Full Version: Two Benue State University Students Drown In A River During Outing. Photos
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The corpse of a Benue State University (BSU) student that drowned yesterday has been recovered. The victim, Adekole Christopher’s corpse was found at the river bank, while the body of Emmanuella Mson is yet to be found. 

It was gathered that Emmanuella, a 100 level medical student and the only child of her parents drowned alongside Adekole (100L student of Computer Science) - on Friday evening beside BSU water works, an area close to the river.

According to reports, the students had visited the area on grounds of playing football and to enjoy the cool weather at the riverside before the sad incident happened. The students who were reportedly five in number left the school premises without informing the school management through the security unit.

The University management has launched a search and rescue operation to find the other missing student. Nigeria Marine police Benue State command has also joined the search team. 

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How 2 BSU Students Drowned In Benue River. Photos

More details have emerged on how two students of Benue State University (BSU), drowned in a River in Benue state. The two students are Adakole Christopher, a 100- level Math and Computer science student and Miss Emmanuellla Mson, a 100- level MBBS student.

According to Lubem Terkula Aluta General, on Friday evening, Emmanuella Mson, Adakole Christopher, and 3 of their other friends headed to the river at the back of Benue State University to relax.

Arriving at the river, Adakole Christopher, a popular pianist and basketballer, was dancing with his friends beside the water while Emmanuella Mson went into the river, minutes later she came out and asked Adakole to back her and swim round the river.

While Adakole was swimming with Emmanuella on his back, the 3 other friends were dancing and making videos. After sometime, the friends didn't see their colleagues anymore as they ran back to school and couldn't raise alarm instead they went to security to write statements. As at the time the students went down to the river to search for their friends, there was little or nothing they could do. 

Barely 24 hours after the body of Adakole Christopher was discovered and deposited at the morgue on Saturday, the body Emmanuella Mson who is the only child of her parents - was discovered around Orlam rice farm Nassarawa river rout. 

Adekole Christopher’s corpse was found at the river bank while Emmanuella’s lifeless body was found and brought back to the bank of river Benue and has since been taken by the school ambulance to the Benue State University teaching hospital.

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