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What is the control design of the electric furnace?
 In the traditional electric furnace temperature control system, most of the main circuits use AC contactors to control the power supply of the electric furnace, and the furnace temperature is controlled by a combination of temperature instrument monitoring and manual adjustment. Vacuum Heat Treatment Of Aerospace Aluminum Alloy MaterialsAlthough this control method has a simple structure, it has poor control accuracy, slow control speed, labor-intensive, high energy consumption, and high noise. Moreover, the contactor is frequently switched on and off during the temperature control process, and contact arc discharge often occurs. Short circuit, damage the contactor, and adversely affect the safety of operators and equipment. Therefore, the application of microcomputer technology to heat treatment process control is an inevitable trend to improve the quality of heat treatment products and reduce production costs.Gear Vacuum Carbonitriding The electric heating furnace temperature single-chip control system composed of 8031 single-chip microcomputer, bidirectional thyristor trigger and switch circuit, electric heating furnace, temperature detection and feedback and A/D conversion circuit, etc. It adopts single chip automatic control, which has high control precision, good reliability, strong control function and high cost performance, and has been widely used.Linear Optical Axis Vacuum Quenching

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