaija 2021 Live Updates Thread - Edoman - 08-04-2021

BBNaija 2021: Why I chose Jackie B over Angel – Boma

 August 3, 2021

[Image: boma-jackie-b.jpeg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 housemate, Boma has revealed why he picked Jackie B as deputy head of house not Angel.

Boma won the head of house after scoring 26 points during the arena game.

This gave him veto power to save any housemate up for eviction and choose a deputy to share the HOH lounge with.
Boma chose Jackie B as his deputy head of house which got Angel questioning his choice.

When asked why he didn’t choose Angel, Boma told Jackie B he did not want to hurt Sammie’s feelings.

“I would have picked Angel but she has a husband (Sammie) do you know how he would feel?

“I chose you because you’re my good friend,” Boma said.