Full Version: Victims Killed That Led To The Killing Of Major Alkali (Disturbing Photos)
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A Jos-based public affairs analyst and commenter identified as Davidson took to Facebook to share photos of victims killed that led to the killing of Major Alkali.According to him,they were killed few days before some bad ones blocked the road and killed Major Alkali.He wrote....

'In the flurry of activities that led to the sad but cold blooded murder of Gen Alkali Idris at Dura- Du, we may forget to mourn and commiserate with some families there too that are still grieving the murder of their loved ones who were mowed down by armed killers in a Gestapo style a few days before some bad ones blocked the road and killed Alkali reprehensibly.

They also deserved to be buried with honor by having a high-powered condolence visit to their families and also their families would wish to see that their killers, like that of the late General, were unearthed and arrested as well.

Rest in peace dear friends and neighbors'


[Image: 8106017_fbimg1541745823600_jpega76b4f65e...194f96fa77]
[Image: 8106018_fbimg1541745819127_jpeg8813a4015...2bc19327c9]
[Image: 8106019_fbimg1541745860649_jpege617cc37b...4049440a19]
[Image: 8106020_img20181109082346319_jpegaa5339c...28269881ec]

[Image: 8106021_fbimg1541745880396_jpeg64a3527c4...c4751360ca]
[Image: 8106022_fbimg1541745878065_jpegd2187f93e...88ba0eb762]
[Image: 8106023_fbimg1541745874817_jpeg0f6ceabf6...61f5d98904]
[Image: 8106024_fbimg1541745869489_jpeg32a7e32d3...8b7ba7e06c]

[Image: 8106026_fbimg1541745863606_jpeg78e21741f...0d086e0fed]
[Image: 8106027_fbimg1541745872007_jpegc83301b45...59ddfa1b8a]
[Image: 8106028_fbimg1541745866893_jpeg819df0800...b36907141a]
[Image: 8106029_fbimg1541745869489_jpeg32a7e32d3...8b7ba7e06c]