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Tips on Controlling Diabetes
The patient is asked to drink a liquid with a specified StrictionBP Review  amount of sugar in it. The blood is then periodically tested after a half hour, an hour, two hours, and three hours. The test is designed to show how fast the blood glucose levels rise after taking in nutrition and how long it takes for the sugar levels to come back to normal. In a normal person, the levels will come down fairly rapidly. But in a diabetic, the levels will still be high, even after a couple of hours have passed. 

Depending on the results of this test, the doctor can make a diagnosis of normal, pre-diabetes, or diabetes. If the result shows either pre-diabetes or diabetes, the doctor will probably recommend that the test be re-taken at a future time to rule out a possible "false positive." A person can develop diabetes at any age. There's no age limit at which a person is completely safe from developing the disease. This means, for good or bad, that the effort to monitor your health is a lifetime pursuit. 

It has long been known but not often discussed that dental hygiene has a special importance in the health care of persons with diabetes and especially so if their blood glucose levels are elevated for too long a period of time. When the diabetic condition is in poor control, meaning that blood glucose levels are consistently higher than normal, the excess glucose provides nutrients for bacteria that can cause problems in many areas, including the mouth. And with increased bacteria in the mouth comes the possibility of inflammation of gum tissues and possible further development to gum disease in the form of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

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