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#JODA Episode11-18
#JODA Episode11-18

I drove to Kuria's place that morning, i saw school bus parked outside his gate, but nothing was important to me than what I so much wanted to do, I ran up to to his front door, I knocked her and he opened within second, he looked shocked to see me that morning but I wasn't thinking straight, I pounce on him like a prey, I started kissing and offing my cloths, asking him to make love to me, he was still shock as he takeoff his face from me, he tried to push me away still asking me to calm down, but I don't want to he calm, I wanted Kuria, I wanted him so much as I kept moving close to him as he steps back, my top blouse wad already on the floor, it was remaining my bra and my jean trouser, but Kuria was resisting me, 
"Joda...Joda please stop this and put on your cloth, Joda stop... Please, what happened... What's wrong... Talk to me... Please Wear......put your top back back on... Stop

" I thought you wanted me, why are you running from me, I want you Kuria, stop pushing me away, please... I need you...please make lo...

"Uncle Kuria.. Is everything she alright?

I quickly turned and saw this cute teenage boy in his uniform and school bag hanging on one of his shoulder, he was standing on the wooden stairs that Kuria built.. He looks so confuse and looked from me to Kuria...I gently picked up my top on the floor and wore back without shame,

" hey Jude.. You are set for school... That's good... Pick up your lunch pack on the dining table, and run up because your school bus is waiting For you outside.. Yea, she's fine, she's my friend, her name is Joda, I will introduce you properly to her when she's in a better mood but run up now, be good my boy,
"Thanks uncle Kuria, see you after school.

Jude looked at me again, I wasn't in the mood to smile so I looked away, he ran out Kuria, took me to a seat and I quietly sat down, I need to make Kuria to do this with me, but he was trying very hard to resist me, I thought of plans

" Joda what is the problem, my boy was around and he doesn't suppose to see this drama, he is a teenager, and I'm trying to guide him through.. I don't want him misunderstanding this whole thing, teenage mind can work faster than you think, and what exactly happened... Talk to me, you can't drive down this early morning to my place just to ask me to... Hmmm this is crazy... I'm sorry Joda... But what exactly is going on,

"I'm sorry, i forgot you have a teenage around, I wasn't thinking.. I...i just crazy Kuria, you won't understand... I had a fight with my husband and I needed to desperately talk to somebody, hmmm... I thought you actually felt the same way I have being feeling since we had that kiss, all I think about is you...Even when I'm with my occupied my mind... I...think I'm... Never mind...

I looked at his face, the trick was working, I smiled in my mind... Today with the way I wanted a revenge, with the way I desperately wanted to cheat on Denis I can't give up, I liked Kuria and I'm sorry for making him do this but it need to be done... I didn't want to talk to Binta because she will have some other plans outside this but  I need to do this on my own, I know she will even be proud of me

" say it Joda.. You are in love with me? Isn't it but you are a married woman, you are married, I promise you what happened the last time won't happen again, I can't do that because it won't be fair to your husband cheating on him...and I know you equally love him... From the very first time I saw you I have loved you Joda, but I kept my self in check because you were engage to be married and you will never be mine, and when we finally kissed back then I wanted to pour all the stored up feeling I have on you, i regretted it, and i watch you walk down to be married I started wishing I was the man getting married to you,  my heart still beat For you even at this moment, but is a waste of time because you belong to somebody, you are the only Woman that melt my ego, and brings me to my feet any time I'm around you or I think of you, you got My heart right from the first day...I love you so much Joda but you can never be mine, and that's the fact and i can't tell you to leave your husband for me, God forbids if I ever do such a wicked thing, I will some day get somebody whom i will love with my life, and who will love me in return because I want to have a big family, and a happy one, I came from a broken home, I want something different and beautiful, I will never be a partaker in destroying another Man's own home because of my selfishness, go back home Joda, before your husband starts looking for you, I hate to see couples fight or unhappy, go home and sort out with him...he is your husband and will always be, if you don't love him or he doesn't love you you two won't be together... I'm always here if you want to talk but please come with Binta or somebody, is difficult sometimes having you alone with me, I must say the truth.. Joda, but all the same I'm always be here for you, just go home, is too early for you to be out...

I Sat there not making a move, I intend to achieved my aim before going anywhere, on seeing I wasn't ready to go he wanted to call Binta to come over but I begged him not to, he breathed deeply before standing up to make some breakfast for me but i told him i wasn't hungry, he went to his kitchen anyway I later stood up and follow, a he bent over making scrambled egg, I put my hand under his shirt, holding him, he moan and turned trying to takeoff my hands, begging men to stop it, I did it even More since i know I'm difficult For him to resist me, I took my hands up his body and grabbed his breasts, I was good at what I do, he moaned again and pushed me off, he flee like the story of Joseph and potiphar's Wife in the Bible,  I Sat where he pushed me, when he returned back to the kitchen he help me stand, and apologised, he said I should be going or he will leave the House, I knew he wanted me but he was trying so hard to resist me, and I was working so hard to get him down, as he held me and talk I kissed him hard on the mouth, he tried to pull off but I held on tight, he struggled a bit before relaxing, I finally won, the next thing followed as we offed our cloths,I ask him to take me to his bedroom and he lifted me into his arm and carried me up there
After the whole thing I felt so good and he felt so broken, so later I said

"I enjoyed you more than My cheating husband, this is his revenge for cheating on me with my friend...

Kuria looked at me as if I said the wildest thing
" your husband slept with your friend, Binta?

"Not Binta, he slept with Vanessa, they are lovers, the idiot slept with my so called  friend Vanessa, the girl that was my chief brides maid during my wedding, I caught them red handed, they usually drugged me just to do it...and I plan to cheat on him too,

" whaaaat, Joda.. what we just did was only because of revenge, just because you wanted to cheat on your husband you came to me, how stupid can I be....jeeeeez...why didn't you tell me what you had in mind. Why tell me now that the deed is done... Why joda... Why do you hurt me this way, i felt terrible Already giving in to this, but with this realization I don't known if i can forgive my self, you manipulated me just to achieved your plans it wasn't Even because you have feeling for me..oh noooooo....I'm the because fool to have ... It felt like I took advantage of you Joda, you shouldn't have done this to me I truly much. That pushing you off and running felt like a knife was on my throat, ooh Joda....

His face was ashen, he looks as if he wanted to cry as he  asked me to leave immediately, I try to apologise is not exactly what he thinks but he shouted and told me to leave,
by this time he was actually crying, I felt broken too seeing his tears, he actually tried to resisting me but implore different tactics just to get him down, I felt so ashamed of myself as I walked out, I hated my self for making such a grown man to actually cry, 

I drove home, and didn't come down from my car immediately as I got home, it wasn't the picture of Vanessa and Denis on my head again, it was that of Kuria, shameless regretting his action as tears pours from his eyes, if I hard known it will result to this I would have kept quiet and just do it and leave him in peace, i try getting My phone to call Binta, I couldn't find it, I have forgotten it at Kuria's place, 

When I finally went upstairs to my room, Denis came to ask me where I have being but I didn't reply him, I was boiling on seeing his stupid face, as he came to hold me I gave him a double heavy slap, he held his face in shock, I started raining heavy causes on him, I released all my anger on him, but I never mentioned about me knowing his plan with Vanessa or about the drugs, I never mentioned last night to him I just caused and fight as he tried to hold me to himself,  comforting me and asking me what happened, 

Denis made me to hurt Kuria and I will never forgive him, 
as he held me in his arm I poured out all the tears I have held back, he was acting all nice as he tried to wipe my tears, I slapped off his hand, 
I'm actually done with foolishness, I really needs to talk to Binta probably she can help me beg Kuria to forgive me for manipulating using him like Denis did to me
This is My wrong, I will Right it, this is my story and it must not end sadly for me,


"What is Vanessa still doing here, the wedding has being over for months now, what is she still in my house doing...she is not my close friend, and i don't need her for  anything, she have a place of her own...I only allowed her to best me doing the wedding because you wanted her and not Binta... So why is she still here... Coming and going as she there something you aren't telling me.  Because I'm not blind to see the way two of you acts around me and in this house...Tell me what I need to know Denis because I'm tired of this whole shit...

" are you in any way accusing me of having something with Vanessa... This house is equally mine, and i can't cheat on you Joda I have already assured you that before now, How can you even be so crew to van..she likes you and wanted to stay around as a friend.. There's enough rooms in this house that can take up to 20 people, or Even More, can you sleep in all the rooms at ones, Binta your friend is shrewd and she hates me as much as I do...Binta has a bad influence on you...van adores you.. Why don't you like her..

"Van...really Denis... that your new name for her now...because to my knowledge you calls her Vanessa... Stop lying, you look so stupid when you lie like this... I actually saw you kiss her inside that car which you denied when i confronted you, I saw you look at her on my wedding day, instead of me, the signs has being there but I was such a fool in love to even understand, guilt is written all over you and you Smell of it... Why do you have to use me to cover up...knowing well we are not close, you wanted her close by, I'm not a fool Denis..

" Joda please stop it... I don't have anything with are My wife.. I assure she will leave as soon as this discussion is over...I'm just close to her because she is a nice person...and she likes us...I love you Joda... Stop assuming the worst of me..

I looked at the face of a master liar, if not I caught them red handed during the night they thought they succeeded in drugging me..if not I saw and hard everything I would have believed him but I had a plan for both of them. I pretend like i believed him.. I need them to be caught in the act together..

"Okay, she can stay, I believe you.. Is just that I will so much hate it if you cheats on me...let her stay.. I'm cool my love...I'm sorry for doubting you...

He smile so broadly, and tried to hold me but I dodged it,  the idiots doesn't know what is coming for them.. Let's play this game, 

I stop the intimacy with Denis, whenever he ask or try to force himself on me I push him off and threatens him, he constantly reminds me of being my husband and deserve to have me any time but I also remind him that a wife sometimes needs break, and my doctor said I should not have anything intimate with him for now so that the drugs I'm taking can clear my womb for a baby to enter when we finally do it.. He has no choice than to believe the lies,
I called Binta with my landline since i forgot my phone at kuria's place, she said she has being trying to call me i begged her to come over, Denis left very early in the morning and Vanessa Left after an hour, my girls are also out of the house,  she said she was coming over

After Thirty minutes she came in, when we were together, she opened her hand bag and brought out my phone

"My phone, I forgot it at Kuria's place.. He gave it to you?

" he called me over and gave me the phone to return to you...Joda what did you do to that fine man.. He wasn't happy and refuse to say much.. He hasn't even gone out since yesterday and he is obviously not himself... He only asked me why are women so manipulative, they takes advantage of you if they finds out that a man loves them and can't say no to them.... Well I didn't understand where the question was coming from so I told him is not all women, he shakes his head and gave me the phone to give you, I urged him to talk but he said he was done talking, so I want to know exactly what happened Joda...tell me what's going on...

I told Binta everything that happened right from the house to Kuria's place, she listened without a word, after I was done she slapped My face and said I was foolish, I was shocked that she strikes me, I opened my eyes wide and asked her what has gotten into her,
acting like she was my mother, she asked why didn't I call her before rushing to Kuria's house to have sex with him in other to revenge Denis, Binta was scolding me like a child, well I needed it I felt stupid myself after the act with Kuria, after all the whole shouting she held my hands and said I need to be wise and do things right because two wrongs can never make a right, she asked what I achieved now after I made Kuria to go down with me, I left him shattered and full of regrets, he is a good person and he truly loved me, what I did was very unfair to him, she said all this drama could have being avoided if I had listened to her right from the beginning, I would have being more happy with the man who truly loves me, that is  Kuria, than the one that is after my money and properties, Binta talks as if she was send to me to direct me on the right track,
After the talk we called the CCTV Office and sounded so urgent, they came and planted the cameras round the house and rooms, where nobody can ever imagine anything of such is there, they worked so fast and gave me a small iPad where I can be watching and recording everything going on in the house, I paid them off and they Left. 
I was happy and scared too because I know unknown things may eventually unfold, but I was fit and ready, a trap has being set for the culprits.
Binta gave me more advice, one which is to act all friendly with them in the house and i should always lock my wardrobe where I have important thing and avoid Denis touching me, I needed to divorce him but first of all let's sees what he is up to. Finally I need to make amend with Kuria, I have to call him or go with Binta to ask him to forgive me, I know he will not like to see me alone, but deep down I felt so betrayed by Denis but I still love him. 
I agreed to everything Binta said planned, i was following them accordingly, I must try not to mess anything up, 

Everything was going on fine, I make my own food sometimes or watch them from my CCTV iPad prepare it, so I know when is safe or not safe to eat or drink, I also told Denis I needed a room to myself that period so that I can concentrate on my doctor tasks, he later agreed after much persuasion, so I lock my room whenever I intend to sleep just to feel safe in my own house because I began to see I wasn't all safe from the things I hear and watch from my CCTV iPad, my evidence was building up I needed more to nail him. I felt bad for Denis, the man I love, but Binta said I should put my feelings aside so that I don't complicate things.

No day past that I don't think of Kuria and how to face him, 
 I suddenly started feeling sick every morning and evening, I feel like throwing up sometimes, so without wasting time I drove to My doctor's hospital, 
After the check up he confirmed that i was 7weeks pregnant, 
it was supposed to be a thing of Joy but I wasn't happy because I haven't being with Denis for weeks now, Kuria was the last Man I met and i have being so occupied that I never listen to my body changes,
Oh my God...I'm pregnant but not for my husband but for Kuria, but it was just ones, this can it be, Denis has being with me severally and I'm never pregnant, Kuria touched me once and I'm pregnant for him

I was so devastated as I called Binta who asked me to come over to her place so I drove down, I felt so confuse, it was a very wrong timing to be going through this. I felt so tired, is very hard to be a human with multiple worries.
What I'm I suppose to do, why now I was almost actualizing my plans


"Yeah, I'm very serious...I'm pregnant Binta...I'm so confuse..I don't know what to do now..I didn't plan to be pregnant now.. Not now when I'm almost actualizing my plans...I'm pregnant...7weeks gone already... Binta you aren't saying anything... I said I'm pregnant...

" I heard you the first time Joda, exactly what Denis wanted, well with a Baby on the way that will thwart plans for you... But all the same be strong, I didn't want you to marry that man and you finally did, now you are pregnant with his child, he will be so happy, slow down with the plan, things will still work out for your good... I wish I can happily say congrats to you Joda.. But I still don't like Denis but I will love you and that baby as if we came from one womb, Denis wanted to get you pregnant by all means so that he can tire you down, now he has succeeded, but you must not allow him to put you where you don't want to be because you are his wife or soon to be mother of his child, you are still going to divorce that guy, he was never the Man for you, any way congrats... I don't want to make you sad...

"The baby is not for Denis.. 

" funny you Joda... If the baby is not for Denis, your husband or soon to be ex...then who are you pregnant for... Holy spirit? I'm sorry... I'm not really joking because this is serious issue... How do you mean...?

"Is for... For Kuria... I'm pregnant for Kuria... He was the last Man I met...Binta...

" waaaaat...are you kidding me...oh my God... Joda.. You are really pregnant for Kuria...then big congratulation girl... So happy everything is turning out fine... Denis will definitely loose, he will loose every thing he acquired through you, he will loose you and he will loose your child because  is not his, ooh that guy thought he was smart... He is the biggest loser of the century, we are gathering enough evidence on him... Oh mine I love this...Joda you don't need to be a thing of Joy... Get up let's pay Kuria a visit...I know you and Kuria have being avoiding each other.. Is high time you face him and apologise because when I see a good Man I will know...and Kuria is a nice person who hates to be hurt... And you actually bruised his ego, but it can be amended...and you will amend it with your self and by yourself... Get up baby girl... Smile, no more sad face because I got you...

" don't understand... I still love Denis... I hate to watch him and Vanessa on my CCTV iPad... I stop watching because it hurts so much...I love him and he is still my husband...

" snap out of that.. Did he use jazz on you that after seeing and hearing how he plan to take over everything from you, dump you and have a better life with his Vanessa... You listened to everything they watch them have sex in your house...thinking you aren't aware.. They use to drug you to do it until you found out... What is it in him that you love... Tell me what you love about Denis... Are you crazy Joda... Or he bewitched you with love...I would have given you are slap so that your brain can reset in order...get up my friend...I know when you see Kuria you will forget about Denis... I'm ready to cure you of that stupid thing you call love...

We later drove down to Kuria's place..he wasn't at home, his car was at the garage, which means he was at his store, we knew he will be there since he isn't at home, we drove down to his vegetable shop, 
We didn't see him but he was around in his office, he probably saw us from the CCTV in his office because immediately one of his staff Left to call him we saw him walking toward us, my stomach made a sound... My heart began to beat faster, I couldn't look at him fully on his face, suddenly I felt headache... I rob my forehead...Binta spoke as he met up with us

"Hey Kuria... How are you doing today... We were at your place earlier but got the sign that you will be
 at the store... You look good as usual...

" yeah Binta... I'm good... Thanks... Are you... Is being a while I saw you... Hope you are okay...

I looked at his face and he smiled... He acts as if he wasn't angry with me... I replied him with a smile too that I was fine, he nodded his head before looking at Binta, I miss his fine smiling face... I missed everything about him...Binta was right when she said I will forget Denis ones I set my eyes on Kuria, the headache was coming with force... I moved close to a wall to relax, Binta told him I have something to Tell him, he said okay without really listening to Binta as he came to me and held my shoulder asking if I was alright I smiled, Binta replied him, she told him I was just tired... He suggest we go to his place and we Left, he collected my car keys and he drove us down.

When we got into his place, something nice filled my nose, it smells like food, Binta asked what exactly was the smell he said it was cake, Jude did his birthday yesterday, so few of his friends came around and he made cake for them, that the remaining one was in his fridge, before Binta could ask for some he already got it for us, it looks so delicious, it was a fruity cake, I wanted some, i wanted binta to look at me so that i can give her sign to cut out some for me but she was busy loading the cake into her mouth, without a care, my stomach made another sound, i seriously wanted some but he was looking at me and I was shy to cut by myself, as if he noticed and got a disposable plates out and cut for me, allowing Binta to served herself, I wondered how he knew my thought, I couldn't even tell Binta because she may end up embarrassing me, Binta love food.
Kuria is good with what he does, a super good Cook and an interior deco Who runs a vegetable store, I envy him..I envy the woman he will get married to because she will have a super Man as husband, I silently wish i was his wife and not Denis wife, I thought of my baby, my heart began to beat faster, how do I even tell him he is the Father of my unborn child, how will he take the news, I looked at him and he was still looking at me and suddenly looked away, Binta was busy with cakes and drinks that I prayed for her silently for her that it won't have a side effects on her, with her mouth Full she glanced towards me and winked at me, with cake crumbs scattered on her face, she looks so crazy that I boast out laughing, she' always feel at home whenever she's at Kuria's place, she act like is her house and Kuria likes her realness, as I laughed, she held her mouth and laugh too, the scenes looks so funny that Kuria joined in the laughter. 
After she swallowed the thing in her mouth she stood up with another plate of cake in a plat with drink, she told Kuria that I have something to say to him, she stood up and walked out on us
The living room fell silent, Kuria who was sitting at the dining with me looked at me shyly before saying

"I missed you Joda.. So much...I'm Glad you are you doing...

" I thought you didn't want to see me again after the last time... I'm really sorry Kuria... I didn't mean to take advantage of you...I know you were hurt...I'm so sorry...

" too, I was so hurt Joda... But later I started missing you, I wished I could just see your beautiful face again, is being more than a month.... Is all in the past Joda.. I'm Glad you are you...

" thank you Kuria... I'm fine just having headache...

"Headache... I'm coming let me get you something, you will feel fine in a seconds..

He stood up and Left and returned with a glass of green content, and gave me to drink,  I didn't want to take anything that will harm my baby, but i trust Kuria but I wanted to know if is safe for a pregnant woman,

" go ahead and drink it all, you act like you are scared, don't be, I will never hurt you herbal green tea, it will Stop the headache...

"I trust you Kuria...I..I...don't know if is safe for... me...if is safe for preg.....woman..... I'm... Pre....

The word got stock on My throat, I looked at him his face changed, I looked away, he gently turned my face to him

"You are pregnant... nothing to be ashamed of, congratulation Joda... Your husband will be so happy... I'm also happy for you... Is called for celebration... I wish I was your husband... I Will be extra joyful....that's crazy....take your drink is safe for you and your baby... 
I love you joda... I still do...and will be here for you if you ever need me, is sound very stupid to hear that I'm in love with another Man's wife, I Will get my woman someday, love her with all my heart and she will give me children be cause I want a big happy family...relax Joda and take your drink... Is safe...

I smile and didn't know what to say him, I went close and kiss his forehead, I sat back and took the drink, he smiled expressing his white well set gaped teeth, 

I wanted to be seeing him everyday because he is an antidote to my happiness, I love Kuria, he is truly a good man as Binta will say, some day i will muster courage to tell him he is the father if my Baby, today isn't the right time, i told him to come and starts the architecture work in my place and he agreed, atleast I will get to see him everyday,

I drove home with Binta and saw Denis, he bought so many beautiful bouquet Flowers for me, many gifts
I asked him what we are celebrating because today wasnt my birthday
He was so happy and was kissing me all over, he was full of joy as he said that the doctor called congratulating him, he said we are expecting a baby..

I need chilled Soft Drink oh, Who's getting it.......Patina, Tokwe or the inchoate chief???


"I knew you wanted to surprise me with the news when you get back do I decided to surprise you instead by getting your best Flowers and things you love, I'm so happy Joda, we will finally have the baby we have being anticipating for, doctor knew how we wanted this,that was why he called thinking you have already told me...I love you so such Joda... You are my beautiful wife and the mother of my child...

" Binta was sitting at one corner looking at us as Denis hugged me I face Binta who rolled her eyes and stick out her tongue for Denis who was backing her, I suddenly boasts out laughing as Binta made funny face to Denis, calling him a loser silently that only me saw and understand... I suddenly boast out laughing and Denis thought I was overjoyed over the baby news just as he was, he also joined in and laugh not knowing exactly why I'm laughing...he was actually laughing at his own foolishness,
 I felt so sorry for him because he is happy over another man's pregnancy...
Denis was so happy that he even ask me and Binta to dress up he was taking us out, it was very surprising because he was never a friend of Binta, we both said were tired maybe next time, he agreed and said he will go and buy whatever we want to eat For us...
We were already filled up from Kuria's place so I called him and asked him to relax we will have another day to celebrate,

Vanessa came, when she hard the news she came to congratulate me, Binta looked at me without a word, I thanked Vanessa, she stayed a little while before going, Binta boasts out laughing again, as she closes the door behind her, i looked through my CCTV iPad and saw her behind my door trying to eavesdrop on us, I showed Binta and she tiptoed to the door and forcefully pulled it open Vanessa fell on the floor like a bag of sand, Binta acted surprise and said "Vanessa didn't know you are relaxing on the door...thought you are already gone"
Vanessa frown before standing up and walking away, Binta shut the door and we started laughing again, 
Binta stayed with me for three days before going, Denis was unable to come to me at night because of I told him I needed my friend to stay with me, he listen to whatever I say and does whatever I demand since he discovered about the pregnancy, even from My CCTV videos, he no longer touches Vanessa at night, which resulted to one of their silent quarrel in the mid night when they thought every one was asleep, 
Binta has asked me to go and warn our family doctor over his unzipped mouth, he wasn't the one to pass the news to Denis but me and now Denis will not allow me to rest because of the Baby he thought is his, 
Before Binta left I drove with her to the doctors place and cautioned him over letting my husband know anything about me  and the baby, he sincerely apologised and promise it won't happen again, Binta also warned me about having intimacy with my husband, she asked me to try and avoid it until my lawyer serves the divorce paper which will still take time because of my present condition, the truth is I don't know how Long I can avoid Denis,

I called Kuria and asked him when he was coming over, he agreed to come the following day I sent him my address
The following day he drove down in his brown SUV jeep, immediately I sighted his car driving towards my gate I knew he was the one, I already told the security to open gate for him and as I watched from my upstairs they quickly opened  the gate for him and he drove in, I was already down stairs when he came into the House, Denis was around, Vanessa wasn't home, i have already told Denis about one of my friend who is into deco, coming to renovate our House and he quickly agreed and said I can have anything that makes me happy, 
Denis was acting all Nice this period,
 So I forgot myself and ran to Kuria throwing myself in to his arms, I knew he was surprise but he held me for sometime and quickly released me immediately Denis came down, they exchange pleasantries by handshakes, Denis came to where I stood and gently held my waist as he spoke with Kuria
"In few months time there will be an addition to our family... My beautiful wife is expecting a Baby and she wants everywhere to be renovated, she mentioned you are her good friend and also good at what you do, please decorate any design she chooses, money is not the problem, feel at home here because it Will make my wife happy, especially since you are her good friend, me I'm so Happy and her happiness is my top most priority...please feel at home here and eat or drink anything you so desired, take your time and do your job if it will take you months or weeks just take your time and give her exactly what she wants

Denis bent over and kissed me in front of Kuria Who stood watching and have to look away, I pulled back my face and frowned at him he quickly apologised with a smile and looked at Kuria before saying he loved me so much and couldn't get enough of me.
 Kuria smiled and flashed his white teeth as he thanked Denis and me for the job, and for having him, he was acting all formal, I wish hr can look at me more but he was focusing on Denis and only glanced through me,
 as we were about to move to show Kuria round the house Vanessa came in, she made a new hair and had this heavy make up on her face,after saying hello to me and Denis who was still holding me, she exclaimed shameless when she saw Kuria

"Wooow...what planet do you fall looked like the his god of mars, you are handsome... I'm not flirting, just saying the fact...

Kuria laughed and thanked her, Denis smiled and said

" you must be getting lots of compliments from ladies, with your body built, I know most ladies can't get pass fine Man like you... But people like you are mainly a play boy, they don't have or love one person...they are Casanovas, players that easily deceive women...
I immediately slapped Denis hand off me, he was embarrassing Kuria Who was just smiling without a word, Denis saw I was angry and quickly apologised, "
"Kuria please don't take offense, I said "people that have your kind of look" I didn't mean it to be offense, Joda I was only joking with him, I'm sorry if that offends you, Kuria my sincere apology,

Kuria smiled as usual and said no offense was taking, we showed him places, he wrote and Drew somethings in his working sheet,
After that Denis took me upstairs, Vanessa refuse to leave Kuria to work, she follows him wherever he goes, talking non stop, Kuria was only smiling as he worked without paying much attention to her,

As I was in the room with Denis my heart was where Kuria was, what if Vanessa seduced him, if I know I would not have ask him to come over and sending Vanessa out now Will be suspicious,
I was still thinking about Kuria when Denis came again thinking I'm angry with him and started apologizing, 
He looked so innocent as he knelt down holding me, I allowed him to kiss me which led to another level, I still love Denis, and I love Kuria too, I'm carrying Kuria's child, he doesn't know yet, 
Denis thought is his and have totally change to a good Man, deep down I love the man lying down beside me, I have always loved Denis, I don't even know how to stop, despites everything I have seen  and heard from him,  what I feel for Kuria is so different, I'm always happy being around him, for the first time in almost two months i finally lay with Denis, my mind was on Kuria as the whole thing went on,
Kuria came the following day, i didn't know when he left the previous day, denis purposely like kissing me where kuria can see us, Kuria is never comfortable when ever Denis start acting all lovey dovey around him, I pretended because I don't want to be suspected, Kuria always shows his discomfort when ever Denis is holding me,
 is being two days Kuria started the decor thing, I  watch him from a distance as he worked sometimes, it was difficult having him close yet I can't get close, because this days Denis refuse to leave my side and Vanessa always want to be where Kuria is,
Kuria does not really pay attentions to Vanessa, I started feeling bad but Kuria and Vanessa, what if Vanessa succeeded in seducing him,
 many things went through my mind as Kuria drove in one day, it was a Saturday he came with Jude
Denis wasn't home, Vanessa was swimming, my girls are busy in the kitchen, I allowed Kuria to start work before i went down, Jude greeted me as he saw me, Kuria looked at me and pulled off his gloves, he wasn't happy as he said he may not be able to continue the work, reasons Best known to him, I pleaded with him not to do that, he asked jude to get him something from the car, after the boy Left he said he couldn't Bear anymore, watching my husband kiss and romance me in his front, he said it was a silent torture to him, he losses concentration because of that, as he saw Jude approaching he kept quiet and he didn't say anything again,
 he wore his gloves back and went back to work, he wasn't happy, if is just because of what Denis does, it wasn't really enough reason For him to decide to stop work like that, Denis is still my husband 
I wanted to know why he isn't happy but I know he won't answer me, Vanessa came in wearing her swimming pant and bra, she used a pieces of scarf to tire her waist, she came to Kuria who didn't pay her attention, or turned to look at her, he was busy working,
 I later left them, Vanessa followed me and asked me why Kuria doesn't like her, she said she really likes him  and she begged me to talk to Kuria about her since he is my friend, I agreed just to dismiss her,
In the evening when Kuria was about going I saw Vanessa telling him to drop her off that she was going out, I watched from my room balcony as Kuria opened the passenger door for her as she suddenly kissed his cheeks Kuria's face was a mark of shock as he used his left-hand to clean his cheek and spoke to Vanessa silently. She frowned and nodded, kuria entered the car and drove off, 
I felt so bitter, I was jealous that I wish I can tear Vanessa into pieces, but deep down I trusted Kuria but what Denis said about him do ring in my Head, kuria is not a player Casanova, i know is not true, Kuria is hard working, he has being training two street kids for years now, and doing it happily, he is a people's person, Denis is only being threatened by him, Kuria is successful and good looking too,
 Tomorrow was Sunday he won't be working I wish I can go over to his place but I can't, 
I can't Tell Binta about me giving in to Denis, I know she will be mad but Denis is still my husband and I still feel something for him,
I can't confront Vanessa but Kuria and asking Binta to do that may attract questions, 
I'm still in this act nobody must know what I'm up to except Binta,
But how do i Even tell Kuria that the baby I'm carrying is his, 
How can I love and still hate Denis at same time, he seem to be acting all Nice and fully devoted to me, why now that I'm pregnant, when I have a bucket full of crabs about him,
Is it possible to love two people at same time because I love Kuria and I feel very bad when I see him with Vanessa, 
Kuria won't be around tomorrow but I will talk to him when he comes on Monday, a lot of talk, I just hope nobody will be home except the securities so that I can have enough time

I waited For Kuria Monday he didn't come and I didn't see Vanessa either, on Tuesday Vanessa was around but later left, she was not happy, I didn't bother yo ask why she looks so sad because she's non of my business, still no sign of Kuria, 

I called him but no response, after Wednesday morning came and gone I drove down to his place, he was home, and opened the door as I knocked, I stepped in, he wasn't looking happy and I wasn't happy either, and I need to sort things out, today I made up my mind to tell him he is the father of my child, he deserved to know although I still have double mind about telling him but I can't keep punishing myself, I truly love Kuria, or I'm probably confused.
I wish I can finally be happy with the man I truly love, I  planned to get it done with Denis as soon as I can, but his recent behavior is what i don't even understand but I really need to be focus on the task before me, just as Binta will say.


"I haven't seen you for some days, and I also called but no response, do you really want to stop the Work just like that...why are you upset..more reason I came...

" I'm fine Joda, I decide not to stop the job, I will come and continue ones the materials I ordered for arrive, I called they said they will deliver it tomorrow, so I wanted to wait until tomorrow before coming over, because I really need the wood materials, yeah..I missed your call I plan to return it later but forgot, sorry about that, I would have told you or your husband about the delay but you seem busy with him most time... Well never to worry I will continue your decors tomorrow...

He fell silent, and picked up his Biro and a note book, jotting something without really paying much attention to me, I sat opposite him, why is he acting so formal with me...

"Kuria, are you angry with me or with anyone, you look dull and you aren't even paying attention to me... What is the problem...

" I'm fine Joda, you have my ears, need to write this measurements down before I forgets it, 

"Did Vanessa came down here, I mean did she visits you... Being seeing both of you... Back in the house though...and... She said she likes you.... Do you like her...

He looked at me fully, and smiled mischievously..before saying..

" Joda is that your way if pushing me off, pushing me to your friend.. I don't, I hate it when she acts like a harlot around me, I warned her about that the day she asked me to drop her off and she suddenly pecked me, I don't go around with every Lady, I got lot to do with my time, falling in love with you was never in my list this year, and don't think i go about falling for everyone, I'm better off than that, I'm planing to take off more Street kids off the Street, is going to be a big project and I have to work hard towards achieving that,  I don't invite every body to my House... If you notice all the while you or Binta has being coming over if I was inviting everyday Lady that showed interest in me or I came across to this place you would have being meeting lots of them, i don't keep friends, I'm afraid to love the wrong person... I'm taking my time to get it right, Vanessa is a beautiful Lady but she is just like everyone out there... I don't just allow anybody into my life Joda, I fell for you from the first day I saw you, you even saw through me and flashed your engagement ring to My face.... Just to scare me off, I took precautions but I don't know how yo stop thinking about you or stop loving you even after you got married, I still don't, you know you are my weakness, I can't say no to you, I have really tried hard to take you off My mind but I just can't, and when your husband goes about kissing and holding you in my presence I felt like I was punched to the face, no matter how cool I appear physically  i was seriously sweating inside, is driving me crazy, I know he is your husband and he is free to have you anywhere but can you please Tell him to keep bedroom things to the bedroom, your intimacy with him shouldn't be a problem to me if I could stop thinking or loving you but you are my weakness Joda, please for me to be able to do my job effectively I will need all the concentration I can get, I almost stop because of you last week, when I couldn't Bear it any longer, is as if my face or where I'm working was always the perfect place to kiss you, I'm only doing the job because of you Joda, I want you to be happy, stop allowing him to taunt me, tell him to keep private things private, I still don't know why he does that Or do you believed what your husband said about me... Is fine though, it doesn't matter because you are happily married and carrying his child, and he kept on rubbing the whole thing  to My face...and now you are asking me if I like Vanessa...

"He is my husband Kuria, but not the father of my... My...I mean he only does that because he felt threatened by you, he just did that to show off,  Vanessa was the Lady he had an affair with...

" so what is she still doing in your place, she had affair with your husband why is she feeling like is all normal and you are so cool, looking at what I witness in your place you seem so fine with that, and why are you still asking me if I like her...I seriously don't understand anything about you...

"I'm gathering an evidence about them, I'm planing to divor..... You won't understand Kuria, let's leave it like that...there's so many things I wish to tell you...but words fails me every time I open My mouth,

He moved yo where I Sat, I sit beside me, he drew me close to his body,  felt so relax lying in his arm, non of us said a word  as we Sat quietly, he kissed my hair and relaxed his Head on the cushion while still holding me, we stayed that way for a very Long time until I felt sleepy and slept off in his arm

When he tapped me awake I discovered that i was in his bedroom covered with a duvet, he carried me down as I slept to his bed room, covered me up, he Sat besides me and smile,

 he said is getting late I need to be on my way home before my husband start searching for me because he has being calling my line, Kuria also said he prepared a chicken soup for me while i slept, and packed it up, I thanked him and step down from his big bed to Wear my sandals, he grabbed My legs into his laps and wore them for me, I smiled and went down to take my chicken soup so that I can be going, it was already 8pm, I slept for two hours, if not that Kuria woke me up I would have still be sleeping, 
As I got into my car he bent over and kissed my forehead, and said he will be driving behind me until I gets home, and he did, he drove one of his small car behind me wearing a face cap, until I got in to my estate, he turned and drove back.
Denis was pacing up and down when I got home, i just told him I was with Binta after which I visited the hospital for check up and he said I would have told him to drive me to wherever I was going  or pick his call because he was worried, he said he will get me a driver and i told him I don't need any body driving me because I love driving my self

The next day Kuria's wooden materials for the interior decoration arrived, he came with 2 young boys, Who worked with him, they were his student, he was teaching them about the interior deco thing
He smiled at me when he saw me and asked if I rested well I smile back and thanked him for the soup he prepared for me because I really enjoyed it,

Vanessa suddenly stopped coming over again, days turns into weeks, and months, kuria finished the deco and it was fantastic, so beautiful, I paid him but the returned back the money, I insisted but he refuse to collect a dime, I couldn't thank him enough for the perfect work he did, he said he Will be travelling out of the country to visit his Mom, which he does ones in a year and will spend just a month there. I hugged him and wished him a farewell, I Will Miss him a lot while he is gone.

Binta was mostly with me as my time to give birth drew near,
Denis has being so nice, that i don't bother to watch him again on my CCTV iPad, 
 he came back one day without his car, he came in a taxi sweating and acting as if he was in trouble, I became scared when he said he needed a very huge amount of money because he knocked down somebody with his car unknowingly and the police also ceased his car, because I was the only signatory to my father's company account, i told him the 10million that he was asking for was huge, it will cripple the account i can only give him 7.5million, he held me and begged me to give him the 10million he was requesting For if i truly love him and don't want to see him in jail,  I was thinking so hard he can't be lying with this kind of stuff, 
but taking such amount out will affect the account, I didn't know what I to do because of the way he was acting I took my cheque book and signed 10million to him, after i handed him the cheque he kissed me and ran out, 
After one week, he was always going out whenever he wants to make call, it was binta that Drew my attention to it, Binta asked me one day why Denis is always hiding and making call, 
so i decided to watched him from my CCTV iPad and saw as he called somebody, I listened and heard him say to the person that she should wait for him there he has gotten the money from me, and her cut will be 2million because he only collected 5million  from me, the person argued with him that he collected More than that and he started swearing that he only collected 5million.

 already the money has being transfered to his personal account, Binta wasn't aware of this, I didn't Tell anybody because I felt foolish after giving him such a huge amount, Binta wasn't around, there's was nobody to talk to, father Will be so disappointed in me if he was alive,   I almost fainted because Denis used a false pretense to collect 10million, crippling my late father's account, this was the last straw for me, I Will get my lawyer and see if I can get my money back, I'm so done with Denis, is probably Vanessa he was planing with and I actually thoughts he has changed,
 I'm calling my lawyer right away, I was shaking all over as I dialled Binta s number instead she will be equally disappointed but she will Tell me what to do, I don't want to make a rational decision that will backfire or have regrets but I needed to get my money back before is too late...


Is Denis... He collected money from me with false pretense... He said he was in trouble and needed money, and he was to go to jail if he doesn't get the money... I was scared Binta with the way he was crying and I wanted to reduce the amount he asked for but he insisted on the exact cash he asked  for, he said if I truly love him I will do it...because I can't watch him go to jail... And I love him, I know you will be mad at me but I love Denis and as he pleaded I gave him the money...I use to tell him that my money was also his money...what is the use of the money when I can't use it to save him... And he has being acting like a changed person since the news of the pregnancy got to him... Lots of thought was going through my mind and I gave him the money... Binta... I believed Denis and signed the cheque for him...I just found out he wasn't in any trouble, after you told me he has being hiding to receive and make calls, I went through the CCTV iPad and there he was telling somebody he has collected the money from me and will give the person his/her own share, he even lied to the person whom I think is probably Vanessa, he didn't tell her the actual amount he collected from me... Binta...the sad part is that is my Dad's personal current account, that I'm only signatory to... I froze my dad's account Binta, I can't even explain how Denis got me into doing that but he really got me... I want my money back...I did the worst foolish thing, my father would have called me an illiterate fool, because I suppose to know better, I was trained to be smarter than that...I don't even know why I do lots of foolish things, things that i regrets later...I loved Denis and he knew I love him why will be hurting me deliberately, why... I deserve better than this... I thought he has changed... He has being super nice of recent... And I was beginning to fall in love all over again with him, I was beginning to trust him again... I stop watching him constantly on the CCTV, I thought he will never use something so serious as that to lie, he was sweating and crying... Denis deceived me, I don't totally blamed him...I shared in it because I acted so foolishly without thinking... I'm already 9 months and Will be welcoming my baby any moment from now.. I don't suppose to be going through things as serious as this... I hate Denis... so much hate him for being s wolf in sheep clothing... For betraying my trust...I hate Denis for taking advantage of the love I have for him...I so much thank God he isn't the father of my child, For this thing he did...I will never accept him back into my life again, He is a fraudster, and he dupe me, but the thing is i was wide awake when I signed the cheque book, he will never go Scot free... This is the last straw for me, that jail he said he didn't want to go that was why he needed the money...he will rot away in there...Denis will rot in prison, I will make sure of that... He has chewed More than he can swallow... I will tell him I'm not blinded in love anymore.. God...I hate Denis... Binta men... Men are terrible... 

" only your Denis that is terrible... My James is a good man and of course Kuria is an Angel... So your Denis is the only terrible person I know, calm down joda, remember your condition,  don't tell Denis that the love you have for him is not blind... Show him... Prove it to him joda, I'm so tired if him manipulating you all the time,  You are venting out venom and hating Denis now by the time he comes rubbing his hand on your back and acting like he was going to slump and the time he comes begging you to forgive him...I won't be surprise if you later come telling me...  "Binta, I have to forgive him...because he is my husband and i love him... Don't come telling me that Joda. Please be serious this time and mean it... I keep saying it, if you had listened to me when I told you not to marry that man, you would have save yourself from all this drama, you did not mention the amount Denis collected from you..or are you ashamed to say it...

I told Binta the amount she screamed, she stared at me with her eyes wide open and mouth open, and asked if i was charmed to have given Denis such a huge amount, it sounded so unbelievable to her, but we eventually planned, Binta calmed me down and said we will get the money from Denis, I called my lawyer, who said he was on his way the police, before my lawyer with some police men could get down to my house Denis drove in, he was happy and Even got a set of  bouquet of flowers for me, Binta gave me sign to play along until  my lawyer arrive with the police men, but I was done playing along, i threw him the stupid flowers he gave to me, I asked him where he kept my money, he tried to play drama by acting as if he doesn't know what I was talking about, when I told him that the police was on their way to pick him up, he laughed and said it wasn't possible, my love for him will not allow me to hurt him, I laughed back and told him to watch out, as he was still talking the police siren blew, signifying that they are near by, he got scared and  dialed something on his phone, I tried to get the phone from him but he pushed me off and i landed hard on a cushion, I started having contraction, as I screamed Binta rushed in, on seeing me in pain she turned to Denis who was still pressing his phone fast and gave him a heavy slap, Denis tried to slap but she dodged before kicking him hard on his manhood, Denis shouted in pain,

"Gold digger like you... You can lie to her and steal from her I won't be affected because she bargained for this but if you dare try to physically hurt her or lay a finger on her you Will have me to contend with, I will use my last blood to make sure you rot in hell, gold digger like you... Your cup has filled up with your sins, shameless fraudster that even dupe his own wife, I hate you Denis, and the hatred has even, but what I feel For you now is sympathy, foolish man...

Binta rushed to me and placed my leg on a table, as she was still doing that, Denis was saying, " Joda you watched your Friend slap and insulted me, Binta you will regret ever raising your hand on me, he was still threatening when the police came in with my lawyer, because I was in a little pain Binta spoke with them, they handcuffed Denis who was saying is a family misunderstanding that does not require the police, he said that the Police wasn't suppose to be involve,
They ignored him one of the Police men took him away while others stayed behind with my lawyer, as I played the video to them, only the part Denis spoke with somebody about the money he collected from me, it was enough evidence that he collected money from me through false scheme,.
 Binta told them not to mention anything about the CCTV camera to Denis, they later Left and Binta collected my car key and drove me to the hospital.

 I was admitted in the hospital, and gave birth after one week, my daughter arrived by exactly 3am on a Saturday, she was flawless, so beautifully created, 
Binta was with me all through the difficult moment even after I gave birth to my girl, 

My lawyer said Denis was in jail but there was no money in his account, they checked all his account but found nothing but has agreed to pay me back my money, Denis told my lawyer that is family thing and no law is needed to resolve it, "she is still my wife and her money is equally mine" he will find means to borrow so that he can return back my money, he told the police men that he  needed to go and see his wife and his baby girl, 
my lawyer asked me what I wanted I told him to tell the police to release him, and after he returns the money he should served him a paper for divorce, I finally made up my mind I was divorcing him, 

Denis came back home, and went on his knee, begging me to forgive him, he said he was actually in trouble, he met some 419 men, who threatened him, they said if he doesn't get them such a huge amount of money because they knew my father was a rich Man when he was alive, according to him the 419 threatened to kill me and my unborn child if he doesn't bring the money, so he lied because he does not want me to get scared, he gave all the money to them, that the Police didn't find any money in his account because he has emptied his account to the 419ers and was koboless  before coming to me, so I told him that I don't believe his story, all I needed was my money, he cried and pleaded that he doesn't have any money, I told him even if is half of the money he should bring it or he will be going back to jail, he said he will run around to see if he can borrow to give me, I told him I don't Care where he gets it from all I want was at least 5million, let me leave the remaining 5million for him and his stupid stories which I'm not sure if they are true or not,

It was a tough moments For me but my baby, Luella  was my Joy, she has her fathers beautiful eyes, Kuria was already a father without Even knowing it.

Denis later returned half of the money to me, and said he borrowed it because the fraudsters collected all the money from him, I didn't Care about his stories, i collected the money from him, 
He was acting all beaten but I told him to stay away from me and my daughter, he argued with me that Luella was equally his daughter and I can't ask him to stay away from her, I told him I wanted divorce, he laughed and said I can't divorce him because I'm too soft and he knows I still love him, "if I can send you to jail to be tortured, Denis I'm capable of anything, you took my love for granted and did all manners of things, I'm done with you, you took my gentleness for granted Denis, you cheated and lied right under my are my mistake and I Will correct you,

" Joda, God bear me witness I never cheated on you, I never lied to you... I love you Joda, this period is a trying time for us and please let's Work together like one family to get pass it, Luella is the child God used to reveal that we are meant to be together, we are blessed with a child, I want to be in the live of my daughter, I want to watch her grow and I want to be a father she will grow to be proud of, Joda stop all this, how can you be using something as serious as divorce to Joke... I don't like that... I know I wronged you but I'm sorry...I have knelt down to beg you, you allowed them to take me jail and tortured me before asking them to release me, that was very cruel for somebody you claims to love, I know is Binta that is behind all this, you are listening to that wicked fool, Binta is only jealous of you, stop allowing her to be close to you, she's good for nothing, you watched her slapped me and abused me without doing anything, Binta is only out to destroy our family and God will not allow her because I know love conquers all things...

He kept on talking I asked him to leave, I'm done with his cooked up lies and I mean it this time,
He later Left, I was watching him non stop on my iPad,
 I later found out he transfered the money to Vanessa account and by the time he went to Vanessa's place Vanessa has disappeared with all his money, he was calling her and causing her to returned back his money, according to him he only transfered it to her because I called police for him, that was why he transfered all his money just for her to keep it until he was out of the mess, his account is empty he trusted her because they had plans and he love her that was why he trustee her enough to entrust all the Cash to her, the money he returned to me was borrowed with the hope he will get his money back and return the borrowed money to the owner, how will he be able to do that now that she has disappeared and refuse to say where she was... I watched as Denis pleaded, and Even threatens to kill her if she doesn't return his money, he was seriously threatening her and said so many thing but Vanessa did not show, he said to her the only thing in his name was the House and his car, he kept on begging Vanessa Who later blocked him and he couldn't reach her again on phone, he was pacing like a wounded Lion, helpless he couldn't believe Vanessa could do such to him after all their plans,
 Denis became so angry that period, I watched him hit the wall severally, out of frustration he even threw something at the downstairs big screened television and it shattered to the ground, I was watching with Binta who said that I should remain calm, his evil deed is catching up with him, he planned with Vanessa to duped me, and now the table has turned against him as Vanessa disappeared with all the money he transfered to her to keep, He thought he was smart and was planning with his partner in crime, not knowing his partner was having her own personal plans,
Denis stayed off my way so that I will not see how broken he was, I called my lawyer for the divorce paper, this was the perfect time to double strike him, a good time to useless his life, i will make sure even his car is collected from, I bought him the car and put his name on the house, I will tell My lawyer to make sure his name is out of my property,  as I called my lawyer he said he was working on it, I should give him time,
Denis was so evil, how did My father cope with him, when he was his P.A, now I begin to understand why binta hated him,  Binta saw through him, I was blinded in the love i had for him, I have never loved any Man the way I loved Denis, he use to be very loving, when my father died of over dose he was always there for me, I fell for him not knowing he was after all my father laboured for, he took advantage of me and he never truly loved me but loved only the things my father Left behind for me, 
My CCTV revealed a whole lot of frightening things about Denis, I wouldn't have known or believed them if somebody had said that about Denis, seeing was believing, it was until I saw, heard and was played, when he lied to get money from me that I became scared, Denis was capable of anything.

Kuria stayed for two months instead of one before coming back, when Binta told me he was back, she went to his shop and one of his staffs said he came back yesterday, she visited his house and met a lady who greeted her and asked who she was, after introducing herself the girl said kuria was not around at the moment, 
After hearing Binta say that my heart began to beat faster, the Lady in Kuria's house was probably his girlfriend or fiance that was why he stayed extra month, and didn't call as he returned, tears gathered in my eyes because I knew I have lost Kuria to another woman, may be this is my punishment for deeply loving the wrong person, I tried to hold back the tears but it flows more as i looked at my baby, I started Wondering why he didn't let me know that he was back,
I wanted to move on with my live but I kept on thinking about Kuria, I had his daughter, my Godsgift to me in my arms, looking at Luella was enough hope to move on,
One day Binta said we should just drive down to his place and find out if the Lady was his girlfriend before concluding,
I hesitated, I told her I can't face him knowing another woman is with him, she encouraged me to get dress let's go, I sluggishly did and we drove down, as we tapped on the door the Girl that Binta mentioned showed up at the door, smiling at us, she was a very young girl, maybe early twenties, i wanted to turn back, and drive back to My House with my baby on seeing the beautiful tall black young Girl, but Binta held me,  
Binta asked of Kuria she smiled broadly and said he was inside, I stood at the door while Binta made a move to enter, Binta held me as went inside, she asked us to sit while she gets him, Binta sat and crossed her leg but I stood where I was,
Within second Kuria showed up the Lady was behind him, on seeing me, he rushed to me and drew and my baby into an embraced, which lasted for so long, he kissed my two cheeks out of Joy, I looked at the girl's face to see if she felt bad about Kuria hugging me but she was smiling, 
Kuria carried Luella from me, laughing and apologizing that he was back since four days ago and planed to give me a surprise visit once he was done with his shop accounting Work, which kept him occupied, he also hugged Binta who was smiling,  he said he has to stayed extra month because his mother was sick, but was feeling better before he came back, 
I wasn't still comfortable having his girlfriend watch us and smile, he suddenly turned to me and asked the beautiful tall girl to come close, he introduced her as Mera, the girl he told me off, who was in a girls boarding school, I remembered Mera but I never met her, Mera was just 16years, but was so tall and beautiful with her shining black colour, Kuria picked Mera and Jude from the Street many years back and has being the father they never had,
Binta looked me after the introduction and started laughing I joined in because I felt so relived, Kuria didn't understand the laughter but kept on smiling, Binta asked Kuria what he was feeding Mera who was so Big for her age, Kuria laughed, 
 Mera came and took Luella from Kuria, Kuria took Luella from her and send her to get us drinks, and she replied Kuria with "yes uncle" just as Jude, Jude also came down and greeted us before going to assist Mera, Kuria sat beside me still carrying Luella as he gist us how his journey went, he told me he missed me so much and kissed my forehead, he asked of my husband, And i ignored the question, I told him I misses him too, he was so happy as held me and Luella as if we belonged to him,
I felt so happy but I need to find a perfect time to tell him that the baby girl in his arm was his own flesh and blood.


My lawyer brought the divorce paper, and Denis on seeing I wasn't joking About divorcing him flared up, he became violent and started destroying things in the house, Denis asked my lawyer to leave, 
I remain calm as he went about with his rage, Binta who was outside rushed in on hearing the whole noise, Denis walked Binta out, Binta refused to step out, he was trying to engage Binta into a fight, Binta was a strong willed person, she was also Strong physically, having gone through karate back in school, where she learnt defense moves, back then I use to Joke with her that her husband or boyfriend is in big trouble if she ever gets angry and she will laugh and say she only learnt how to defend herself from bad people out there and will never engage in a fight with her spouse, 
As I watch her argue and held Denis from destroying things in the house I started wishing I have her kinds of strength and courage, 
Luella woke and started crying, the noise woke her up, I rushed to My room and carried My Baby, I nursed her back to sleep.

The noise was becoming too much, I came out and saw Binta still holding Denis as he struggle, he kicked Binta hard on her stomach, she fell to the ground in pain, Denis Left and said before he returns back binta should make sure that she's gone,
 I rushed to her she said she was fine but I can see she was in serious pain, I asked her to leave before Denis hurts her more, she said she wasn't leaving me and him alone I urged her, because i thought Denis won't be able to hurt me physically he can only destroy things and use words to spite me,
she stood up and said she will leave but she will be back in 30minute, Binta whispered something to my ear, she asked me to get my phone and put it on record, so that I can personally record every word Denis said to me, because he may tries to threatens me just as he did with Vanessa after she vanished with his money, 
After Binta Left, i put my phone on recording and hide it within, when Denis came back he was a bit calm, he looked around at the things he has destroyed and sighed, he sat hard on the chair before looking at me
"How could you Joda, how could you do this to me, your husband and the father of your child, Luella my daughter Will never forgive you for doing this to her father, I Will make sure of that, and I will never sign that divorce paper, I will never.... you can go to hell with your lawyer, your stupid friend Binta, she was Lucky to leave I would have disfigured that her face that no Man will be able to marry her again, she was trying to show me she got the strength of a man, Not knowing she will always be woman, " weaker vessels " daughters of Jezebel, your friend Vanessa is the first daughter of the devil himself, women can never be trusted, very strange deceiving creatures, Joda you where naive and foolishly in love with me, you do My every bidding until Binta started influencing you, you allowed her because you can never make your own decision without being told what to do, you are that stupid, and you think you succeeded by giving me a divorce paper to sign, how foolish can you be, thinking I will sign the papers, since you plan to discard me after your friend Vanessa has done the worst by striping me naked and taking every dim I suffered for I will Tell you what that will break you into  pieces, your Jezebel friend Vanessa was My whore, I used her Even in our matrimonial bed, I used her through out the night while you slept like a log of wood, then I used you in the morning for early morning tea, hahaha...Vanessa was so sweet, we even did it right in the the same bed with you after you passed out, Vanessa use to stuff her pants in to your mouth as you snore and I Will watch and laugh,  I still own this house, and yes I collected 10million from you because you are too slow in putting my names in the other properties, you did not make me a signatory to the company's account or your father's, anytime I ask or remind you of it you will tell me to calm down because "your money is my money" how is that even possible when you are still in charge of everything, you became very stingy and wicked, all thanks to your stupid friend Binta, who you allowed to Wash your brain with her lies, I hate you Joda for making me to go through so much pain, my only Joy now is my daughter and you can never stop me from being in her life, 

I listened to him talk and talk, he even tore the divorce paper into pieces, I didn't want to say much because I was recording, but when he said he hated me and talk about Vanessa, and then my daughter Luella as his hope in getting to me in the future I spoke

"Denis, you are a loser because all your plans has failed you, you said you hate me, hahahaha....that makes two of us, I hate you more my darling ex husband, now let me blow you away, I knew about your constant cheating with Vanessa  that even made you to insist she Best me, I knew it even resulted to you drugging me so that you can feel safe during the night, and do your dirty deed right in my presence, yes all thanks to my Binta, is good to have a smart and reliable Friend not the one that Will betray me as Vanessa betrayed you and milk you dry, I know you Will be wondering how  I got to know lots of things, well my wonderful Friend Binta is a prophetess, even if I'm naive and stupid my friend is wise and blunt, please get ready for another shocker, hahaha....i love this our confession, the only thing i learnt from You is how to cheat, yes my stupid and naïve self was feed up with your constant cheating, you never wondered how I managed to remain calm after accusing you of cheating with Vanessa, because you aren't my problem any more I was busy loving the right person which resulted to Luella, sorry to burst your bubbles, Luella is not your daughter, because you are a cursed being, I guess you are even impotent, all through the times I have being with you, even small pregnancy did not enter... Hahaha, I guess you don't Even use protection on Vanessa yet she never get pregnant, I so much thank God that very soon nothing will connect us both,

Denis was looking at me like he was in shock after hearing that Luella wasn't Even his daughter, he suddenly pounced on me and started hitting me, I fell to the ground, he asked me to repeat what I said about having affair and getting pregnant, I was in pain but I was glad that I hit him on the right spot i gladly repeated it, this time I added More spices so that it can be juicy, he kicked me and said it was a lie that I can't cheat on him, I don't have that nerve, I told him to Wait until Luella is a year old, I will do a DNA test to prove it to him, on hearing this Again he slapped me I managed to get up and hit him with the flower vase that was close to me, he staggered back as blood drip from his Head, he came Again at me and I try to struggled to get up and run into the room where I will be able to lock the door and call the police, but I couldn't get free, Denis was the devil him self as he hit me while shouting and calling me a harlot, and all kinds of name and then he said the last word that I almost fainted, Denis opened his mouth to my shock and said

"I will be so glad to kill glad to kill you and your bastard child and end your generation, I started it with your stingy father...I killed him, yes...i did it.. Hahaha... should really be scared of me because I'm capable of anything, oh Joda, no one crosses me and gets away with it...I Will kill you Joda like I did to your father... Your stingy father was nice in the beginning but changed later with the excuse that money wasn't forthcoming, I knew he has the money but suddenly became stingy and started focusing More on less important people, I was his P.A, i deserved more than he was offering me, well when I couldn't Bear it any more I started adding some killer drugs to his coffee and drinks, gradually it was eating his lungs and intestine, I did that without care,  unsuspicious, because he trusted me, I did it gradually watching him wrath in pain until he died, I knew you Are next in Line...I needed to get to your heart...I saw your weak point and did all I could until you couldn't do without me, I'm a winner my darling wife, you and your father are fools, you can't take my word to anywhere because nobody Will believe you, no evidence, naïve spoit brat like you... I will..

He was still talking when the door was kicked open Binta and Kuria came in, on seeing Kuria he attacked him, saying he was the one all this while that i was having affair with, which resulted to My pregnancy, Denis caused and throw punches at Kuria, Kuria dodged his blows and slapped and kicked him and he fell to the ground, Binta was holding me I needed to unhear that Denis really killed my father, Binta was telling me that the Police where on the way, Kuria came to me but I kicked everyone screaming, I was crying my head was heavy my heart was shattered, I wanted to revenge my dad's death, I was going crazy as I scattered my Hair and tore my cloth... Oh the pain in my heart was too much to body was soaked with tears and sweat, I felt pain from Denis beating but it can't be compared to the heaviness in my father was killed by Denis, I actually fell in love with my father's killer and married him...just that realization alone was enough to kill me...



Denis was charged to court, there was enough evidence to nail him, the phone recording help a great deal, and also the house CCTV, he couldn't alter a word because he knew everything was working against him, Even his lawyer was left speechless, he signed all the necessary papers, including the divorce paper, i collected everything I put in his name include the House and his car, he was stripe and tortured, at the end Denis was sentence to 56years in prison with hard labour, 
The Police where in search of Vanessa and she was later found, because she was an accomplice and she and Denis teamed up to drug me and also rob me off 10million, which he later return 5million, Vanessa was sentence to 4years in prison without bail.

After they were put behind bars I wasn't still myself, I cried everyday and I refuse to see any Man, even Kuria,  Binta was the only person I allowed close, I was constantly visiting my father's grave to beg for his forgiveness, I had a choice to choose wisely but I chooses wrongly, I began to see meaning in the dream I once had, that father suddenly appeared to stop the wedding between me and Denis, I saw all the warning sign, I should have being able to know something was not just right, I should have known but how blinded in love I was, oblivious to things around me, I hated myself, I don't know how to forgive myself, I live in guilt and pain, 
Binta was trying to console me but it did no good, I told Kuria to stay away, I don't know how to love or trust another man, if Denis could turn out to be the devil himself then I should be careful with men,
I knew Kuria was coming everyday but stays down to talk with Binta and play with his daughter, Luella.
The sadness was too much, the fear, the pains and regrets was what I fed on for three months, I started mourning Fathers death all over, I wore mostly black dresses, guilt was eating at me, anytime I thought of Denis, killing my dad gradually without him even knowing, until he finally died of overdose, and I gladly fell in love and married a murderer, it was just too painful, I gradually started losing weight, I couldn't take proper Care of Luella, Binta took over the motherhood thing from me, sometime she carries Luella down to meet Kuria who I banned from seeing me, they stayed there for hours, I like it More when there's nobody to tell me to stop crying, i like to stare at an empty space and imagine how I messed up my own life, how it would have being if father was still alive, or Even mother, how easy it would have being if I wasn't the only child, how pleasant if I have a family member close by, I felt so lonely and weak, father Left so much behind for me, I can't even spend anything without guilt, it was his sweat I was lavishing on Denis, how could I do such a foolish thing? what could I have done without Binta who was practically my only companion, my only friend who turned out to be mean  everything, Binta was my only family. I grew weaker everyday, I became flesh and bone, I started hating my house because it reminds me of Denis

"Joda, do you want to kill yourself, is this how you want to end up, your father will not forgive you if you cut off his lineage, you made a mistake, let's thank God for his correction rod, God saved you from Denis because you are very important to him, show some gratitude to him for revealing this at his own time, stop beating yourself, your baby needs you, I need my Joda, and please stop punishing Kuria for Denis mistake, Kuria loves you and it hurt him every time you pushes him off and wouldn't see him, Kuria is patient and he never stops praying for you, please see Kuria, he is going crazy Joda... Please.. I'm begging you snap out of this, please allow him in...please..

" Binta... Denis killed my father, I married the man that murdered My father, I don't know how to live with myself... just too painful Binta...

" I understand how painful it could be, stop eating yourself up, stop hurting yourself, please...time will heal all wound, you have to learn to forgive yourself, i know your father will love to see you bounce back, be a strong woman, let this build you up and not weakens you, you are saved just in time Joda,  please stop punishing Kuria with the sins of Denis, Kuria truly loves you...I need my friend back, Luella wants her mummy back, God works perfectly well, he didn't allow any offspring to come from Denis, he will spend almost all his life in a cell, he will die  lonely and a sad Man, he will have regrets at the end but it will be too late because no time to correct his past mistake, he had opportunity to be better but he decided to sell his soul to the devil, God is still our judge... He will never allow the wicked to go unpunished, God fight for the weak and innocent, he fought for you and defended you from Denis, Denis is under the law and nothing could save him, except if God decides to have mercy on him, but I know the wicked will never go Scot free, even the law can't save them if God opens their Case.. Get up and take away this black dress... is time to start another phrase...

Binta talks and I paid attention because God has used her to save me severally, she was smart and filled with wisdom, I got up but I was too weak to stand, i fell back to the bed, Binta shouted Kuria Who was carrying Luella downstairs to come he was up within a second, he handed Luella to Binta on seeing me, Binta told him to take to the hospital, he lifted me up, I was like a feather in his arm and rushed me to his car, Binta followed suit carrying Luella, I was rushed to the hospital where I was admitted,  Kuria Sat beside me and held my hand while the doctor administer drugs and drips..

Within a month I was fine and Free to go home, I started working on recovering, Kuria and Binta did all they could to put Smile on my face, it felt so good having this two wonderful friends around, I cherished their company. 
For the first time in 7months I laughed so hard from Kuria's Joke, I started loving him all over again, and when we finally shared a deep kiss, it felt so good, he asked me why i never told him about Luella, he was sad that I kept such thing away from him, he deserved to know that i was carrying his child, I quickly apologized and explain my reasons, 
Which he understood. I fell in love all over again with him. And thanked him for his loving patient.
  Binta has a good news, she and James will be wedding in three months time, I was happy for her and told her not to bother about the expenses I will foot it all, she rejected my offer and said she and James have done a lot of savings towards the wedding which wasn't a Big wedding, James will love to spend from his savings to make her proud, I understand Binta so I decide not to push further, 
After a month of Binta's Good news, Kuria asked me to marry him, I felt safe and loved but I couldn't say yes immediately, I needed to make sure I was ready for another marriage, I didn't want to hurt kuria because of my past, I wanted to be sure that I was healed from safe hurt, so I asked him to give me time, which he did, kuria was always patient with me and never rushes me up,  and just within two weeks I know there was no better Man for me than Kuria,
Our wedding was on same month with Binta and James, since my wedding was a week before Binta, I begged her with a brown new car to Best me, she was so happy and was willing to hand me over to the Man that is meant for me, it wasn't a big wedding like my previous but it was exactly what I wanted, our little daughter Luella was our ring bearer
After we were pronounced as husband and wife, I suddenly burst out crying because it took me lost, pain and a difficult journey to finally arrive at the right place, I felt God's kind of love where I was, i imagined my father smiling  down at me and saying "Joda, you finally did the Right thing... I'm so proud of you my daughter"...


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