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How to make plate moi moi that tastes like leaf moi moi
How to make plate moi moi that tastes like leaf moi moi
[Image: nigerian-plate-moi-moi.jpg?resize=513%2C347&ssl=1]Hot moi moi like butter just removed from 2 plates. Leave to cool a bit and harden. For me, I like it fluffy and hot.
Here is how to make plate moi moi that tastes like leaf moi, I had to make the moi moi using both broad moi moi leaves and moi moi plates. Plate moi moi here is moi  moi made using bowls like the moi moi bowls sold at markets that have come to help those who have tried but can’t really wrap  in leaves.
Nigerians started making moi moi in plates (bowls) long ago but I never bothered even though that’s an easier moi moi making method. The reason is that I feel leaf moi moi has that natural leaf taste that makes it better for me and my family. I also felt like cooking  in leaves adds more nutrients.
[Image: moi-moi-with-plates-002.jpg?resize=340%2C255&ssl=1]Plates lined with leaves before pouring in the batter
[Image: moi-moi-with-plates-003.jpg?resize=365%2C248&ssl=1]moi moi in plates arranged in a pot on the stove. This is how to make
[Image: moi-moi-with-plates-008.jpg?resize=323%2C228&ssl=1]The ones lined with leaves tasted like moi moi wrapped in leaves
[Image: moi-moi-with-plates-018.jpg?resize=330%2C213&ssl=1]Here is how to make moi moi in plates and leaves for the beginner
[Image: plate-moi-moi.jpg?resize=339%2C254&ssl=1]Corned beef and egg made the meal really delicious[Image: moi-moi-with-plates-047.jpg?resize=306%2C276&ssl=1]Moi moi like butter cooked in plates, loaded with corned beef and garnished with boiled eggs. Served hot!
Why we made moi moi with plates that taste like leaf moi moi

My daughter didn’t want to learn how to wrap with leaves and just wanted the easy method of pouring blended beans in bowls and cooking the moi moi with ease. While teaching her how to make moi moi with plates, I had to think of a way to incorporate the leafy moi moi flavour into the plate moi moi and that’s how we lined the moi moi bowls with leaves. Very thankful that I thought of this because when the moi moi was cooked, the ones lined with leaves got rushed because the taste was exactly like when you wrap and cook in leaves.
When moi  moi plates are lined with leaves before adding the blended beans, the cooking has a way of making it taste like leaf moi moi. I don’t know how but it tastes  just like it. If you like moi moi cooked with leaves but cannot wrap, don’t worry. or stress.
Use both your moi moi leaves and the bowls to get that natural original Nigerian moi moi flavour plus the nutrients in the leaves make this method a healthier option.
First, let me explain how to make moi moi using plates (Bowls) before we show how to line moi moi plates with leaves for original moi moi taste.
Before you make moi moi in plates
[Image: moi-moi-with-plates-031-1.jpg?resize=339%2C236&ssl=1]
Before we get to where the blended beans is poured into plates , the steps are simple.
So, before you start greasing plates for moi moi, first ensure that the beans is washed quickly using a blender to skin and rinse. Next, you blend the washed beans with red bell pepper (Tatashey and onion. After blending,  add your salt and beef seasoning cubes to taste. Add vegetable oil. Here we used soya oil. Stir well and add warm water till you get a consistency as light as pancake batter.
Blend the beans in batches, small quantity at a time to avoid ruining your food blender.
  • First step with using moi moi plates is to wash the aluminium plates or any other plate ou chose o usei, grease lightly and set aside
Get the moi moi bowls lightly greased to prevent your moi moi sticking to the bowls during cooking. To see how to wash beans for moi moi, we have a post already explaining that. For other moi moi making options like making moi moi with old ceramic tea mugs or in disposable cups, we have all the different recipes on the blog already.
Let’s start cooking
We used the following ingredients to make 12 plates (bowls) of moi moi[/size]
  • 2 cups beans
  • 2 small sized red onion
  • 4 large red bell peppers
  • 2 beef seasoning cubes
  • 1 cup vegetable oil. We used soya oil here.
  • 1 small can exeter corned beef
  • 5 hard boiled eggs cut into pieces
  • Salt to taste
  • pieces of moi moi leaves for lining the plates.
To make your plate moi moi taste like local Nigerian moi moi, just cut the leaves and line the plates before pouring in your blended beans for cooking.
  • Now you have blended the washed beans with peppers and onion to a very smooth paste.
  •  Check for taste and thickness. Should be a light consistency like pancake batter like I mentioned earlier.
  • Pour in the vegetable oil and stir very well to mix.
  • Add seasoning cubes and salt to taste, feel free to add more peppers if you want.
  • Add the corned beef in bits and stir gently. Check again for salt and adjust if more is needed.
  • Using a scoop, pour small quantities of the blended beans into the bowls but do not fill them because while cooking, moi moi rises. Just pour half way or cover about three quarters of the bowl and leave room for rising.
  • Drop in the hard boiled eggs or pieces like we used here.
  • Put the lids on the moi moi plates, arrange in layers in a deep cooking pot .
  • Add hot water to the bottom of the pot, the water shouldn’t cover your moi moi bowls so it doesn’t boil into them. Water should get to the middle of the plates seated on the bottom of the cooking pot.
  • Turn on the heat and leave to cook for 35 to 45 minutes. Plate moi moi cooks faster than the ones wrapped in leaves.
  • Check for doneness, turn off the heat and your delicious cooked moi moi sit for a few minutes and cool a bit before serving. You can heat hot if you prefer it soft because cooling hardens them.

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