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Etinosa Smokes, Quotes The Bible: "My Mother Tried In Training Me"
Quote:Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia shared a live video where was smoked and used the Holy Bible as an ashtray.

According to her post, she said nobody can blame her mother for the way she choose to live her life. She also declared Proverbs 22:6 a scam.

She wrote:

Proverbs 22:6 says

Train up a child when he is young and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Nobody can blame my mother, she trained and trained and still training. And am still departing.


[Image: 10652395_wipeout21302019032100_601000_jp...3a740ae7f4]
[Image: 10652396_wipeout21302019032122_027000_jp...4915dd80a6]
Give me a Quran and I will mess it up in 2 seconds - Etinosa says after using a Bible as an ashtray

[Image: 5de4137888c7d.png]

Etinosa has lashed out at her critics following the backlash that trailed report of her saying that Proverbs 22vs6 is a scam as she smoked and used the Bible as an ashtray. 
The Nollywood actress who was dared to try same act on a Quran, asked to be given the Islamic holy book which she claimed she will mess up in 2 seconds. 
She wrote via her Instastory; 
[Image: 5de411ed2d3b2.jpg]
In another Instagram post, Etinosa wondered how one can effect change by living in denial. She also urged those she claimed are worse than her to retrace their step and stop hiding behind a religion they know nothing about. 
Quote:She wrote "How do you effect change when u are living in denial? You are worse than me. Be honest and slowly retrace your steps. stop hiding behind religion you know nothing about. I poured out my heart all through last night pondering on the words of this song and asking God DEEP questions. Questions bring answers. Answers bring truth. The truth brings Freedom. I feel much better. @daddyfreeze I appreciate you but everybody should keep my name from their mouth. This race is Per Head. As for @tundeednut #EyanLegbegbe don't worry yourself, I will call @oyemykke for you"
[Image: 5de412cc93f63.png]
[Image: icon_share.png]
Pay me and I will mess the Quaran within 2 seconds- Etinosa replies critics

[Image: 5de4f8a69cf30.PNG]

Yesterday, Actress and comedian, Etinosa, threatened to mess up the Quaran just as she did the Bible a few days ago. She posted a video of herself smoking and using the bible as her ashtray. Reacting to some comments that she can never try this with a Quaran, she took to her Instastories on Sunday to say she will do the same to a Quaran if she is given one.
Her comments attracted some Muslims who vowed to deal with her if she dares messes with the Quaran. And she has replied them. This time asking to be paid to defecate the Quran.
Here is what Chief Imam of Ansar-Ud-Deen has to say after Etinosa threatened to desecrate the Holy Quran

[Image: 5de53a68d4041.PNG]

Over the weekend, Nollywood actress and comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia sparked an outrage online after she used the bible as her ashtray as she smoked. 
She even went on to describe Provers 22:6 which reads "train up a child when he is young and when he is old he will not depart from it" as a scam, stated that no one should blame her mother as she is still departing even though she was trained and retrained." Read previous post here. 
She took to social media to threaten to also use the Holy Quran as an ashtray. 
Reacting to her controversial threat, Chief Imam of Ansar-Ud-Deen,  Abdulrahman Ahmad condemned the actress' actions, saying there are consequences for any of these actions.
The popular Islamic Scholar was quoted on Opera News as saying:
Quote:“It is a pity for us as a people and a country that we are where we are today. I don’t like to comment on issues like this because I think it is below the dignitary of religious people and those with conscience and goodwill to be commenting on issues like this. More or less, individuals are trying to acquire fame and we should not help them. Otherwise, this issue should not be discussed at all; it is bad news. It is a sad commentary. It questions our collective morality; why should we be discussing issues like this and celebrating it; popularizing a wayward individual. 
Quote:Whether it is the Bible, the Quran or any other holy book; should not popularize or sensationalize it. Whether something happens to them-(the actor) or not. 
“I condemn, without any reservation anyone who desecrates the Bible as much as I condemn anyone who attempts to desecrate the Quran. It isn’t something that we should be discussing. We should not even look at it from the point of view of- ‘if something is going to happen to her or not’. That someone dared to insult and violate the religious sensibility of others is condemnable. It is worse than hate speech because it could set the nation in tune reaction . It could be destabilizing. It is not part of anybody’s freedom to insult the sensibility either cultural or religion of others.
“We should not to give prominence to this waywardness. It is a collective insult on Nigerians as a deeply religious community. I condemn whoever desecrates the Bible and Quran. There are consequences for any of these actions. If the law enforcement agencies don’t act on unwarranted provocation; then they should also not act when the repercussions start to come. This is my opinion.
“Whatever threatens the peace and stability of Nigeria is against the law. Is it freedom? If they don’t stop this, when the chain reactions starts, they don’t have any moral right to do anything.”
He continued,“It has been ruled by the European court of human right that to insult a religious personality is not part of freedom speech. It would not be part of freedom to desecrate what other people hold sacred,” he added.

Etinosa Idemudia Apologizes For Using Bible As Ashtray While Smoking 

Actress Etinosa Idemudia has apologized after using the Bible as ashtray while smoking and also vowing to use the Quran. She said she wasn't in her right senses.

Her action got her slammed by many people.

She shared a video where she apologized and wrote:

Quote:I deeply apologize to everyone offended by my viral video and my choice of ash tray in that video. i would never berate any man's beliefs.

[Image: 10692831_cymera20191207090849_jpegab13d1...2576df102d]
[Image: 10692832_cymera20191207094449_jpeg6dd6e6...1fb99287d4]
[Image: 10692833_5de24a905350f_jpeg9da85d04295c5...c19dc3d288]
[Image: 10692834_cymera20191207090950_jpegb69b5d...827cacb9ee]

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