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#EndSARS Lagos Protests (Live Updates)
#EndSARS: "See a shrink" Bovi slams Twitter user who accused him of never using his comedy to tackle Nigerian government

[Image: 5f8c64c5bdcfe.PNG]

Bovi came hard on a Twitter user who accused him of never using his comedy to tackle the Nigerian government.
It all started when Bovi posted a goofy tweet on his handle that read
Quote:I feel like I’m a failure because my government is funnier than me! #EndSARS #ENDBADGOVERNANCE #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
The lady saw his Tweet and in her response accused him of never using the various opportunities he has had to speak truth to the Nigerian government but rather saw them as an opportunity to cash out.
Quote:''Funny u said? U are actually a massive failure because government on different occasions gave u big platform to talk , all u did was to entertain them & cash out'' 
Bovi spotted her comment and wasted no time to reply her 
Quote:''Check my records. Watch my videos. I may be too sleek for you so find a learned family member to explain my materials to you. Then see a shrink to deal with your blind bitterness because when you can’t poison others anymore, you might slit your throat.''
[Image: 5f8c646a19863.PNG] 
[Image: icon_share.png]
FCT Minister, Bello, Misses Flight As EndSARS Protesters Block Road 

Minister of FCT was blocked from leaving Abuja thereby missing his flight at Abuja International airport today. ENDSARS protesters in Abuja blocked all the major roads leading outside the city including airport road.

[Image: 12535921_20201018180827_jpegb1f9d3be53c6...78101dc6a1]
[Image: 12535922_20201018180904_jpeg2a9c328464b7...9a53d683f4]
Twitter users mourn Nigerian man, Anthony Unuode, who died after he was allegedly stabbed by thugs during #EndSARS protest in Abuja

[Image: 5f8ca870e4487.jpg]

Nigerian Twitter users have taken to the social media space to mourn a Nigerian man, Anthony Onome Unuode, who died on Sunday October 18, after he was allegedly stabbed by hoodlums who attacked #EndSARS protesters in Kubwa, Abuja on Saturday, October 17.
A Twitter user @ree_vigilus, shared the sad news of Anthony's demise.
Quote:''This is my friend Anthony Onome Unuode! He has been very active with this protest #EndSARS for a week now! He was stabbed by thugs yesterday at Kubwa Abuja, during the protest! He died today!
We can’t stop now!''
Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express their shock and sadness at the news of his demise. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.
[Image: 5f8ca90756467.PNG]
[Image: 5f8ca648a2132.PNG][Image: 5f8ca661bada7.PNG][Image: 5f8ca670f1696.PNG][Image: 5f8ca67ec8af5.PNG][Image: 5f8ca69c073e5.PNG][Image: 5f8ca6b137aa0.jpg][Image: 5f8ca6d6f0997.PNG] [Image: 5f8ca77e17f1f.PNG]

Lady shares sad story of how her brother was allegedly killed by Ibadan SARS officers who extorted N350k from her

[Image: 5f8ca26b2f015.png]

A Nigerian lady, Lawal Halimat, has shared the heartbreaking story of how her brother was allegedly killed by SARS officers in Ibadan, Oyo state four years ago.
According to Halimat, her older brother got involved in a fight and was arrested by officers at Adelubi police station. She said the case was then transferred to SARS office where the officers there allegedly killed her brother.
Quote:My older brother and some boys got involved in a fight. They arrested him and took him to SARS office. From Adelubi police station they took him to SAR office then killed him. After killing him, they asked me to bring N350, 000 cash. 
I gave them N250, 000 cash. When I gave them the money, they asked that I bring the remaining N100, 00. I went back and gave them N100, 000 cash on the date we agreed. 
When I got there after payment, I did not meet my brother. When I asked for his whereabout, they told me they have transferred his case to Abuja''
Halimat said immediately she heard this, she went to the garage and begged the transport company there to allow her to attach herself to their commercial bus to Abuja as she doesn't have money to pay the fare. She said the transporters allowed her and that when she got to Abuja, she met with some police officers who after hearing her explanation, informed her she should go back to Ibadan as it is only cases of persons that have been killed that SARS officers claim have been transferred to Abuja.
Halimat said she became sick during the course of searching for the truth about her brother and that it was the hospital where she went for treatment that she discovered that the police officers brought her brother's corpse to be deposited in the morgue. She said the officers knew that her brother had been killed all along and still kept on deceiving her and extorting money from her.
She alleged that one of the officers even invited her to a hotel for a private meeting. She said it was the death of her brother that killed their mother.



#EndSARS Protest: This government should not act as if people trust them - Seun Kuti

[Image: 5f8d28ad16701.jpg]

Nigerian Singer, Seun Kuti has called on the federal government to grant the request of #EndSARS protesters and not make decisions like they have the trust of the masses. 
Seun Kuti made this call while speaking of Channels TV's "Sunday Politics" programme.
Commenting on the federal government's claim of meeting all the request of the young protesters and calling for an end to the protest, the singer stated that the government does not fully get what is being demanded and what the protest is about.
He said; 
Quote:“This government should not act as if people trust them. They should not wear that toga for themselves. That is what I am saying.

“People should not sit in their high offices in Abuja. Bring yourself off your high horse. Come and relate with the people that just voted for you. Come and really hear what is going on. 

“They have done judicial enquiry against SARS two years ago, what came out of it? It was this same government."
On claims of the protest being hijacked, Seun Kuti said; 
Quote:“Don’t feel victimized, don’t think there is somebody trying to get you. No. These are your people trying to talk to you. 

“This is actually a moment that we can actually build a bridge (between the government and the people), but they don’t want to hear that.”
[Image: icon_share.png]
DJ Cuppy At #EndSARS Protest In Lekki (Photos) 

The photo of the disk jockey has surphased online after she might have completed her 14 days isolation.

Quote:On Friday I went to protest not to please people but because I NEED tell my children that I was part of history. Lazy Nigerian Youth are changing this country for generations to come and as a 27 year-old, I couldn’t be prouder... An experience I will NEVER forget! ✊��� #EndSars

[Image: 12536933_img20201018212946340_jpega53b8a...ac2f2de45a]
[Image: 12536934_img20201018213050081_jpeg8845ea...e91d0c111b]
[Image: 12536935_img20201018213129534_jpeg274a18...82cad327fd]
[Image: 12538366_20201019084627_jpegd0f8d9db0e76...0b769cebfc]
Quote:Soldiers Take Over Streets Of Abuja

Soldiers have been stationed in strategic places in the federal capital territory (FCT).

This development comes amid protests by Nigerians demanding an end to police brutality and a reform of the force.

The #EndSARS protests have persisted for more than a week across the country.

The army had issued a statement, saying it would embark on a nationwide operation codenamed ‘Crocodile Smile’.

[Image: 12539425_20201019121731_jpeg55c249af2fb5...80af0e21d6]
[b]Edo Jailbreak: Prisoners Speak After They Were Set Free (Videos, Photos) [/b]

No Court Sentence, But I Dey Prison Since 2016" - Edo Prisoner Laments (VIDEO)

The Edo youths mobilized themself, during the early hours of today, went to the state Prison yard, broke the wall and set hundreds of prisoners free...

Many have spoken on the ill act of the state police... One during an interview cried as to being in the prison ever since 2016, but was not sentenced during a court hearing... He said they kept him in the cell, but no one came for him then they transferred him to the prison yard for over 4years now ....

This is total Injustice....
I do not support breaking the wall of a prison yard and letting inmates free, but I in no way keep shut over this issue of keeping a citizen in custody not even for days but over 4 years without a fair court hearing.... No state lawyer was given to him, they just locked him up like an animal....

Nigerians must wake up...


[Image: 12540287_cymera20201019150141_jpeg6ac347...05aff05c85]

#EndSARS: "In any sane society, the Inspector General of Police would have resigned"-Falz (video)

[Image: 5f8dd770434d7.jpg]

Singer Folarin Falana aka Falz has said in any sane society, the Inspector General of Police would have resigned following the numerous cases of human rights violations perpetrated under his leadership.
Falz said this during an interview on Arise TV today October 19.
Quote:''It is unfair to the lives that have been lost to tell us to get off the streets. It is extremely unfair. It is terrible of any humanbeing, without justice being done, to tell people to get off the street.

I completely disagree with that. I would say if you want people off the street, make sure that justice is done and in a way that is transparent. 

Which one of those points really needs time? If we are honest with ourselves, which one of the points on the 5 for 5 agenda really needs time? You really need time to release all arrested peaceful protesters or you really need time to make sure that justice is done and appropriate compensation? What real actions have been shown? What real actions have been taken to show that you are serious about doing this?

Look how long they dragged their feet even before they created the state by state panels. Look at how long it took? They are not even showing any real intent to make things right. They are not.

For example, nobody has been sacked. In any sane society, the Inspector General of Police would have already resigned by himself. Is he waiting to be sacked?
All these stories of horrible violation of human rights happened under him''he said


Quote:Treasure Nduka, EndSARS Protester: Policemen Arrested, Forced Me To Take Off Bra

Treasure Nduka, one of the #EndSARS protesters arrested in Lagos, says she was beaten by more than 10 police officers and forced to take off her bra in their presence.

Speaking with TheCable, she said the police officers at the Ojuelegba station where she was arrested and detained, shot at protesters and labelled her a criminal.

As the #EndSARS protests spread across the country, there have been reports of security operatives clamping down on youths expressing their displeasure over the growing rate of police brutality in the country.

“At first, it was empowering seeing that a couple of youths were able to make that much impact and at a point, those that were stuck in traffic joined us in the protest. They came down to sympathise with us. It was really peaceful at the beginning. We didn’t know it was going to the extent of police shooting at us,” Nduka said.

“When the shooting started, I refused to believe that they were shooting. It sounded like a knockout. We heard the first one from afar and we saw people running, but I insisted that we should take our stand. I was not doing anything wrong, so I didn’t feel the need to run. All of a sudden, I saw a bunch of policemen come out and then I realised that this is actually for real.

“I did not know who to reach out. The only people who were aware were brothers who had told me not to come out. I saw a policeman running towards me. He dragged me and I was calling out for people to do something. A bunch of other policemen assisted him in dragging me. I was helpless. It was me against 10 0f them. They kept hitting me. I only tried to cover my face so that I don’t get hit on the face. I could not place an identity on any of them because it was all of them present at that point.

“They said I should pull off my bra. Then, I took off my bra. Everything they did was so unconstitutional.”

Nduka and her colleagues were released after the intervention of Femi Gbajabiamila, speaker of the house of representatives.

[Image: 12542344_images1720201019t215808_073_jpe...4c392f8ed2]
Pro-SARS supporter caught on tape admitting he was hired to disrupt peaceful #EndSARS protests in Abuja (Video)

[Image: 5f8df53192d03.PNG]

A Pro-SARS supporter has been caught on tape admitting he was hired to disrupt peaceful #EndSARS protests in Abuja. 

In the video which was secretly recorded, the man is seen showing a group of men what appeared to be bruises on his hand, before claiming he was attacked. 

When asked why he was against the #EndSARS protests despite being a victim of SARS brutality, the Pro-SARS supporter said he is only after the money they were offering. Though, he claimed he is yet to be paid.

As the group disguising themselves continue to interrogate him, the man was asked who contracted him and other Pro-SARS supporters to allegedly disrupt the peaceful #EndSARS protests. He alleged they were hired by government officials. 

Watch the video below.

[Image: icon_share.png]
Anything without leadership will die and fizzle out - Actor Williams Uchemba tells #EndSARS protesters

[Image: 5f8e961d18809.png]

Actor Williams Uchemba has stressed the need for a leadership structure in the #EndSARS protests worldwide. 
The actor stated that anything without leadership will die and fizzle out. Uchemba averred that there is need for leadership to ensure there is focus, strategy, negotiations, execution and evaluation. 
He wrote; 
[Image: 5f8e95aacd3f4.png]
[Image: icon_share.png]
Quote:EndSARS: Resign Now!, Protesting Ondo Youths Slam Buhari

ENDSARS: Resign Now, Protesting Youths In Ondo Tell Buhari
He added that the youths are tired of the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari due to the various economic challenges being faced by the people.

As the #EndSARS protest entered its fourth day in Ondo State, concerned youths in the state have vowed to continue with their agitations on the streets to seek an end to bad governance in the country.

The youths have been demonstrating in major towns of the state, calling for an end to brutality, extortion, and killings by the police.

The protest brought traffic to a halt on major roads on Monday as the youth condemned the cost of foods and other consumable items in the country.

They lamented that the country is currently in the hands of bad leaders who do not care about the welfare of the citizens.

Omolulo Ibidapo, one of the protesters who is a graduate student at the Federal University of Technology Akure (Akure), said Nigerians had been "pushed to the wall" by the various anti-people policies introduced by the government.

He added that the youths are tired of the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari due to the various economic challenges being faced by the people.

"President Buhari has failed us already," Ibidapo said. "Everything in Nigeria is now costly. I have graduated for the past four years, and I cannot get a job since then. I now engage in menial work to keep myself and my younger ones together.

"So, we the youths have decided to say enough is enough in this country and we have to take back our country from this old set of bad leaders."

Another protester, Yetunde Ibironke, said Nigerians are suffering as a result of bad leadership, noting that the youths are prepared to take over the reign of leadership.

She also decried the worsening insecurity, bad roads, and power supply in the country, stressing that Nigeria needed leaders who have the foresight and can change the country for good.

"Yes, the protest is about a total end to the activities of the SARS and police brutality in the country, but we also have to express our grievances to the state and federal governments on other pertinent issues affecting us citizens," Ibironke said.

"We have agreed that starting from today, we want to put an end to bad leadership in this country and President Buhari should start packing his loads from the villa because the angry youth of this country are coming after him," she continued.

"He has tried his best, and we are advising him to leave that office and allow a new set of young people that make things work to take over power in this country. We are tired of a system that is not working and keeps recycling."

Other protesters who spoke also called on the international communities to come to the aid of Nigeria since the federal government is no longer ready to listen to their pleas.

The protesters have vowed to resume their activities on the road by Tuesday and also shut down all federal institutions in the state to make their demands known.

[Image: 12543206_whatsappimage20201019at1_30_51p...c566a55248]
#EndSARS: ''If you cannot do the job, get the f*ck!- Simi tweets as she calls for an end to bad governance in Nigeria

[Image: 5f8ea47d67607.jpg]

Singer Simi took to her Twitter handle to vent this morning about bad governance in Nigeria.
Picking on all the deplorable sectors in the country, Simi pointed out that it is only ''wickedness that will make a leader see his or her people suffering like this and still sleep at night.''
She asked the leaders to ''get the fuck'' if they cannot do the job they got into office for.
See her tweets below
Quote:''You begged people to vote for u and then you looked away. Anything you accept for the Nigerian people should be something you would also accept for yourself and your children. That's what a true leader is. And if you cannot do the job, get the fuck!

The Impunity is disgusting. People will continue to do whatever you let them get away with. Even if these damn leaders don't have conscience, don't they have sense? Rubbish!

Budget money for the same road 20 times. Doctors doing surgery in Govt hospitals with phone torchlight. Many SS3 students in public schools can't even speak one correct sentence in English. Cos u can do check up in London? Cos ur children are schooling in New York? U're wicked!

Every year new budget. Billions allocated to things that never get done! Health? Zero Education? Zero Electricity? Zero Only wickedness will make u see ur people suffering like this and u can still sleep at night. If u cannot do the job, GET THE FUCK!

To get treatment in hospital, oga bring somtin You enter airport, madam bring somtin To get out of jail for a crime you didn't commit, brother bring somtin To get admission you already earned when you passed the damn exam, sister bring somtin A disgrace!

Nigerians are so used to suffering now that they think it's normal. If you don't have money to "give someone" to get what you actually deserve, there's almost no chance for progress. Bribe is not even bribe, it's just survival.

Everyday innocent people are dying. The disregard and lack of value for human life is astounding. You won't even acknowledge them? Because u don't know them? Because the tears of their mothers and fathers don't matter to u? U're wicked. History and posterity will judge u harshly!

To think that there are tons and tons more stories of the Nigerian Police attacking people than there are of them actually protecting people. God save us.''
[Image: 5f8ea4fae6459.PNG] 
[Image: icon_share.png]
Footballer John Ogu calls for arrest of Indigenous People of Abuja's spokesperson who was threatening #EndSARS protesters

[Image: 5f8ec03d3dbf2.jpg]

Nigerian footballer, John Ogu has called for the arrest of the convener of the Aggrieved APC Youths Stakeholders and spokesperson of the Indigenous People of Abuja's spokesperson, Yunusa Yusuf for threatening #EndSARS protesters. 
Recall that Yusuf had given a 48-hour ultimatum to #EndSARS protesters to vacate the roads in Abuja or risk a confrontation with them. 
Reacting to the threats made in the viral video, John Ogu stated that Yusuf should be investigated and be arrested for all the cars that were burnt in Abuja. He added that the Indigenous People of Abuja's spokesperson also swore in front of the police to cause evil if roads were blocked. 
Ogu tweeted; 
Quote:This one just wants to show off his new canvass . Does he even look like someone that can handle a hot slap
That skinny guy should be investigated and be arrested for all them cars burnt in Abuja today . He swore in front of the police to cause evil if roads were blocked .
[Image: 5f8ebda32fab3.png]

Protests Continue In Isheri, Jakande Estate Despite Curfew Imposed In Lagos

#EndSARS protests continue in Isheri despite 24 hour curfew imposed by the Lagos state govt.

[Image: 12546442_img20201020172341_jpeg654cf5da7...7c23d980bd]
[Image: 12546443_img20201020172343_jpeg3767a8409...0a763037a7]
[Image: 12546444_img20201020172345_jpeg14900739d...e59c6a41d4]
[Image: 12546445_img20201020172346_jpeg9bf05e719...5c5075945f]

#EndSARS Tonguerotesters at Jakande Estate gate as curfew begins.

HAPPENING NOW: Protesters wave flag, sing National Anthem at Lekki Tollgate
Falz, Aisha Yesufu Tells Protesters To Obey Curfew 

Please Lagos, let’s stay home and be law abiding. They are desperate to have something on us but they will NEVER succeed. This movement is bigger than all of us! ✊� #EndSARS

[Image: 12546815_screenshot202010201902022_jpeg3...739f2d5e4e]

Lekki Tollgate On Fire After Secuity Agents Reportedly Kill EndSARS Protesters

Quote:The popular Lekki toll gate has been burned down shortly after armed security agents opened fire on #EndSARS protesters earlier this evening. Over Nine people have been confirmed dead after the massacre. Their corpses were seized by military personnel and emergency services were blocked from attending to the injured.

This development is coming shortly after Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwoolu, issued a curfew after hoodlums attacked protesters in the state.

[Image: 12547526_screenshot20201020at10_05_42pm_...b3a1f75d04]
[Image: 12547527_screenshot20201020at10_05_35pm_...6fe9739e2d]

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