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Total: We Have Injected $10bn into Nigeria’s Economy
Total: We Have Injected $10bn into Nigeria’s Economy
July 30, 2018 BUSINESS

                       [Image: Total-logo.png?resize=696%2C522&ssl=1]
Total E&P Nigeria Limited has put the value of its total investment in the Nigerian economy in the last five years at $10 billion.

The Executive General Manager, CSR, Mr. Vincent Nnadi, said this at the Total Business Sustenance for New Entrepreneurs Graduation ceremony that took place in Abuja.

Nnadi, in an interview, disclosed that the oil and gas conglomerate was also planning projects worth $16 billion and plans to use mostly local skills and talents in order to continue its fight against unemployment.

“We have for the first time recorded a high level of local content on this project and 77 per cent of it is fabricated in Nigeria,” Nnadi explained.

“It is a very large contribution to the economy and will be using local expertise.

“We have a very strong cooperative social responsibility.

“We have to support our society to progress by helping to solve some of the societal problem. One of these major problems is the issue of unemployment.”

On the skills acquisition training in conjunction with Toncia Energy Consulting and Professional Services Limited, Nnadi said the company would be monitoring the trainees to ensure smooth transitioning from training to practice.

“This is the second level of skills training we are doing. The first level was basic skill acquisition.

“We mentor them and will expose them backing them up with microfinance.

“We are also working with some banks to financially support some of the best business plans and even creating market opportunities for them.

“We will continue to monitor them along with Toncia Energy to make sure they are actually practicing what they have studied.”
One of the trainees of the program, Christiana Titus, expressed her gratitude to Total.

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