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Rich The Kid Posts Cryptic Instagram Message, Sparks Suicide Concerns
Rich The Kid Posts Cryptic Instagram Message, Sparks Suicide Concerns

Music fans around the country are suddenly very worried about Rich The Kid.
Early Tuesday morning, the popular rapper deleted all of his Instagram messages and photos, save for one.
This would have been a troubling and confusing enough move on its own, even before followers clicked on his account and spotted the single remaining meme.
[/url][Image: rich-the-kid-picture.png]
It reads:
R.i.P. Rich the Kid 1992-2018.
Ummm... what? Why? Could this have been a cry for help? Or, even worse, a suicide note?
Supporters were left even more concerned upon reading the caption alongside this image, as Rich The Kid wrote simply:
Thank u all my fans & family for everything.
[Image: rippost.png]
"HE WAS MY FAVORITE ARTIST," wrote _.papirhch_21, thinking Rich The Kid was now dead.

And this person wasn't the only follower whose mind went straight to death upon seeing that Rich The Kid went ahead and wished himself eternal peace.
Just three days before his cryptic post, a video made by the rapper, where he blasted his label, 300 Entertainment, went viral.
It gave fans a reason to think he was fed up with at least one aspect of his life.
“Yo, f-ck 300 ENT, ya’ll suck,” he began, prior to going off on a tangent about wanting out of his deal with the label.
“Listen, you gotta let me out of this contract. I don’t want to be with ya’ll no f-cking more. I told ya’ll … giving this money back. I don’t want to be with ya’ll label no more.
"Ya’ll suck, ya’ll is trash. Listen, young, independent artists, do not sign with 300 ENT.
"They’re the worst, worst label, ever… Lame ass sh-t.”
[Image: rich-the-kid.png]
At the end of the day, however, Rich The Kid is alive.
We're pretty darn sure about that, at least.
Sources have said, as many fans have speculated, that he is simply altering his image. Perhaps even changing his name.
The artist is leaving his music persona behind and that's what he is mourning in this mysterious Instagram meme.

Tweeted someone in the jnow:
[Image: hesokay.png]
So it sounds like everyone can take a deep breath.
Much like IHOP accomplished when it freaked everyone out about a change to burgers, Rich The Kid has accomplished his goal here:
He has grabbed many headlines and become a viral sensation, all while remaining alive and seemingly well.
Talk about a win-win situation!

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