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Ultimate Love Reality Show 2020 Thread
Nigeria's first love reality TV show, 'Ultimate Love' kicks off on Sunday, February 9, 2020

For the first time in the history of reality TV shows in Nigeria, a show (Ultimate Love) which centers on finding love will be airing.

'Ultimate Love' will see 18 housemates consisting single men and women living together in the 'Love Residence' for eight weeks. These guys are expected to find love during the show's run.

Can this reality tv show beat down BBNaija?
What your taught.

[Image: 11022834_eqwpoofwsaabukt_jpgsmall_jpegc2...8d322cd640]
Ultimate Love: Meet All The Love Guests (Housemates) In Nigeria’s New Reality Television Show

Ultimate Love: Meet All The Love Guests (Housemates) In Nigeria’s New Reality Television Show

The new reality television show called Ultimate Love Nigeria (NG) has begun on February 9, 2020. The show is about single men and women called love guests (Housemates) living together with the sole aim of finding true love.
Ultimate love will have 8 single men and 8 single women as love guests. Here are their profile and photos. Source and credit: Africa Magic
Ultimate Love Ng, Obichukwu
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-RDtot5yBmJQ.jpg]Obichukwu
Obichukwu, 32, is from Imo State. He is handsome and suave. He has a passion for social work. When quizzed by DSTV about what he longs for in a lover, he sums it up poignantly: “A woman who gives me peace.”
He’s quite conservative and traditional too; preferring to be a provider for his family in addition to being strict and uncompromising about any sexual encounters in the Love Pad.
Ultimate love, Bolande
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-64CnfhS4wg3MK.jpg]Bolande
The beautiful Bolanle comes from Ondo State. She has a job resume that runs the gamut from media personality, to production manager and even CEO of an industrial cleaning and fumigation company.
The 35-year-old is looking for someone who is expressive and a solid communicator because, as she puts so perfectly, you can be, “15 years into a marriage and still be growing and getting to know one another more deeply.”
Ultimate love, Cherry
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-a2HCgIGUwLQTlHdE.jpg]Cherry
Cherry is a medical doctor with entrepreneurial skills in her arsenal. The Imo State local doesn’t believe in surface-level connections like she used to when she was younger.
She’s ultimately looking for a man who deeply understands her and accepts her as she is – both the good and the bad.
Ultimate love, Chris
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-Mp6vI4GbqEla.jpg]Chris
This vivacious, soon to be 36-year-old is a cool, collected and assertive brand architect from Abia State. She stresses that as long as she’s in love, she’s ready to say, “yes” to that life-long commitment.
Ultimate love, David Wilson
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-8MNA07DBqj0T.jpg]David Wilson
The 33-year-old from Bayelsa State isn’t fussy at all when it comes to relationships. All he requires is some quality time and a personal touch. David Wilson is all about being open-minded and recognizing that the world is changing. With this knowledge, he allows himself to get guidance from the universe.
Ultimate love, Arnold
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-wf4cymXBN8IWe.jpg]Ultimate love, Arnold
Arnold is 31 years old. ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’  – this seems to be the case with Arnold as he loves his food, especially egusi. Arnold’s longest relationship was with his high school sweetheart, which lasted four years. Although he hasn’t had much luck in recent years, Arnold still believes in love and spontaneity in a relationship.
Ultimate love, Theresa
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-pO84IdoMdAN.jpg]Theresa
Theresa, 23, has the look of a model and the mind of a doctor as she’s currently an optometrist. She believes in traditional roles in a relationship but not to an extent where the man mistreats a woman. Theresa is a private person and believes that if anyone is to propose to her, it should happen behind closed doors.
Ultimate love, Iyke
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-RxLLLL4o6PR.jpg]Ultimate love, Iyke
The 24-year-old from Enugu State is clear on one thing; to find his ride-or-die. He believes that for a relationship to work, there must be clear gender roles. Let’s just say he’s all for mutual understanding.
Ultimate love, Jenny Koko
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-Y86LgbWyypskl.jpg]Ultimate love, Jenny Koko
Jenny Okoko is a 26-year-old fabric trader from Rivers State. She considers respect as the most important aspect of a relationship and totally believes in love at first sight. Culture ranks high on her priority list so that’s the one thing you’re certain she won’t waiver on.
Jenny Koko also carries an interesting secret as she previously received a proposal from a suitor but her father declined after realizing her beau was way too old for her in his opinion. Now Jenny Koko is out to give love another try on Ultimate Love and would absolutely adore a nice, intimate proposal to capture her heart.
Ultimate love, Ebiteinye
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-NZYTcf09fyVB.jpg]Ultimate love, Ebiteinye
Ebiteinye is a 26-year-old accountant who believes that love can be found anywhere in an instant. In her quest to find love, her beliefs aren’t clouded and she is ready to take the role of being a supportive partner.
Ultimate love, Louis
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-qjdzjYWxADRQJgF.jpg]Ultimate love, Louis

Louis is a modern-day man who believes roles should be equally shared in a relationship. Having a connection is very important to him, a relationship can be judged in the beginning whether it’s for keeps or not.

Ultimate love, Michael
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-xpmIpTIUH7kd8.jpg]Ultimate love, Michael
Michael will never compromise on love and believes that ultimate love is finding someone who can complement his life. He believes one has to be selfless, kind and patient in a relationship. His passion for people has burnt his fingers in the past as people took him for granted.
Ultimate love, Nkechi 
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-ebRQ5UO50NTLgKGQ.jpg]Nkechi
The 29-year-old marketing executive hails from Anambra State and absolutely adores receiving gifts of all kinds including flowers, accessories and more. She views herself as a strong-willed woman who recently left a relationship that spanned a decade.

[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-WYOC8r3MX9bbRUz.jpg]Kachi 
32-year-old serial entrepreneur Kachi is from Imo State and has a deep love for his culture and tradition. The self-proclaimed charmer firmly believes a man should always provide for his family but has a liberal side to match – he is open to a partner having her own identity
Ultimate love, Rosemary
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-10pkKDVHwVP7HT7.jpg]Rosemary
The 35-year-old teacher can school you on love, as her longest relationship spanned a respectable 12 years! The Ogun State native is never short on smiles with her dream proposal happening on the beach in the middle of a dreamy sunset. Love at first sight to her means more than the physical and is determined by whether she feels a meaningful connection with a person.
[Image: imgonline-com-ua-compressed-BhqPNgl57TJ1.jpg]Jay
This 35-year-old engineer from Ebonyi State is grounded on who he is and would never trade anything about him for anything else. For Jay, love is all about attraction and he believes it’s the basis for anything else that follows.

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Ultimate Love reality show: Top five question Nigerians are asking

 February 10, 2020

[Image: 7E7E9608-6F78-4A06-954D-E22B3B2465B1-1000x600.jpeg]
Ultimate Love, Nigeria’s first love reality TV show, which kicked off on Sunday, February 9, 2020, has left some viewers confused about the dynamics of the game.

The show which centers on finding love will see 16 housemates consisting of single men and women, living together in the ‘Love Residence’ for eight weeks.
These ‘love guests’ as they are referred to, are expected to find love during the show after which the winner will be rewarded with five million Naira, a house, and a sponsored traditional wedding.

However, the organizers of the show failed to provide straightforward answers to some of the questions on the minds of the viewers:

1. Is the Ultimate Love reality show here to replace the popular Big Brother Naija reality show? Since nothing has been heard from the organizers of the annual Big Brother Naija reality television show as regarding if the show will still hold in 2020, Nigerians are now wondering if the Ultimate Love Guests show is here to take the place of the BBN. Some have even described the new show as a low budget BBN.

2. Since there are sixteen love guests in the house, how are the 2 love birds expected to emerge at the end? What is the method of eviction adopted?
Another question that comes to mind is if there will be the eviction of housemates. Nigerians are in the dark as to how the final couple will emerge. Yes, there will be voting, but what will be the outcome of votes. Will housemates be evicted from the house or will the 16 love guests stay in the house till the end?

3. How were the love quests selected?

To some viewers, the housemates just appeared from nowhere. There was no publicity about the auditioning for housemates as it is popular with the BBN.

4. What would be the activities of the love guests in the house?

What will they be preoccupied with for a period of 60 days? Having followed the events of the new reality show for the past 24 hours, one would wonder what will keep the housemates occupied for the duration of the end. What games would be introduced? What would be the tasks? How would the housemates be called to order? Who’ll play the role of Biggy since the show fashioned after BBN?

5. What is the parameter to measure the love among couples and how will they be merged? Now, the big question is, how will the love be measured? What will determine the realness of the love existing among the two best couples? Nigerians think some love guests may pretend to be in love, plan to emerge as the best couple after which they’ll go their separate ways.

There have also been no explanations as to how the housemates would be merged. Will they be joined together by natural circumstances or be merged by the organizers?
Ultimate Love: I Am Here For You – Lady Declares Love For Louis

 11th February 2020

[Image: Louis-IG.jpg]

As the ‘Ultimate Love’ Nigeria reality show is getting hot, a lady who could not hold her feeling has declared her emotion for one of the ‘Love Pad’ housemates, Louis.

According to the young lady who tweeted on her handle, just in case Louis could not find his love in the house, there is no need for him to worry because she is fully available for him.

She posted;

“Louis Incase you don’t find love in the house…. No need to worry, I have found you ???”
See tweet below;

Quote:[Image: ic_AxVoz_normal.jpg]
[/url]Ocean...Bee[Image: 1f496.png]@pearlella25

Louis Incase you don't find love in the house.... No need to worry, I have found you [Image: 1f496.png][Image: 1f496.png][Image: 1f496.png]#UltimateLoveNG #auntylovers #louis
[Image: EQayWm9WoAAkpOe?format=jpg&name=small]

14:42 - 10 Feb 2020
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Meanwhile, fans are already showing interest in seeing what will become of Iyke and Theresa in their relationship in the house after the two were paired together in the last night task.

Quote:[Image: -dWld-UP_normal.jpg]
[Image: 2764.png]Mercyosaro[Image: 2764.png]@poshsypce22

It's Morning in d love pad with  Iyke & Theresa#UltimateLoveNG


09:14 - 11 Feb 2020
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[color=var(--g1-itxt-color)]Meet 4 New Ultimate Love Housemates[/color]

[Image: Ultimate-love-new-housemates-758x426.jpg]

1 New Ultimate Love Housemates
1.1 Slyvia
1.2 Uche
1.3 Presh Talker
1.4 Jerry

[color=var(--g1-itxt-color)][color=var(--g1-itxt-color)]New Ultimate Love Housemates[/color][/color]
In a bid to add some spice to the show, 4 new ultimate love housemates have been added to the house bearly a week into the show.
The show started off with 16 love guests on February 9th; with the addition of four new ultimate love housemates, there’s now a total of 20 love guests in the house.
Will these new Love Guests Uche, Sylvia, Jerry, and Presh Talker change the dynamics in the Love Pad. Will this increase the odds of housemates finding love?

[Image: Sylvia-ultimate-love-1024x576.jpg]


23-year-old Sylvia firmly believes in the notion that the man is the head of the house and the woman’s role is to support the man’s vision. Although she’d be considered a ‘millennial’ and modern-day professional woman, her principles are still strongly rooted in tradition. Sylvia’s beautiful smile is her favourite feature, it looks like it can brighten up any room, let’s hope that’s what her smile will do when she enters the love pad. Sylvia believes that a man and woman should walk hand in hand to build a sustainable and strong relationship.

[Image: Uche-ultimate-love-1024x576.jpg]
Development economist Uchenna’s longest relationship was a year long. He believes love takes time and it shouldn’t be taken with haste. An important component for Uchenna in a relationship is agreeableness, you can be attracted to each other but if that component is missing then the relationship won’t work. The 28-year-old’s view on traditional roles is that men and women are genetically different therefore their roles will not be the same in a relationship, although he doesn’t agree entirely on roles given to women. Uchenna believes in the simple approach when asking for a woman’s hand in marriage and that is to ask if she’d like to take his name and ring.

[color=var(--g1-itxt-color)]Presh Talker[/color]
[Image: Presh-ultimate-love-1024x576.jpg]
Many people have suggested that Precious’ beautiful eyes could be a window to people’s soul, and it seems she agrees, her eyes are her favourite physical feature. Precious fondly known as ‘[url=]Presh 
Talker’ is an MC, TV host and content creator. When choosing a suitable partner, Precious takes into consideration the advice her parents have given her, according to her folks; a man needs to be the full package. It’s important that a man is not the same age as a woman or younger, he should work and come from a good place. For now, Precious is keeping an open mind as she enters the love pad and will hopefully find her Prince Charming who will not only sweep her off her feet but will score high points with her folks.
[Image: Jerry-ultimate-love-1024x576.jpg]
Soft-spoken Jerry from Delta State believes expressing yourself in a relationship is very important, his love language is receiving gifts. Jerry’s view on traditional roles is that they are archaic and tend to limit the relationship by dictating how a man and woman should behave. Jerry prefers keeping the circle small when proposing to the lady he’d like to spend the rest of his life with, preferably just close friends and family. Although it would be an intimate affair, he plans to go all out on the romance side of things.[/color]
Ultimate Love as Valentine’s Season’s Opener
February 15, 2020 4:01 am


[url=][Image: 5c28bda2-valentine.jpeg]

Chigoziem Dike

St. Valentine’s Day brings on its wings, the season of love and this opened in a most appropriate way with the debut of Ultimate Love, the romance television reality show now running on MultiChoice’s DStv and GOtv platforms. The first-of-its-kind reality TV show kicked off on Sunday, five days to Valentine’s Day, with a spectacular live show.

Ultimate Love offers single male and female strangers the opportunity to develop enduring romantic relationships. For the maiden edition anchored by actress Dakore Egbuson-Akande and events Compere Oluwaseun Olaniyan, a total of 16 Love Guests, comprising eight men and eight women will together live in the Love Pad for eight weeks in their quest to find life-long love and build a relationship as a couple that could culminate in marriage.

Cherry, Bolanle, Chris, Ebiteinye, Jenny Koko, Nkechi, Rosie and Theresa are the delectable ladies, while Arnold, David Wilson, Iyke, Jay, Kachi, Louis, Michael and Obichukwu are the eligible young men competing to emerge as the “ultimate couple”.

The Love Guests will be live on television for 24 hours throughout the duration of the show and will be paired as they participate in a series of culture-inclined activities to test their compatibility as couples. Each couple will interact daily with a counsellor – veteran broadcaster and media entrepreneur, Adesuwa Onyenokwe – who’s be referred to as “Aunty”. She plays the role of a confidant and assists them in finding the perfect partner and true love.

The viewers will decide which couple remains on the show every week through voting. The winning couple will be rewarded with N5 million, a lavish traditional wedding ceremony and a fully furnished house, but only if they commit to getting married.

Therefore, as individuals express their deep affection for their beloved partners during this special season of love, it is apt that the reality television show provides a platform for the Love Guests who have had long-held desire to settle down to finally achieve their objective. In celebrating the season of love, individuals intensify their display of strong feeling of affection or attraction to their partners. The Love Guests will also have the opportunity to convey their romantic messages to their pair as they hope to find their soul mate.

Already, the speed dates organized is providing a picture of some of the Love Guests likely to be paired as potential couples. Leading the pack of likely “shipping” pairs are David Wilson and Rosie, Iyke and Theresa, Jay and Nkechi, and Arnold and Bolanle. There have also been some guys trying to shoot their shots but have been rebuffed so far. For instance,, Louis appears to have got eyes for Theresa while Kachi is apparently gunning for Rosie, but neither seem to have got the green light. Some of the ladies also seem confused about who to choose as partners. How would the eventual pairings play out? There’s no better way of knowing what’s in store on that special day than to keep your eyes glued to the show.

Meanwhile, the strong individualistic preferences and personality traits of the Love Guests are gradually emerging. Louis and Michael are proving their versatility as media personalities as the entertainers of the house, Bolanle has been the wittiest and boisterous of the ladies, while Chris’ accent has caught the attention of her fellow Love Guests and left the viewers asking questions and creating memes.

The Love Guests, so far, have been undertaking their tasks with no fuss and getting to know one another fairly easily. Emotional sparks have flown, though. On Tuesday, Jenny Koko and David Wilson had what could be described as the first major clash on the show. On the surface, it seemed mundane, but the cause of their tiff was juice, with the former accusing the latter of gulping the juice in the house while other contestants were out in the courtyard. Ebiteinye has also had a few problems with some of the Love Guests, particularly the females. It’s certainly turning out to be a lively Love Pad with interesting and emotional characters as its occupants.

A whole new form of television entertainment awaits viewers as the Love Guests embark on their journey and attempt to either find love at first sight, give the first kiss on the first date, eagerly anticipate for the first to declare “I love you” or pop up the ultimate question: “Will you marry me?” The Love Guests already provided some inkling during their Valentine’s Day surprise task.

The coast, however, will become clearer on Sunday as the Love Guests will finally be paired as couples, and then the real work begins for them as they start developing their relationships in a bid for it to become enduring, and to eventually become the ultimate couple. Who says it is impossible for anyone to find his or her dream partner from a reality show?

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Ultimate love : Organizers explain selection criteria, Aunty’s major role

 February 12, 2020

[Image: ULTIMATE-LOVE.jpg]
The Organizers of ‘Ultimate Love’ has reacted to some of the questions raised by DAILY POST about the activities that characterize the maiden edition of the show.

DAILY POST had raised five key questions viewers are anxious about.

But reacting, the organizers had advanced reasons why certain housemates were paired the way they are, stating that most of the pairing are similar to their profession

A statement forwarded to DAILY POST, said the organizers’ ‘Love guests are cut from the same cloth.
”It’s not clear if it’s a coincidence, but it seems that a good number of the Love Guests are almost identical with regards to their occupation. The similarity was certainly unmissable as the lovers were introduced to the audience and viewers.

”For example, Cherry and Theresa both share a love for the stethoscope as doctors while Chris and Jay have a lot of fancy for buildings as architect and engineer respectively. Kachi, Nkechi, Obichukwu, Jenny Koko and Ebiteinye have an eye for business and financial transactions as entrepreneurs, marketers and accountants respectively, while there’s a rich repertoire of media personalities with the likes of Bolanle, Iyke, Louis and Mike. 

A host of creative performances are expected from Arnold, an actor and singer. Arnold, and David Wilson, a professional compere, while Rosie experience as a teacher will be very handy in the Love Pad. Certainly, this is a diverse field of a knowledgeable and interesting character.”

Similarly, the organizers further stated that it has provided a guide, simply known as ‘Aunty’ that, will control the activities of the love guests.

‘Aunty, identified as Mrs Onyenokwe is a prominent counsellor and respected figure on topical issues like relationships, health and wellness.
The love guest counsellor will also interact with them daily and support them in finding their perfect partners and true love.

”Ultimate Love is no different as it is a social experimentation of 16 Love Guests attempting to find their true love.

 Therefore, coordinating affairs in the Love Pad will require an experienced individual and that’s why veteran broadcaster and media entrepreneur, Adesuwa Onyenokwe, has been appointed as the governess for the maiden edition and will be referred to as “

”Aunty has promised not to interfere consistently but allow the lovers to make their decisions as matured persons and bear the consequences of such actions,” they added.
Ultimate Love Guest, Uche finally quits the reality TV show

The Ultimate Love Naija reality TV show was on Monday evening filled with emotional concerns as one of the Love Guests, Uche, born Uchenna Nwankwo voluntarily quits and checked out of the show.

Recall on Sunday, February 16, during the live show, the 28-year-old Uche emphasized on the fact that he doesn’t want Chris who he was paired together to become couple.

Also, Aunty advised Uche to get his nerve cooled as there was no way he could check out and leave after the live show has ended.
Today, Monday, February 17, the news broke out during the Monday evening session in the Love Pad that Uche has voluntarily decided to keep his words – quit.

Quote:[Image: iKjOMcaO_normal.jpg]
[/url]Ultimate Love@ultimateloveng

After a brief but memorable stay, Uche has voluntarily decided to Check Out of the Love Pad
[Image: EQ_1J0IWsAAA1cy?format=jpg&name=small]

Recall also that Uche and three other Love Guests, JerrySylvia and Presh Talker [url=]were introduced to the show on February 146 days after it began on February 9.
However, a lot of comments from viewers have it that Uche and co weren’t given enough time like the 16 initial Love Guests to find who they can bond with in the Love Pad.
[Image: img_17022020_200816_419_x_700_pixel14454...297979.jpg]
Ultimate Love NG: Rosie heartbroken after David who she bonded with from onset didn’t pick her as partner
[Image: img_17022020_082520_1450_x_800_pixel1522...68x424.jpg]
The Sunday live show of the Ultimate Love Naija reality TV show was filled with so much emotional meltdown and disappointments from one Love Guest to the other.

Before the Love Guests (also known as housemates) were coupled officially by Aunty during the Sunday live show on February 16, they were called into the diary room to pick a Love Guest who they want to be coupled with.

David from onset of the show, has been giving Rosie green light, and even French-kissed her the previous day, Saturday, February 15 in the presence of everyone.

But when it was time to pick a partner, David didn’t pick Rosie. Rosie, who picked David 3 times during her own diary session learnt about it and was heartbroken and angry to confront him.

Meanwhile, the guy, Kachi, standing next to Rosie in the video below and consoling her actually likes her, but she likes David.
Watch video below;

In another video, Kachi, who is the one that eventually got coupled with Rosie was spotted with Uche saying he’s mad at David for being the player who kissed Rosie and left her looking stupid on the coupling night.

He said he can’t wait for the stupid boy (David) to cross his path so he can deal with him and then exit the show.
Watch video below;

[Image: img_16022020_215812_700_x_394_pixel86677...514076.jpg]

Michael & Cherry: Micherry
Chris & Uche: ChrisUch
David & Presh: PreshDavid
Nkechi & Jay: JayKech
Sylvia & Jerry: Jervia
Iyke & Theresa: Iykeresa
Kachi & Rosie: Roksie
Obi & Ebi: ObiEbi
Louis & Jenni Koko: Jelo
Arnold & Bolanle: Bolar

Ultimate Love NG: Love Guests have been paired as couple; see who is paired with the other

The season 1 edition of the Ultimate Love reality TV show took a different turn on Sunday, February 16 during the live show.
The 20 Love Guests were shocked with powerful pairing of each of them as couples which will mark a kick off of how they’ll be nominated and voted for by the viewers.

Below are the list of all the Love Guests with their pair names…

Michael and Cherry are paired together as Micherry
[Image: img_16022020_215938_700_x_700_pixel21723...936392.jpg]
Chris and Uche are paired together as ChrisUch
[Image: img_16022020_215843_700_x_700_pixel53874...775009.jpg]
David and Presh are paired together as PreshDavid
[Image: img_16022020_215947_700_x_700_pixel83513...053225.jpg]
Nkechi and Jay are paired together as JayKech
[Image: img_16022020_215914_700_x_700_pixel69795...135964.jpg]
Sylvia and Jerry are paired together as Jervia.
[Image: img_16022020_215851_700_x_700_pixel60711...739009.jpg]
Iyke and Theresa are paired together as Iykeresa.
[Image: img_16022020_215929_700_x_700_pixel67224...875379.jpg]
Kachi and Rosie are paired together as Roksie.
[Image: img_16022020_215832_700_x_700_pixel24484...395342.jpg]
Obi and Ebi are paired together as ObiEbi.
[Image: img_16022020_215906_700_x_700_pixel48522...240292.jpg]
Louis and Jenny Koko are paired together as Jelo.
[Image: img_16022020_215858_700_x_700_pixel19567...220949.jpg]
Arnold and Bolanle are paired together as Bolar.
[Image: img_16022020_215921_700_x_700_pixel82725...933628.jpg]
A look at the paired couples once more…
Michael & Cherry: Micherry

Ousted Ultimate Love Guest, Uche apologizes for his action

Barely hours after quitting and checking out of the season 1 edition of the Ultimate Love reality TV show, one of the Love Guests, Uche apologizes for shockingly exiting the show.

The Anambra State born Uche Nwankwo took to his micro-blogging platform to share a quite long and heartfelt apologies to the show viewers and his pair partner, Chris.

According to him, his utmost regret is not speaking to Chris about his intention to quit the show before leaving and disappointing his friends who already mobilized themselves to support him.

Recall after the Sunday, February 16 live show, Uche refused to accept Chris who was paired with him as Ultimate Love couple on reason best known to him, although people alleged he didn’t want Chris because she is older than him, while others said Uche who was among the last 4 Love Guests to be introduced to the show 6 days after the inception weren’t given enough time to find perfect partner.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old declared his intentions to quit the show to Aunty who instructed him to wait till the next day as there was no way he could check out immediately after live show.

[Image: img_19022020_074338_700_x_394_pixel41753...276808.jpg]
Read Uche’s posts below;

“Dear #ultimateloveng pple, plz kind know that I have nothing against Chris in all honesty, I see her as a very intelligent & wonderful person but that was all. I admit that for the sake of her emotions I could have been more polite, for that I apologise.

I didnt want to give her any suggestions nor lead her on in anyway. When pple are close to me, I treat them very very specially. I dont want Chris to get drawn in & eventually get heart broken. I know that u all will vilify me even more then. I acted in good faith. My only

My regrets are not speaking with Chris about this before leaving the house, & disappointing my friends who already mobilized to support me…plz forgive me.

 I was feeling better just before I checked out & was going to speak to Chris that evening…but “Aunty” got to me first.

Il get the chance to talk to Chris again hopefully, & il make things right. In all, I was been real & sincere. Thanks for reading. Kind regards!

Excuse my typos please.”

[Image: img_19022020_074359_700_x_543_pixel22504...358376.jpg][Image: img_19022020_074407_700_x_307_pixel72449...632088.jpg][Image: img_19022020_074415_700_x_251_pixel58395...929765.jpg][Image: img_19022020_074423_700_x_163_pixel65112...849581.jpg][Image: img_19022020_074430_700_x_147_pixel61539...201028.jpg]
Rosie, Presh Talker iron things out

[Image: 1582151706-27_1600_x_640Highlights_Template__6_.jpg]
Rosie, Presh Talker iron things out
Rosie and Presh Talker had a conversation about what happened between them and David Wilson.
 19 February 2020

After the whole debacle involving David Wilson, Rosie and Presh Talker, the ladies have decided to sit down and have a chat about what really happened. Though Rosie told Aunty she’s over David Wilson, it’s clear she needed closure as she had mentioned the whole situation left her with many unanswered questions.

‘What hurt the most is, even when I asked him about you, he wasn’t being honest’, said Rosie. According to Rosie, David Wilson was angry at the fact that she entertained Kachi, and out of the blue, he asked for her hand in marriage, which she politely declined

He lied to me too

Presh Talker, just like Rosie wasn’t given the whole story by David Wilson and feels sorry the situation he put himself in because it’s not a situation one easily gets out of. Even though she told Aunty earlier that she’s still angry at him, part of her feels sorry for him but that just a cross he must bear on his own.

Both ladies seem to be at peace with the situation and there’s no bad blood between them. If anything, Rosie is glad she got out of the relationship. “The blessing in it is that I dodged the bullet and I know it wasn’t meant to be,” Rosie concluded.
Africa Magic's thrilling new show, Ultimate Love, airs 24/7 from Sunday, 9 February at 19:30 WAT / 20:30 CAT. Make sure you're watching DStv Ch198 and GOtv Ch29 to play your part in shaping Naija's most epic love story yet. For more updates, like our Facebook Page, light up our Twitter mentions using "#UltimateLoveNG" and get immersed in all the TLC on our Instagram
Love for our Couples – Ultimate Love

[Image: 1582121119-27_Love_for_the_couples__3x1_1500x500_rs.jpg]
Love for our Couples – Ultimate Love
Never mind the ships in the Love Pad, our audience is also crushing on the couples.
 19 February 2020

As time goes on, our Love Couples are growing together and growing closer. And they honestly have the best stands out there.
Here's some of the love they've gotten over Twitter.


#Micherry[Image: 1f525.png][Image: 1f525.png][Image: 1f525.png][Image: 1f525.png]
I was shaking like jelly fish when I took the picture[Image: 1f970.png]I love them[Image: 1f629.png][Image: 1f927.png]
My ship from day 1[Image: 1f525.png][Image: 1f525.png][Image: 1f525.png]#ultimatelove #UltimateLoveNG


Cherry[Image: 1f352.png] has fallen[Image: 1f60d.png][Image: 1f60d.png]
CherryBig Grino I disturb you
Micheal:you are a hand full nahh
Me:When you are in love you will just be asking yeye questions[Image: 1f602.png][Image: 1f923.png][url=]#Micherry #ultimatelovenaija #UltimateLove



My ultimate couple, they look so sweet together.#Iykeresa #Ultimate_LoveNG
Quote:I love Team #Iykeresa [Image: 1f48e.png][Image: 1f602.png][Image: 1f602.png] these are the kinda people I should be rolling with, not those ones who will unstan as soon as their fav receives one backlash from old cargos #UltimateLoveNG
Ultimate Love: David gives reason he rejected Rosie as Love partner on coupling day (video)

Recall last Sunday, February 15, Love Guest, Rosie was shattered by the decision of her initial love interest, David who rejected her during the coupling session with Aunty.

Hours after the coupling session, David was blasted by Rosie for disappointing her after all their time together since the show’s inception.

However, during diary session on Thursday, February 20 with the male Love Guests, Aunty got to ask David his reason for putting Rosie aside for another female Love Guest.

David simply answered that he needed someone that can stand up for him, someone who is ready to tell him NO whenever the need arises and not someone that always has a YES.

[Image: img_21022020_092200_700_x_394_pixel73336...911484.jpg]
Ultimate Love: Bolanle and Arnold, coupled as Bolar become first couple to enter the Love Nest (known as Head of House room)

In the evening of Friday, February 20, the Love Couples were challenged to create a replica of a Gele on display after which the winner would opportunely spend the next three days in the Love Nest (known in BBNaija as Head of House luxury room)

After the wowing presentations from each of the Love Couples, Bolar couple comprising of Bolanle and Arnold won the presentation and automatically gets the opportunity to spend the next three day, (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in the Love Nest.


Congrats to #Bolar, the first Love Couple to occupy the Love Nest! Read more here: 

Which Love Couple were you hoping would win the challenge?
[Image: ERP9rSzWsAE_AYo?format=jpg&name=small]



[Image: img_16022020_215921_700_x_700_pixel74125...216575.jpg]
Aunty chats to the gents PART 1 – Ultimate eLove
[Image: 1582222402-27_My_Post_Copy_9_1__5_.jpg]
Aunty chats to the gents PART 1 – Ultimate Love
It's been an eventful week full of numerous, relationship milestones and so Aunty was keen to touch base with the men and see how they're feeling.
 20 February 2020


First to hit up the Lounge was Arnold. He opened up about what he was looking for when he first entered the Love Pad placing friendliness and connection high on his priotity list. He says this is why he made an instant connection with Bolanle. That said, they've since hit a stumbling block. Arnold feels Bolanle gets into a lot of fights with people because of her boisterious personality and sometimes doesn't listen to him or even argues and speaks over him. All this considered however, Arnold was reluctant to swap because he feels she's fronting and that the true Bolanle is a gentle soul. Aunty gave him some brilliant advice after realising that maybe Bolanle is sticking up for herself because she feels vulnerable and insecure. "Be a man. Talk to her about how she needs you to help her." Her parting words were even more poignant, "Ask yourself, 'For the sake of the other, what am I you willing to compromise? That's love!"


Iyke revealed a touching first memory: When he and Theresa first talked, she complemented his hair and offered to braid it and help him maintain it if he ever wanted her to. That first "act of kindness" really resonated with him. She also fit the profile he was looking for perfectly as he likes slim girls with nice voices. He's also fond of darker skinned ladies with nice eyes and nice lips. Despite this instant connection, Iyke told Aunty they are still discovering each other and he’s happy he found her. Unsurprisingly, he's definitely NOT swapping inside the House or out because the love and fondness just keeps growing. Before he left, Aunty quipped about whether he's afraid of Theresa's mom and Iyke giggled nervously, before revealing that their love language is physical touch but they're making sure to keep things in church.


Jay looked every bit a man smitten, smiling and laughing heartily through most of his session as Aunty pressed him for insights on his new boo Nkechi. He revealed that he was quite stressed in week one especially when Kachi was making moves on Nkechi. He let out a literal sigh of relief and said "Thank God he left her" when he recounted the moment. He also got vulnerable about how much it hurt him when Nkechi was chatting to other guys but he had to respect her wishes so she wouldn't feel pressured. He's now thrilled that they are bonding and getting closer because he was ready to checkout if it wasn't her! Now there's no way he's going swap.


avid Wilson opened up about nearly losing everything after the mistake he made. Aunty quizzed him about the motive behind his actions, and he confessed that he was too afraid to be honest with Rosie about what he was feeling in the moment. He takes ownership for his actions now and he's excited to be with Presh. Why? He's not too fussed about tradition having grown up around many women and actually appreciates it when a woman is strong, "no-nonsense", confident and assertive so she can take the lead sometimes. On the matter of Rosie, he concluded that he loves her still, but he's happy with them being friends and is not confused about his intentions.

Aunty chats to the gents PART 2– Ultimate ove

[Image: 1582226058-27_My_Post_Copy_9_1__6_.jpg]
Aunty chats to the gents PART 2 – Ultimate Love
It's been an eventful week full of numerous, relationship milestones and so Aunty was keen to touch base with the men and see how they're feeling.
 20 February 2020


Kachi's session with Aunty was full of profound revelations about just how deeply he cares for Rosie. He revealed that he knew he wanted her from the first speed date citing her beauty, intelligence, solid values, faith in God and charisma which he added can captivate an entire room! He was resolute that he's ready to settle down even if they had to leave the Love Pad today and he's so excited to meet her son and be a part of his life. Perhaps most touching was how he was afraid to get hurt again because part of him feels Rosie disregarded his feelings the first time and he remains worried that she may bond with Jerry if she keeps spending quality time with him. That said, he was also man enough to acknowledge that sometime he can be jealous and insecure.


Aunty didn't even bother asking whether Michael was happy with his choice, instead noting that Micherry were incredibly intimate and there must be good reason for that. Michael put it down to how thoughful and selfless Cherry was noting how he watched her cook and care for everyone from the very first day. His love language is "Acts of Service" so he loves having someone in the Love Pad who is always checking on him and showering him with thoughtful gestures. He did say he needed to work on his touchiness though as Cherry's love language is Physical Touch and it sometimes makes her feel insecure when he gets handsy with other Love Guests.


Obi was beaming throughout Aunty's session and there's one woman to blame. He flat out admitted that he's in love with Ebi and the tender moments they've shared daily are proof of this. Like other Love Guests he actually revealed that Ebi doesn't really fit the mould of the lover he'd typically go for but he fell in love with her heart. He loves how selfless and considerate she is. He even brought up how she had him in tears a few days ago because she listened to all his hopes and dreams and affirmed him in ways he hasn't even be able to himself. No that sounds like a life partner and a keeper!


Louis and Jenny Koko's love for one another has blossomed quickly but while he cares about her deeply he was also honest about the challenges they are facing as a couple. He expressed concern for her being a bit sensitive and temperamental given the very traumatic experiences that she's been through. That said, he was feeling optimistic given all the positive signs of growth he's seen. More importantly, he's ready to support her and step outside of his comfort zone to be more romantic and public in his declarations of affection for her.


Jerry spoke to Aunty about some of the challenges he's had since entering the Love Pad. He tried to spread himself around in the beginning to better his chances of getting a match but it had the opposite effect of making people think he was a player. As far as his match with Sylvia which has been the subject of much discource, Jerry said he'd tried his best to bond but found that she was pushing for things to progress too quickly for his likes. He said he's just not where she is physically and would be down to swap if Aunty gave him the option. Swap with whom you ask? He's really feeling Rosie because he loves beautiful, curvy, voluptuous women. He went one further by saying he believes he's a better man for her than who she's with currently which CONFIRMS Kachi's insecurities about him and Rosie spending time.
Did Rosie get her groove back?
[Image: 1582292965-27_Roksie1.jpg]
Did Rosie get her groove back?
The past few days have been tumultuous for Rosie, not only did she lose a guy she considered the love of her life, she was paired with someone who she didn’t have a connection with.
 21 February 2020

We have been privy to the highs and lows Rosie has experienced since she entered the Love Pad.

The first few days were honeymoon days for her but that quickly changed when her man, David Wilson fell for someone else. To say Rosie was distraught would be an understatement, she bared her soul for the continent to see and didn’t hold back when letting David know how much hurt he’s put her through.

In the recent days we’ve seen Rosie build a wall and it’s been getting higher and higher. 

The person who was negatively impacted by what Rosie went through was Kachi. Kachi had to be a shoulder for Rosie to lean on and also lend an ear when she was to venting about David. 

Patience proved to be a virtue for Kachi as Rosie is slowly opening herself to him. We’ve seen the pair share laughs and playful moments, like the one below

The Love Pad is very unpredictable, and the Love Guests are learning to adapt as quickly as they can. Rosie and Kachi are also doing best with the cards they are dealt  and we hope their connection will continue to grow.
Love Guests, Chris Ville, Chiddy Bankz and Meriton enter the Love Pad

Three new Love Guests, Chris VilleChiddy Bankz, and Meriton have been introduced into the season 1 edition of the Ultimate Love reality TV show.

Quote:[Image: iKjOMcaO_bigger.jpg]
[/url]Ultimate Love@ultimateloveng

Welcome to the Love Pad and meet the three new Love Guests: Chris Ville, Chiddy Bankz and Meriton!

Are you shipping anyone yet? #UltimateLoveNG [Image: 2764.png] …

In a surprising mood, the 19 other Love Guests welcome the three new fellow Guests who according to their short introduction, are going to spice things up in the Love Pad (house).

However, the new Love Guests made their way into the game 4 days after Love Guest, Uchenna Nwankwo [url=]voluntarily gave up his chances as a result of his inability to accept Chris who was paired with him to become couple.

This means, Chris will have the chance to be picked by any of the new male Love Guests, Chris Ville or Chiddy Bankz, if there is no new swap, with the old Guests.

[Image: img_21022020_194849_1450_x_1000_pixel298...24x706.jpg]
Ships dey scatter! – Ultimate Love

Have the three new Love Guests already succeeded at rocking the boat?
  • [Image: 1582318250-27_ship_dey_scatter.png]

 21 February 2020

Forget hours, barely minutes after Chris Ville, Chiddy Bankz and Meriton entered the Love Pad, things were already looking rocky for some ships! With fresh faces and the brand new opportunity to swap your partner and pair with someone else, the prospect was all too tantalising for some the Love Guests. 

But before we jump the gun, let's see who was now focusing their eyes on someone else and who was just offering a warm welcome.

Does Sylvia have the hots from Chiddy Bankz?

She may have been having a rocky time with her current partner Jerry but the usually quiet Sylvia wasted no time in warming up to Chiddy Bankz. She made it a point to share her challenges with the new Love Guest and ask him straight up if he would be keen to give them a try. Barely having settled in, Chiddy didn't dismiss her advances but opted to take things one moment at a time. Are we seeing a new pairing develop before our eyes?

[Image: 1582318420-34_Screenshot_2020_02_21_at_20.20.48.jpg]

Jerry eyes Meriton

Not to be outdone by his deserted partner, Jerry also made a bee-line towards the gorgeous Meriton and immediately proclaimed his undying love for her as well as his wishes to make something out of their union. However much like her fellow Love Guest Chiddy Bankz, Meriton decided to proceed with caution and keep her options open. So now only time will tell if she'll stick with Jerry or set her sights on someone else in the home.

[Image: 1582318469-34_Screenshot_2020_02_21_at_20.35.55.jpg]

A perfect partner for Chris?

She may have lost her partner to a voluntary check out but don't count Chris out just yet. She approached the new Love Guests with caution and chose to play her cards close to her chest in the first few hours. 

However with Chiddy Bankz already claimed by Sylvia, she may have no choice but to pair up with her namesake, Chris Ville. Question is, can they find their groove before Sunday? Keep it look on Ultimate Love to find out!

[Image: 1582318646-34_Screenshot_2020_02_21_at_20.36.49.jpg]
[Image: 1582407587-27_article_cover.png]
PickPicking the perfect pair – Ultimate Love
ing the perfect pair – Ultimate Love
The time has 
It was a rollercoaster of a Saturday for the Love Guests as they went from tears after watching messages from their parental figures; to absolute joy as they showcased the diversity of Nigerian culture in Aunty's task. But it all came full circle as Aunty announced later in the evening that they had just 15minutes to solidify their final pairings and reveal their choices.

[Image: 1582407464-34_Screenshot_2020_02_22_at_23.24.01.jpg]

While the announcement caught the Love Guests off guard, it appeared they all were somewhat sure of who they would like to be with and most of the couples seemed to be in agreement that things would stay the same. Of course the likes of Sylvia and Jerry were resolute in their decision to move on and rather pair with Chiddy Bankz and Meriton respectively. While Chris made a pact with her namesake, Chris Ville, to give love a go and try make things work. 

[Image: 1582407504-34_Screenshot_2020_02_22_at_23.23.28.jpg]

Time however has shown us nothing is set in stone till Aunty gives it her stamp of approval so we'll have to wait till Sunday've live show to view the final pairings for the season? Do you think there will be any last shockers? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter using the hashtag #UltimateLoveNG.

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