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Reducing Stress Improves Health and Performance at Work
Self-doubt may also kick in when we see something Meditation In A Bottle Review   horrific occurring with a child because it may be reminiscent of our own trauma. Or it may be that it is so unimaginable to believe what we are suspecting that we are not able to integrate the truth so denial sets in. Denial is a defense mechanism that keeps us from experiencing the pain or horror of what may be truly happening. It protects us when we are not ready to face the reality or the truth of something, be it happening to us, or someone else. Denial of the situation doesn't help us move through the guilt and work through these emotions."Our behaviors and emotional responses become more a reflection of yesterday's reality than what is happening today."- Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., Clinician & Professor

Often in our own lives it might feel difficult to confront someone when we don't know how to address something that makes us uncomfortable. If we are challenged to speak up in our relationships with our partner, a friend, or an employer, in our own world, it is no wonder that when there is something of a larger magnitude of injustice it becomes even more difficult because we may not have developed the skill, or know how to begin. Or perhaps fear or anxiety from a dynamic that occurred in the past of our own life pops up and we become paralyzed because we generalize it to the current situation.

Most of us are intrinsically good. Not saying anything, or doing anything, when faced with a situation that makes us question good intentions isn't about not being a good person, or not having a heart, or not wanting to help. It might just be some of these other things that stand in the way of our speaking up. Those who see something, but don't say something, may still feel guilty. We must first decide if we want to move through these emotions, or do we want to stay stuck in this place? Moving through the emotions keeping us stuck can enable us to address things that don't feel comfortable in our own world, or relationships, or to see something outside of ourselves.

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