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Kendra Wilkinson: I Wanna Finish Divorcing Hank Baskett So I Can Go Get Laid!
Kendra Wilkinson: I Wanna Finish Divorcing Hank Baskett So I Can Go Get Laid!

We've seen Kendra Wilkinson tweet her anger at her ex and then apologize (sort of) to Hank for ruining his life (sort of). Divorce negotiations can lead to a lot of emotional outbursts.
Well, insiders say that Kendra is beyond eager to wrap up this divorce process so that she can go on with her life.

Part of that is because divorce is zero fun. But part of that is because Kendra wants to get laid again.

According to E!Kendra Wilkinson wants to wrap up her divorce from Hank Baskett sooner rather than later.

According to an insider, Kendra is eager for the "divorce to be done and over with."

Hey, we get it. Divorce is no walk in the park.

"Kendra and Hank's divorce is not final yet," the source reveals.

The insider adds: "It has been a back and forth process."

That's how divorces work -- except for the extremely one-sided ones, anyway.

[Image: kendra-wilkinson-is-happy.png]

"And," the source continues. "They have been sorting out the custody limitations and agreements."

That is a standard part of the divorce process, but can be agonizing. What parent wants to agree to days when they cannot see their children?

Kendra and Hank are still busy negotiating, the insider explains, "which is prolonging the situation."

"She understands that a divorce in general takes a great amount of time to process," the source acknowledges.

"But," the insider says, Kendra "is completely over it."

[Image: kendra-wilkinson-brunette.png]

The reality star has a host of reasons to want this painful process to end.

"Kendra has been more mellow recently," the source reveals.

Kendra is a single parent for the first time, the source reminds the world, "and wants to prove that she is a great mom."

Kendra wants to make it clear that she can handle it, the insider notes, "and deserves to have the kids 50/50 custody with Hank."

Of course!

[Image: kendra-wilkinson-and-kids-make-silly-faces.png]

But there's more than parenting in play. Kendra is a human being, folks.

The insider says that Kendra "is trying to be low-key right now until her divorce is finalized."

Specifically, when it comes to her romantic life. So we probably shouldn't expect to see her out in public with some boy toy on her arm ... just yet.

"Kendra is focused on her kids right now," the source emphasizes.

The insider goes on to note that Kendra "is not publicly dating."

The word publicly may be significant, there. We are well aware that Kendra is horny by nature and has lamented that she pushes her sex toys to the limit.

[Image: kendra-wilkinson-steamy-mirror-selfie.png][url=]

As you may have guessed after Kendra asked her fans on Twitter for dating advice earlier this summer, Kendra's unquenchable thirst for the D didn't die with her marriage.

"She definitely wants to go out, party, and date people," the insider clarifies.

As a reality star and public figure, however, it sounds like she's trying to hold off on that until she can put this divorce nightmare behind her.

"She is 100% ready to move on from Hank," the source says. "And date around."

We're sure that she's looking forward to that.

We hope that she manages to snare a guy who can keep up with her appetite, though. Again, this is a woman who says that she wears out sex toys.

Best of luck.
[Image: 7512891_7401843cbf58d30b05c4982a5137a0cb...a8a190e631]

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