Full Version: Customs collected N126.9b revenue in January
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Customs collected N126.9b revenue in January
February 25, 2020

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The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) on Monday said it has collected N126,950,688,168.57, as revenue for January. This represents an increase of N9,158,230,945.39 over that of the corresponding period of last year which stood at N117,792,457,223.18.

A breakdown of the revenue for the month under review includes N63,640,538,493.70 as import duty; excise duty, N12,816,743,134.58; fees, N693,833,108,311.00.

Of the collection, N10,833,208,311.09 was from federal account levies while N16,888,452,679.54 was from non-federation accounts levies.

The statement also showed that the Non Customs Service Value Added Tax was N22,078,543,230.50.

It would be recalled that the Service, in 2019, generated N1,341,690,568,327.18 as revenue. This amount surpassed the target of  N969,831,167.83 for the Service last year.