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Do We Really Need Supplements to Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels?
The best way to inhibit the Brd2 gene is to keep StrictionD Review  it turned off. This is possible if you avoid three metabolic states believed to activate the gene... Fasting for just 4 hours reduces the supply of constant energy required by the brain. The energy deficit activates the Brd2 gene leading to sugar cravings. This is why breakfast and eating several times throughout the day are so important.

Chronic stress saturates your body with adrenaline. The effect on the brain is dramatic. Brain cells start to fire like crazy, depleting energy supplies. Needing more energy to manage the stress, the brain activates the Brd2 gene. This is why carbohydrates are comfort foods. The quick energy that sugar provides keeps you level headed and helps you deal with the stress. But relief is temporary. Eating sugar eventually releases more adrenaline which further activates the Brd2 gene.

A typical Western diet is load with processed foods that damage cells and tissues, triggering inflammatory reactions. Systemic inflammation is a physical stress effecting the entire body. The body responds to any type of stress by releasing adrenaline. As you learned about, adrenaline activates the Brd2 gene. But it gets worse... Inflammation prevents feeling "full." Together with an active Brd2 gene, it keeps you hungry and craving dangerous carbohydrates. Diabetes Prevention with Nutrigenomics Target gene expression and protect against diabetes with nutrigenomics.

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