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A post for women who only pray for their husbands forgetting themselves
[Image: prayer-for-husband-and-self.jpg?resize=426%2C377&ssl=1]
The moment she remembered herself and started to pray for her self too, things turned around for her. Prayer is good when you pray for others and pray for yourself too. When you fly, the airhostess teaches you to first of all give yourself the oxygen mask before trying to help others, in the case of any eventuality.
Most times wives spend all our years on earth praying for our husbands while forgetting that as individuals we need prayers too.

“My husband used to cheat on me with every kind of woman. He openly told me that if i wanted to leave his house, i should leave. Many times he told me he was tired of me, but i persisted in the relationship because i loved him so much and i had no job. I prayed and fasted for years for my husband to change but he instead got worse. I cried to God night and day but nothing changed. One time, i was doing a 3 days fast for my husband to change, then i heard a little voice inside me say you have been praying for your husband for many years to change, you have not been praying for yourself. Stop praying for your husband and instead pray for yourself. Ask God to open doors of opportunities for you, as God to heal you, ask God to guide you, ask God to restore you. After hearing that voice, I immediately changed my 3 days fast to start praying for my self. From that time on, I stopped praying for my husband and concentrated on praying for my self. God gave me divine wisdom and direction. One day, i saw an advert on Facebook for jobs in Canada. I applied for the job and after about one and half years, i was contacted and interviewed.
In about two months time from the time of my interview, i was called to go work in Canada and all my travel documents arranged. My husband continued going around with his women. After i hard everything in my hands, i sat him down and told him i I was tired of what he was doing. like usual he told me, if you want to go, you can go. He could not believe it when i immediately packed my bags and left. News reached him that i was in Canada and now he is begging me to come back to him but no i am gone for good. I thank God i that we only had a traditional marriage and not a church marriage, i do not even have to seek for divorce. i have just moved on. Some times we need to stop praying for other people and pray for ourselves for guidance”
Now, you reading this, even as you now embark on praying for yourself for God’s intervention towards your problems, I join you today and pray for you that the Lord of Moses/Elijah, will today remember you and fulfill His promise to you in Jesus name.
As shared…

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