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Ighoyota Amori: DISCOs, GENCOs Far Worse Than NEPA In All Aspects
Quote:Senator Ighoyota Amori, the Political Adviser to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman, on Tuesday said Power generating companies (Gencos) and Distribution companies (Discos) are the major problems Nigerians are experiencing.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Independent in Abuja, Amori who said Nigeria is retrogressing on a daily basis in the management of electricity said the Discos are far worse than the defunct National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) in all aspects.

He said the Discos and Gencos have been carrying on as if they are established to cater for the needs of wealthy Nigerians alone while neglecting the masses.

In his words “To be sincere, the major problem we are having in this country today is this Discos and Gencos. I think we are retrogressing when it comes to management of our electricity in this country. I can remember very well that when I was growing up, especially in my secondary school days, we never really heard of anything called generator”.

“Generators were limited to industries, not for everyday home use. In the then Mid-west, hardly can you see people using generators to power their houses. Yes, we have issues with electricity and power failures but it was not enough reason for people to have private generators”.

“Then, the electricity company will inform people that they want to switch off power and after some time, it will be restored. By so doing, people have no need to buy generators. Today, there is no city in this country that has stable electricity. All those claiming they have 20 to 24 hours power supply are just being insincere”.

“These Discos and Gencos have a mindset that they are programmed to provide service to wealthy Nigerians and forget masses. Since they have been privatised, they believe that their focus is more of commercial gains alone and so, they look down on poor Nigerians”.

“They only listen and focus on rich Nigerians and commercial enterprises who can afford to pay any bills they are charged. They have no time to address the yearnings and complaints of the masses at all.”

“During NEPA’s time, power supply was made available to everybody. Even though it was poor, it was far better than what we are experiencing now under the Discos and Gencos. Even after you have paid and you have issues with your electricity, these Discos will want you to bribe them before they will come and rectify it. They are worse than NEPA in every aspects”.

[Image: 12342155_amori2_jpege4eeb6eee96e88890197d714b34bd733]
[Image: 12342156_discos_jpeg673dacbf486608b9de58aed0c8fb9a5f]

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