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Insulation performance of temperature and humidity test chamber
Insulation performance of temperature and humidity test chamber

 The refrigeration cycle of the temperature and humidity test chamber adopts the reverse Karyo cycle, which consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes. The process is as follows: the refrigerant is adiabaticly compressed by the compressor to a higher pressure, and the work consumed is The temperature of the exhaust gas rises, and then the refrigerant exchanges heat with the surrounding medium through the condenser isothermally and transfers the heat to the surrounding medium. After the refrigerant passes through the shut-off valve adiabatic expansion to perform work, at this time the temperature of the refrigerant decreases. After the refrigerant passes through the evaporator to absorb heat isothermally from the higher temperature object, the temperature of the cooled object is lowered. This cycle repeats itself to achieve the purpose of cooling down.
  The temperature and humidity control test chamber is suitable for damp and heat tests of various small electrical appliances, meters, materials and components, and it is also suitable for aging tests. Using the current reasonable structure and stable and reliable control method, it has beautiful appearance, simple operation, safety, and high temperature and humidity control accuracy. It is an ideal equipment for constant temperature and humidity test.
  The test box body is an integral structure, the refrigeration system is located in the lower part of the back of the box body, and the control system is located in the upper part of the test box.
   Inside the air duct at one end of the studio, there are heaters, refrigeration evaporators, fan blades and other devices; the left side of the test box is equipped with a Ф50 cable hole, and the test box has a single door.
  Using double-layer high temperature resistant and aging resistant silicone rubber seal, which can effectively ensure the temperature loss of the test chamber.
  The box door is equipped with an observation window, an anti-frost device and a switchable lighting lamp. The observation window is made of multi-layer hollow tempered glass, and the inner glued sheet conductive film is heated to defrost. The illuminating lamp adopts the brand lamp tube, which can effectively observe the test changes in the working room.
   The method of evaluating the thermal insulation performance of the temperature and humidity control test chamber:
This test is carried out during the heating and cooling test. When the test box reaches the z high test temperature and is stable for 3 hours, use a surface thermometer to check the temperature of the outer wall of the test box, the frame of the observation window and other accessible parts, if it is not higher than 50℃ , Under low temperature conditions, when the ambient temperature is 30-35°C and the relative humidity is 75%-85%, there should be no obvious condensation on the outer wall, door and seal of the box.
   When the test box reaches the low test temperature and stabilizes for 3 hours, observe the condensation on the outer wall of the box and the seal of the door with the naked eye, if there is no obvious dew drop or water film, the above condensation phenomenon, etc.
  The test method for the heating and cooling rate of the temperature and humidity control test chamber is selected from the GB high and low temperature test chamber standard. The requirements of this standard are relatively high. If only the GB/T purchase standard is required, the temperature rise and fall rate is: rise 1-3 degrees/min, drop 0.7-1 degrees/min. 

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