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The long wait is over as I believe Y'all have been waiting for this thread - BBNaija 2021 Live Updates!!!

According to the organizers, Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) will start on Saturday 24th of July 2021. The drama, fun, suspense and romance will air 24/7 on DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 29.

Media personality and TV host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu who has hosted the past four editions of Big Brother Naija Reality Tv Show (See Gobe, Double Wahala, Pepper Dem & Lockdown) will return as the host of Big Brother Naija Season 6.

BBNaija is organized on the foundation of “reality”.
It’s a social experiment which aims to put together people of/from diverse backgrounds, culture and experiences to live and work together.
Unity in diversity is the major motivation of the show.
Housemates are allowed and encouraged to live their “normal lives”.
They are free to do anything as long as it doesn’t contravene the house rules.

Quick Reminder Of Big Brother Naija's Rules And Regulations:

Quote:Rule 1: Housemates must respect the House and their fellow contestants at all times.

Rule 2: The Housemates will have no contact with the outside world and they are kept busy by the various tasks and challenges set by Biggie. Being in such close proximity with a house full of strangers can be tough going and Biggie has set rules that need to be followed.

Rule 3: Big Brother has complete control over everything going on in the house and Biggie never discusses anything that goes on outside of the house with anyone inside.

Rule 4: The Housemates are filmed 24/7 and they must have their microphones on at all times. The viewers must be able to hear all conversations at all times and are not allowed to whisper or cover their mouths while speaking to fellow Housemates. They are also not allowed to reveal the location of the cameras and microphones.

Rule 5: Diary Sessions are one of the most important aspects of the show’s success and are compulsory. Once a Housemate is called to the Diary Room, they must drop everything they are doing and proceed to the Diary Room. Failure to do so will result in a fine, "a strike" or worse. Housemates can request to enter the Diary Room at any time of the day or night. Sunglasses and hats are not permitted in the Diary Room. The door for the Diary Room will be locked when not in use and no one is allowed into the room if it is occupied.

It is very important to note:
Diary Sessions and Nominations are compulsory and Housemates need to give valid reasons for nominating a fellow Housemate. Biggie reserves the right to take his time to answer any questions, but will always return with an answer. Biggie will not entertain any personal questions. What happens in the Diary Room stays in the Diary Room and Housemates cannot discuss anything that happens in the Diary Room. Exceptions to this rule are events such as Head of House Tasks.

Rule 6: Nominations are important and Housemates are not allowed to discuss the reasons for their nominations with anyone other than Big Brother. If a Housemate does so it will be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to influence others. They are not allowed to communicate via hints, signs, symbols or written notes. Housemates are not allowed to enter into any alliance or scheme to plot the downfall of fellow Housemates. Communication in the house in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and any other local language other than English is not permitted.

Rule 7: Housemates are not allowed to strike, intimidate, threaten or act in any way that can be construed as violent towards any fellow Housemates. This could result in immediate disqualification.

Rule 8: Housemates are not allowed to bring the following into the house:

- CDs, CD players, radios, iPod, iPad
- Walkmans, DVD/Blu-Ray players, televisions
- Mobile phones, Smart phones
- Computers, Laptops, Notepads
- Video game consoles, Computer games
- Calendars
- Diaries
- Pen and paper or any writing materials
- Eyeliner (Or any other make-up that could be used for writing.)
- Alarm clocks
- Watches
- Any electronic equipment requiring batteries
- Weapons, drugs and narcotics
- Medication (except for agreed personal medication in consultation with Big Brother)
- Clothes with prominent logos, clothes with fine stripes or dots, silk clothes, solid white clothes.)
- Your pet cat and your children (although, you can bring pictures of your children and your cat)

Rule 10: Housemates can bring the following into the House:
- Cigarettes / cigars / tobacco
- Reading material, either a book or magazine.
- Moisturising cream
- Shaving foam, deodorant, shower lotion, pack of razor blades
- Day cream, night cream and eye cream
- One cleansing lotion. Cleansing tonic.
- Perfume or after shave
- Hairspray/ gel hair conditioner and wax
- Lip balm
- Musical Instrument (provided it doesn’t need batteries)

Rule 11: Biggies’ word is law and all Housemates must comply with his requests at all times without fail.

Rule 12: Only Biggie can open up the storage room where the Housemates will find everything that they need for Tasks, Challenges etc. Biggie will inform the Housemates that the Storage Room is open and the Head of House will proceed there to retrieve what Biggie has put there for the Housemates daily and weekly needs.

For more information, visit the official website for BBNaija:

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Are you all ready for Big Brother Naija Season 6?

Lovers of Big Brother Naija , let's make this the official thread.
Share your live updates, gossips and opinions about the housemates and so on here.

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[Image: 13881204_img20210719155903715_jpegad8530...a108a7d558]
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BBNaija Season 6: Drama, excitement as reality show returns today

 July 24, 2021

[Image: BBNaija.jpg]

At about 7pm (WAT), Ebuka Obi-Uchendu decked in a neatly tailored outfit will declare the latest season of Big Brother open.

This will be the sixth edition and like previous instalments, it promises to be full of love triangles, heated exchanges, shock evictions and intense competition to win.

The build-up to this year’s version began with the Reunion Show for last year’s Lockdown edition contestants.
Anchored by Ebuka, some fans’ favourite housemates returned with different agendas. Some to launder their images, others simply to spill dirt on others. Of course, there was even a fight on live TV.

As if on cue, Laycon who won the edition and Erica who was disqualified, patched up their relationship yesterday.

But yes, Nigerians are ready for a new drama.

Unlike the previous seasons, this year’s would be double launch shows; the first on Saturday, 24 July and the second on Sunday, 25 July.

There would be no SMS voting for Season 6 housemates who will be in Biggie’s house for 10 weeks.

The grand prize is N90 million worth of prizes, which is the biggest in a single reality TV show reward on the continent.

All is set. Ebuka is ready, and Nigerians are glued to their screens

Meet the male housemates of the 2021 Big Brother Naija "Shine Ya Eye" competition

[Image: 60fc8683075b5.jpg]

The 2021 Big Brother Naija competition launched today July 24 with the unveiling of all the 11 male housemates. The show is tagged BBNAIJA "Shine Ya Eye".
Meet all the male housemates
1. Boma is a model, footballer and event planner. 
[Image: 60fc7eeec40ae.jpg][Image: 60fc7f0f2fa92.jpg]
2. Adeolu Okusaga, 28, is an engineer by training
[Image: 60fc7fd5abeb1.jpg][Image: 60fc7ff08bc5d.jpg]
3. YouSef,  a teacher and a modelnwho attended the University of Jos
[Image: 60fc805f94030.jpg]
4. Pere
[Image: 60fc80a8cf0cf.jpg][Image: 60fc80cb7e18a.jpg]
5. Hazel says he is a businessman who imports and sells shoes
[Image: 60fc815a98994.jpg][Image: 60fc817ee1fea.jpg]
6. Niyi who is based in South Africa is married with a child
[Image: 60fc81fe6cf67.jpg][Image: 60fc822c7d7a9.jpg][Image: 60fc8264a6e4b.jpg]
7. Yerins Abraham is a medical doctor and an artiste
[Image: 60fc8308e6f1b.jpg][Image: 60fc8329efa35.jpg]
8. Jay Paul is from Cross River
[Image: 60fc83a6f3dc2.jpg][Image: 60fc83c3e0440.jpg]
9. Emmanuel, former Mister Africa
[Image: 60fc84603b566.jpg][Image: 60fc847bd5a35.jpg]
10. Sammie from Kaduna state
[Image: 60fc84fa84b5d.jpg]
11. Cross
[Image: 60fc852c648d9.jpg][Image: 60fc8548b5a9d.jpg]
The ladies would be introduced tomorrow,  July 24.
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Quote:Meet The Bbnaija 2021 Female Housemates (Shine Ya Eye)

The 2021 (season 6) edition of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show started last night (Saturday 24th July, 2021) and the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu introduced the first 11 housemates who are all males.

The female contestants were introduced tonight and here is a list of female housemates that made it into the house:

1. Angel - It’s ladies night and the first lady to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye is Angel. Adorned with 11 tattoos, Angel says that what you give is what you get.

2. Peace - The 13th Housemate to enter Biggie’s House is Peace. She has a simple strategy for #BBNaija; have fun, stay in the game and win in the end.

3. Jackie B - Jackie B is the 14th Housemate to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye. Her strategy is to stay 10 steps ahead of her fellow Housemates.

4. Tega - Housemate number 15 to enter the #BBNaija House is Tega. She says she has found the perfect balance between being calm and being hot-headed.

[Image: 13914502_bigbronaija16272371986920_jpega...d65ab5437b]
[Image: 13914503_bigbronaija16272372256030_jpege...58398d83b1]
[Image: 13914558_bigbronaija16272379876670_jpegb...424b9f6975]
[Image: 13914596_bigbronaija16272382952530_jpeg7...23172910c5]

5. ARIN - Arin joins this year’s #BBNaija as the 16th Housemate. This boss babe is an economist who says she is spice and doesn’t need to do anything extra.

6. Maria - Maria joins #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye as the 17th Housemate. Air hostess-turned-realtor plans to spice things up by making all the boys fall in love with her.

7. Liquorose - #BBNaija Housemate number 18 is Liquorose. She’s a content creator who admits she can be dramatic without realising it.

8. Beatrice - The 19th Housemate to enter #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye is Beatrice. You will not catch this model fighting for food, a man or what rightfully belongs to her.

Link to support and follow ARIN on Instagram

[Image: 13914744_bigbronaija16272397552770_jpeg3...ae1481c8df]
[Image: 13914759_bigbronaija16272400742520_jpeg8...4718a99249]
[Image: 13914783_bigbronaija16272402972100_jpeg7...4d583ad571]
[Image: 13914822_bigbronaija16272404951860_jpeg3...9bf89c314e]

9. Princess - Princess is the 20th Housemate to enter Biggie’s House. The taxi driver insists no one will take advantage of her as she has seen it all in the streets.

10.Saskay - Saskay enters #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye as the 21st Housemate. She is bringing good content to the table for her stay in Biggie’s House.

11. Nini: The last #BBNaija Housemate to enter Biggie’s House is Nini. She is a fashion model and economist who is keen to try out new things and feels this experience will help her face challenges.

The #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye ladies are in the House �

This prank the guys played sha �, do you think it will affect the ladies?

Thanks to Odewale Adesoye for the update.

[Image: 13914885_bigbronaija16272412137690_jpegb...e620f9a42f]
[Image: 13914909_bigbronaija16272414601680_jpegf...d3638e43c5]
[Image: 13914941_bigbronaija16272418674860_jpeg8...1518c61e79]
[Image: 13915015_bigbronaija1627242671011_jpegd5...6e3391cc47]

[Image: 13915026_bigbronaija16272397552770_jpeg3...ae1481c8df]
[Image: 13915027_bigbronaija16272397552770_jpeg3...ae1481c8df]
BBNaija: Mixed Reactions Trail Emmanuel's Aerophobic Comment

There was a mild Twitter drama as one of the new house mates of #BBNaijaSeason6 Emmanuel was thought to have said he is homophobic.

The 24 year old Mr Ideal Nigeria and Mr Africa International gathered a lot of fans immediately walking into the house. However what caused a bit of confusion was his introduction video where he said he was aerophobic which some followers on Twitter misconstrued as homophobic.

Emmanuel who loves tourism and flies regularly has always been open about his fear of flying and how he deals with his Aerophobia whenever he has to make a trip.

It’s the dramaaaaa for us ☕️ �

[Image: 13913500_2220672861550071066330008185769...396cabe339]
Meet the 22 #BBNaija housemates

[Image: 60fdd015662c3.jpg]

The 22 housemates for the 6th season of the Big Brother Naija reality show titled "Shine Ya Eye" have been unveiled. 
While 11 male housemates were unveiled yesterday Saturday July 24, 11 female housemates were unveiled today July 25. 

However before the unveiling ceremony was wrapped up, Biggie announced that there are two wild cards in the house. The wild cards are to be evicted if identified by other housemates, but are to remain if they fail to. 
There are N90m worth of prizes to be won on the show. 
[Image: 60fdc0886929d.png]
[Image: 60fdc0beb1ef4.png]
Here's some of the things you need to know about the female housemates unveiled today;
[Image: 60fdcd03b2634.png]
Her full name is Angel Agnes Smith. Angel is a proud feminist, and her friends describe her as a drama queen. This 21-year-old believes being on Big Brother Naija will help her kick-start her journey in writing and cinematography.  
[Image: 60fdca75e93ab.png]
Multi-faceted Arin is a 29-year-old feminist, millennial Pisces who was raised in a polygamous home in Lagos. She is a fashion designer and an independent arts and culture curator dedicated to promoting the contemporary visual arts in Africa. Arin has 17 piercings on her body. 

[Image: 60fdcee0ed9c1.jpg]
Fashion model and up and coming actress Beatrice, is a 28-year-old single mother of a five-year-old boy. She is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt where she studied marketing.
She can sing, dance, play basketball and football very well and is also a great hairstylist. She is also a talented software developer. 
Jackie B
[Image: 60fdcb3aeed14.png]
Jackie B is a proud single mum and hard worker with a passion for life. She is an interior designer and a certified event and wedding planner and went to university in the UK where she had her son. The 29-year-old loves having fun and spending time with the people she loves, but also enjoys time to herself. She describes herself as an “introverted extrovert” and insists she is shy, but confident.
[Image: 60fdcaef9e939.png]
Her full name is Roseline Omokhoa Afije. The 26-year-old used to be a video vixen, but her passion for dancing led her to her current profession; leader of a girl dance group. 
[Image: 60fdcfe9daa91.png]
Maria is a 29-year-old former air hostess, turned realtor who enjoys cooking, exercising, hiking, acting, and dancing. Maria prides herself on being a loving and kind-hearted individual who is always looking for new adventures. Her travels have taken her around the world and to all continents, except Antarctica.
[Image: 60fdce85b2ef5.jpg]
27-year-old Nini is an economist and fashion entrepreneur born and raised in Nigeria. She has four siblings and a supportive mother that she loves very much. She currently lives in Abuja and is a graduate of the University of Abuja.
[Image: 60fdcf6b25d27.jpg]
Peace is a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Port Harcourt. Her burning passion for fashion and style inspired her to open her very own clothing store. 
[Image: 60fdcc9d36d3c.png]
Princess Francis is a 30-year-old e-hailing service driver and business owner. She lives in Abuja, but comes from Imo State. Princess listed buying her very first car as the highest point in her life. Her lowest on the other hand, is when she found out her dad passed away.
[Image: 60fdcda3f39fc.png]
Her full name is Tsakute Jonah Saskay is a 22-year-old extrovert and lover of books. Although she was suspended from school in 2015, Saskay is having the last laugh as a fine artist and has even won titles such as ‘Model of The Year’ and ‘Female Personality of The Year’ at her university.
[Image: 60fdcc6decd08.png]
29-year-old mother of one Tega is a business owner who loves dancing, travelling, DIY and photography. She described herself as someone who is always willing to learn and tries to look at difficult situations as an avenue to learn and grow.
[Image: icon_share.png]
Sexy Bikini photos of BBNaija housemate Maria Chike

[Image: 60fdc7e70c4c0.jpeg]

Maria Chike Benjamin is one of the eleven female contestants in this year's BBNaija ''Shine Ya Eye' competition. See another of her Bikini photo below.
[Image: 60fdc7ff3ac71.jpeg]
[Image: icon_share.png]
When I was 14, I started self harming - BBNaija female housemate, Angel, opens up on her battle with mental health (video)

[Image: 60fe4b951c45b.PNG]

BBNaija ''Shine Ya Eye'' housemate, Angel, last night opened up on her battle with mental health.
Angel and the other housemates gathered at the lounge to share a bit about themselves after the ladies joined the house last night.

While speaking, Angel disclosed she started self-harming at the age of 14 as she battled depression which emanated from her high school's high academic expectations. 
Quote:''I started out Education wise.. I graduated from Best Highschool, Merywood. Further down to University. I started out at the University of Lagos UNILAG. I was there for like two weeks. I didn't go for any lectures because it wasn't my vibe. I went to a really secluded high school so getting into UNILAG was kind of hard for me so I dropped out from there. I didn't tell my parents.

My mum doesn't live in Nigeria. 
My mum came back, she found out so she put me in a foundation school to go to London. I went to a foundation programme for Mass Communication but I dipped again because I realized that I didn't even know what I wanted to do and everything. So basically, I have been cruising through life because I had like a whole mental health thing. 

The reason why I wasn't into school was because of how hard it was in Merywood because our A was like sixty nine and our F was sixty one, so that was really hard for me, and because I live with my granny because my mum doesn't stay in Nigeria, whatever I was doing wasn't really enough for her so there was some form of pressure. 

Then I started self-harming. When I was 14, I started self-harming. I guess I was depressed and everything. My mates have graduated now and I guess that is why I auditioned for Big Brother because it felt like everybody had figured out what they wanted to do except me so during the cause of me auditioning and me getting in and me making progress, I moved from a place where I felt I wasn't sufficient to now feeling...''she said as her other housemates ran towards her to give her a group hug
Watch a video of her speaking below

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BBNaija Housemate, Angel, Causes Stir With Braless Outfit (Photos)

Meet Angel 21 years old Bbnaija Season 6 Housemate.

[Image: 13914875_ae7c4e18ef0e4feeb0fb9278d35d639...c64ba779ef]
[Image: 13914876_e4b53f1e927946d2b45d4f34d3eda2d...7ed78b950a]
[Image: 13917271_dstvnigeria2021072659_jpeg6176e...82fc64931d]
[Image: 13917305_13916282fbimg1627251089327jpeg3...6ba6a2c29d]
#BBNaija: Peace wins first Head of House challenge

[Image: 60fefc7ebc0cb.jpg]

Peace has won the first Head of House challenge in the sixth season of the Big Brother Naija reality show. 
The female housemate who became the Head of House after winning the arena game, picked Yousef as her Deputy. 

For the first week, other housemates are to get unrestricted access to the Head of House lounge for two days. They will however not spend the night there. 
[Image: icon_share.png]
Bbnaija: Peace Becomes First Head Of House, Makes Yousef Deputy

Peace has emerged as the first Head of House for the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye season.

She was made the HOH after winning the Head of House games on Monday evening.

With this new position, she gets to stay in the Head of House room, and choose a deputy to assist her in her roles.

She went ahead to pick Yousef as the deputy head of the house.

Peace and Yousef won't be up for eviction this week and they will be able to enjoy the exclusive right to the HOH lounge. 

The 22 housemates were called into the Arena to compete in a dice game that is similar to that of last season with some changes to the game. And YES! It was just as frustrating for the housemates as it was initially last season.

The game that is just like Snake and Ladder with some tweaks had the housemates blowing ballons if they get a wrong number from a dice throw and if they are not on the right path, they sometimes need to hop or touch all their major joints for them to continue.

The housemates were called one after the other and these are their scores:

Yerins = 4

Nini = 6

Saga = 0

Princess = 6

Cross = 4

Maria = 15

Boma = 5

Peace = 16

Yousef = 9

Beatrice = 6

Niyi = 8

Angel = 0

Pere = 13

Tega = 8

Jaypaul = 10

Arin = 9

White Money = 10

Saskay = 4

Emmanuel = 0

Liquorose = 0

Sammie = 0

Jackie B = 8


[Image: 13921017_img20210726191617594_jpegee24bb...e840f7de04]
BBNaija 2021: I don’t know how to approach woman – WhiteMoney
 July 26, 2021

[Image: WhiteMoney-.jpg]

2021 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemate, WhiteMoney, has revealed that he does not know how to approach a woman.

WhiteMoney, speaking during the first diary session on Monday with Biggie, said the things he does bring women around him.

The 29-year-old Enugu indigene insisted that women come to him because he has few of the things they like.

“I don’t know how to approach a woman,” WhiteMoney said.
“The things I do bring them around me.”
The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemates added, “They come to me because I have few of the things they like.”

DAILY POST recalls over the weekend that WhiteMoney is an early contender to win this year’s BBNaija show.

The businessman caught the interest of many Nigerians, including fans, celebrities and former housemates.
Few minutes after BBNaija host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu unveiled the 11 male housemates, WhiteMoney immediately began to trend on social media.

BBNaija: Saga predicts two wild cards

 July 26, 2021

[Image: saga.jpg]

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, Saga has predicted the possible wild cards amongst the housemates.

Recall that Biggie while addressing the 22 housemates on Sunday night gave them a task to unveil the two wild cards.

Biggie Brother had said if the housemates get the answer right, the wild cards would be evicted next week during the live show and if not, the two wild cards would remain on the show to compete for the N90m grand prize like others.

However, Saga told biggie on Monday that he feels White Money or Pere is the wild card

He said ”I don’t like White Money’s energy and I feel he is one of the wild cards.

Quote:BBNaija S6: Why I’m In An Open Relationship – Yousef

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Yousef, has revealed his reason for being in an open relationship.

Recall that during his introduction in the house, he told his fellow housemates that he was in an open relationship.

In a discussion with Arin on Tuesday, monitored by our correspondent, Yousef revealed that he likes being open and this has fuelled his decision.

When Arin asked if this was his first open relationship, he was hesitant in replying.

For Arin, this meant that it wasn’t his first as she called him a “womaniser.”

He explained further, “I just like to try my options. I don’t like to take it as far as being committed. I don’t want to take it that far.

“It’s just like you’ve been dating people for long but you’re not sure you’re gonna marry her and she’s not sure she’s gonna marry you, and then time is going.”

Arin then asked him if he was sure he was going to get married.
Yousef replied, ‘I wouldn’t mind if I met my soulmate. I’ll just go with the flow if it comes because I want to marry young; as young as possible.

Then Arin asked, “Will you entertain an open marriage?”

He, however, replied in the negative then gave further explanation.

“It’s because of my jealousy. I’m so jealous and have been into a relationship that got me jealous and I was like ‘Is she cheating on me?’ I was so worried,” he said.

He added, [/i]“In that case, it wasn’t pretty for me. So I just decided if I was going to have a relationship and I want to settle with that person, I’ve already gotten to a place where I will know in three months or less because I just want to make it as fast as possible.[/i]

“Like I’ve met you, I’ve known you, this is who you are. And three to six months is actually enough for me to know that.”

He then admitted that he knows that his current girlfriend is definitely not his soulmate as they have dated for over a year and are in an open relationship.

[Image: 13924633_bigbronaija16273884556530_jpegd...1692688e99]
BBNaija's Angel's old tweet of sleeping with rich men till they become poor goes viral

[Image: 60fe766dadb71.png]

BBNaija's Angel's old tweet of sleeping with rich men till they become poor has gone viral online. 
The tweet was shared on May 17, 2021 and it read "If he a rich nigga, imma fuck him till he ain't one". 
See the tweet below...........
[Image: 60fe75a309eed.png]

Quote:BBNaija S6: Housemates Share Heartbreak Ordeals

One of the highlights of Day four in the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye house was the heartbreak discussions among housemates.

In small groups, the housemates talked about their past relationships, Africa Magic reported.

Nini, Pere, Arin, Boma and Beatrice, talked about their first heartbreak and Pere revealed that he had his first heartbreak with an older woman.

Pere also mentioned that he has had his heart broken three times.

Nini claimed her heart had never been broken as she said, “I can use any guy I want, they can’t use me.”

According to her, she leaves a relationship once she notices that something is wrong.

In a chat with Jackie B and Jaypaul, Arin narrated how her ex defrauded her during their two-year relationship.

She explained that her ex scammed her when she wanted to buy a car and when she found out, she got him locked up.

Jackie B revealed that she does not believe in the concept of an ex. According to her, when a relationship ends, the guys ceases to exist in her life.

She also aired her position on personal space, stating that she is okay with a couple having separate bedrooms within the home.

In agreement to this, Jaypaul claimed that his grandparents had different rooms but were so in love with eachother which led to his grandfather’s death few months after his grandmother’s passing.

As the conversation moved to the lounge, Tega shared her shocking experience with an ex.

She revealed that she found out that he was married few days after they met for the last time.

According to her, she had accompanied him to get decorations which turned out to be for his nuptials with someone else.

[Image: 13935356_bbnaijas6ladies_webp_webp4aa6c6...e4b0f07ad8]

BBNaija: I feel inferior to other housemates – Sammie breaks down in tears

 July 29, 2021

[Image: Sammie.jpg]

Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, Sammie, broke down in tears on Wednesday.

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate became emotional after saying he feels inferior to his colleagues on the reality show.
Sammie, before entering the reality show, was a student of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU).

According to him, he started feeling inferior and this made him cry in the house during the cultural drama rehearsal last night as he saw himself as the one with the least abilities among the housemates.

Explaining to Angel, he said, “I was in the garden and just started thinking and looking at everybody like, from different places, and I just had a thought of where I was coming from personally and what I’m doing here.

“I don’t know what triggered me crying but it just happened.”
Angel, consoling him, advised him to start practicing positive self-affirmation.

“You have to remind yourself that you are sufficient, and you’re equal to everyone. Nobody here is better than you,” Angel said.

Quote:BBNaija S6: Housemates Receive Their First Rewards

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates have received their first reward for the season, in the form of currencies referred to as ‘Abeg Naira’.

Big Brother, fondly called Biggie, organised an impromptu task for the collection of the reward at the Big Brother Arena.

Biggie said, “It is time for you to be awarded your first Abeg Naira for the season. Subsequently, Abeg Naira will come in different and likely simpler means.”

In the Arena, 23 stools were arranged with an envelope on each of them.

Biggie explained that in each envelope is a certain amount of Abeg Naira, which differs from another.

“This means some housemates will be richer than others,” Biggie said.

In the game of luck, the 22 housemates were asked to stand behind each of the stools while the 23rd envelope was said to be special.

Biggie explained the the Abeg Naira is a welcome gift to the housemates and by next week, the contestants will use their currency to get admitted into the gym and weekend parties.

For the 23rd envelope, Biggie said the housemates will decide on who gets it. The housemates were given till Friday night to decide on the most-deserving housemate through any means they wish.

Biggie also noted that the Head of House, Peace, and her deputy, Yousef, are not eligible to win the 23rd envelope.

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BBNaija: I was disvirgined by a prostitute at 17 – Sammie

 July 29, 2021

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Sammie, Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 has revealed that he had his first sex with a prostitute.
The 26-year-old student of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU revealed this while speaking with Angel.

Opening up about his sexual experience, Sammie said, “I was disvirgined by an ashewo (Prostitute) at the age of 17.

“That’s my first sexual experience.”
Days ago, Angel said she finds Sammie attractive and definitely the kind of guys she mingles with.

The housemates seem to be getting along as they’ve also been seen cuddling each other.

Meanwhile, Biggie has given the housemates a task to identify the wildcards in the house and also get to know each other before the Sunday live show.

If identified, the wild cards will be evicted from the show.

#BBNaija: Pere and Maria are the wildcards

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Biggie today July 29, revealed who the wildcards are in the sixth edition of the Big Brother Reality show. 
The wildcards are Pere and Maria and this was revealed during a diary room session. The two wildcards are fake housemates who will be allowed to compete for the reality show's prize if not identified by other housemates this weekend. 

Both Pere and Maria are aware of their personal status in the house, but are unaware of each other's status. 

Maria was particularly surprised to find out there was another Wildcard in the House during her conversation with Biggie in the Diary Room.
Upon being asked by Biggie if she knew who it was, she correctly guessed Pere. She was bothered that she had to lie and maintain a front with the other Housemates but she was confident she pulled it off.
Pere was happy when told there is another wildcard and he guessed it was either Maria or Nini.

BBNaija S6: Liquorose Becomes First To Hit 1m Followers On Instagram (Picture)

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Liquorose, has hit a million followers on Instagram.

With just five days into the show, Liquorose has set a record with her massive following on the social media platform.

Quote:“1 million amazing supporters. I am so humbled. Thank you so much team Liquorose. I will make you all proud, I promise,”

a post from @liquorose read.

It is pertinent to note that before her announcement as a housemate, Liquorose had well over 700,000 followers on Instagram.

However, checks by our correspondent reveal that Liquorose has the highest following on Instagram, at the time of filing the report.

With this new feat, Liquorose has clinched the most-followed Shine Ya Eye housemate on social media, coupled with her over 13,000 follower-base on Twitter.

In celebration of this new milestone, Liquorose’s fans, now called ‘RoseArmy’, have taken to Instagram to hail their fave.

A fan, @e4ma, wrote,

Quote:“Yaay. Congratulations. We move.”

Another fan, @adebimpeajewole, said,

Quote:“We love you our queen.”

A die-hard fan, @merry_by_lagos, wrote,

Quote:“See, if voting is by death, you have my vote @liquorose.”

@q_chella said,

Quote:“Two million loading.”

Quote:“Liquorose, we stan. One million in just five days,”


@foreverquin__ said,

Quote:“Making us proud already.”

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